Dear Diary - My wife, my friend and me.

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A visit from Becky

Diary Entry: May 2018 Extra entry

With the memory of our excellent role-play of the previous weekend still fresh in our minds, Anne and I relaxed at home. It was Saturday evening and we had just finished watching a couple of episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ on catch-up, it was one of Anne’s favourite shows when her mobile rang. I took the opportunity to to to the bathroom whilst she answered her phone.
When I returned she was up and she was tidying up, I asked her who was on the phone.
I looked at her.
“Oh yes? And what did she want?”
Anne smiled.
“She’s out, and not enjoying herself. She asked if she could come over and spend a couple of hours with us.”
I stared.
“Really? It’s Saturday night and she’d rather sit with a couple of old folks than be out clubbing with her mates?”
Anne stared.
“Old folks. Really?”
I smiled.
“You know what I mean.”
She puffed up the last of the cushions and looked around, she was happy.
“And besides, she doesn’t want to just sit with us, Paul.”
She smiled with a wicked grin on her face and I felt my cock twitch.

About twenty minutes later I heard a taxi pull up outside and a few seconds later Anne had opened the door and greeted Becky, who came bearing gifts, a pizza.
“Sorry guys, I was hungry. I got a large one so we could share.”
I opened a bottle of red wine and we sat around the coffee table in the lounge and ate the pizza. She explained that she’d been out and had a few drinks with her pals.
“I haven’t had sex with a guy for a few weeks guys, and I was feeling horny. But after a while I got bored and all I kept thinking about was the two of you.” She explained.
Anne smiled and told her all about our role-play the previous weekend and I could see that Becky was quite envious of Anne as she listened closely to every detail that she described to her.
“Anyway, I was dancing with this young guy. He was hot Anne. But whilst I looked at him I realised something. He was just a young guy, a boy even. And I thought about you and Paul. And how sex with you both was so different. And then I thought about the role-play, and I just knew that sex with people my age wouldn’t cut it for me any more.
I looked at Anne, she smiled as Becky looked at us both.
“I know it’s a bit forward of me guys. But is there any chance that I could spend the night with you both?”
Anne and I looked at each other, I didn’t have to say anything to her. Anne smiled at me then looked back at Becky.
“Of course it is Becky. You know how much we enjoyed it when you stayed for Paul’s birthday.”
She grinned and devoured another slice of pizza. For a slim girl, she sure could eat. As she chewed her pizza she told us that she had only had sex once since our role-play, and he’d worn a condom. She said that she had brought some condoms with her, in case I wanted to wear one. I glanced at Anne who shook her head.
“We know that you are a careful girl Becky. We trust you.”

