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Five Play Intruder - Part Two

So Becky was going to join us for our celebratory role-play. Before the evening she and I had to get together so that I could give her an idea on how the play would start, as she would be the first person that I would ‘wake-up’ on the night. We met up for a coffee in town, and she listened as I outlined how it would start, and what I wanted from her. I only took her up to the time that I would wake her up. After that, I told her that we’d expect her to improvise. She pleaded for more information.
“Becky. You will know as much as the others. It will make it more realistic for you all, so no, that’s all the information that you get.”
I had decided on some subtle changes to our roles. I was still playing the ‘intruder’ but I had changed Anne’s role to that of Becky’s mother, and Brian would be playing Anne’s husband and Becky’s father. Sara would be playing Brian’s sister who’s husband was working away.
The night arrived and there was an increased level of excitement in the house when we all met up for some pizza and a few drinks. Becky looked stunning when she arrived, and as I hugged her I felt her tremble.
“You nervous Becky?” I asked.
She nodded, and I reassured her that it would be fine, and told her to relax, and she would enjoy it more. The pizza arrived but no-one seemed to be that hungry, and we all just picked at them. Eventually, I announced that it was time, and we all went upstairs to prepare.
As the others got changed and took their places, I returned to the lounge, where I’d left everything that I’d need. Anne had bought me a rubber knife, and as I picked it up I had to admit that it looked quite intimidating. I slipped on the ski mask for the start of the play. Meanwhile, upstairs, Becky went into the spare room to change and slipped into bed.
Anne and Brian quickly undressed, Brian was given pyjama bottoms that he would never wear, and Anne wore a long nightdress, something like her mother might wear. In the other spare bedroom, Sara slipped into bed wearing an equally unfashionable nightdress. The scene was set.
The agreed signal was that when I turned off all the lights downstairs, I would wait three minutes for everyone to settle before creeping upstairs. Brian lay with Anne in his arms in the main bedroom, she laid her head on his chest. The lights went off and the house fell into darkness and silence. Time seemed to drag as I counted down the seconds.
I crept upstairs, trying not to make a sound, but my footsteps on the soft carpet seemed to echo throughout the silence. I made sure that I stepped hard on the stair near the top which I knew creaked so that they’d all know that I was close.
I crept past Anne and Brian’s door, past Sara’s room and along the hall. I stopped outside of Becky’s door, paused then slowly turned the handle and pushed it open. I could see Becky laid on her side, with her back to me, the moonlight beamed in through the open curtains and illuminated her face. I approached her bedside, and as I reached out she opened her eyes, she tried to scream but I just managed to muffle it with my gloved hand.
“Shut up bitch, if you scream again, you’ll get this.” I snarled.
I showed her a rubber knife. Her eyes bulged with fear, good acting I thought.
I reminded her not to scream then removed my hand from her mouth. She whimpered.
“Get up!” I growled.
She slipped out of bed, I turned her around and tied her hands behind her back, with a Velcro strap, not tight, just in case she panicked.
“Please sir not too tight, that hurts, please don’t hurt me,” she begged.
‘She’s doing great’ I thought as I pushed her out of the bedroom and along the landing to her ‘parents’ room. I opened the door and pushed her ahead of me into the room.
“Mum? Dad? Wake up.”
Anne stretched and yawned, “what is it, honey?”
She switched on the bedside lamp. It was then that they saw me behind their ‘daughter’. I was dressed all in black, a ski-mask on my face and my hand around Becky’s throat. I held the knife against her skin.
Brian shouted.
“Who the fuck are you?”
I growled, “Your worst nightmare, now both of you, get up!”
They got up, and I pushed Becky towards them, they grabbed her and held onto her as I manoeuvred them against the wall and looked them all up and down.
“So, who do we have here?”
I moved the knife against Brian’s face and pressed the side into his cheek.
Next, it was Anne.
I smiled.
“You’re very pretty, but what is that you are wearing?” I sneered at her.
Then I stood before Becky, Anne had her arm around her.
“And who is this pretty little thing?”
Brian shouted.
“She’s my daughter, leave her alone. You BASTARD!”
He lunged at me. I stepped back and lifted the soft bat that we’d used previously, it had been stuck with Velcro to my belt and I hit Brian with it. He fell to the floor, as if unconscious, I smiled and thought to myself, payback.
