What They Don't Know

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Terrance and Terrell are both on the Down low yet in a relationship. Can they keep their love under wraps or will it still out into the public. Terrell jumped off my dick in a quickness, running into the living room throwing on his boxers, then back in with me; “put some clothes on nigga!” I got up out the bed dick still hard as fuck and went into the living room and put my clothes on as Terrell stood by the front door. “Who is it!” He yelled. “It's the police. Open up!” He opened the the door once I had my clothes on. “Y'all back?” Terrell said calmly. “We have a warrant to search the premises.” The officer stepped up with a paper in hand. “You just searched my place a couple days ago and found nothing, so what you looking for now?” “It's all in the warrant.” The officer said stepping in the door. He looked over at me, then back at Terrell, “Never a woman huh?” “Man fuck you!” Terrell blurted out as the officers walked in laughing. They tore the house apart looking for a gun that wasn't even there.

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Daddys Day

"Man look at him laying here like ain't shit wrong, like him being able to do whatever he wants, come and go as he please and me being stuck here in love with him don't matter." I thought to myself but at the same time my heart just beamed as I gazed over his naked body that was slightly cover by my blanket, well our blanket. At least in my mind it was ours, but it seemed as though it was only in my mind. I eventually drifted back off to sleep with the sounds of clanging pots waking me up the next morning. I looked over my shoulder to see that Rell wasn't in bed; I got up sat up on the side of my bed, stretched then farted and got up to take a pissed. I washed my face, then headed for the kitchen where Terrell stood in front of the stove butt ass naked cooking us breakfast. "Aye bae." I greeted him as I walked by slapping him on the ass. I opened up the fridge taking out some orange juice and went in the cabinet for two glasses, setting them on the table. As I walked back in the kitchen I heard two knocks on the door, making us both look at each other. "Who is that?" I asked Rell, but he shot me a look saying "This yo shit, not mine." I shot him a look back but he was right. So I walked over to the door and peeped thru the hole.

"Hold on, hold on." I yelled running in the kitchen. "Go put some clothes on and chill in my room real quick." I told Rell but he stood there stiring the eggs. "Why." "Because Marion at the door." That's when he dropped the fork and ran back to the room, I followed behind him throwing on my boxers and shirt. Then walked back to the front door. I opened it, "What's up, Marion." That's when my five year old twin boys jumped from behind my chairs on the porch, screaming "Daddy!!!" I stooped down grabbing them in my arms. "Torrance, Tarrance!! Hey boys!" "I need you to watch them today for a little while they're school is closed for a repair or something and I have to work." Marion told me. "That's cool, Do you have a bag or something for them?" "She just looked at me and walked off, waving bye to the boys halfway down the walkway. The twins ran past me, right into the living room, jumping on my leather couch. I knew today was going to be a long one.

I walked back to the room and told Rell he could come out now, but "I need you to cook more breakfast." I told him, "Why who out there?" "Come see." I replied. We walk out my room and soon as my boys seen him they ran up "Uncle Rell!" He swooped them both in his arms. "Aye my favorite little nephews, y'all getting big on me." As them three started wrestling around on my living room floor. I finished breakfast and set the table.

"Y'all come eat." I told them and my boys released Terrell and came racing to the table. "Where you sitting daddy." They ask me. "Right there." I pointed, Torrance quickly jumped in the seat next to mine. "I want to sit next to daddy." He said laughing, "Imma sit next to Uncle Rell." Tarrance replied. After we got the seating arrangement figured out we sat down and ate. It was kind of crazy to me how we were sitting down eating like some kind of family. To be honest it as quite nice to see how he interacted with my boys and vice versa. I couldn't help but smile. When he looked over and seen that, being slick he said "You loving this shit huh." I just smirked.

