Dear Diary - My wife, my friend and me.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Over the Christmas period, Brian had introduced Sara to his family, and they had, as we had expected that they would, accepted her as his new partner. Sara was delighted, and when her parents met Brian they immediately took him into their hearts. Sara couldn’t have been happier. Anne had said that her friend had blossomed since she began to date Brian, and she had a good feeling about their long-term future together.

We had decided to delay January’s meeting to allow Brian and Sara a little more time to get to know each other, and for Christmas and New year to be celebrated without any extra pressure. But as we got into 2018 our thoughts turned to our first official session to involve all four of us. But before that, it was my birthday.

Diary Entry: Jan 2018: Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was three days into the New Year and over the years I had rarely celebrated it wildly due to the proximity of it to the Christmas festivities. Even in my youth, I was usually too exhausted to go wild, so it had usually been quite a low-key affair. But this year would be different, Anne would see to that.

I knew that she had something planned, but no matter how hard I pressed her she wouldn’t reveal it to me. I bugged both Sara and Brian but they insisted that they had no idea if she had anything planned. I automatically assumed that it would have involved them, bearing in mind how I celebrated her fiftieth birthday the year previously.

My birthday fell on a Wednesday, not a usual night for us to go out and celebrate, but the night before I was informed that we were going out for dinner. I asked who with, she smiled and said.

“Just our honey.”

I could tell that she had something planned, but still had no idea what it was.

All the following day I couldn’t get the look on her face out of my head. She had a look in her eyes that told me she was excited about it, whatever ‘it’ was.

When I got home from work she was still excited. The kiss I received when I got home was full and passionate but she still resisted my efforts again to find out what was going on. I made my way upstairs to get changed, as I did I couldn’t help notice that she had tidied up around the place. It was never untidy, but even I could tell that she had made an extra effort. I smiled to myself. ‘Brian and Sara are coming. I knew it!’

She looked gorgeous when she stood before me. She had a new dress and it looked fantastic on her. And as I’d watched her dress, I knew that she wore stockings and suspenders underneath it, so I was in for a lovely time when we got home, as was Brian, we both knew how much he loved stockings on her.

At the restaurant, I was surprised when we were shown to a table that was set for two. I looked around, expecting to see Brian and Sara seated somewhere, but they weren’t, I was confused.

However, the meal was delicious and I managed to put my curiosity to the back of my mind and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my beautiful wife. I was sat in one of the best restaurants in the area, and opposite me was my wife, my lover and my best friend, and she looked radiant. I reached out and took her hand.

“Honey. I love you more now than I could have ever imagined. You are not only my lover but my best friend and soul-mate.”

She squeezed my hand and told me how much she loved me and thanked me for the past ten months. I glanced around, still expecting to see Brian and Sara emerge from somewhere. She noticed and asked me what I was looking for.

“Oh come on Anne. Where are they?”

She smiled. “Who?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Brian and Sara.”

She looked confused.

“They are at his daughter’s.”

I rolled my eyes in disbelief. She grinned.

“Call him if you don’t believe me.”

I got up and walked out into the lobby and took out my mobile.

“Brian? Where the hell are you? Come on, stop messing.”

He explained that he was at his daughter Hannah’s house. Then I heard the familiar sound of my god-daughter’s voice.

“Hi, Uncle Paul! Happy Birthday!”

I looked at Anne who just smiled at him. When I re-joined her she smiled at him.


I stared at her.

“So this is it? It’s just you and me having a meal?”

She frowned. “You look disappointed.”

I saw the look on her face and felt terrible. I leaned forward and took her hand.

“No. Of course not. I just had this idea that you had a night planned for us all that included Sara and Brian.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Oh, Paul. That would be a little predictable, don’t you think?”

I nodded and kissed her hand as the waiter brought us our desserts.

We enjoyed a wonderful meal and afterwards, we walked the short distance to our favourite wine bar and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. As we stood chatting I could feel the eyes of many of the guys on Anne. She looked gorgeous and I was delighted that the last ten months had brought back so much of the girl that I had married all those years ago back. She was confident in herself, she had been re-awakened sexually, and looked fantastic.

I had put the slight disappointment of my expectations aside and as I looked at her I couldn’t wait to get her home and that dress off her. I was brought from my erotic thoughts by the sound of a voice. I looked to my right and saw a vision of beauty approach, and she made straight for Anne and embraced her.

