Dear Diary - My wife, my friend and me.

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New Beginnings

After a fantastic birthday present from Anne, and Becky. I looked forward to a great twenty-eighteen. We also had the possibility of another woman to discuss with Sara and Brian. And if for some reason they didn’t want her to join us, I felt sure that we would be seeing her again ourselves.

Diary Entry: Jan 2018 2nd entry: New Beginnings

The new year was two-weeks old when the weekend approached. And this was the weekend that we had decided would be our first official get-together as a foursome. We had planned to introduce Sara officially to our group with a straight-forward wife-swap. After discussions, we felt that for our first time together, we should just have an evening at home, something to eat, a few drinks, and then indulge in a little swapping, and see where it went from there.

As we prepared for the evening I could see that Anne was a little more excited than normal. She seemed to be taking a little extra care over her preparations. I even noticed that she’d trimmed her pubic hair a little thinner and smaller than usual. I guessed that she was trying to make allowances for the fact that Sara was shaved. Though whilst it was different to have sex with a woman who was shaved, she knew where my preferences lay. It wasn’t a competition, but I could sense that she was feeling a little anxious, it was natural that she might think that comparisons might be made, even though they wouldn’t be.

She and Sara had been in contact throughout the day and it seemed that Sara was feeling very nervous. As the time drew closer she too began to have fears. Not about going through with it, but like Anne, she was concerned about being compared. Even though, like me, Brian had tried his best to reassure her that neither of us would be making any comparison.

We had both pointed out to them that they weren’t the only ones feeling a little apprehensive and self-conscious. Guys, more than women, are conscious that the size of our manhood could be the source for comparison and judgement. And neither Brian nor I thought that either of our women would judge or compare us, so they should accept that we wouldn’t do it to them. Gradually their concerns diminished and they stopped worrying, at least on the outside.

Anne stood before me. She wore the blue dress that she’d worn on that first evening that the three of us spent together. She still looked stunning in it. I smiled and took her in my arms.

“Honey. I can’t believe how our life together has turned out. I honestly believed that when you agreed to my request for your birthday that it would be a one-time thing. But to see it turn into this was so amazing. And to watch you come alive as you have has been one of my greatest joys.”

We kissed.

“Paul. I can’t believe that I am doing this too. But honestly? It feels so right, so natural. Our best friends are our lovers. What could be better? I know that one day this will end. But for now, I want to enjoy every moment that we can all spend together. And after tonight, I am looking forward to some more role-plays. Imagine what another person could add to them?”

They arrived on time and we greeted them with a bottle of red wine. Anne had prepared some food, her special ‘fried chicken’ recipe with fries and various dips. She thought that the less formal ‘finger-food’ would make for a more relaxed start to the evening.

Soft music played in the background as we sat around chatting. We told each other about our family Christmases, and Sara and Brian told us about introducing each other to their own families. I wanted the evening to be memorable and not over in a flash, so I suggested that we play the drinking game that Anne had introduced us to, ‘never have I ever’. Sara had also seen the episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which had featured the game so knew the rules.

We all sat on the floor around the coffee table and I charged all of our glasses with wine, and using the empty bottle I spun it to see who started the game. It all started fairly tamely with few of us having to drink at the weird suggestions. Then with Anne’s next turn she lifted her glass and looked around the table.

“Never have I ever, given, or received a blow-job whilst driving.”

Having never done that, Anne and I looked and saw both Brian and Sara raise their glasses and drink. Anne giggled and asked Sara if it was with her husband and was surprised when she said not.

“Okay, then who was it?”

She giggled and glanced to her right at Brian. He held his hands up.


Anne and I laughed and we asked for details.

He told us that it happened when they drove back from his daughter’s at Christmas.

“The weekend had gone so well. We were driving down the motorway, it was dark, and she had a bit to drink and began to tease me as we drove. I called her bluff and eased my seat back a bit, and well, she did it.”

I smiled, he even looked proud.

It was my turn next. I glanced around the table.

“Never have I ever had sex whilst in the same room as my parents.”