Becky screamed, she was genuinely shocked, like Anne the last time, it took her by surprise. I handed Anne a Velcro strap.
“Tie his hands behind his back and sit him up,” I ordered.
She did as instructed, he groggily came around and struggled against the tie. I looked at Becky.
“Your daughter? She doesn’t look like either of you. Are you sure?”
Anne stared at me.
“She’s adopted. We couldn’t have children.” She lowered her head as if ashamed.
I stared at Becky.
“What’s your name honey?”
She glanced at Anne and Brian, then back at me.
“What are you going to do you bastard?” Brian spat at me.
I grinned.
“Well, I was going to rob the place, but, now, well I’m not so sure.”
I pushed Becky to the floor.
“Is this all of you?”
They looked at each other. I moved in front of Becky and held the knife at her face.
Becky stammered.
“No. My aunt Helen is in the next room.”
I pushed her down onto the floor. I stared at them all in turn.
“I promise you. If anyone moves I will cut her.”
I pointed at Becky. Then I left the room and went into Sara’s room. I wasn’t gentle this time. I shook her awake and showed her the rubber knife. She screamed, and after a light struggle I ‘dragged’ her out of bed and pushed her ahead of me into the main room to join the others. She gasped when she saw the others sat on the floor and turned to me.
“What the hell do you want?” She asked.
I pushed her down onto the floor and she slumped beside Anne.
I looked down at them all.
“Well, well. I think that I might have a little fun before I rob this place. We have a fine collection of pussy here.”
That got their interest as they realised that it was more than theft that I had in mind. I walked in front of them and sat on the side of the bed and looked at them. I let my eyes scan across all three women. They had played their parts so well so far. Becky shook and cowered beside her ‘mum’ as Sara hugged Anne and Brian stared at me with hate in his eyes.
“Okay. We’ve got all night. So, where to start?”
I looked at Anne.
“Stand up.”
Anne began to whimper, and plead with me, she cried and begged me not to touch her. I raised the knife she stopped.
“Listen, lady, you have two options, one, you sit down beside hubby and I fuck your daughter in all of her holes. Or two, you be a good mum, and if you do me good, I’ll leave your baby alone.”
Anne looked scared, she looked at Becky, who buried her head into Brian’s neck.
“Oh, daddy.”
Then Anne looked at Brian, he couldn’t look at her and let his eyes fall and he stared at the ground, she knew that he was beaten. Sara stared at me.
“Why don’t you just take what you came for, I have jewellery in my bag, you can have that, just go.”
I smiled at her.
“Thank you for that. But I’ve had a change of plan. There’s far too much hot pussy here just to go without sampling it.”
She stared at me. I smiled and pulled off my ski-mask.
“I don’t need this, because once I have recorded all of this, you won’t tell a soul.”
I nodded towards the cameras which were recording already. I asked Anne again to stand. She did, reluctantly, then I instructed her to take her nightie off. She made a big thing about being shy, and reluctantly she lifted it over her head. She held it in front of her, hiding her body from me, I grabbed it and tossed it behind her
“Oh mum, that’s a fit body, I bet you like fucking that daddy eh?” I sneered at Brian.
I glared at Becky, “do you think mum has a hot body, Laura?”
She looked embarrassed, I was pleased with how she was playing.
“Hey! I asked you a question!” I shouted.
She jumped.
“Yes, she does.” She stuttered.
I stared at her, maybe I should fuck you after all Laura. I bet your pussy is tight, though not as tight as your ass.”
Anne grabbed my arm.
“Please no please don’t touch her!”
I smiled.
“That’s better, now get on the bed, on your hands and knees and face your family.”
She blushed and looked ashamed as she climbed on the bed and knelt on all fours and faced Brian, Sara and Becky.
I stared at her, she looked so hot, Becky had her face against Brian’s neck and Sara on her other side. Becky whispered to Brian.
“This is so fucking hot Brian.”
He whispered back, “not too much for you?”
She shook her head.
“What’s going on over there? No fucking talking!” I screamed at them.
Becky pressed her body against Brian’s. I could see his bulge, he was so hard.
I walked behind Anne, I pulled down my zip, then pulled out my cock. I made sure that Becky could see it.
“Oh daddy, look! It’s so big.”
I heard her and smiled at her.
“You like cock missy?”
She shook her head and buried her face into Brian’s neck again.