Upstairs I closed the bedroom door behind us. I’d had no time to set up the cameras so this would be a session just for us. When I turned back Becky had taken Anne in her arms and they kissed. I stood and watched as Becky slid her hands down my wife’s body and stroked her fingers across her bum. Anne moaned into her mouth as Becky pulled her against her and they ground their bodies together.
We hadn’t set up the single bed, as usual, so I sat on the chair in front of the dresser and watched as Becky started to unbutton Anne’s blouse.
“Oh, Anne. I love your body, And you are so sexy.”
I grinned as I knew how good those words would make her feel. I got up and as Becky opened her blouse and pushed it from her shoulders, I stood behind Anne and unzipped her skirt and peeled it down, over her thighs and down her legs. She stepped out of it and stood in Becky’s arms in her underwear.
Becky smiled at her. Anne wore her everyday bra and knickers, not her sexy stuff, a plain bra and ‘big’ knickers. I saw Becky smile as she ran her hands down between their bodies and slid her fingers across the stretched fabric over Anne’s crotch. Anne moaned as she felt the young woman’s fingers push her knickers between her lips.
Anne kissed her, and as she did I stood behind Becky and reached down and pulled her tight dress up and over her head. Anne moaned as she looked at her body, she was bra-less and wore the tiniest of thongs. I sat back down and I watched as the two women stood, their arms entwined around each other as they made out. The only sound in the room came from their lips as they kissed each other and moaned as their hands caressed over each other’s bodies.
Before they got onto the bed Anne slipped her bra off and Becky gently laid her on her back. It was such a huge turn-on to see the young woman laid on my wife as she kissed her passionately, as passionately as I had ever kissed her, and my wife responded naturally to her kisses.
I had witnessed a new side of Anne, her attraction to women. And far from being threatened by it, I was so happy for her, and for me as I got to live yet another fantasy, and with a goddess of a woman. It is hard to describe just how beautiful Becky was.
Becky had peeled Anne’s knickers off and was knelt between her legs and stared at her pussy. Her fingers softly and gently stroked through her hairy bush, she smiled.
“Oh, Anne. I love how you let your bush grow. All the women seem to shave these days, I love how it feels on my fingers, and my lips.”
Anne smiled, she loved everything that Becky did and said to her. Then Becky kissed her and Anne wrapped her arms around her and pulled her against her. It was such a beautiful sight to behold.
Becky kissed Anne’s body and as she did, she spun around and slipped her leg over Anne’s head and manoeuvred herself into a sixty-nine position. I settled back into the chair as I watched Becky’s lips kiss Anne’s inner thighs softly and then settle on her pussy.
I heard Anne moan, but the sound was muffled by the presence of Becky’s pussy which was pressed against her mouth. It was awesome. I quickly undressed and soon had my cock in my hand. I slowly stroked it as I watch them give each other oral. I could see Becky’s face clearly as she licked and teased my wife’s pussy. I knew that Anne returned the favour at the other end, and judging by the sounds that came from Becky, she was doing a great job.
I loved watching it, and knowing that Anne was getting such pleasure from this was such a turn-on. For the next few minutes I sat there and watched as they pleasured each other, and man, did they pleasure each other. My wife began to hump her pussy up at Becky’s mouth. Then she wrapped her legs around her head and gripped her tight as Becky plunged her tongue into my wife’s pussy. Then I had an idea. I got up and reached into the bedside cabinet and found her small silver vibrator.
I walked to Becky and held it out in front of her. She lifted her lips from Anne’s pussy and looked at me. I smiled and mouthed to her, ‘in her ass!’ She grinned and took the slim vibrator. I watched as she turned it on and then returned to licking Anne’s pussy, then slowly, she reached under her and let the end of the vibrator touch her ass-hole.
Anne squealed as she realised what was happening. I stared as Becky pressed the end against her tight hole and it suddenly disappeared as it slipped into her bum. Anne screamed louder into Becky’s pussy as Becky pushed it further into her bum until only the very end stuck out.
Anne started to buck up at Becky hard. Her bum lifted off the bed and Becky struggled to keep her mouth on Anne’s pussy as Becky slowly slid the vibrator in and out of her bum as she began to fuck her with it.
It didn’t take long before Anne was bucking and thrashing about underneath Becky as she was overwhelmed by a huge orgasm and she screamed into her pussy as she came hard. I crawled onto the bed and slid up so that I could see Anne’s face. I was surprised to see that she had tears on her cheeks, I wondered if it had hurt her. I stroked her face and asked her what was wrong. She shook her head and when she eventually calmed down and got her breath back she smiled at me.
“I’m okay Paul. It was just so good. They were happy tears.”
I smiled. I had never seen her cry with happiness during sex before, it must have been really special for her. I sat on the bed and watched as she continued to lick at Becky’s pussy and a couple of minutes later I watched as Becky experienced a huge orgasm. Her body stiffened and then she shook quite noticeably as she came hard on my wife’s mouth and ground her pussy into her face as she did.
I looked down on them as she turned around and lay beside Anne. They cuddled each other.
“That was beautiful.”
They smiled at me, they looked so peaceful. I stroked my fingers over Anne’s flesh, I swear that she looked younger, and she was glowing. Anne lay on her back and had Becky in her arms, her head on Anne’s shoulder. I got up.
“I think I’ll get us another drink.”
Anne looked at me.
“Paul. We’re not done here.”
I looked.
“I know hun. I just thought that you had such a good time that maybe you two would like a little time on your own.”
Anne had seen this with Brian, so it wasn’t that I hadn’t done it before. She hugged Becky and looked at me.
“Paul. Becky wants you to fuck her. That’s why she came here.”
I smiled.
“And I will. But Let’s have a drink first.”