When finished eating and Terrell cleaned the table and washed the dishes. I cleaned the twins up and changed their clothes then we played with their action figures in the living room until I seen the yawns start to take over them. I picked them up laying them on my bed, covering them with my blanket. Then I went to getting myself together. I found some clothes, got a towel and head for the shower. As I turned on the hot water, Terrell parted the door coming in with his towel. "Can I join you?" He asked. "Of course, bring that ass here boy." He laughed, stepping up to me. I pulled him in by the jaws, wrapping my lips over his. "Mmmm them lips so sweet." I told him, he ain't say nothing he turned around putting his hands on the wall, pushing out his ass. "Try some ass then. I slapped him on the right ass cheek rubbing my now hard dick against his ass. I kneeled down pulling his boxers down letting them drop to the floor. Taking both hands I spread his ass open, landing my tongue right there in the middle. He jumped as my tongue slid in him and flicked it in and out. "Oooh shit." He moaned, "God damn." I shook my head between his cheeks, then pulled my head away and stuck my finger in and played around in it. "You know how I like it." "Yeah I do." I told him, standing up behind him. I pulled my dick thru the slit in my boxers, laying spit drip down on to the head of it. I pulled him back from the wall bending him over a bit then slipped into home base. I wrapped my arms around his body holding him tight, slowing winding in them walls. He held my arms and bit his lip, then asked for me to go deeper. I did as I was requested and he let out a loud moan. "Shhhhhhh we can't wake up the twins. He grabbed the towel off the counter, stuffing it in his mouth. Taking the other one spreading it on the floor. All without getting off my dick. We got down on the floor him, with his face to the towel, I watched as his starving ass ate my filling dick. "Yeah nigga, yea." He chanted, letting the towel slip out his teeth, as my balls flung back and forth against the base of his balls. I took a deep stroke and his head shot up, "AHHHHH Fuck!" He screamed. I stopped stroking and laughed. "Bae we go have to finish this later the boys go wake up." I told him and Rell agreed. We jumped in the shower washing each others bodies, from our necks to our toes. And every crease in between.

Which of course lead to me bending that fat ass over in the shower. I was gentler this time, so he wouldn't make as much noise. I knew he wasn't go let me slide off without me busting a nut up in him and once I did, Terrell dropped to his knees as the water cascaded down my body and suck my balls empty. I just looked down at him in amazement, wondering if the boys on the block could imagine their tattoo covered leader was capable of such acts. But really I didn't care, I just knew that I loved him and I feel he loves me. I pulled him up to his feet kissing him until the water turned cold then got out the shower. Wrapping my towel around my waist I went to go check on my boys. Kissing them as they slept then went back in the bathroom and got dressed.

"Why we can't do this every day Terrel" I said softly. "What's that?" "This. Wake up to each other and do this little family thing." He started laughing. "I'm serious bro." That's when he stop laughing, "Look we been having a good day, let's not ruin it, because you know how this go end." I let out a few deep breaths because I knew he was right but I didn't care. "Man when we were locked up together, this is what we said we wanted. To live together, be together. So was that a lie or what." "Nah, that's called jail talk. Real life hit once we got out." You went back to your girl and I went back to mine. We both had kids and had other shit going on, we just couldn't stay away from each other." "But we do man, you gone most of the day, and creep up in here at night like I'm a side bitch or something." He really started laughing. "What the fuck so funny tho." I asked, but was interrupted by a little knock on the bathroom door. I opened it and peaked out to see Tarrance standing there holding his wee wee. "Gotta pee daddy." "OK son." I closed the door and told Terrell to jump behind the shower curtain. Then I let Tarrance in, he peed and I told him to go back in the room, "I'll be right there baby boy." Rell pulled the shower curtain back smiling. "Fuck you." I told him. "Perfect example of why we can't be how WE want to. All this hiding and shit ain't go work. And I'm not trying to be out there as no faggot." He did have a point because neither did I.

I walked out the room and went to check on my boys Torrance was still sleep. Even still I started making lunch for my boys and cleaning up the living room. "You OK?" Rell came out and asked me. "Yeah im good." "Cool, come here." He said pulling me over to him and kissing me. "Ewwwww." Tarrance laughed. We jumped apart "Eww what?" I asked him. "You kissing a boy daddy!" "So what, you kiss your brother." Terrell jumped in, "Oh yeah." My son said then went over and started playing with his toys. By the time lunch was ready Torrance was up and we all sat down and ate again. By the time we finished they're mom was knocking at my door. Torrance ran over and opened it for her. Walking in, she looked around and she seen Terrell playing with Tarrance, so she comes to me whispering. "I don't want your criminal ass friends playing with my kids." I scrunched up my face, "They have no choice but to play with criminals, I'm one." "Boy you know what I mean." "Listen you want our kids or you want to run my life." She sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes. "Come hug your daddy boys." I hugged and kissed my boys and walked them to the car. By the time I got back in the house, Terrell was putting on his shoes. "Don't be mad man, money calling." I ain't get mad. I walked him to the door and closed it behind him. I had shit to do today anyway.

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