I stood behind Anne, I could see that her pussy was wet with anticipation. She was breathing hard as I grabbed her hips and without warning thrust hard into her pussy. She gasped, a genuine gasp of pleasure and she threw her head back.
“Look at me dad, look at the pleasure I’m giving your wife.”
Brian stared, as I thrust hard into her again, she grunted.
“Oh fuck!” I moaned.
Then again, more moans, I thrust hard, she rocked forward with each thrust that I slammed into her. Her arms gave way and her head fell onto the bed and she stared right at Brian, Sara and Becky. Her eyes betrayed her, she loved it. I slammed in and out of her causing her to grunt and moan. I noticed Becky look away and I screamed at her to watch. Then Anne closed her eyes and her body shook and trembled as her orgasm shot through her. I continued to fuck her.
“Look, dad! She’s coming, look, Becky, look at your mummy cum, she loves my big cock.” I taunted them.
Then I pulled my cock out of her and stroked it a few times until I came and spurted all over her back. No-one had expected that. I groaned and closed my eyes and held my cock until I’d emptied myself onto her back. Then I wiped my cock on her ass and told her to stand up. She was unsteady on her feet, I’d fucked her hard. I tied her hands behind her back, making sure that I spread my cum onto her hands, then I sat her down beside Brian, she leaned on his shoulder and moaned softly.
I looked along the line and pointed to Becky.
“Stand up Laura.”
Brian struggled against his bonds and screamed at me to leave her alone. I took my bat off my belt and hit him again. He fell silent as Anne squealed. I pulled Becky reluctantly to her feet as she shook, I loosened her hands and brushed my hand across her cheek, she recoiled. I pinched her cheek and glared into her eyes.
“Don’t move when I touch you.”
Anne moaned.
“You said you’d leave her alone!”
I smiled at her.
“Guess what mum, I lied!”
Becky began to cry, I looked up, Brian stared, she was crying, real tears, I looked into her eyes I was worried, but she gave me a little wink and cried on.
“Crying won’t do you any good Laura, now, let’s see what you have under that nightie”
She put her hands in front of her to prevent me, I pushed her hands away and told her what would happen if she did that again. She slowly pulled it over her head, I took it from her and tossed it onto the floor and stared at her naked body.
“Wow Laura, nice body there, you let all the guys at it?”
She shook her head.
“Has anyone ever touched it?” I asked.
She hung her head, I lifted it and looked at her.
She shook her head.
I laughed.
“What? How old are you?”
Again she lowered her head, “twenty-two”
“Twenty-two, and still a virgin? Who are you saving yourself for, mister right?” I roared.
She started to sob again, I turned her to face the others.
“Look, mum, dad, how the hell can your little girl be a virgin at twenty-two with a smoking hot body like that?”
Anne and Brian looked at their naked ‘daughter’, Becky averted her eyes as I pushed her towards the bed.
“Well, we’ll have to put that right.”
Anne cried out again.
“No, leave her alone!”
I turned and stared at her. Then at Brian. I left Becky on the bed and knelt before Brian and smiled. I stood and pulled him to his feet.
“Well, well, well, look here, what is this?”
I pointed the knife at the tent in Brian’s pyjamas.
“Will you look at this mum, look at what daddy thinks of his little girl”
Anne looked “David! How could you!”
He protested, “I didn’t, I mean it’s not like that.”
“Hey Laura, look at what daddy thinks of your hot little body.”
She stared, “Oh daddy, no.”
Brian lowered his head, “sorry.”
I pulled Brian to the bed and pushed him down. I told him to roll onto his back, which he did, his hands still tied behind him. I turned to her.
“Take off his pyjamas Laura.”
She hesitated, so I held the knife against his crotch.
“If I cut this off, mummy won’t be happy.”
She moved and pulled his pyjamas down, as she did I pulled Anne to her feet.
“You’ll need a better view of this mum.”
Naked, his cock stood straight up.
“Wow Laura, I think daddy has a thing for you.”
He shook my head.
“No, no I don’t.”
I tapped his erect cock with the knife, Anne couldn’t hide a smile, then Becky begged me to let him go. I glanced at Sara who strained her head to get a better view. I smiled and walked over to her. I pulled her to her feet.
“Okay aunty, you want a better view?”
She shook her head. I smiled and instructed her to strip. She stared at me. I sighed.
“Do I have to remind you what will happen if I have to tell you again?”
She lowered her gaze and pulled her nightie over her head and stood naked before us all.