When I got back with the drinks they were sat up and chatting. Becky patted the space between them and I slid into it and they turned to me.
“Paul. I’ve told Anne that I have been having less sex with men since we met on your birthday, and more with women. Well one woman actually, my friend Erin. You’d like her, she a few months younger than me, and beautiful.”
I smiled at her and asked why she hadn’t gone to see her this evening and was told that it was the wrong time of the month. Talk about feeling awkward. Anne joined in.
“What she’s saying, Paul. Is that she is sure that Erin would love what we do, and if we ever need another younger woman, then she is sure that she could get her to join us.” Anne chipped in.
I looked at her and wondered why she was so keen. We had started this with just the three of us and it was starting to get out of hand. She rolled her eyes.
“I was thinking about Brian’s birthday. Imagine such a treat, two beautiful young women, all to himself.?”
I could imagine it, hell, I was imagining it. I looked at Anne.
“Could we?” I asked.
Anne nodded. “I think that we could. And I think that he’d love it.”
I looked at Becky.
“Let me think about it, Becky. We’ll talk to Sara and see what she has to say about it.”
Becky nodded.
Anne slipped off the bed and stood up.
“Paul. I know that Becky won’t ask you so I will. She wants you to make love to her, not to fuck her.”
I looked at Becky and for the first time, I think I saw her blush. I stroked my fingers across her cheek.
“Of course I will Becky.”
Anne started toward the door.
“I’m going to leave you two for a bit. I think it would be special for her.”
I looked at Anne, I knew how she felt about me leaving her alone but she smiled at me and her eyes said that she was okay with it. As she left I noticed that she had left the door open, I guess that she would be coming back to watch us from the stairs. I turned my attention to Becky and gently pushed her onto her back, and as she looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes I smiled and kissed her.
As my tongue played in her mouth with hers, my fingers traced soft, small circles over her breasts and when I found her nipples I gently teased and tugged on them. I rolled them between my fingers and thumbs and gently caressed them. I was in no hurry and I kissed her neck, soft kisses, and gently nibbled at her ears. My fingers caressed her breasts and her neck. She moaned and her body writhed under me as I slowly aroused her with my gentle kisses and touches.
My kisses reached her breasts and I slipped a nipple into my lips and rolled it around and gently nibbled on it and tugged it. She sighed and cried out as her hands grabbed at my head and she ran her fingers through my hair.
I ached to plunge my cock into her but my wife had asked me to make love to her, and that is what I intended to do. I could feel her body almost physically tingle, she was very aroused. Her breathing was fast and light, her nipples stood up like bullets, she moaned and panted as I slowly moved from her breasts and licked, and kissed my way down her body.
I slid across her legs and pushed them apart and knelt between them. I could see the effects of my wife on her. Her labia were swollen and wet, and her clit was still hard and proud of its cover as she jerked her pussy up towards me as if trying to impale herself on me.
I lay between her legs and pushed her legs over my shoulders. She crossed her feet on my back and squeezed my head between her thighs as I pressed my lips onto her pussy as my tongue slipped over her clit and traced small circles around it before I flicked across it with the tip.
She gasped out loud and arched her back as her fingers gripped my hair and pulled my head hard against her pussy. She bucked her hips up at my mouth as I licked her pussy and nibbled on her clit. She was in ecstasy and I knew that after the orgasm that she had with Anne that what I was doing would not take long to get her there again. And I was right.
Almost as soon as I got settled between her legs she began to thrust her pussy up at me, her fingers tore at my hair as if she was trying to force my mouth into her pussy. She ground her pussy hard against my mouth, my teeth brushed against her clit but she didn’t care. She was cried out.
“Oh god Paul. Jesus! Fuuuuck yessssssss!”
She screamed as she lifted her bum off the bed and slammed her pussy hard into my mouth as her thighs held my head tight and her body stiffened, She gave out one long scream and she shook as her body was consumed with her orgasm.
I could feel the juices leak from her pussy, she came hard and whatever she produced, I swallowed. She humped, bucked, cried and pulled at my hair as she almost passed out with the strength of her orgasm.
I lay there until her body returned to the bed and she began to calm down. When the pressure on my head lessened I was able to lift my face from her pussy and I could feel that my lips, mouth and cheeks were coated in her juices. I licked my lips then pressed my lips against her sensitive pussy and began to lick her clean. She purred as she stroked her fingers through my hair.
“Hmm. I’ve never had an orgasm like that before Paul. That was beautiful.”
I slid beside her and hugged her. She lay her head on my shoulder and I stroked my fingers through her hair.
“I’m glad that you enjoyed it, honey.”
She bit her lip and looked up at me with her big blue eyes.
“I like that.”
I looked at her.
“You like what?”
She bit her lip again, she looked coy.
“How you call me honey. It makes this feel more than what it is.”
I stroked her hair.
“And what do you think this is Becky?”
She sighed.
“It’s just sex.”
I smiled and pulled her closer.