I watched as Brian and Sara looked on in surprise as both Anne and I raised our glasses and drank. I explained that when we were courting we went to her aunt’s wedding anniversary party and had to share a room with her parents. We couldn’t afford our own, but even if we could, her strict Catholic father wouldn’t have let us be alone in a room all night. I went to the bathroom during the night and was surprised when Anne had followed me.

“I told her that if we got caught then it would surely be the end of us. Her father would see to that. She said, ‘don’t get caught then!’”

Anne giggled, the wine was beginning to take effect. Sara asked what happened, Anne stepped in.

“He bent me over the sink and fucked me. I had to bunch my nightie into my mouth to stop me making a noise.”

Brian raised his glass to me, “kudos my friend!”

Brian’s question was left without a response, and then it was Sara’s turn. She glanced at Anne.

“Never have I ever had sex, or performed a sexual act on a member of the same sex.”

She immediately raised her glass and drank, as did Anne. But the look on her face was priceless when Brian and I slowly raised our glasses and drank. She was open-mouthed as she stared at Brian.

“What? When? Who?” She asked. The words almost merged into one as she tried to get them all out at once.

Brian explained that it happened during our ‘truth or dare’ session. And as he described how we had masturbated each other, under Anne’s guidance I could see that behind her eyes, her mind was working overtime. I felt that this wouldn’t be the last time that we would be visiting this topic.

We were warmed up now and after the second glass of wine and a few more revelations, I decided that we needed to move things on. We got up off the floor and I took Sara in my arms and pulled her close to me and we began to dance. Brian and Anne joined us on the floor. I felt Sara press her body against mine as her hand slipped around my neck and her fingers locked together. She lifted her face to me, I looked at her.

Her wavy red hair was loose and her big green eyes sparkled like emeralds. She stared into my eyes as we danced. I lowered my face towards her, she raised hers and we kissed. I felt my cock harden as we swayed together, she raised her eyebrows.

“I hope that’s that for me?”

I nodded and lowered my head and pressed my lips gently against hers again. She moaned softly as she parted her lips and my tongue slipped into her mouth. My hand slipped down her back and cupped her soft bum cheeks, pulling her onto my bulge. I felt her grind herself against it. I opened my eyes and saw that Brian and Anne were also locked in an embrace. We danced a little longer, then I took her hand.

“Come, it’s time.”

Brian noticed us and broke from Anne and took her hand.

“Come on Anne. I want to see this.”

In our bedroom, I pulled Sara to me and we kissed once again, as Brian and Anne took their places on the single bed, brought into the room especially for this night. The cameras were rolling as I let my hands wander all over her back. She held onto my neck tightly as our tongues danced around in her mouth. I slowly unzipped her dress and pulled the straps over her shoulders and down her arms, and as I slid it over her hips she wriggled and helped it slide down her thighs and onto the floor. She stepped out of it and I pulled her close to me. She wore a matching black set of bra and knickers and black-sheer hold-up stockings. I moaned as her hand dropped and pressed into my crotch, I was so hard.

With our lips locked together, her fingers began to unbutton my shirt. As she did I cupped her breasts in my hands and teased them over her bra. She slid my shirt from my shoulders and it dropped to the floor. Then her fingers started to undo my pants, and I felt her unzip me. She dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down over my thighs and onto the floor. I stepped out of them, and she knelt with her face inches from my bulge. She licked her lips and looked up at me. Then with her eyes locked onto mine, she hooked her fingers into my boxers and slowly slid them down.

My hard cock sprang free and slapped her cheek as it popped out of my shorts. She giggled and then wrapped her fingers around the shaft and gently massaged it. I let out a moan as her fingers traced along the length of my cock. She stood and looked into my eyes.

“Nice cock Paul.”

I grinned and reached behind and unhooked her bra. It quickly fell onto the floor to join her dress, and I gazed upon a perfect pair of firm breasts. Her almost pink nipples topped her huge brown areolae and were so hard. I let my fingers trace around them before gently caressing them. She moaned softly as her fingers maintained a hold on my cock, which she slowly stroked.

