Coffee Cream

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She’s with another regular patron of my bar, a man that I’ve never met. He seems to be partial to the booths also. Manipulating him through his trousers, I’m livid. Feeling betrayed, she takes a glance in my direction, and her treachery comes to a halt. No name is given as she readily extends an invitation to share my bed. I don’t approve of what she has on, and I can’t wait to remove it from her enticingly sexy body.

Cease and desist is what comes to mind when Elise makes an appearance and introductions. My Ex, and I’m definitely not happy to see her. But, I can finally put a name to the woman of my fantasies... Korin.

The way that she’s looking at me, a hot lust-filled gaze that causes discomfort in a good way. We don’t even say a proper farewell as we make a quick exit back to my car. “Wait...” I whisper as she makes her way onto my lap. The car swerves, but I regain control of it quickly. “Concentrate on driving.”

Easier said than done, especially with the slow gyration of her hips. Her lips make their way down my neck. With both hands on the wheel, the car goes off the road. Her hands drift lower, stroking my groin. Teasing and stroking, anticipation builds. Undoing my pants is my undoing, and we come to a quick stop on the side of the road. I have her out of the car and bent over the hood. Hiking up her skirt, the warmth of her essence induces a quiver that takes my breath.

I pause, Inhaling deeply to calm myself. Korin’s response is an irritated huff before her hips begin a slow rhythmic stroke. Her tight walls grip my dick. Guiding her strokes, every tug on my rod sends a rush of orgasmic bliss through my body. My fingers working their way through her hair, I pull her head back. Purring softly, her pace increases as I let her lead. Raining light kisses down the back of her neck, her moans deepen, and she retaliates with quick rigid strokes. “Roman...!” She moans breathlessly.

Inhaling sharply, the juices from her essence draw me quickly to a release. My attempt at regaining control falls short. Surrendering to her charms, my body stiffens from the oncoming nut. I’m numb all over. My mind goes blank. It’s an out-of-body experience. I’m in heaven for a few short seconds before I’m back on earth.

I was supposed to take the day off, but I was too anxious. I had to do something to keep my mind off of her.

“Hey, boss. You don’t trust me to handle things while you’re gone?” Inquires Andrew, sarcastically.

“I just needed something to do.”

“Well, go to the gym, swimming, lunch with a pretty woman, something... I got this.”

He’s right, and so I end up at some posh advertising agency—a beautiful model material secretary, with a Miss. America smile leads me into a private room.

“Would you like some champagne?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Miss. Danvers will be with you soon.

“Thank you,” I state, taking a seat.

I’m admiring the décor, solid dark oak, and oversized canvas works of art when Korin enters the room. “I’m so sorry to keep you...” Her words dying on her lips, we’re both alarmed to see each other.

“It’s no problem. I didn’t know that you worked here,” I state, breaking the silence.

“Would you like something to drink?” She asks, serving up two glasses.

I would, now.


Going to her laptop, she tinkers a bit with it before finally looking up at me. “So what can I do for you, Mr. Covington?”

Is she really going to act like I didn’t make her scream my name multiple times last night?

“I was looking for some advertising for my business, professional but casual.”

“Business Casual, for the Coffee Tavern?” She inquires, tapping away. The image of her delicate fingers stroking my dick causes my temperature to rise. “Yes,” I state, clearing my throat. She’s not what I imagined an advertising executive to be. I expected stiff and pompous, but she’s giving me laid back equable vibes.

“Radio, TV, print, internet?” She rattles off.

“TV and the internet.”

Going to the printer, she hands me a paper. “These are the numbers for advertising slots for thirty-second intervals.”

Just giving the paper a cursory peek, I hand the paper back to her. “The numbers look doable.”

“You just glanced at them.”

“I trust your judgment.”

“You don’t know me.”

“I know enough,” I state, coming to my feet.

I wasn’t expecting the blush, the shyness after last night and all of the nights before, in my shop.

“To let you handle the advertising for all twelve of my companies.” I finish.

Her smile is amazing, causing her eyes to sparkle. Offering my hand, she accepts it with a shake. “I’ll leave my contact information with your secretary,” I state, accepting her business card.

“Sure, I’ll be in touch.”

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