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Five Play Intruder - Part One

So Sara was in and were now four. Her introduction had gone so much better than any of us could have wished for and we all looked forward to the next time that we all got together. When we told them about Becky and my birthday present they were both at first surprised by what Anne had done. But when they heard how well it had gone, and that she was interested in joining the now four of us they became more interested.
To help them make their decision we decide to let them see the recorded footage of my birthday to help them make up their minds.

Mar 2018
It was coming up to the anniversary of our first time with Brian, and Anne’s fifty-first birthday. We had invited Brian and Sara to our house for dinner. We also planned to show them the footage from my birthday night and to discuss our plans for celebrating Anne’s next birthday, and the anniversary of the formation of our little group.
We had a lovely dinner. Brian loved Anne’s food, and whilst Sara could cook, she would admit, that she couldn’t hold a candle to Anne. After dinner, we all settled down in the lounge as I put on the recording of my birthday. We’d hardly started when Brian spoke up.
“Is that her? She’s stunning.”
I smiled, my sentiments exactly. I looked at them, Sara had rolled her eyes, but not said anything. I nodded.
“What do you think Sara?”
She looked across to me.
“What can I think? She is gorgeous, and she’s so young.”
I smiled. “Wait until you see her body guys.”
They didn’t have long to wait, and when a naked Becky appeared on the screen I heard Brian gasp.
We watched the movie up until the three of us finished and I had made Anne come as she lay in Becky’s arms. I got up and turned off the player. I looked at them.
“Well. What do you think?”
Brian nodded.
“Well. She stunning, as I’ve said, and no doubt pay for later.”
Sara playfully dug him in the ribs.
“But I have to say. She does love sex. And, guys, that last scene. You Anne, and Becky making out as you rode Paul and she ground on his mouth. Brilliant, we will have to steal that!”
Sara was also impressed and quizzed Anne about what it was like with her. Anne loved the experience, and I sensed that it was something that Sara wanted to try for herself. I stood and clapped my hands.
“Okay, guys. Here’s the thing. She wants to join us now and again. What do you think?”
It didn’t take long, all heads nodded. She was in. Next. I turned our attention to the big one, our anniversary play. I told them that I wanted it to be special, and if we could, to involve Becky.
I let them throw about ideas, we talked mostly about repeating something we’d done. Again I stopped them.
“Okay. I think that we are all on the same page here. I have thought about this and I have an idea.”
They listened as I explained it to them.
“Okay. We’ve done this before. The intruder.”
Anne immediately got excited, as did Sara, she had seen the recording and thought it was amazing. I carried on.
“This time we bring in Becky. Brian, you and Anne are playing brother and sister. Sara is your partner Brian, and Becky is Anne’s step-daughter.”
I could see that I had them all hooked.
“Brian played the intruder last time, so this time I will play him.”
It didn’t take too much longer before we had full agreement, and the roles were decided.
The next decision was that we all had to meet Becky and pitch it to her, then, we would have to work out a script and plan for the play. I knew in my head how it would work, and thought that I would only have to brief Becky about the start, as long as she agreed.
We decided that we would wait until Anne’s birthday before we got together again and to use the weeks until then to get to know Becky. I made the call to Becky that night and she was totally in agreement, and we arranged to meet up in the middle of the following week for a drink in the wine-bar where Anne and I first met her.
As we chatted Brian and Sara were interested in the website where Anne had met her. So we spent the next couple of hours checking it out. I knew about the site, and Anne had explained how she had trawled the internet until she found this site amongst so many. Unlike the many free sites out there this one required a membership, which she had been happy to pay to find me my perfect birthday present. We had a good look around the site and I could see the cogs in their heads all working as I could see that they were all thinking about how we could use this site for our little group.

On Wednesday Anne and I got to the wine-bar early and were sat at a table when Becky walked in. She still took my breath away when I saw her, but as she got closer I could see that her cheek was a little swollen. I glanced at Anne and I could tell that she had noticed too. We greeted each other and as Anne and her chatted, I went to the bar to get her drink. When I returned with her drink she was sat beside Anne and she had her arm around the young woman. I sat down and Anne started to tell me the reason behind her face.
