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Returning home from my morning run, I’d spent the entire night with thoughts of her on my mind. The way that her body felt as she hugged me. Her arms around my neck, it felt right. I’ve yet to entertain any woman since Elise, but this one seems to have left her mark on me. Korin... I swear the woman’s bewitched me.

My phone’s usually ringing off the hook with reports from managers. Today it’s been suspiciously quiet. Checking my phone, the passcode doesn’t work. Reentering it produces the same result. I flip it over, and a pink panther greets me. Dammit... Korin has my phone.

Calling my number, she answers. “I am so sorry...” She says as soon as she picks up.

“It’s no problem. Where can I meet you? I need my phone like asap.”

“I’m at home, 509 E Benton st. Apartment 34.”

“See you in thirty minutes?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

Her home’s simply decorated, with no pictures of her family. It’s functional and serves its purpose. “Can I offer you a drink, or are you on the clock?”

“I set my own hours, so I can accept one.”

“I have vodka and orange juice.”

“The breakfast of champions.”

She has a beautiful smile. It’s warm and inviting. My eyes linger on her lips. The memory of her on her knees worshiping my swollen member causes an instant reaction. It’s bittersweet agony as my dick starts to swell. She’s rattling on about her new business, but my mind’s on one thing. Taking a sip of my drink does nothing to quell the urge to bend her over the counter. I want her, now. “I’ve missed you.”

My statement interrupts her chatter, but it doesn’t faze her. Taking a large gulp of her drink, she goes to her knees in front of me. “I’ve missed him too.” She says, fingering my print. Unbuckling my belt, she wets her lips in anticipation. Freed from the confines of my pants, she immediately goes to work. Deep-throating my cock, my fingers locking in her hair, I direct her pace. Long slow strokes...

“Damn...” I manage.

Her pace increases, and not ready to give up my nut just yet, I pull her to her feet. Lifting her up onto the counter, I slide into her hot wet pussy. “Mmm...” I love the way that her body fits mine, like a glove. Just right, perfect.

Her grip’s amazing, causing me to pause momentarily. Holding her hips still, I try to maintain my self-control. She’s impatient. The slow gyration of her hips, the slippery sweetness of her canal forces my cum from me. Tasting her full luscious lips, her soft fingers fondle my sack. “I’m not done with you just yet.” She whispers. The suspense builds, with her tongue hotly exploring mine. Her teeth bite into my neck, and her nails dig into my back. Carrying her to the bedroom, I aim to make her beg for her release.

“Where have you been staying?” Elise demands as I’m packing a few things. “I’ve been to the loft and your apartment...”

“When are you moving out?” I interrupt her as I make my way down the stairs.

“It’s that Korean chick, isn’t it? She’s coming in between us.” She says, following me.

“Elise, I’ll give you three more months, and then I’m tossing you out on your ass,” I state, leaving her at the foot of the stairs, mouth agape.

Elise... my world, my heart, and now a pain in my ass. “She was my fiancee until I caught her in our bed with the pool guy.”

“Ouch...” Says Korin, taking a sip of her beer.

My go-to is to wine and dine them. I introduce them to swanky restaurants and adorn them with expensive jewelry, but not her. She’s different. She demands that we go to “Georgies,” a raunchy sports bar. The music’s blaring, and the crowd’s lively She’s turning me on in just a pair of jeans which hug her derriere tightly, and a small tee.

“Well, I’m glad that she fucked up.” She adds, after a long swig of her drink. Sitting next to me, I touch her thigh, and she moves my hand directly to her honeypot. The heat that greets my frisky fingers has me lightly stroking her pearl. Rising to the occasion, she’s discreetly and briskly humping my hand. “Later...” I murmur quietly, kissing and then gently sucking on her earlobe.

Just like her, to take it to the next level. Korin’s soft, pliant lips meet mine, with her tongue licking kittenish like, before gently nipping. She’s out of her seat, unable to control her need. Her hands roam my chest. Kissing her, my fingers get a good grip on her hair. I give it a light tug. “I said, later.” She’s disappointed but gives in. My lips lightly brush hers again. “Soon.” I’m graced with a small smile before she leaves me to go to the ladies’ room. “No cheating...” I say to her departing back.

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