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She's been recieving love letters from someone she only knows as 'daddy' for years. She had no idea who he was or that he was so close until now. Yvie has been receiving love letters for years from a man who addresses himself as daddy. Her sister says it's a stalker, a practical joke. But her sister isn't the kindest of people. So Yvie took everything her sister says with a pinch of salt. But if he was a joker, why does Yvie love the letters so much? ** She is his little. She has been since the moment they met. She doesn't know who he is yet but she will soon and boy, is she in for a surprise.

Erotica / Romance
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One - Revealed

'To my dearest Yvie.
I long for the time when we can be together. Through my body has been forced to be with another, my entirety only belongs to you.
It won’t be long now, little one.
Daddy will be able to reveal himself and come for you soon.
I love you, little one. Wait for me. Daddy xx.′

Yvie read the letter and held it to her chest smiling.

It was just another letter in a long line. When they first started she told her older sister. Her sister called the person a stalker.

Yvie saw him as admirer.

At seventeen she was a complete loser at school. She started puberty young and already had her periods and breasts by the time the letters started. Because of it she always wore baggy clothes so boys didn’t stare. But she is very short at only four foot nine. That paired with the fact that she always wore her glasses to school and was painfully shy meant she had no friends.

Her admirer was the only person who noticed her. Even her parents ignored her. She wasn’t beautiful, tall and talented like her older sister, their openly favourite child.

Even though she didn’t get along with her sister, Yvette, she often wished that she could be more like her.

She is tall at five foot nine, has a perfectly in proportion, toned figure, is tanned with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Yvette is twenty-three and working her dream career as a Cheerleader for the team her boyfriend, Tommy was just drafted to.

Like her, he is perfect. He is six foot four, with a massive amount of muscles from his regular workout routine. He has short sandy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, tanned and a masculine voice that always made Yvie shiver.

He was a star quanterback throughout school and college and is now pro.

Unlike her sister, who is selfish, vain and self-important, he was always sweet and kind to her.

For that reason and many others, she had a huge crush on him. Her sister must have guessed because she always kissed and rubbed herself all over him whenever her younger sister was around.

They were the same age and had been dating for two years.

Her parents were always bragging to people how they will be married soon even though he hadn’t asked her.

They had encouraged their daughter to date him since she first met him. He is from a very rich and influential family. His father is a senator and exfootball player. Yvie’s family were upper-class wannabes. They live beyond their means.

At only seventeen, with the height of a child but the body of a woman, pale skin, long brown hair and brown eyes and glasses she had no luck with the opposite sex. No chance in hell Tommy Lucas would ever see her as anything other than his girlfriend’s little sister.

That is why she loved the letters from her admirer so much.

After the first letter she never told her sister about the rest. Yvette had told her it was probably a joke and laughed. Her parents never knew.

One thing Yvie was certain, was that the letters weren’t a joke. They had been going for over five years.

He always told her how much her loved her. He knew almost everything about her, even things no one else did. But there was little about him. All she knew was that he was a older male who had known her for about six or seven years.

He was currently in an unhappy relationship with a woman he despised.

Not too mention he was into ddlg. She had no idea what it was, so had to search it up online.

It stood for daddy dom, little girl. Basically, the daddy was the caregiver/dominant and the little girl was a childlike submissive. The caregiver is a parental figure or an influence on the Little. While the caregiver may be the dominant one, relationships of this dynamic require more love, support, care, and guidance.

It wasn’t anything to do with paedophilia or incest. It was always between consenting adults.

Yvie loved the idea of being taken care of and taking care of someone who loves her and she loved.

After all, her own family hadn’t given her much love.

'Daddy will be able to reveal himself and come for you soon...' Those words repeated in her head.

In her mind when she imagined him she saw him as Tommy. But in reality she feared he was a teacher or one of her parents friends.

She didn’t know many people who could get close enough to know all the information about her he did. It couldn’t be a boy at school for that reason. They never spoke to her, let alone knew she secretly loved barbie dolls and children’s shows.

Her parents nor her sister were around enough to notice if she eats or not. She’d have to break her leg to get five minutes with her parents. Then that would probably be to speak to the doctor.

That night was pretty normal.

Her parents and Yvette were at some exclusive event for her sister and Tommy which, surprise surprise, Yvie wasn’t invited too.

She didn’t care too much. It gave her a chance to prim and prime herself for her admirer.

She had a nice long bath and was laid on her bed in just her pants with a cute bunny on the front and a matching camisole eating a bag of cheetos.

Her parents hadn’t gone shopping so there was nothing in the house but junk. That was completely normal.

She was watching cartoons and giggling to herself when her door burst open.

“Yvie...” It was Tommy, he was dressed in a dinner suit and was staring at her.

“Tommy, what are you doing here? Yvette has already gone,” She said confused to see him.

“No, what are you doing here?” He approached her and she felt goosebumps on her skin.

She gasped remembering what she was wearing and quickly pulled the cover over her.