I guided her backwards, and as her legs hit the bed she lay down and I lay beside her. I leaned over and kissed her as my fingers toyed and teased her breasts. Then I lowered my mouth and took one of her nipples into my lips and began to nibble it and gently roll it between them.

I could feel her breathing begin to quicken and her body slowly writhed underneath me. I made my way slowly down her body, planting soft, gentle kisses on her soft milky-white flesh as I progressed towards her knickers. I pressed my lips against her pussy and kissed it through the sheer black knickers, she gasped. I knelt at her feet and slowly peeled her knickers down and off her legs. I looked up and stared at her smooth pussy and her swollen lips, topped by her erect clit which was hard and exposed. I parted her legs and slid between them. Crawling up, I began to kiss her legs as I made my way up towards her pussy.

She grabbed my hair and pulled hard as I clamped my lips over her pussy and my tongue pushed between her wet lips and inside her. She ground herself against my mouth as my lips pressed onto her clit and began to nibble and tug at it.

“Oh fuck! Yes!” She cried.

She began to hump up at my mouth as I worked my lips over her clit and reached under her and let my fingers slide across her tight bum-hole. She cried out and lifted her bum from the bed as I pressed my finger against the tight hole as my lips pressed onto and rolled her clit into my mouth.

“Oh fuck Paul. What are you doing to me?” She gasped.

Her fingers tore at my hair and pulled my mouth hard against her pussy. She shifted her legs and wrapped her feet around my back and gripped my head tight between her thighs as she humped at my mouth. She was fucking my mouth!

I held onto her as she humped up at my mouth. My lips remained pressed onto her clit and as she humped my finger slipped into her bum up to my first knuckle.

That was too much for her and she screamed out and clamped her thighs hard against my head and squeezed tight as she squealed and came hard. Her whole body shook and her legs almost locked in place as she gripped me so tight that I thought I might struggle to breathe.

Unseen by me, Anne and Brian were transfixed by the strength of Sara’s orgasm, they both stared at her as her bum came off the bed, and with it my head. She arched her back and cried out before she flopped down onto the bed, panting and gasping for air.

As her orgasm began to subside, she slowly released the pressure on my head and I managed to gasp in a lung-full of air as her legs slowly parted. I lay between them for a while as I recovered and I stared into her wet, gaping pussy, which still twitched as her orgasm slowly left her.

I slid up and lay on her and kissed her. She probed my mouth with her tongue and moaned loudly.

“Oh, Paul. That was awesome. Your finger! Jeez, that pushed me over the edge.”

I grinned and kissed her.

“Are you ready now?”

She nodded and bit her lip.

“Make it hard, will you?”

I nodded.

“Anything to please you,” I whispered.

I shifted to her feet. Then I spread her legs and knelt between them. I looked deep into her eyes.

“You ready to be fucked hard, Sara.”

She smiled at me.

“Fuck yeah Paul.”

I took her feet and lifted them and placed them over my shoulders as she shuffled along the bed and presented her pussy to my cock. I reached down and stroked my shaft and then lined the tip of my cock up with her opening. I looked into her eyes, and staring at each other, I leaned over her and pushed forward, hard and fast as I slammed my hard cock into her pussy.

She cried out and gasped as I filled her in one quick movement and she lifted her legs as high as she could. I leaned over her and supported myself on both hands and I began to fuck her.

I pounded her pussy hard. I was sure that we’d have gentler sex in future, but for now, at this time, I was going to fuck her as hard as I possibly could. Every thrust elicited a cry of pleasure from her, she moaned, cried, and squealed every time that I plunged my cock deep into her. There were times as I fucked her that I thought that I might tear my foreskin, I had heard of the ’torn banjo string’, and I was fucking her so hard that I thought that it was a real possibility. Some of my thrusts were causing me pain, but I didn’t care. I kept pounding her pussy and she kept urging me on.

This was never going to last long, and sure enough, it didn’t. I didn’t. And I felt it coming and I kept thrusting, she could feel it too and look into my eyes.

“Yes, Paul. Fill me. Give me your spunk!”