They knew each other. This woman, a girl almost, was an absolute goddess, she was possibly the most physically beautiful woman that I had ever seen. And bearing in mind that she was stood beside my wife, who I loved more than life itself, was saying something. I stared at Anne, I was speechless, but my eyes were saying, ’what the fuck?”

Anne grinned at me.

“Honey. This is Becky.”

I stared at Becky. She was about five-seven. She had long blonde hair and gorgeous, mesmerising baby-blue eyes. She was slim, god was she slim, and her breasts were small and firm, I guessed at a B-cup at best. She wore the tightest pink dress that I had ever seen, and from the look of it, nothing underneath, not that I could see any lines.

I realised that I was staring at her and apologised to her.

“I’m sorry. Hi Becky, I’m Paul.”

I moved my hand to shake hers but she leaned in and hugged me and kissed my cheek.

“I understand that it’s your birthday Paul.”

I nodded, still struggling to talk.

She leaned in and kissed me. A proper kiss, no tongues, but it wasn’t a peck on the lips.”

“Happy birthday Paul.”

She turned to Anne and hugged her again and explained that she needed to go to the bathroom. When she had gone I looked at Anne. I still struggled to find the words. And I didn’t want to say what I was thinking. She looked at me. Then I managed to blurt it out.

“You got me a hooker?”

Anne stared at me and leaned in.

“She’s not a hooker!” She looked offended.

I was still confused. And asked her if she wasn’t a hooker, what she was.

“She’s your birthday present.”

She explained that she had been thinking of a present for me for months. She had secretly found a site where people, couples, men, women go to look for sex. No-strings sex. Becky, it turns out. Is a border-line nymphomaniac.

I looked at her. She smiled.

“She can’t get enough sex, honey.”

She went on and explained that they’d got talking and struck up a friendship.

“She loves our little situation that we have. And she said that she’s jealous of me. She hasn’t found any man who would accept her for who she is. A bonus is that she is fed up with guys her age and is becoming more attracted to the more mature guy, like you.”

I stared at her in disbelief as it finally hit home.

“You mean. She wants to? With me?”

Anne smiled as I finally got it.

“Yes, honey. With both of us if that’s what you’d like?”

I stared at her.

“Are you kidding? Of course, it is!”

When Becky returned after her bathroom break, which it turned out was also part of the plan, we had another drink as she told me a little more about herself.

She’d grown up locally and went off to university where she discovered that she didn’t just like sex, she needed it, and she craved it. She enjoyed it more than others felt was natural. She’d built up a reputation unfortunately as word quickly spread around campus.

After gaining her degree in Bio-Chemistry, she returned home to research a local university for a company that develops medicines to combat cancers, where she is aiming to get her Master’s degree and hopefully a PhD.

“Wow, beautiful and intelligent. What a package.”

I sighed, I was in awe. I asked her age.

“I’m twenty-three.”

She stood close to Anne as we chatted, it was clear that the two of them had spent a while getting to know each other, and if Anne had gone this far then I was sure that she had thought long and hard about it. We finished our drinks and I looked at them both.

“So ladies. Do you want another drink, or shall we go?”

Becky glanced at Anne who smiled at me.

“We have plenty of drink at home, let’s go.”

As we waited for a taxi I whispered to Anne.

“What about condoms?”

She explained that in preparation for this Becky had assured her that she hadn’t had sex for nearly a month, and she’d shown Anne a copy of a report from a clinic where she had tests done. Because of her sexual nature, she got checked out regularly, and always practised safe-sex. Tonight would be very unusual for her.

In the taxi, I sat between them both. I was still in disbelief, the young woman on my left was prepared to have sex with me as my wife watched. And judging from how they had reacted, I guessed Anne might be doing more than watching. I closed my eyes briefly, my cock was straining to get out. I felt as if I would explode as soon as I was touched. Anne sensed my arousal and I felt her hand slide across my crotch and gently squeeze my bugle. I moaned softly. Anne nudged Becky who glanced at me then I felt her hand slide onto my bulge and squeeze it.

“Oh, my Paul. I hope that is for me?”

I looked ahead, I caught the driver glancing back in his rear-view mirror, our eyes met and it was as if I could read his mind. ‘What the fuck dude? Are you serious?’ I stared at him and raised my eyes then turned to Becky and smiled.

“Oh yes, Becky. It is.”

Inside I was wondering if they’d arranged anything or we would just go with it, I asked if anyone wanted a drink, Anne said that there would be time to drink afterwards, and she started upstairs. Becky followed close behind and I trailed behind them both.