I stood her beside Anne, they hugged each other and I turned to Becky.
“This is my insurance. Laura, have you touched a cock before?”
She shook her head.
“Okay, kneel on the bed beside your daddy.”
Reluctantly she knelt and I pushed Anne onto the edge, she sat beside her, with her hands still behind her back.
“Okay Laura, take daddy’s cock in your hands.”
She looked at him, then at Anne.
“Sorry, mum.”
Anne smiled, “it’s okay honey, don’t be scared.”
Trembling she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and stroked it a little, I smiled.
“Now, take it in your mouth.”
She froze, a light brush of the knife against her neck and she lowered her mouth onto his cock. I saw Brian stifle a smile as her mouth slid onto his cock. She sucked so hard I thought he’d come there and then. After a while, I stopped her.
“Did you like that Laura?”
She looked embarrassed and nodded, I laughed,
“What a naughty girl you are, in that case, kneel up.”
She did, she was instructed to straddle his knees, as she did, I released Anne’s hands.
“Okay mum, here’s what’s going to happen, you are going to guide your husbands cock into her hole, you’re going to help her ride his cock.”
She looked terrified.
“I can’t, not that please don’t make her.”
I rolled my eyes.
“Okay then, in that case, I’ll just fuck her ass.”
“Oh god no please don’t do that.” Anne pleaded.
I smiled.
“So you’ll do it then?”
She nodded, Becky looked at her.
“Mum no, I can’t, not daddy.” She begged her mum.
Anne looked at her and slid beside her. I instructed Sara, her aunt, to kneel beside Becky and hold her up. Sara knelt opposite Anne and let Becky hold onto her.
“Honey we have to, it’s okay, daddy loves you, and it’ll be okay, I promise.” Anne tried to reassure Becky.
Becky cried again, Anne whispered instructions and Becky knelt up and shuffled so that her pussy was over his cock, Anne took it and held it up, and as Becky slowly lowered herself, she guided it between her lips. Brian moaned.
“Oh god.”
Becky groaned as his thick cock stretched her tight pussy. I laughed.
“Look at that! they both love it!”
Anne and Sara held onto her as she began to ride his cock, I could tell that he was desperate to grab a hold of her, but his hands were still tied behind his back. I knew that he wouldn’t last long, and I was right. He was so aroused than inside a couple of minutes he was shooting his cum deep into her pussy, she moaned and fell against Anne who held her there until he was done.
Then she slowly lifted her off, his cum leaked out and spilled onto his leg as Anne hugged Becky. I smiled and moved Brian across the bed and told Ann to lie down on the bed, she obeyed, then I pushed Becky onto her knees and between her legs.
“Okay Becky, now it’s time to lick mummy’s pussy.”
She stared at Anne who nodded.
“It’s okay honey, just do as he says.”
“Okay, mum.”
She knelt and began to lick and caress Anne’s pussy, Anne immediately held her head and stroked her hair.
I looked at Sara.
“So Aunty Helen, is he your brother, or is she your sister?”
She nodded at Brian.
“He’s my brother.”
I smiled.
“Nice. Your job is to get him hard again.”
She hesitated. I pulled out the rubber knife again and held it against his cock.
“I don’t think that his wife will thank you if I have to cut off his dick.”
She slowly slid over and knelt between his legs and wrapped her fingers around his cock and started to stroke it, trying to get him hard again.
Meanwhile, Becky was still working on Anne’s pussy and my wife was moaning and grabbing at her head as she was taken closer and closer to her orgasm.
As Sara worked on Brian’s cock and it began to harden, we all watched as Becky worked her mouth over Anne’s pussy. Her tongue licked Anne’s clit and probed her wet slit whilst her lips nibbled at her clit and rolled it around as Anne moaned and held Becky’s head against her pussy.
I stopped them and ordered them to switch into a sixty-nine position and then we all watched them eat each other. It was a highly erotic scene, and one that I’d never thought that I would witness, all four of my friends were together on our bed.
I nudge Sara.
“Okay aunty, well done, now suck him and don’t let him come. Not until I tell you.”
She hesitated and I pushed her.
“That is your last warning. Another hesitation and I chop off his dick.”
She lowered her lips over his cock and took it into her mouth as started to slide her mouth up and down his cock and Anne and Becky moved inexorably closer to their mutual orgasms.