A few thrusts later and I pushed deep and held still as my cock spurted a huge jet of cum deep into her pussy. I lay on her as my cock jerked inside of her and I could feel it spurting jet after jet of cum into her. She slowly lowered her legs and wrapped them around my thighs and held me there until I had finished jerking inside of her. She reached up and stroked my face, her fingers traced around my lips.

“Hmm, thank you, Paul. That was some fuck!”

I rolled from her and lay on my back beside her and she cuddled into my side as we looked towards Brian and Anne.

They were both now only wearing their underwear, and both stared at us with huge smiles on their faces.

“Well, honey. How was it?” He asked Sara.

She moaned softly and hugged me.

“It was perfect. It was hard, and it was just what I wanted.”

Anne stared at me. No words were exchanged, she knew that I had enjoyed it, and I knew that was what she wanted. We exchanged smiles. I moaned.

“Okay, Sara. Time to switch places. It’s our turn to watch now.”

We lay on the bed and watched as Brian and Anne slowly undressed each other and then, unlike Sara and I, they began to make gentle love to each other. We watched as Brian and Anne got themselves into a classic sixty-nine position and gave us the perfect side-on view of them performing their act on each other. My focus was on Brian and his attention to Anne’s pussy, whilst Sara couldn’t take her eyes off Anne and stared as her friend licked and sucked her boyfriends hard, and large cock.

I wondered if they would both come like this but they stopped. It must have been difficult for them because I could tell that Anne, for one, was very close to coming, but I knew that she would want Brian to come inside of her.

Sara stared as Anne knelt up and pushed Brian onto his back. I smiled, ‘she was going to ride him!’ And I was right. He stared up at her as she slid across his legs and straddled them. Then she lifted herself and shuffled forward until she crouched over his cock, and her pussy lips parted to reveal her wet slit to him.

With one hand on his chest to steady herself, she guided his cock towards her pussy. When she felt it in place she looked down at him and holding his shaft, she slowly let her body slide down and sit on him. His cock stretched her and slid into her causing her to moan loudly as he filled her up. She moaned and sat up. She smiled at him and started to rock her hips to and fro as she began to slowly fuck him. She leaned forward and placed both hands on his chest as she began to lift herself, sliding her pussy along his shaft before gently dropping down onto him as she began to make love to him.

She kept up a nice, steady pace. All of the time they looked into each other’s eyes, for them, they were the only two people in the room. It was beautiful to see, and I had seen this many times before, but this was Sara’s first experience and I wondered how she felt, seeing her boyfriend making love to her best friend. This wasn’t the lust-driven, hard sex, that we had just done. This was love-making, between two people who cared about each other.

Both Sara and I watched in silence as Anne slowly bounced up and down on his cock. As we lay there, she in front of me, both stretched out on the single bed I noticed that her hand was between her legs. She was rubbing herself as she watched her boyfriend make love to my wife. I held her as we watched Anne bounce a little harder and faster as she became more and more aroused. Eventually, she was bouncing down much harder, as she tried to bring herself to orgasm.

Anne moaned with each thrust, crying out as she fell onto his hard cock as it stretched her every time she let herself fall onto it. Suddenly she threw her head back and cried out as her orgasm swept over her. Her mouth flew open and she moaned long and low as her body trembled and her pussy spasmed around Brian’s cock which was deep inside of her.

As her orgasm began to pass she fell forward and onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and held her as he began to hump up at her and fuck her hard as she lay on him with his cock buried deep inside of her. She cried out and grunted every time he thrust into her, and soon he was thrusting a little more erratically as he neared his orgasm.

When he came he too cried out, he thrust hard and lifted her off the bed as his cum shot from the end of his cock and spurted deep into her pussy. She lay, impaled on his cock as he filled her.

They lay together. Her limp body spread across his chest as his cock twitched inside of her and poured his cum deep into her pussy. When he was done he held her and kissed her. She let out a soft moan of satisfaction then slid from his cock and laid beside him.

I hugged Sara who had not taken her eyes from them both.

“Oh, Brian. That was beautiful. And Anne. I love you so much.”