In our bedroom, I saw that Anne had set up the cameras. As she turned them on she asked Becky if she was still okay being filmed. She smiled at me.

“It’s not the first porn movie that I’ve made.”

I grinned at her, and as Anne took her place on the chair beside the bed she kissed me on her way past.

“It’s time to unwrap your birthday present darling.”

I turned to face Becky, and as I did she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me against her and kissed me. This time she pushed her tongue past my lips and into my mouth and danced and played with my tongue as I let my own hands drop down her back and cup her bum. I was right, no panties, and it was the tightest bum that I’d felt in decades. I pulled her to me and ground my hard-on against her. She let out a moan as she pushed back at me.

I reached down and caught the hem of her dress in my fingers and pulled up. I began to peel her almost skin-tight dress up, and I exposed her pussy, then further up to expose her breasts, no bra, and then off. I gazed at her naked body. She was stunning. I had never seen such a beautiful body.

“My god. You have the most perfect body, Becky.”

I turned to Anne. “No offence Anne.”

She smiled back.

“None taken honey. How could I argue with that body? You’re right, it’s perfect.”

I let my fingers stroke slowly across her marble smooth skin and over her pert breasts that stuck straight out at me, each topped with a perfect pink erect nipple. She moaned softly as I caressed her nipples. Then she reached out and began to unbutton my shirt. I looked at Anne.

“I hope you’re going to join us and get naked Anne?”

She nodded and stood, and as Becky undressed me, I watched as Anne quickly took off her dress and revealed her matching bra, knickers, suspenders and stockings. By the time Becky was on her knees and had pulled off my boxers Anne was naked except for her stockings and suspender belt.

I gasped as I felt Becky’s fingers wrap around my cock and stroke it slowly.

“Oh, my Paul. That is a nice cock.”

She glanced at Anne and stared.

“Oh, Anne. A full bush! My favourite, not many women wear that these days. I can’t wait to get into that later.”

As she said that my cock twitched in her hand, she looked up at me.

“I think hubby likes the idea of that Anne.”

I stroked my fingers through her hair.

“You bet he does. But first, I want to get a taste of you.”

I pulled her gently to her feet and kissed her, out naked bodies pressed together, my cock pressed against her crotch. I guided her to the bed and gently lay her down. I wasted no time and knelt at her feet and parted her legs slowly. I moved between them and gazed up at her smooth, bald pussy and her swollen labia with her hard clit protruding from its hood.

I slowly moved up her legs, soft kisses on her skin, nibbling her inner thighs as I moved closer. She moaned and shifted her legs until they were hooked over my shoulders and crossed on my back as I finally reached her pussy.

I heard her gasp as my lips made contact with her pussy. She tasted so sweet, so different to Anne, or Sara, maybe it was her youth, or what she bathed in, either way, it was delicious. My tongue darted out and licked along her lips, I pushed them apart with my fingers and pushed my tongue inside of her. She arched her back and her fingers grabbed at my hair and pulled it as she began to grind her pussy hard against my mouth.

“OH Fuck Paul yes! Oh god, lick me!”

She was almost as turned on as I was and I pressed my lips against her clit and began to nibble it and roll it between them. I tugged it gently, and that seemed to intensify her pleasure as I pushed my hand under her bum and parted her cheeks and pressed my finger against her tight little bum-hole.

She gasped loudly and cried out.

“OH FUCK. There! That’s it push it there!”

She liked her bum touched. So as I licked and nibbled on her clit I rolled the tip of my finger around her tight little bum-hole as she began to wriggle and writhe beneath me, then I pressed hard on her hole as she started to ‘fuck’ her pussy at my mouth and her hands pulled at my hair. She was close, very close to coming and as soon as I managed to get my finger past her tight hole and into her bum she screamed out loud and lifted her bum off the bed.

She gripped my head tight between her thighs and cried out as she was hit by what was a huge orgasm. I could feel her whole body shake and tremble as her bum fell back onto the bed and she moaned as her body twitched and shook to her orgasm. I could feel her pussy contracting as I lapped up her juices which had begun to flow from her. I lay there until I felt her release the pressure on my head, her orgasm was passing and I slowly lifted my face from her pussy. I could feel that her juices were all over my mouth and chin. I knelt up and looked down at her.

“Wow, Becky. That was some orgasm.”

She looked back at me, her eyes half-closed, she was still coming down. She smiled.

“That was awesome Paul.”

She turned her head to look at Anne, who had her hand between her legs as she looked at us.

“You are a lucky girl Anne. He is awesome at that.”

