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Requan is a highly successful lawyer, who starts sleeping with his make client and his wife's cousin. Can he keep all this hidden from her? He married his wife who has a cousin that's just released from prison and needs a place to stay, which leads to him falling for her cousin. Things are complicated more when his new client he's also sleeping with hates the cousin.

Erotica / Drama
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Cousin In Law

Closing the door behind me as I crept out the guest room I couldn't believe what I had just done. I collapsed on my bed and buried my head in a pillow. Thinking to myself "I just really fucked up." I knew I should have never agreed to it, I should have just said no. I guess what's done is done and you can't change the past. "It was just a one time thing anyway." Is what I told myself. Just then my phone rung, I reached over, grabbed it and looked at the ID it read Tasha, my wife was calling. Damn! I let it go to voicemail I really didn't want to talk to her right now I just drifted off to sleep. That wasn't any comfort I merely dreamed about what had happen earlier.

When I woke up I got up out my bed and heard my wife in the living room talking. I came out and said "Hey bae....." I stopped in mid sentence, when I seen her cousin sitting next to her. "What's wrong with you?" She said giving me a crazy look. My mouth had froze; my mind flashed back and I retreated to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. "Get yourself together." I said to myself. The thing is DeAndre, he's my wife's cousin, moved in with us about a month ago after getting out of prison. She asked me would it be okay for him to come live with us while she help him get his life together being that she is a lawyer. At first I didn't think it was a good idea being that I am a Lawyer too; I know most men end up back in jail shortly after being released. Since he's my wifes family I agreed.

The day he got released my wife went and picked him up, I stayed home and set up the guest room, then cooked some dinner as I waited for them to arrive. When they arrived my wife introduced us "DeAndre this is my husband ReQuan, everyone just cause him Quan." He dropped his bags and gave me a big smile saying "Hey fam, nice to meet you." We sat down for dinner to discuss what he need to do to try and get his life back in order. Threw out the conversation DeAndre managed to convince me he was a stand up guy that just headed down the wrong path, so I didn't think there would be any problems. Looking back I should have foreseen there would be, giving later that night I seen him walking from the bathroom to his room covered by a towel around the waist; and I all I could think was "Damn!" I must admit I have dabbled in the same sex, but I stopped when I got married; I love my wife and didn't want to do anything that could hurt her but in that instance Andre made me forget that. When he caught me staring he just smiled and walked in his room. I was tempted to catch a peek but I went back to my room.

Today is when the problem started, right after my wife left for work. I went into the kitchen fixed me a glass of orange juice then headed back up to my room. Right as I got to the top of the stairs, Andre walks pass with a towel wrapped around his waist. He shoots me a smile "You like what you see cuz?" Taken back I asked him "What makes you say that?" "I could see it in your eyes." I laughed and walked into my room, flopped back on my bed and laid there. I heard him turn on the shower, and my mind just drifted. I could see him dropping his towel on the floor, exposing his magnificent chiseled body, stepping into the steamy shower and lathering up his body. I found myself gripping my dick and biting my bottom lip. I wanted to join him but I shook them thoughts out of my head. Until he showed up at my room door naked asking for some soap. I was like "Huh" as my eyes moved in the direction of his dangling meat. "Can I get some soap cuz?" "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah I'll bring it to you" I replied. I walked into my bathroom and found some unopened soap, then slowly walked to the guest bath.

When I opened the door and could see his outline behind the shower curtain. He peaked out, "Good looking out" and reached for the soap. I handed it to him and turned to walk out when he said "Quan it's be a minute since I fucked something." Shocked I stuttered "Really?" Andre was like "Yeah, can I be honest with you cuz?" I sat down on the toilet "Sure, you can tell me anything." I told him. He was quiet for a second then said. "Can you wash my back." Is that what he wanted to be honest about I thought to myself? Nevertheless I walked up, shaking I was so nervous, he handed me the soap turning his back towards me. I started to rub his broad shoulder, then between his shoulder blades. "Lower" he said, so I washed lower around his back, he turned around and stood face to face with me "Lower" he repeated.

