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I’d been invited to “Maxims” by Thomas. He’s been persistent in trying to obtain my business. Korin was with her ex. After meeting him, I knew that he wasn’t any type of competition. A few whispered words, and she was at my place soon after. Her beautiful frame erupting in satisfaction, I drink every drop her spring offers.

My dick’s hard and full to bursting. Keeping my nut in check is a task, and I’ve barely gotten started. With each stroke, her body bounces off mine. Holding her hips tightly, her sheathe’s hot and snug. It’s heaven. A twist of her hips and she’s on top, riding me with hard quick strokes.

I love the way that her pussy grips my rod, savage but sweet. My hand grasping her ass, she cries out her release. Her moans of pleasure force me to give up my cum. Korin clings to me until our bodies calm down from our sexual climax. This feels right. This is where she should be. My arms around her, together we drift off to sleep.

“I love her.”

“You don’t think that this is too soon?” Nick’s posted up at the bar, having a mid-day libation. “No, this woman’s my everything.”

“Are you hearing yourself right now?”

The goal was to live a bachelor lifestyle after Elise. I’d screw everything with a pretty face and a short skirt. But Korin put a stop to all of that. She’s perfect, passionate, sexy, and erotic. She’s just what I’ve needed in my life. “Where’s the support?” I ask.

“I’m just saying, how long have you known this woman?”

“A few months, but that’s beside the point. The point is that she makes me happy.”

“So did Elise, and look at how that turned out.”

“This is different. I’ve invited her to Darren’s wedding.”

“Sounds like you’ve already bagged her. There’s no need to impress her any further.” He says, motioning for a refill.

“While we’re there, we’re going to visit my parents.”

“It’s so... important that you take the “we’re” part out of that sentence.”

Making another Espresso Martini, I ignore him. Plopping the glass down in front of him, Nick immediately sets to work on emptying it. “You’re opposed to her because... why?”

“You all are breaking up the group. First, it was you, and thank god that that turned out to be a shit show. Now there’s Darren, and it seems like you’re headed in that direction again. Didn’t you learn the first time that you got burned?”

So that’s what this is about. I thought that he knew her and had slept with her. The “Bro Code” is for kids. But if he’d had some type of connection with her in the past, then out of respect, I would have to let it be. “We’ve been friends since college. How is commitment going to stop that? Grow the hell up. Then instead of being a part of the man-whore group, you’ll have earned your place in the car seat crew.” His snort of laughter’s followed by an almost empty glass, raised in salute. “To the car seat crew!” He says, in good cheer.

Korin’s MIA for the wedding, and with Nick and I both as the “Best Man,” we happily support our friend’s transition from single to permanently partnered. “Congratulations...” Nick and I say in unison. Gathered together at a table outside, a band’s playing as we watch couples joined together in a dance.

“Thanks, I’m glad that you both approve. I thought that Nick “The Tramp of Mayberry” would have a problem with it. Nick takes a large gulp of his drink, and I clear my throat in an attempt to cover a laugh. “Well... look who decided to show up.” Says Darren. Following his gaze, Korin’s looking impressive in a cream-colored, flowing pleated dress.

Nick chooses this time to have a choking fit. “You all right?” I ask, hoping that we don’t need to perform medical emergency services on him. “Yeah, that’s her? The one that you’re practically ready to propose to?”

“Well damn... you move fast. When’s the wedding?” Teases, Darren. My attention’s drawn back to Korin as she surveys the guests. Her eyes move to random males in attendance. It doesn’t take long for the vipers to strike. Two men make her acquaintance post haste. They’re quickly sent packing before she gives up on her search and heads to the reception tent. Making my way to her, her gaze connects with mine, and I’m rewarded with a smile. “Sorry for being late. I had an emergency that had to be handled.”

“It’s no problem. You made it. That’s what matters.”

Taking her hand, I lead her to our table. “You’ve met Darren.” Coming from behind me, she hands him the gift that she’s carrying. Rising, he embraces her. “From what I hear, there’s wedding bells in the near future, sis.”

“Excuse him, he’s had too much champagne,” I state, giving him a meaningful look. Kissing her hand with a devious smirk on his lips, Nick appears uncomfortable. “And this is Nick.” Who seems to be experiencing a hot flash? I know that she’s gorgeous but really? He’s sweating profusely.

“Hi...” Her body tenses, and her hold on my hand tightens. Both of them are acting out of character. “Do you two know each other?” I ask, puzzled at their reactions. “I don’t know, do we?” Questions Korin, uncertain. “I think that I would have remembered if we did.” He replies after a while. Well, that’s a relief. I’m not prepared to let her go, and I definitely don’t want any of my friend’s leftovers. I hold true to my beliefs, and exes are off-limits.

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