"The Other Side" Incubus Hunt 3 The Finale

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“March-san~” she moved her fingers to her wet pussy spreading it wide for me to see her pink fleshy entrance. “Punish me with your cock inside~” You know the drill... I come with many names and many appearances. Oh, how I really love to use your deepest and darkest sexual desires against you, my dearest targets. For me, it is no longer a purpose… it is life…lifetime goal to dominate this rotten world through sexual means… implanting my genes mixing it with the genes of the best women I could find. I’m not being sexist… if I were a succubus, I will reserve my egg cells to the best man. I’m an incubus though… so I’ll happily donate my sperm cells~ I AM THE LAST CELESTIAL BEING HERE ON ‘THIS’ EARTH… or so I thought.

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Fortune and Misfortune

March’s Side

My parents named me March June Salcedo. My birth month is November… I KNOW… Dad’s birth month is June and mom’s birth month is March, so why not June March? Ask them, I don’t really want to ask and at this point, I am too late to even try. I had been an Agent here in Japan since 2014, I was one of the lucky few that was trained and taught to use Mystic Arts using Mystic Gems and I also met the woman I was destined with here. As of the moment, I live here the Post-Celestial Era. Or… so I thought. Lately, there was a sighting of an Incubus in an apartment far from home… my parents-in-law’s home. At least, it was far from our place…

That’s not point. There is a stray incubus on the loose… A Celestial Being who probably stayed behind. If there’s an incubus sighting… then maybe there were others that stayed behind as well… They should’ve returned to the OTHER SIDE and we also found no trace of them… and yet there was one here in Tokyo. At least, I can use my Mystical expertise… the timing was too perfect though… for I am to become a father soon. I can hardly wait… much to the dismay of my wife’s father… He cannot accept me as his son-in-law just yet… Today is my requested off-duty so that I could accompany my wife to have a prenatal checkup. The doctor scheduled her checkup in late afternoon… but I wasn’t able to accompany her. Father-in-law insisted that I should just stay behind and watch the house while he and Mother-in-law would accompany her instead. My wife was sad but she couldn't say no to her parents.

All alone and nothing to do, I went to the sala to go and watch the news. All I could do right now is just sigh it off… they all just left 15 minutes ago…


Who could it be this late in the afternoon? I peeked through the window. It’s sister-in-law. Did they forget to tell her that my wife’s supposed to be in the hospital? I might as well ask her…

“Hello, brother-in-law.” As I opened the door, a shorter version of my wife greeted me. “May I enter?”

I really do not want to compare but my wife is about as tall as I am while her sister is shorter, she is a bit of the passive type while her sister is of the active type, and her brown hair is much darker than her sister-in-law…

“Yeah… sure… so didn’t you get notified that they’ll be going for a prenatal checkup?”

“They did… that’s why I am here to babysit this house~”

“I’m already here…”

“Then, I’ll babysit you too~”

She, telling me that, made me blush and turn away as I let her inside the house. Thinking about nothing else, I went back to watch news… and then I remembered to ask if she already had dinner so that I could reheat the leftovers we had at lunch.

“Have you had your dinner?”

“Yes!” She responded as she headed upstairs to her room, probably. Then, I kind of heard her say, “Very soon~”

It’s been 30 minutes since they left. At least I had an early dinner… All I could is wait for them to return. Oh yeah, that Celestial Technology Reverse-Engineering Project is today! I wonder if it will be held live…

“Hey, March-san?” My sister-in-law sat beside me in the couch, “It’s boring back in my room… I kind of want to bother you for a bit, is that fine with you?”

“Yeah, I don’t… … …mind…”

My eyes couldn’t help it but check her out. She wore loose sleeveless and a green miniskirt. I noticed that she really wasn’t wearing any bra… probably… she wasn’t also wearing panties? What the fuck am I thinking? I already have a wife…

“So… how does it feel to become a dad?”

