Coffee Cream

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His ex lives with him, which I don’t give two hoots about. The man is a god. He’d taken me to his loft downtown. Showering together, he licked my kitty until my knees buckled from the intense orgasm that he’d forced from my writhing body. We took advantage of what little time that we had together. It was one hell of a night, which I’m hoping will last me for a good month.

I was momentarily startled to find him waiting for me inside of our conference room. I performed well, pretending to be nonchalant and acting like images of me riding his face last night didn’t have my panties slick. His fingers brushing mine when I provided the costs for advertising sent an electric shock to my senses. The memory of him finger fucking me as his tongue circled my clit, caused me to involuntarily cross my legs.

I don’t think that I’m going to make it a whole month. My body’s already betraying me. Roman says his farewell, and I make a break for my office as fast as my heels would allow. The door’s closed with a bang. My panties are pulled down as I rush into my chair. Legs parted, I pull up memories of last night. The car scene gets the juices flowing, and the bedroom act take one command a standing ovation.

Thoughts of his tongue forcing me to cum in his mouth sends me over the edge. With a hand over my mouth, I cry out my orgasm. What an inconvenient moment for my boss and a new client to walk in unannounced. Oh my god... “Miss. Danvers! What...” We’re all in a state of shock. No words come from either of us. My boss’s angry eyes still on me, the door’s slowly closed. I can hear him apologizing to the client before their shadows under my door disappear. I’m completely mortified. Slowly regaining my composure, I mentally prepare for the worst.

The worst doesn’t take long. As I’m pulling up my panties, I get a call from the HR department. I already know what time it is. Gathering up my purse, I take one last look at my office. It’s been my home away from home for the past few months. This isn’t the first time that this has happened, and now it’s time to admit that there’s a problem.

Sacked, I’ve been job searching for weeks, and still no offers. I’ve been staying home nursing my wounds and taking my sorrows out on my vibrator. Discouraged, I answer a help wanted ad for a waitress.

“You have no experience, and you’re overqualified.” States the greasy blond-haired manager.

“Look, I just need a job.”

“Until you find what you’re actually looking for, right? We’re looking to hire long term employees.

“Who makes a career out of waitressing?” I snap.

This asshole is getting on my nerves, but he’s my last line of defense against the rent, cable, electric, and water bills.

“Please, I need this job.”

“How bad do you need it?” He says, his smile making my skin crawl.

Not that bad... I’m at “Bards,” another favorite haunt of mine since I’ve yet to show my face again in the Coffee Tavern. How can I face him? He’s the object of my addiction and part of the reason why I’m jobless and soon to be homeless.


It’s Damon, with his sexy chocolate drop. I’m glad that someone’s found their happy ever after.


“Wow... you look... sad.... like what the hell happened?”

I’m dressed in a not so chic dress, nylons, and boots.

“Life happened.”

Motioning for the sexy drop to give him a moment, he joins me in the booth. “Oh my god... I’m so sorry. I heard about your little incident.” He whispers. I’m so over the mortification that I can’t even react to the news that my business is all over the office like that.

“Apparently, there’s not too many advertising jobs in little ass Mayberry.”

“Have you ever thought about starting your own business?”

“I don’t have the funds for that.”

“Well, my Eric didn’t have the funds either, but he got a loan from this really good finance company.” Taking my phone, he enters a number into it. “Give it a try, and by all means, get your shit together, because girl...” He says, leaving me with an “I can’t believe that you came outside looking like that” expression. I have a much-needed giggle at his comment and my situation. The waitress comes to check on me and does a double-take at the door. My eyes come to rest on the one and only, Mr. Roman.

He’s entering the lounge with two men. Sexy much travel in packs because his companions are straight out of a GQ magazine! They scream culture and couture. The group heads straight to the bar, and I make my getaway. “Korin!” Oh, my freaking god. Trying to pretend that I didn’t hear extra loud ass Damon hollering my name, I make a fast escape to the exit.

Relieved that I’d made it outside without being seen, I take a deep thankful breath. “Korin.” Damn... Looking frumpy and straight out of bed to the bar, I accept my fate. Slowly turning to face him, he’s a sight for sore eyes. He’s looking elegant in a simple button-down shirt, slacks, and dress shoes.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but I never heard back from you. When I called your job, they said that you no longer worked there.”

“Yeah, I decided to start my own business. I am so not going to tell him what really happened.

“Well, that’s great, advertising?”

“Yeah, it’s a work in progress. I haven’t even chosen my name for the business yet.”

“I’d love to be your first client. My offer still stands.”

“Oh my god, are you serious?”

“Yes.” He says, honoring me with an award-winning smile that has my Nancy pulsating with excitement. In my delirium, I hug him tightly when I realize that I’m being inappropriate. “I’m so sorry.”

“No, you’re fine.” He says. His fingers lightly grazing my back.

“Thank you for everything.”

“When should I expect to hear from you?”

“Within a few days. Let me give you my number.”

Releasing his phone to me, I call my phone, before returning his back to him.

“I’ll be in touch,” I state before hugging him again. Apologizing once more, I go home with high hopes.

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