I dropped down to my knees, dropping the soap on the floor next to me. I looked up at him and said "Dre, this is the best way to clean this." I took his meat in my mouth, moving my head back and forth while rubbing his balls. He rubbed the top of my head and grunted as his dick grew between my teeth. His grew hard and thick, while maneuvering my head around on it. Slob was leaking from corners of my mouth down to his testicles. He pulled my head back then looked down at me. "Lets got to my room." With a smile Dre stepped out the shower dripping wet, and walked past me. The moment I stepped in his room, I dropped my boxers, stepped out of them and walked over to the bed. I bent over and told him to "Come get it." Leaning against the wall smiling he walked up; dick standing at attention, he greased me up and stepped right inside me. I took a deep breath, then let out a long moan "Ooooh Shittttt man..... Wait, wait, wait." I said trying to push him back. My hand was swatted out the way, "Just relax, I waited a month for this." He grabbed me by my hip with one hand pushing in slow. I moaned but the pain ran deep; he felt so thick like he was ripping open. I looked back to see Dre staring down at my ass devour his dick, he looked up and smiled at me.

My heart fluttered, his smile made me want to please him. I push his hand away from my hip, throwing my ass back making it smack against his groin. Fucking myself with his dick. Dre stood his ground with his hands on his hips. "Take that dick!" he muttered before pushing my head down to the mattress, and climb up on the bed, slamming his pipe in me balls deep! It felt AMAZING! Biting the pillow, I'm telling you I was loving every moment of it, every stroke felt better then the last. We eventually ended up on the bed on our sides with him pounding my guts screaming "Where do you want this nut." I turned and pulled him in for a kiss and said "Inside me." He dumped every drip drop inside my warm, wet ass, then dropped on his back lifeless. He managed to turn his head my way to say "God Damn that was some good ass." Before I could respond he was passed out sleep. I got up and quietly crept out the guest room.

Which brings us to now. I got up off the toilet and walked back into the living room, my wife jumped up and immediately asked me was I okay; I told her I was fine I just wasn't feeling good; that my stomach was messed up. Andre chuckled and my wife snipped "That not funny..." She told me to sit down and she would get me a drink. When Tasha walked into the kitchen, Dre quickly said "Man you tripping you betta act right, I ain't tryna get caught." I rolled my eyes and waited for my wife to come back, "Well bae I was just dropping by to pick up a bite to eat, I have to see a client then head back to the office I'll call you later bae to check on you." She kissed me on the forehead then walked out the door. Just me and Dre again.

He looked over at me out the corner of his eyes, "You okay?" I looked at him "Do you care?" He scrugged up his face. "Am I suppose too?" I sucked my teeth "I guess not." He sat there quiet for a while watching tv until the show went on commercial. "Come here." He said to me softly, I didn't move. He asked again. Still I sat there; "Look I don't know why the fuck you got a attitude but you need to change that shit quick." I sucked my teeth again then got up and walked over, standing right in front of him. He grabbed my hand and pulled me down on him. I laughed and adjusted myself. Here I am a grown ass man sitting in another mans lap, face to face with him. He looked me in my eyes and said "Imma be honest with you; because that all I know how to be. I don't love you, but I do like you..... I think.... I like you a lot." I smiled which made him leaned up and kissed me. Dre lips were so soft yet moist at the same time. He was making me hot as we made out in the chair. I started rocking in his lap and I could feel him becoming excited. "You ready for that second round?" he asked without a word I stood up and slipped my drawls off, just to returned to his lap, I continued to rock with his dick rubbing between my ass cheeks. Finally he lifted me up to slowly lower me onto his stiff stick, taking in every inch as I bit his bottom lip and gripped his neck. I could feel him deep up inside me, and his lil jabs sent shock waves of pleasure throughout my body, that felt like they were crossing over to him as we kissed . He hand crept under my shirt and explored my back causing me to moaning a little louder. He bit me on the shoulder, then kissed me on the neck before mumbling in my ear "Aww baby you feel so fucking good." Just then the door handle juggled....

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