“Huh?” I snapped out from my perverted fantasies. “I’m… a bit… nervous…”

“Big sister seemed happy.”

“Well… father-in-law looked happy but he still doesn’t accept me yet…”

“Well at least mom already welcomed you~ I too think that you’re decent enough considering that you make sister happy whenever you’re with him… I wonder…”

“Wonder… what?”

“I noticed that you seemed unsatisfied lately… is it because… Big sister got pregnant or is it because of work?” She started to inch closer. “You haven’t had sex with her for a while, haven’t you? Come on now… be honest.”

“I… well… yeah… of course… I haven’t…” I stood up. “I’m going to take a bath… So… watch the house while I’m in the bath…”

“Why not lock the door so I can take a bath with you~” she grabbed my arm and had me sit back down. “You know~ you can always ask for my help while Big sis is pregnant~”

“What are you saying? That’s cheating…”

“You’re not cheating when you only love her, right? Besides~ we’re family now… and we should help each other~ right?” She started rubbing herself onto me… I could feel that she really wasn’t wearing any bra. She started rubbing my nether regions as well and it immediately gave me the stiffening. “I’m sure that you want to feel some form of relief~”

Is she a devil? Is she possessed? I don’t know what to do… I want to run away but my body doesn’t listen.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why aren’t you shoving me off?” She unzipped my pants and unbuttoned my top, “You know~ I haven’t tried a real man’s cock… I’ve only been using toys to please myself… Would you help me with that problem? You make my sister happy and I also want to know why~” She exposed my rock hard cock out, “So this is your…” she grinned, “No wonder why you make Big sister happy~” she removed her top off and showed me her pinkish brown nipples, “I also haven’t really kissed a guy before and I kind of want you to give me her first kiss~” she inched closer to me and kissed me on the cheek. “You’re hard cock pulsated for a bit~ How cute~”

“That’s it…” I grabbed her and pushed her down, “I’ve been holding back for too long…” I opened my mouth and kissed her while sliding my tongue inside. My tongue twirled inside of her for a bit and then I pulled back. As I pulled back her tongue slipped out waiting for my tongue to come back inside. “That’s a real kiss and I stole it from you.”

She locked her arms around my head and pulled me back inside of her as we kissed again. This time, my hands started to explore her plump breasts that were not as big as my wife’s but it was plump nonetheless. She started moaning as my lips and tongue made its way to her ears… then down to her neck… and then to her breasts.

“No wonder~ HAHN… you make sister happy… UHN… this is making me… happy as well~ AHHN!!!”

I let go for a moment to undress. She also removed her miniskirt making me realize that she wasn’t wearing her underwear. I immediately dove into her pussy to have a taste of it. Her moans grew louder as she first bit her lower lip… and then she slipped her finger to her mouth and bit into it… she couldn’t contain the pleasure from my pussy-licking.

“Were you planning on seducing me from the start?” I asked her, “you need to be punished for being very lewd… little sister-in-law…”

“March-san~” she moved her fingers to her wet pussy spreading it wide for me to see her pink fleshy entrance. “Punish me with your cock inside~”

“Here comes your punishment~” I grinned at her as I positioned myself on top of her and slowly guided the head of my cock over her tight wet entrance. “Are you sure I’m the first real cock going inside of you?”

“Yes~ I’ve only been using my dildo…” She held onto my shoulders as I rubbed my cock over her labia, “I’m wet enough for that thing to get inside of me~”

“Then…” I slowly inserted the head of my cock inside of her. “It’s my pleasure to baptize you with a real cock~”

“KYAHN!!!” She screamed as I inserted most of it inside of her, “IT’S TOOOO HOT AND BIIIG!!! W-Well…? How does it feel inside of me?” She tearfully grinned at me.