“She’s being hassled, Paul. Some young guy won’t take no for an answer.”
Becky explained that she went out on a date with him a few weeks ago and it was a disaster, but he wouldn’t let up and she even had to change her mobile number because of him. Anne hugged her.
“Well you can relax, you’re safe with us.”
She started to tell her about Brian and Sara as they chatted I saw them walk in and waved them over. I got up to meet them and pulled Brian to one side as Sara walked over to join them. I told him about her face and the guy who’s been hassling her.
“You mean he’s hit her?”
I shrugged.
“She hasn’t said. But she said he confronted her at lunchtime and he won’t leave her alone.”
When we got to the table with drinks the three women were chatting away. Brian hugged her and we all sat down and she told Brian and Sara about her life so far. As they talked I felt that we were all getting along well. Brian liked how she looked, and Sara certainly was also very relaxed around her.
We’d been there about an hour when I noticed her tense up and keep her head low. Anne and Sara both noticed and asked her what was wrong. I watched as they whispered, then Anne leaned over to me.
“That guy who’s been hassling her has just walked in.”
I looked around, the place was filling up. I turned back and asked where he was. Anne told me where he was, and that he wore a pale-blue bomber jacket. Brian and I scanned the bar and I saw him. I nudged Brian.
“Come on dad.”
He looked at me, “Dad?”
I nodded. “Yeah. You’re more intimidating than me.”
We got up and walked over to the guy who had positioned himself next to a pillar where he could see out table. We approached him and stood either side of him. He looked at us and asked us what we wanted. Brian pulled himself to his full height and looked down on him.
“What I want is for you to leave my daughter alone.”
He looked at us both, then at the table.
“Your daughter?”
Brian stood closer to him and leaned closer, his face almost touching the guy’s face.
“Listen. If I hear of you getting within fifty feet of her again you will have difficulty walking, and as for having kids? You’ll need a dick transplant. Now. You can either leave quietly and never bother her again. Or we go outside and I make you leave.”
The young man looked over to Becky, who had her head down. I decided to wade in.
“And if you even think about laying your hands on another woman again, and we hear about it. You had better leave town before my friends find you. Because trust me, we know some bad, bad people.”
The lad had one more look at Becky then put his drink down then turned and left.

We returned to the table and looked down at the three women.
“Problem solved Becky. You won’t hear from or see him again.”
She looked up and the tension immediately left her face. We sat down and resumed our conversation.
We enjoyed a lovely evening, and when we came to leave we waited with her until she got into a taxi. She hugged Anne and Sara, and then Brian and me, be both told her that if she had any more problems to call either of us, she had our numbers now. Then she left. As I rode home in a taxi with Anne she told me that she had invited everyone, including Becky to dinner on Saturday, she looked at me.
“Just dinner. No sex. I thought that we might watch the video of the first intruder role-play to give her a taste of what we want. But I told her, and Sara, no sex. The first time should be in the play, it will make it more special.”

Saturday arrived and Anne fussed about, as always, making sure that everything was just perfect. I tried to calm her down, but I knew how she was, and I had learned that the best thing was to just let her do it her way.
Becky arrived first and seemed to be quite relaxed as she stood with Anne in the kitchen as she put the final touches to her finger-food dinner for the evening. I wandered in and asked her if she had heard anything further from her stalker.
“No, I haven’t. Thanks to you and Brian. I owe you both big time.”
I put my hand on her shoulder.
“You owe us nothing. We did what anyone would have done. So now, forget about him and enjoy yourself tonight. I hope that you enjoy the videos and agree to join us in our celebration of Anne’s birthday soon.”
When Brian and Sara arrived we all sat down in the lounge and chatted as we ate our food that was served on the coffee table and chatted a little more about Becky’s experience since she realised her appetite for sex which had reared its head in her late teens.
When we had eaten Anne made sure that everyone had their glasses filled and she sat on the sofa with Becky as I set up the video of our ‘intruder’ role-play. I dimmed the lights and settled beside Anne as the opening images appeared on the screen. We all watched in relative silence as the scene played itself out.