As Sara worked on Brian’s cock I watched as Anne cried out and ground her pussy against Becky’s mouth as her body shuddered and her legs gripped Becky’s head tight as she orgasmed on her mouth. She was closely followed by Becky, who bucked her hips at Anne’s mouth as she screamed into her pussy, her moans muffled by my wife’s pussy, clamped to her lips.
Anne rolled off Becky and she turned around and lay beside her as they watched Sara worked Brian’s now solid cock. I moved behind Sara and tapped her on the head.
“Time to fuck your brother Helen.”
She looked at me and thought about objecting but when she noticed my hand on the handle of the knife she sighed and knelt up and crouched over his cock. We all watched as she stared at him.
“I’m sorry David. We have no choice.”
He nodded at her, he was trying so hard not to smile. I knew that he was having the time of his life.
She groaned and cried out as she guided his thick cock into her tight pussy and slowly lowered herself down onto it. All eyes were on them now as she began to slide up and down, her hands on his chest as she supported herself. She started to bounce as she picked up her pace. She was moaning, she couldn’t hide her pleasure as she rode his cock for all she was worth.
I stared at them, then looked at Anne.
“Hey, mum! Get on his face and kiss her!”
Anne stared at me then moved and crouched over his face and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. She moaned as his lips got to work on her pussy and she reached out and took Sara in her arms and they kissed. I stared at them all as I slipped beside Becky and we watched what was one of the most erotic sights that I had ever witnessed.
I couldn’t believe how well the evening had gone and now, as I watched Anne writhing on Brian’s mouth and as she kissed Sara I felt my cock harden once again. Anne was first to come and she collapsed forward into Sara’s arms as her friend soon followed her as her orgasm shot through her body. The sight and sounds were too much for Brian and he thrust his hips up and shot his cum deep into Sara’s pussy. I watched as all three of them collapsed into a pile of writhing arms and legs. Finally, they rolled apart and lay beside each other as they slowly began to recover.
I turned my attention to Becky once more. As Anne, Sara and Brian lay recovering, I pulled Becky back to her knees and raised her bum in the air. I knelt behind her, my hard cock in my hand.
“I’ve got to have me a piece of this sweet pussy.”
I stroked my hard cock a few times, then slipped it slowly into her pussy, she cried out.
“Mum! Stop him please!”
Anne moved and sat beside her and held her against her own body, I pushed hard and fucked Becky as she laid on Anne.
“It’s okay honey try to relax, I’m here for you.”
She held Becky in her arms and I fucked her pussy, grabbing her hips and slamming my hard cock into her as Brian and Sara looked on. Sara held onto him. Becky cried into Anne’s arms as she held her whilst I fucked her hard.
“Oh, mum it hurts so much!”
I moaned and lost focus a little.
“Oh fuck, this is so damn hot.”
Then I was back in character.
I felt my orgasm approach rapidly, I grabbed her hips and thrust hard and deep and I felt my cum erupt from my cock. Becky wailed as I filled her pussy with my cum.
“Well mum, I think your little girl might just be pregnant after this, imagine, you won’t know who’s baby it is, mine or her daddy’s”
When I finished I pulled back and slipped out of her and collapsed onto the bed, I turned onto my back and declared that I was done!
We lay together whilst everybody got their breath back. Then Becky sat up.
“Guys, that was awesome! I can’t believe how realistic that was. That was the best experience of my life. Thank you so much”
I stared at the four of them, I was so content, Anne untied Brian’s hands and she hugged him. I hugged Anne whilst Sara and Brian kissed. We looked at Becky who was laid on her side looking at us. I asked her it if she was okay
“I hope it wasn’t too much for you?”
She smiled.
“Are you kidding, I loved it! You guys are the most amazing bunch of people that I have ever met.“
All five of us lay on the bed, it was a squeeze but we lay there and recovered.
It was too much to expect us all to sleep in the same bed. Brian left with Sara and Becky to spend the night together in the spare room.
I lay with Anne and we were both quite exhausted. She had her head on my chest, but I could tell that she was grinning. And it got even better, we soon heard the familiar sound of the creaking bedspring and the headboard against the wall as Becky, Sara and Brian had their threesome.
In the morning we all met in the kitchen. Brian had dressed, Becky and Sara were still in their robes. We had breakfast then relaxed in the garden before Becky went home to change, and meet us all later for lunch at Anne’s favourite pub on the river.

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