“It feels tight and good…” I drew closer to her as she locked her gripped into my shoulders. “I might come faster just by being inside…”

“Well… March-san, you can do whatever you want~” she kissed me again. “Don’t worry about me~ I just… HAHN… want you to feel refreshed…”

“Thank you…” I immediately rocked her hard back and forth while focusing on feeling good…


I grabbed her arms and positioned myself upright while I dug deeper inside of her…


“I’m gonna cum too!!!” I haven’t had good sex for a long while now. I pulled out and came over her erotic body, “Oh GOD… Thank you… I finally feel refreshed…”

“AWWW…” She breathed heavily for coming twice while feeling disappointed, “You should’ve given me a creampie…”

“You’ll get pregnant. I don’t want to cause any trouble…”

“But~ March-san~ if it’s you… I’ll gladly carry your child~”

“You’re just horny… and besides… I already feel quite relieved… thanks to your help,” I noticed my phone vibrating. “It looks like I got a message…”

March-kun, we just arrived here in the hospital… it looks like we might be coming home late. Nana-sensei told us to wait for a bit while she finishes checking up one more patient. I hope you understand…

“Looks like she won’t be coming home just yet, March-san~” She erotically slid the semen on her breasts and abdomen to her tongue. “I want my other mouth to feel how you taste like… in the bath…”

I picked up my phone and replied, Take your time. I can wait here. I love you.

I went and locked all the doors as my cock hardened once again. A few minutes later, I found myself inside the bathroom with her as she gave me a blowjob. She was very good at it… her wet body and the warm bath… the sounds of her gagging and licking… I couldn’t stop myself. After we had the foreplay in the bath, I carried her to her bedroom where we continued to please each other. Finally, I found myself sitting down on the head of the bed with her about to sit on my cock. We held hands and interlocked our fingers together as her lower mouth sucked in my pulsating organ of pleasure.

“This tight feeling… I can’t get enough of this…” I released my grasp on her hand and grabbed her hips as I guided her down to me. “Can you feel it?”

“HAAHN… YEEES…” She rested her head over my shoulder, “Just be sure to come inside of me… I want to know how a creampie feels like…”

She started moving her hips fast as did I… I can feel her nipples rubbing on my chest that I had to grab them and suck on them. She was moaning with every grind and push. I laid down on my back while she rode me like a horse and then she turned around with her tight pussy almost twisting my cock as she moved. I positioned myself towards her as I made her go on all fours. I placed my arms around her abdomen as I rocked her in a doggie position. I licked, sucked, and bit on her back as her arms weakened as she slid lower. I turned her back to face me and I just noticed how happy she was inviting me to kiss her as I locked her in a passionate embrace.

“I’m almost at my limit… I’m about to come…”

“Do it inside!” She locked her arms and legs around me. “I want to feel it inside of me!!!”

“I’m really going to do it inside!!!” I pushed my cock deep inside of her as I curled myself forwards, “I’m coming!!!”

“YAAAAAAAAAAAAANH!!! THIS FEELING!!!” She released her hold on me and grabbed onto her futons, “THIS IS HOW CREAMPIE FEELS LIKE!!!”

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion outside. We checked through the window and saw a huge smoke over at the city. Then, I received a call from my wife.

March! You have to come here as soon as you can! Something happened outside of the hospital! Bring your weapon with you!

“March-san,” my sister-in-law checked her phone too and she looked disheveled, “The research facility beside the hospital where Big sis, mama, and papa are in blew up… they said that Celestial Beings showed up…”

“OH NO!!!” I hurried to my room and wore my agent suit, grabbed my weapons and hurried off. “PLEASE WATCH THE HOUSE WHILE I’M GONE!!!”

“I’M COMING WITH YOU!” She hurried out with me as well.

“Grab a hold on something and wear your seatbelts on!” I stuck the siren on my car and turned it on so that cars would move aside and zoomed off.

At the back of my mind, I thought to myself… Is this my punishment for fucking my wife’s sister? I really hope that today is a safe day for her… I don’t want to get her pregnant… Wait for me, dear… I’ll save you!

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