“Oh, Becky. It’s not just sex. I meant everything that I did there. I am sure that it is not just sex. You are special to us.”
I kissed her and thought that I saw her eyes moisten but decided not to press her. She moaned as we kissed and I gently laid her on her back and started my journey down her body again, it was time to make love to her.
When I knelt between her legs and looked into her eyes saw a different look. She was calm, she stared right at me. I thought that I had seen that look before, and I had, she looked at me like Anne did. I smiled and stroked the tip of my cock along her wet slit. She closed her eyes and her lips parted as she let out a soft, quiet moan.
I found her entrance and pressed the tip against it. She was still so tight. I wasn’t as big as Brian, he must have stretched her. I leaned over her and rested on one arm as I held my cock in place and pressed forward. After a little pressure, I slipped in and she moaned as I stretched her and pushed into her. I kept pushing and my cock inched its way into her until I was in and lay on top of her.
She wrapped her legs around me and her hands slipped around my back as I slid my fingers across her face and caressed her lips.
“God, you’re so tight Becky. I love it.”
She bit her lip and smiled as I began to slowly slide in and out of her.
She moaned softly and her hand held onto me as I worked my cock in and out of her. I gave her long, slow, deep strokes and she held me between her thighs as I got into my rhythm. We moved together, steadily now, not rushed and as I pushed deep into her she ground herself against me as I bottomed out in her pussy. As she did she ground her clit against me, which had the effect of causing her to moan and gasp.
This was so different to anything that we’d done together before, and as I slid in and out of her I heard the familiar creak of the stair near the top, I knew that Anne was watching us, I didn’t need to turn around and look. The knowledge that my wife was watching was so hot and I swear that I felt my cock grow a little inside Becky.
This certainly wasn’t fucking, wasn’t hard sex, it was making love. And by her response, I guessed that it was just what she wanted. I kissed her and her fingers dug into my back as she pushed up to meet my thrusts. Her pussy was so tight. Tighter than anything that I’d felt in decades, and I could feel it gripping my cock tight and almost milking me. I too was beginning to get into the slow rhythm that we had developed, it was beautiful, and it reminded me of how I felt when Anne and I made love.
The effect of her pussy was too much for me to take and I felt the old familiar sensations develop in my legs. I knew that I was going to come. I kissed her and as my tongue danced with hers I kept sliding my cock in and out until I felt it coming and I thrust hard and began to jerk uncontrollably.
She sensed it and her fingers dug into my neck as she gripped her thighs even tighter around me and pushed up to meet me. I groaned and she cried out as she felt the first spurt of hot sticky cum shoot from my cock and into her waiting pussy.
“Oh god. Yes, Paul. Oh fuck, I love it!”
She held me tight and her fingers pressed into my back as my cock jerked inside of her and sent spurt after spurt deep into her wet pussy. She held me in her embrace until I had finished coming, then she slowly released the pressure on me and I slid from her and lay beside her. I slipped my arm under her and hugged her. We kissed and I glanced towards the door and saw that Anne was stood leant against it.
“That was beautiful.” She smiled.
She walked towards us as I hugged Becky and stroked her hair. I asked her how she felt, she didn’t reply. Anne joined us and brushed some hair from her face and smiled at her. Becky looked up at her and she had teary eyes. I looked at Anne.
“What’s wrong?”
Anne smiled and lay down beside Becky and hugged her. I slipped my arm from under her and let Anne cuddle her as I looked on.
“Nothing’s wrong love. She’s happy that’s all.”
Anne kissed her cheek and brushed a tear away. Becky licked her lips.
“Paul. That was the most beautiful thing that I have ever done. I have never had sex like that before. No man has ever treated me the way that you did.”
I could see that she was emotional, and I was still a little confused and Anne could see.
“He doesn’t understand Becky.”
Anne brushed her hand along my arm.
“Honey. I think what she’s trying to say is that you made love to her like she was the only woman in the world. And from what I saw I’d have to agree. That wasn’t sex, that was love.”
I looked at Becky who had now laid her head against Anne and looked so contented. I smiled at her.
“I don’t know what to say, Becky. I like you a lot. And I loved making love to you. I’m just glad that you enjoyed it.”
Anne leaned over and kissed Becky then looked into her eyes.
“I don’t think that any man has ever made love to her like that before, have they, Becky?” She asked.
Becky glanced at me and then back at Anne and slowly shook her head.
“Never Anne.”
Becky stayed over, and in the morning we had sex one more time. This time it was a little more energetic and involved me fucking her doggy-style as she lay between my wife’s legs and brought her to orgasm orally. When she left Anne and I rushed upstairs and we fucked again.
We lay together in our after-coitus embrace. She stroked her fingers across my chest as she lay on my arm.
“You know honey. I think that young Becky has a crush on you.”
I stared at her.
“Are you serious?” I was surprised.
She nodded. I frowned.
“Well, maybe we need to stop this with her?”
My wife smiled and rested her face on my chest.
“Oh, let’s not be too hasty darling.”
I stared at the ceiling and wondered what the hell she had in mind.

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