Anne smiled. “I know Becky.”

I looked down at her pussy, it was glistening with her juices, and as I slowly stroked my cock I knew that I had to have it. I also knew that I wouldn’t last long but I was going to enjoy it, however long it lasted. She turned her head back to me.

“Time for your present Paul.”

I smiled and leaned over her. I held myself up on one hand and guided my dripping cock towards her pussy. She drew her knees up and closer to her chest and spread her legs as I rubbed the head along her wet slit. I found her hole and when I pressed against it I found that she was incredibly tight. I pressed more and she grimaced as I struggled to penetrate her. I’m not big, but she was incredibly tight. I really had to push hard but eventually, I looked down and saw the tip of my cock stretch her and slip inside. I gasped, she gasped, and I had not felt anything as tight as this, apart from Anne’s bum.

I rested and looked at Becky, she smiled and lifted her hands and locked her fingers behind my neck. I stared into her eyes as I pushed again and she groaned as I pushed further and further into her until I was in as far as I could and felt the end of her pussy. She gasped and her eyes bulged.

“Oh god, that feels good.”

I rested a few moments then I began to move inside of her. We slowly began to fuck and started to get into our rhythm. She wrapped her legs around me and began to move in time with me. I pushed deep into her and she moaned with every thrust of mine. I had not felt anything this tight since I first took Anne’s virginity, all those years ago.

I began grunting, it was so tight that on some strokes it hurt, but I wasn’t relaxing, and I increased my pace. She kept up and she worked with me and we fucked together. She was awesome. She threw herself into it and soon we were fucking hard and the room was filled with her cries of pleasure and moans and my grunts as the tightness of her pussy meant that it was almost an effort to fuck her.

Then I felt my cock begin to swell inside of her, I knew that I was going to cum soon and I started to fuck harder and deeper. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her. She pushed her face hard into my neck and I felt her teeth biting down on my shoulder as I gave one final deep thrust and cried out and held my cock inside of her as the first spurt of cum shot out of my cock and slammed against the walls of her pussy.

She groaned as she felt me fill her and her fingers and teeth dug into my skin as my cock twitched and jerked inside of her tight pussy I continued to pump my cum deep into her.

I lay on top of her for a while as my cock twitched inside her and my cum finally finished spurting and the last jet dribbled out of me and my cock slowly began to soften.

As I rolled from her, her pussy gripped my cock as if it didn’t want to let it go. Finally, I lay beside her, the pair of us panting and sweating. She reached her hand out and stroked my chest.

“Thank you, Paul. That was an amazing fuck.”

She looked at Anne.

“I’m not just saying it, Anne. But men Paul’s age are so much more attentive lovers than the young boys that I normally have to fuck.”

I smiled at Anne and nodded to her. She got up and joined us on the bed. I kissed her.

“Thank you, honey.”

She smiled and lay beside me.

“It’s okay Paul. The night isn’t over. Becky is staying the night aren’t you Becky?”

I turned to Becky who nodded.

“Oh yes. And next, it is you and me, Anne. You did promise, remember?”

Anne nodded and smiled, “I did.”

Excited at the prospect I changed positions with Anne and I sat on the chair as Anne and Becky lay together and began to make out. The sight of my wife with another woman was probably more arousing than seeing her with Brian. Even though she’d told me that she and Sara had done it before, this would be the first time that I was to get to see her do it.

I could feel my exhausted limp cock already respond as I watched as Anne let herself be laid down and Becky leaned over her and kissed her. As she did her fingers slid over her breasts and teased her nipples. This brought moans from Anne as she pushed her fingers through Becky’s blond hair. Then Becky slipped her fingers between Anne’s thighs and I saw Anne gasp and throw her head back as Becky slid a finger into my wife’s pussy.

Anne was moaning into Becky’s mouth as she worked her fingers in and out of my wife’s pussy and caressed her clit. Anne held her head as they kissed, then as they broke for air Anne whispered.

“Get on top of me, Becky.”

And in one swift, well-practised movement. Becky swung her leg over Anne and was soon laid on top of her with her head buried between my wife’s legs. I shifted position so that I could see Anne’s head, and I watched as she spread Becky’s thighs and stretched her tongue out and licked the tip along her wet slit. I could see my cum leaking from Becky’s pussy and Anne licked it up as it dripped out. Then she pressed her mouth against her lips and sucked the rest from her pussy.

I was hard again. This was the hottest thing that I’d seen her do. Never in my wildest dreams had I envisaged this, with a woman who was so beautiful. I looked on as Anne licked and lapped at Becky’s pussy and Becky ground herself down against Anne’s mouth.