Sara and I joined them on the bed and we discussed what we had just done.

As we sat talking Sara asked what would normally happen next. I said that after a rest, Brian and I would normally fuck Anne together. Anne chipped in.

“But as I’ve already had that pleasure, I think that I should sit it out, and you and Brian should both fuck Sara.”

Sara looked at Anne and asked her if she was sure. Anne told her that it was the best thing to do. And she made her way over to the bed to watch us. Brian grinned as Sara climbed onto the bed and I followed her.

Brian shuffled across and Sara lay down on the bed. I lay beside her and I faced her and Brian. I watched as Brian leaned over and kissed her and she moaned softly as his hands came up and she let her fingers stroked through his hair. I leaned over and gently let my tongue flick across her breast before taking the nipple into my lips and softly nibbling on it.

The sensation of having a pair of lips on her breast as she was being kissed was new to her and she responded with a more intense moan as she wriggled her body and one of her hands left Brian and began to stroke through my hair.

Realising what I’d done, Brian shifted his attention to her other breast and soon we were both suckling on her breasts, this intensified her pleasure and her fingers grazed through our hair and began to tug at it. She moaned louder than before and her legs opened and closed as she writhed on the bed.

Brian slid down her body as I replaced his lips with my fingers as I licked and teased both of her nipples. She gasped as Brian slipped between her legs and began to lick and suck on her clit and pussy. She was in heaven now as we both worked on her and she moaned and cried. Her hips lifted off the bed as she ground her pussy into Brian’s mouth and she pulled my head, pressing my mouth harder onto her breasts. Suddenly her fingers pulled at my hair as she gripped Brian’s head between her thighs and she screamed out as her orgasm tore through her body. She shook and trembled as she was overwhelmed by an intense orgasm.

She panted and gasped as her orgasm ripped through her and slowly began to subside. A series of soft moans and whimpers signalled that her orgasm was passing. She slowly released Brian’s head and her fingers relaxed their grip on my hair. I lifted my mouth from her breast and she pulled my lips onto hers and kissed me hard. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and played with mine.

“Oh god. That was intense! So amazing! I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

I smiled at her as I sat up and shifted position and sat against the headboard. Brian instructed her and she got into position, she knelt on all-fours and faced me. My hard cock, already dripping pre-cum pointed straight at her. She smiled as she stroked her fingers along the hard shaft as Brian knelt behind her and parted her legs.

As she lowered her lips over my cock and closed them around the shaft, Brian pressed forward and his cock stretched her as it slipped into her pussy and he pushed her onto my cock. Her eyes bulged as she gagged on my cock as he began to thrust deep into her and he started to fuck her.

She slid her mouth up and down my cock as he fucked her. It was an amazing sensation as she sucked me and I watched as Brian slammed his cock in and out of her pussy. We’d done this with Anne, and it was just as exciting as it was with her. And I know that Brian got the same kick that I did when we first did this, seeing his woman being taken by the two of us at the same time.

I was so turned on that I knew that I wouldn’t last too long. I grabbed her head and held it and began to jerk my hips up at her. She lifted her eyes and looked at me as she continued to work her mouth along my shaft and used her tongue to tease the tip and slit. I gasped and cried out as I jerked up and began to shoot my cum into her mouth. I held her head in place as my cock twitched and deposited spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth, which she swallowed in full.

I lay back, exhausted as my cock began to soften and she lay her head on my crotch as Brian began to pound her pussy. He slammed in and out of her. Her head rocked to and fro on my crotch as he fucked her and then he groaned and threw his head back and slammed forward once more then he shot his cum deep into her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt his cum flood into her. He lay across her back and let his cock empty his seed deep into her.

The three of us laid there, panting and breathing heavily. Finally, Brian slipped out of her and sat on the bed as she rolled onto her side and lay beside me. Ann joined us on the bed and stroked Sara’s head.

“Wow guys, that was amazing. How was it for you, Sara?”

Sara opened her eyes, she looked drowsy.

“It was fantastic Anne. I couldn’t have imagined such pleasure. Thank you, guys. Thank you, Anne.”

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