“Don’t worry, little one, you look adorable,” He smiled sitting beside her. His smile made her feel gooey inside.

Little one, that’s what her admirer always calls her. It had to be a coincidence, she told herself.

“But seriously, why are you here?”

“I’m eating my dinner...” She had a huge crush on him, but he was the only person she wasn’t shy with.


“It’s all that’s in the house. If you haven’t noticed, my parents eat out a lot with your girlfriend and I’m never invited.”

He looked angry but not at her.

“They are assholes. But what I meant is why aren’t you in the dress I sent and at the party I am holding?”

“I’m not invited... Hang on, you sent me a dress?” She couldn’t help but smile.

He swore under his breath.

“Who said you wasn’t?”

“Mom, dad, Yvette... And I quote, you're not invited, Yvie, to the exclusive event to announce Tommy and Yvette’s engagement.”

“I’m not getting engage to your sister,” He actually looked and sounded disgusted at the thought.

“You’re not?” Yvie asked surprised tilting her her to the side.

He smiled and brushed his large hand across her cheek. “No, little one.”

Her heart beat faster. He’d always been nice to her, much to her sister’s displeasure, but it was the first time he called her that.

“You didn’t get the dress?”

“No, what did it look like?”

“Blue, off the shoulder, long with-”
“With a silver thing on the chest?” She asked.

“Yes. You got it?”

“I’m guessing you haven’t seen your girlfriend or her Instagram?” He looked confused until she pulled something up on her phone.

It was a picture of Yvette at the party in the dress, which now had a slit up the side and hit her mid calf because it wasn’t made for her.

The caption said, ‘the beautiful dress my boyfriend sent me to wear for our party.’

He wasn’t happy at all.

“You sent me a dress?” She asked with a small smile.

He looked at her and the next thing she knew she was on his lap and he was kissing her.

A mixture of shock and inexperienced stopped her from reacting.

“I’m sorry if I scared you, little one. I’ve just had enough of the games. I don’t love your sister, I never have. I love you.” She was in shock. He didn’t give her a moment to react.

“Let’s see what you have in your wardrobe to wear?” He stood up, carrying her on hip as though she weighted nothing.

He moved the clothes and found a beautiful Maroon coloured satin, floor length dress she had never wore.

“What’s this? It’s beautiful.”

“It was one of my mom’s rare presents for prom next week. But no one asked me,” She replied embarrassed.

“I’ll go with you and in return you’ll be my date tonight,” He said picking the dress out of the wardrobe and hanging it on the door.

He placed her on her feet.

“Arms up.” She did as he asked and gasped when he went to pull her camisole over her head. But she stopped him.

“Shh, it’s alright, little one. Daddy won’t hurt you.”

She stared at him in shock. “You are daddy, the person who’s been sending my the letters all these years?”

“Guilty,” He smiled.

“Why? Was it a joke like Yvette said?”

He quickly shook his head. “No, I meant everything I wrote to you. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you... But you were way too young, which is why I only wrote to you, to let you know how I feel. But Yvette caught me sending you a letter and blackmailed me into dating her.” He pulled her against him.

“She blackmailed you?”

“Yes, but I continued writing the notes in secret. I only stayed with her until I could be with you.”

She was shocked and a little hurt.

“You don’t love her?”

“No,” He shook his head. “You want to know what tonight is really about?” She nodded glancing up at him.

He was so handsome and sweet, it was hard for her to believe he was daddy.

“I approached your parents a several months ago with a proposal. I would ask their daughter to marry them in several months time and they would get a sum of money to help out with their debts. The only thing was they had to sign papers to agree to it.

“As expected they didn’t read and they signed giving me permission to marry their daughter. I wanted to wait until after your seventeenth birthday.” It was her birthday only a few days ago.

“It wasn’t Yvette’s name on the papers. I don’t need permission for her. It was your name.”

She stared in shock.

“This wasn’t how I intended to propose but...” He released her and knelt on one knee in front of her.

He pulled out a old velvet box and opened it to reveal an antique ring she recognised as his mother’s.

“Marry me, Evie? I know it maybe strange. But I’ll give you everything and anything. Please, be my wife and little?” He pleaded.

Her eyes filled with tears. “You really love me?”

“More than you can imagine.”

Tears fell for her eyes. “I’ll marry you, Tommy. I love you too.” She moved forwards and hugged him.

“I want to be your little too, daddy.”

A huge grinned took over his face.

“But Yvette will kill me when I get home tonight,” She added worried.

“You won’t be coming home. You can stay with me. We’ll be married soon anyway.”

“I am allowed?”

“You’re mine, of course you are.” He leaned in and kissed her but again she didn’t kiss back.

“Copy me,” He told her, seemingly already knowing she hadn’t kissed before.

Slowly she returned, but pulled back after only ten seconds breathless.

“You’ll get used to kissing and breathing, little one, don’t worry.” He smiled and slipped the ring on her finger. It fit perfectly, surprisingly.

“I really wish we had more time, but we really need to get to the party.”

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