I moved around so that I could see Becky with her lips firmly attached to my wife’s clit and pussy as she worked her lips around the hard clit and her fingers deep inside of her pussy. I didn’t know where to look. And the sounds that they both made were incredibly hot. I sat back down and watched from the side as they licked each other and were oblivious to my presence. I could see my wife bucking her hips up at Becky’s mouth as she neared her orgasm. And at the other end, Becky ground her pussy hard against Anne’s mouth.

Knowing how much my wife likes oral, it was no surprise when she came first. She pulled Becky’s head into her pussy with her legs and squeezed as she cried out and her body shook as she was hit by her orgasm. Not long after Becky experienced her second orgasm of the night as she too locked Anne’s head between her legs and her body stiffened then shook as she came hard.

Whilst they lay together recovering, I got up and brought some drinks up and the three of us sat on the bed and chatted. All I could talk about was seeing the pair of them have sex. Anne was delighted that I’d enjoyed it, as was Becky. In a lull, Becky looked at Anne, then me.

“Guys. This has been fantastic. And as Anne knows, I am incredibly jealous of the pair of you. I just wish that I had the sort of relationship with someone who would do what Paul has done for you, Anne.”

Anne thanked her and said that she agreed, she was incredibly lucky to have a husband who was so understanding and trusting. Becky looked like she wanted to say something, Anne asked her to just say what was on her mind.

“Okay. Here goes. If you ever want to do this again, I’m up for it. Also, if you would consider me for any roles in your little arrangement, then I’d be more than willing to join you all.”

I looked at Anne. We both knew that Brian would love her. But we hadn’t yet seen Sara in action. Anne knew what I was thinking. She told Becky that as far as we were concerned, she could join me and Anne at any time. But we would have to talk to Brian before agreeing to anything else.

We finished our drinks and she looked at Anne. I glanced at them both, they had a plan, and I soon found out what it was. Anne guided me onto my back and I soon learned what she had experienced when Brian and I first worked on her together.

I had Anne and Becky on either side of me and they kissed me and let their hands sweep all over my body. The sensation was amazing. I had lips on mine, kissing me as another pair nibbled on my nipples and hands seemed to be stroking my body everywhere. Then with Becky’s lips pressed onto mine, and our tongues battling inside of my mouth I moaned as I felt Anne’s lips slide over the tip of my cock and take the head into her mouth.

As Anne worked her mouth up and down my cock Becky kissed me passionately and her fingers pinched and tugged at my nipples. I had never felt anything like it before. I was so hard, so excited, my head was spinning. I felt Anne lift her mouth from my cock, I moaned in disappointment. Then I sensed her moving and I realised that she was straddling me. Then I felt the familiar sensation of her pussy as it slid down onto my cock. She was riding me. I groaned, this was too much and I felt her begin to slide up and down my cock as Becky continued to kiss me.

Then Becky pulled off and I watched as first, she knelt up and kissed Anne as she rode my cock. Then Becky herself knelt over me and faced Anne as she lowered her pussy onto my mouth. I moaned as I felt her pussy settle onto my mouth and I began to lick her clit and probe her with my tongue as she ground her pussy into my lips.

This was so intense that I almost couldn’t take it all in. This was the stuff of dreams, of fantasies. This sort of thing didn’t happen. But it was happening to me.

I came first, which wasn’t surprising and as I moaned into Becky’s wet pussy I shot my load up into Anne. It was such an intense orgasm that I felt light-headed but managed to stay in control as I pumped and pumped until I was empty. Becky came next as Anne slid up me and I knew that she was kissing Becky, I could also feel her fingers beside my lips as she helped me bring Becky to orgasm.

When Becky slipped off me I surveyed the scene. Anne was laid on her back, Becky beside her. I looked at Anne, I knew that she hadn’t come yet. So as the two women lay in each other’s arms I slipped between my wife’s legs and began to lick on her pussy and clit. It took less than a couple of minutes before she came, and came hard.

Finally, I slid up and lay beside them both. Beck and Anne hugged facing each other, and I slipped behind Anne and spooned her.

Becky stayed the night. And in the morning I got to fuck her again and watch her and Anne have one last orgasm together. When she left in a taxi I stood with Anne at the door and waved her off. I turned to Anne and hugged her.

“That was the best birthday gift ever honey. Thank you.”

She smiled.

“I don’t think that is the last we will see of her honey somehow.”

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