Becky seemed interested in the movie, she jumped, as Anne and Sara both had when Brian smashed me with the foam bat. I glanced across as the sex scenes unfolded and could see that she was aroused. Her nipples almost broke through her thin top. When it ended we all looked at her.
She had a big smile on her face.
“That was amazing guys. Wow. I hadn’t imagined that it would look so good. You guys are great at this.”
Anne smiled and told her that they had also recorded Sara’s first play with us. I explained that our first time with Sara had been a straight swap, not a role-play. Becky asked if we had recorded it. I told her that we recorded everything, and she asked to see it.
I put it on and we settled down and first watched me and Sara have sex, then Brian and Anne. I noticed that Becky leaned in and whispered something to Anne as we watched her and Brian fuck. But her eyes hardly left the screen when she watched me and Brian double-team Sara as Anne looked on. When it was done she turned to Sara.
“That looked awesome Sara. How did it feel?”
Sara grinned.
“It was fantastic Becky. Not something that I had ever imagined possible until I got in with these guys.”
I nudged Anne and asked her what Becky had whispered to her. She smiled and looked at Becky.
“She said that Sara is a lucky woman. Brian’s cock looked to be the biggest that she had seen. And she hoped that she’d get to experience it.”
Becky blushed as Anne told us.
We spent the next few minutes chatting about the videos that we’d watched and the conversation turned to my wife’s birthday celebrations. I outlined the role that I thought we could play.
“Becky. I’d like you to play Anne’s step-daughter. Her husband is working away, and your aunt and uncle, Anne’s brother, are staying over. I will play the intruder and, well, you saw the video. We will play it out something like that.”
She looked to be very interested as I explained that she and I would sort out the beginning and that I would give her only a brief outline of the plot so that she was as much in the dark as Anne, Sara and Brian. It didn’t take her long to agree to be part of it, and Brian and Sara didn’t have to think too hard about agreeing to let her join us.
I poured everyone another drink and we settled down to watch yet another movie, the ‘indecent proposal’ play which she found as emotional as Sara had.
“That was beautiful Anne.”
Anne smiled and told her that it wasn’t all pure sex,
“Sometimes we like to take it slow.”
It was getting late, and under normal circumstances, this little gathering might well have ended with an orgy, but Anne had insisted that we were going to take it slow and get to know Becky a lot more before our anniversary role-play. Becky had also taken a measure of control and had booked herself a taxi and it duly arrived at eleven. We said our goodbyes and watched her leave, then the four of us sat down and discussed her.
Both Brian and Sara liked her a lot, and with both Anne and myself on board, we all agreed that she would make a welcome addition to our little group for special occasions. And we all thought that having her play Anne’s step-daughter would add a huge touch of realism due to her age. We talked about what sort of props would be needed and I asked for any requests that anyone might like to be considered for inclusion.

We all met up for drinks during the following week and we informed Becky that we had all agreed that she would be joining us for our anniversary play, and, if she wanted, we would invite her to come along now and again to join us. She was delighted with that and genuinely looked happy. We enjoyed a nice evening. We ended up in a pub in town and as Brian and I played a few games of pool, the three ladies sat and chatted, and attracted the attention of many of the males in the bar. Both Brian and I knew that our ladies would be getting their share of looks, but we both knew that the vast majority of guys would be staring at Becky, who looked as gorgeous as she ever had. And she was relatively simply dressed in a pair of figure-hugging jeans and a designer t-shirt, but she looked stunning in them.
That weekend Anne and I were invited to have dinner with Brian and Sara at Brian’s house. Brian had entertained us many times before, but this was the first time that we’d been there since Sara had moved in.
When we arrived we noticed a change in Sara. She was nervous. Anne tried to relax her, telling her that we’d been here so many times, and it was only us after all, but she wanted everything to be just right.
The food was good. We had a chicken curry and it was very nice, not as spicy as I usually liked, but it was perfect for Anne, and she asked Sara for the recipe. We had a lovely evening and we sat in the lounge after the meal and chatted. It was lovely and relaxing, and soon the conversation turned around to sex. Brian leaned forward.
