Summer's Prince

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Will Summer and Adam find love with each other after their hearts were broken, or are they just in the relationship for the sex? Summer is a driven senior in vetinary school. When she meets Adam, a sexy CEO who just recently got divorced, their unexpected encounter takes them through an emotional roller coaster as Summer realizes that she might have finally met her Prince Charming

Erotica / Romance
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Summer's End

Summer’s P.O.V.

What the hell is unadulterated chicken soup?

My identical twin, Sierra, has just come down with a cold, but that doesn’t stop her from making my concluding days of summer miserable. She and I always had a rocky relationship, which is why it did not surprise me when I found my ex-boyfriend with his lips interlocked with hers. Bryan was a player which is why it is hard to understand considering that it took me two years to finally score him. After we finally went out, I saw another side of him; he was sneaky and was showing a lack of interest in me. However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was him and Sierra making out.

Now, I am what people call a heartless bitch, and my even more insensitive sister is taking advantage of ill by having me get her random things from the supermarket.

Summer~ They don’t have any of your chicken soup.

Sierra~ Did you go to the farmer’s market?

Summer~ No, and I am not agreeing to kiss your ass just because of you

are sick.

Sierra~ If you don’t, then I am going to tell mom about your activities.

By activities, she means how I used to creep out of the house so I could manage my job as an escort. I have lost anticipation for love, so having sex for a profit is better than remaining in a relationship without there being 100% love and commitment on both parties. Besides, I am 25, and I don’t see a prince coming in to sweep me off my feet someday.

Summer~ I don’t care anymore. Plus, you know how mom gets when we don’t get along. Telling on me will make mom angry and make me tell

her about the Brian situation.

Sierra~ don’t try me.

Summer~ All I am saying is, you can’t handle our issues by running to our parents, because you aren’t an angel either. It’s only a matter of time until they unearth what I have known this entire time.

Sierra~ You wouldn’t try to cross the favorite child.

Summer~ Oh but I would...try me.

I just can’t understand how Sierra gets whatever her heart desires, but I am stuck here trying to satisfy her, so mom and dad would stay off my case.

Things like this are the reason why I decided to move out of our parent’s house. The plan was to move out after I graduated from college, but after seeing Sierra with Brian, I had no other option but to move in with my best friends, Veronica (V for short) and Nicki.

Veronica is a middle school teacher; she is trying to earn her doctorate degree. Meanwhile, I am about to enter my first year of nursing school, so I can become a labor and delivery nurse. Until Veronica and I graduate, we work at the neighborhood coffee house. Veronica and I applied to work here before we graduated high school. We work from 11pm to 7am.

“Hey! Watch It!”...

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