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Meant to tease... meant to torment. A tasty snack for those with a naughty appetite. Made to tease and torment, these are short strong adult stories to quench that thirst. A huge variety so only step into this world with an open mind. 18+

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Birthday surprises. Part 1.

I was so excited. I’m on my way to my boyfriends for some good old fashioned fun.

Today is my birthday and we had organised less than a few weeks ago that I would come here, and I would spend the night.

Mmm. I hope he fucks me good. Like when he fucks me really hard. My heart pounds already and my pussy is beginning to get damp.

I finally get to his house and knock on the door. After receiving no answer, I put my ear to the thick wood.

There’s noises in there. He must be home.

I quickly walk around the back and look up at the vines. I’ve climbed up here a number of times in the past so I know that I can do it.

Although I usually wear trainers, not 4 inch high stilettos. And I usually wear jeans, not stockings.

I grip the strong vines and slip my foot onto the wooden slats beneath the greenery. Here goes…

I only take a couple of steps upward when I realise I won’t be able to do it.

Bad day to decide on wearing only lingerie under my big bulky coat.

It’s not too dark yet so I really hope nobody sees me.

I slip the shoes from my feet and drop the coat to the floor. I’m quick this time and I make it to the window fast.


Only the small rectangular window is open, usually he would of left the larger window on the catch so that I can get in.

Oh well.

I’m here now.

I begin to push through the window and after squeezing my tits through, my stomach slides through easily and I slap my hands onto his bedside table for leverage.

I have a huge fantasy that comes to mind and stops me from moving forward.

I would be stuck in a window, just like this,only on the ground floor. Somebody would come behind me and remove my underwear.

I wouldn’t know who it would be. He would fuck me hard and fast. Giving me no room or space to get away he would pound into me over and over again.

I’d come all over the strangers dick whilst stuck in the window, never even knowing who he is.

So hot. And now is not the time for me to be getting excited. I’m now halfway through the window. Only my hips and arse on the other side. It’s a tight fit. I push and feel the wood dig into my skin, but with an extra shove, I finally fall through and onto his bed.

You better bloody make me scream Eddie.

I lie on the bed trying hard to get my breathing under control. My chest aches and when I feel able to continue I stand and check my reflection.

My sexy lingerie has been ripped. Even the stockings. I have skin showing through the red lace of the corset.

Two large rips on my stomach and one large rip has almost completely revealed my tit. The left cup flaps down and my nipple can be seen.

I should be upset that all this effort has been ruined but I find it disturbingly hot.

There’s no point in waiting any longer. I leave the comfort of the bedroom and walk through to the hall. At the top of the stairs I can hear the voices again and creep down the stairs.

By the time I get to the bottom. I realise it’s the TV. Two women moaning and sexually talking to one another. I’m too horny to be mad.

So I reveal myself.

“You don’t need that baby. I’m here now.”

I walk the few steps into the living room to find I’m right. The TV shows two gorgeous naked women playing with one another.

But one thing I was wrong about is, Eddie isn’t here. Instead I stare into the eyes of his father as his fist strokes up and down his huge length. Pumping fast to the sight of two sex goddesses pounding one another with hot pink toys.

“Eddie’s not here lexi! I’d get going if I were you. You look like a porn star. Good work.”

He then turns back to the TV and continues.

“Sorry daddy. I really hoped he was here. I’m so turned on.”

“Firstly don’t call me that. Secondly, you should fuck off. I don’t want you to regret coming here.”

So he likes being called daddy hey? Perhaps…

I walk to the back of the sofa and slightly leaning over, letting my tit slip free of the satin I speak, “Are you sure you want me to leave sir?”

He twists in his seat and reaches up so that his hand grasps the back of myself before pulling.

I’m suddenly in a heap beside him. My head right beside his beast.

He doesn’t even give me chance to get comfortable but with a harsh grip on my hair he forces his cock deep into my throat.

Then I take over I begin to suck the huge length fast and hard, he strokes his hand away from my hair and travels the skin of my back before reaching my waist.

The he fists the lacey fabric of my thong before pulling and twisting. His fist pulls the fabric hard against my sensitive flesh and I when I rock my hips he slaps his hand against my bare backside.

“Stay the fuck still and suck my cock Lexi. You can have your turn after.”


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