“Guys. We’ve been thinking, and please, don’t be offended, as we won’t be if you say no. But would it be possible to occasionally have a role-play here?”
I glanced at Anne. We had always done it at our place. It was, after all, started because I wanted to see Anne with him, but I had no real objections, but in fairness, things had moved on somewhat. I asked him what had brought it on.
He explained that it wasn’t anything drastic, just that he wondered if a change of venue might change the atmosphere. He also pointed out that he had a very secluded garden, that might lend itself to some outdoor scenes. But basically, it was just an idea.
“After all, a room is a room, and a bed, a bed. But I thought I’d ask guys.”
Anne smiled.
“It’s fine Brian. I know we started it at ours, with just the three of us, but now we have moved on, and to be fair, we are now two couples, so we should perhaps change venues now and again.”
As we chatted I noticed that Sara was stroking her fingers lightly across Brian’s thigh and crotch. I saw him flinch and she giggled.
“I think my man is feeling frisky Anne, how about yours?”
Anne responded by sliding her hand over my crotch and she squeezed my growing bulge. She nodded to Sara.
“Oh yes. He’s getting there.”
I looked at Brian.
“I think they are trying to tell us, something mate.”
Sara smiled at Anne.
“Wanna swap Anne?”
Anne looked at me, then at Brian. I patted her arm.
“You know you want to hun, just say it.”
She smiled at me and leaned down and kissed me.
“I love you so much, Paul.”
She turned back and nodded at Sara. “Okay, let’s do it.”

We all stood, and I took Sara into the main bedroom while Brian led Anne into one of the spare rooms.
Brian closed the door behind them and walked towards Anne.
“Oh, Anne. I’m so happy right now. But is it wrong that all I can think about is you? I do love Sara, I do. And that is such a shock, as I never thought that I’d ever love like this again. But you? Well, it’s different with you. I love you is such a different way.”
She smiled and pressed her body against his and kissed him.
“Don’t say like a sister, that would be weird.”
He smiled and stroked his fingers across her face and softly kissed her.
“You know what I mean. And yes, ‘like a sister’ is a good analogy. But a sister who I love to have sex with.”
She stopped him talking by kissing him again and he began to unzip her dress.
When they were both naked he laid her down onto the bed and lay beside her as they kissed and his hands explored her body. As his fingers caressed over her nipples and his tongue dated in and out of her mouth, her hand slipped between them and her fingers curled around his hard, fat cock and stroked it slowly.
They both moaned aloud as they gave each other pleasure. Meanwhile, the sounds of sex in the adjoining room could be heard through the walls and their eyes caught each other.
“Sara seems to be enjoying herself, Brian.”
He smiled.
“We both are.”
Anne looked into his eyes.
“I want it hard Brian.”
He stared at her, and for a few seconds, they were silent. Then he kissed her and whispered into her ear.
“How hard?”
She smiled and bit her lower lip.
“That’s up to you. Sir”
He stared at her.
“Are you sure Anne?”
She nodded. “Please.”
He glanced around as if looking for something then smiled at her.
“Get on your front!” He demanded.
She hesitated, she hadn’t expected that.
He leaned down into her face.
“What do you say?”
She stared then it hit her.
“Yes, Sir.”
She turned onto her front as he got up and left the room. He walked next door and pushed the door open, he stared for a moment at Paul and Sara who were fucking hard on his bed, then walked over to his drawers.
“Don’t mind me guys, I’m just getting something.”
And as he fished around inside of the top drawer he glanced across at them, they hadn’t missed a beat.
“Looking good mate.”
He found what he was looking for and left the room, closing the door behind him.
He walked back into the room and Anne had turned onto her side, she had wondered where he had gone.
“Who told you that you could move?”
She was surprised, but lay back down on her front and apologised.
“Sorry, Sir.”
He knelt across the backs of her legs as she lay face down. She was panting already as he pulled her hands behind her back and he slid the first handcuff onto her wrist, then the other and locked them, not too tightly. She struggled a little as he leaned over her and whispered into her ear.
