Fuckin Da Hood

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The sex, drugs, and secrets we all think we know but have no idea. Read about how this one resident manages taking dick in the hood. When you think of the hood, what comes to mind? Crime, Drugs, Death? What about Sex? Forbidden sex, that could get you killed if caught, read on about the exploits of the hood and the down low activity it hides.

Erotica / Romance
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First Meet.

When growing up in the hood you see a lot, killings, drug dealings, everything but healing. All that may be shocking but it's what you don't see that's worth viewing. The hood has secrets, secrets that are to be kept secret at all cost. People have taken lives, even destroyed families all to keep those secrets in the dark. I have a secret, a secret that's kept in the one dark.. I take dick and in the hood there's no shortage of dick. One day i was walking home when i seen Dred creeping out of Sammy back door one night. Sammy is openly gay and everybody in the hood know it and him but Dred is one of the top dope boys in towns and fine as hell!

So me being me, i hit up Sammy and asked him "What's up with you and Dred? I seen him coming out the back door." At first he acted like he aint know what I was talking about but then confess that he be given him head all the time, but they aint never fuck. So we talked for a minute and he told me that Dred homeboy get down but he aint never fuck wit him. "Which one I asked?" "Tim." Shit me and Tim chill all the time but I would have never though that he get down but you'd be surprised.

Like two days later i went over to Tim house to chill fully knowing i was going to try him but when i knocked on the door nobody answered the door. I walked around the side of his house to cut threw his yard to head home. When i heard him singing in the shower, that gave me an idea. I climbed threw his bedroom window, stripped all my clothes off all bent over on his bed. I heard the shower cut off, then the bathroom door open, his footsteps were getting closer.

"What the fuck! Man what you doing in my room! Naked!?" Tim Yelled. "Waiting for you" I told him. "I don't know what kind of shit you on but you gotta get the fuck out of here. We boys!" He said all this will a tent in his towel. I stayed there bent over looking back at him. After a couple minutes of silence and staring he walked up to me still bent over on his bed, smacked me hard on the ass then gripped it, Tim squatted down, leaned over and started to eat my ass! Oh God that extra long tongue, let him reach part of my inside no other tongue had ever touched. He was slurping, I was moaning, he was smacking and I was jacking. Tim took his tongue out and started fingering me. "I dont want ya finger bro." Soon as i said that his finger disappeared and his dick filled that void. Tim was thick, he had to be about 6 inches around and they felt so good. He grabbed my waist and fucked my at a deep steady pace, "Aww man you got a tight ass, i can't believe i aint fucked you earlier!"

I bent down and poked my ass in the air and so he could get in my guts even deeper, he spreads me open and let his dick slide all the way out and slowly put it back in, he kept teasing me like this until i told him stop playing and fuck my ass until i bleed! Tim pulled out and told me to turn over, I layed on my back and Tim lifted my legs up and pushed my knees all the way back to the sides of my head. My hole was wide open, he slide that tongue back in to moisten me up and jumped right back in me, with vengeance! That bamboo pole was going in and out of me so fast, that i thought i was going to get dick burns! I jumped off his dick and tried to run, he was fucking me to good, the pleasure was to much to take! He grabbed me and said "Don't run now, Aint this what you wanted?" He flipped me on my stomach and got me in a lock around my neck, once he had me locked down. He dicked me down like his life depended on it and to make matters worst i couldn't run from that thug dick.

His hips were going a mile a minute and that dick hittin me deep. I wanted to ride this horse. I told him... He got up, and I got on top of his meat and rode it slow, he slapped me on the ass and told me I got to do better then that. I went to bouncing on his shit, up to the top down to the bottom, as i came down his thrust it up and met me in the middle we both were in ecstasy! I grabbed my dick and started jacking and in no time i nutted and cum flew all over his chest and face! He pushed me off him and i feel on the floor, and he jumped up on the bed and cummed all over me laying on the floor. When i recuperated i got up off the floor, and some body started clapping. It was Dred looking threw the window he had seen the whole thing.

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