“Is this what you meant?”
She moaned her response, which he took as a yes.
He stared down at her bum cheeks and in an instant slapped one. The room filled with the noise of his hand on her bare flesh, she yelped.
It had surprised her. He slapped her again, and she yelped again.
“So, you’ve been a bad girl then? You need to be punished?”
She nodded and mumbled into the pillow.
“Yes, sir.”
He slapped her again and watched as the flesh on her bum wriggled a little after each slap. He was careful not to hit her too hard, just enough to elicit a moan of pleasure from her.
He got off her legs and grabbed her hips and lifted her to her knees. Her head was still stuck against the pillow as she now knelt with her bum sticking up in the air and her hands held behind her back by the handcuffs. He moved behind her and spread her legs a little. He reached under her and slid his fingers along her pussy. His finger slid between her lips and he could feel her juices already, she was very aroused.
“Hmm. You are a dirty girl too. Look how wet you are.” He snarled at her.
All she could do in response was moan. Her whole body was tingling, this was better than she could have hoped for. Suddenly she gasped and cried out as he plunged his finger hard and deep into her pussy.
She moaned and buried her head into the pillow.
“You like that don’t you?”
She moaned her approval as she wriggled her hips against his hand. Her moans increased as he worked his finger in and out of her pussy. He looked down and his cock was dripping pre-cum, he knew that he might come, without even fucking her, he was that turned on. He removed his finger and manoeuvred himself so that he knelt between her legs and his cock was in his hand.
With his left hand, he spread her lips and he directed his thick, bulbous head towards her waiting pussy. As he located the head inside her opening he grabbed both of her hips and without pausing he thrust forward hard and fast and plunged his cock deep into her. She screamed out in pleasure as he stretched her pussy and filled her as he lay on her back and grunted. Then he lifted himself and held onto her hips as he fucked her hard and fast.
She couldn’t believe how turned on she was, it was so different from their normal sex and different to anything she and Paul had done together. Not better, but different.
She pressed her face into the pillow as he slammed his cock hard into her. She struggled against the cuffs, which only seemed to intensify the pleasure and she cried out more. He kept thrusting into her as he held onto her hips. He knew that his cock was hitting her cervix as his body slammed against hers and the sounds of skin on skin joined her moans and cries, and his grunts.
He knew that his orgasm wasn’t far off. He leaned over her as he pounded into her and she cried out for more. He reached under her and his hands cupped her breasts, then he gently squeezed them as he slammed in and out of her. She moaned as his fingers toyed and teased her nipples. Then she screamed as he took each nipple between his finger and thumb and pinched them. That was it, that did it and she screamed out and he felt her body shake and her pussy walls clenched and unclenched around his shaft as she had a huge orgasm.
The sensation of her pussy almost milking his cock was too much and he felt the familiar sensations of his orgasm and thrust hard one last time and cried out himself as he began to pump his cum deep into her pussy. He almost collapsed onto her back as his cock twitched and jerked inside of her as he spurted jets of cum into her. He kept the pressure on her nipples as her orgasm slowly began to subside and then pass.
He let go of her nipples as his cock finally stopped jerking inside of her and he was spent. He pulled himself off her back and slowly withdrew his cock from her pussy. He looked down as a string of cum stretched from her pussy lips to the tip of his cock as he pulled out until it broke. As he gazed at her, he saw the first drop of his cum slip from her and fall onto the duvet.
He moved to her side and gazed into her eyes as she lay with her head on its side.
He smiled at her and stroked his fingers across her face.
“Was that hard enough for you Anne?”
She was still breathing hard and struggling to talk. He reached up and pressed the release button on one of the cuffs and her hands fell forward and she rolled onto her side and faced him.
“That, was awesome Brian. I’ve never done anything like that before. It was fantastic.”
He kissed her softly.
“Why not?”
She frowned.
“Honestly? I’ve never dared to ask him.”
He smiled at her as he took her in his arms.
“Ask him, Anne. He’ll love it.”
They cuddled and were soon asleep.

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