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Dear Diary - My wife, my friend and me.

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Double Up


I have known Brian for over thirty years. We met at school, and ever since that first meeting, we’ve been very close. I knew his wife, Dianne before him, she was the younger sister of another of my friends, and the four of us were extremely close, we all hit it off early on and have been ‘couple’ friends since we got engaged within months of each other.

Brian had always carried a torch for Anne. Early in our relationship, he told me that if I ever broke up with her, he’d break our one rule over girls, not to date a mate’s ex. He’d go after Anne. Thankfully we never had to put that to the test.

Now, as close as we all were, Anne and Brian got even closer after Dianne died. Anne was hardly away from his house in the immediate days following her death. She cooked for him, cleaned and generally kept the house going. She brought him to our house, and he stayed over a lot of the time. I’d often wake up in the middle of the night to find her gone, and I’d find her sitting on his bed with him in her arms as he cried, and she’d often join in with him.

Yes, Anne loves Brian. But as a friend, we’d do anything for him, and we know he’d do the same for us. I had no fear of her falling in love with him.

That was why I chose Brian.


Diary entry: April 2017

Double up

In the days that followed, I noticed an immediate change in my wife’s behaviour and demeanour. She was happier. She walked around with a ‘spring in her step’ and I could tell that she felt better about herself, more self-confident. All the attention that Brian had showered on her had banished her negative thoughts about her body, or her desirability as a sexual being. I even caught her singing to herself, she was almost floating on air.

There were other times when I noticed that she appeared lost in her thoughts. I wondered if she was worried about something, or just replaying the night’s events over and over in her head. Brian too was different, he was more upbeat and happier, it seemed that our experience had done everyone some good too.

As for me? I was ecstatic. I had fulfilled my long-time fantasy, and it had turned out to be every bit as exciting as I had imagined it would be.

Wednesday was our ‘normal’ sex night, but this time, there was nothing normal about it. Anne was much more energetic and vocal. She even did come initiating, which was something that she’d rarely done in the past. She wanted sex, that was for sure. When she came, she orgasmed stronger and louder than she had done for a long while with me. It was so hot, I knew that it was down to our night with Brian.

Afterwards, as I came out of the bathroom, I looked at her, she was laid on her back and stared up at the ceiling. I stood and watched her. This was one of those moments when she seemed to be miles away. I sat beside her and asked her what was wrong. Expecting her to say that everything was fine, but she didn’t.

She rolled onto her side and looked at me. She said that she had thought back to that night many times since, and as I listened it became obvious that she had replayed the events over and over in her head. She even admitted that she’d watched the camcorder footage when I was at work and masturbated over it. She looked worried, scared even, as she looked at me.

“What if this breaks us up, Paul?”

I hugged her and reassured her that from my point of view, it could never ‘break us up’ as she put it. She asked me how I could be sure?

“Why am I fixating on it then? I’ve even masturbated whilst watching it? What does it mean?”

I stroked her face.

“It means that you enjoyed it, honey. As I did. Admit it, it was one of the best sex sessions that we’ve ever had, if not the best.”

She averted her eyes as if she’d been caught doing something she shouldn’t have been doing. I turned her face to look at me. She started talking about me being jealous, even hating her, or Brian, or both! She started to breath harder, I stroked her face to calm her and kissed her softly.

“Anne. I love you. And seeing you with Brian was the hottest, sexiest, most erotic thing that I have ever witnessed. And far from being jealous, I love you more than I ever thought possible.”

I held her for a while.

“Brian is our best friend. I wouldn’t have let anyone else do this. I trust him. He loves you, and I know that you love him, but we all know that the love we all share is nothing like the love you and I share.”

She had tears in her eyes, I wiped my fingers along the edges and kissed her lips gently.

“Please honey, don’t worry. But listen, if you want that night to be our last then that’s okay.”

She shrugged, “maybe it’s for the best.”

My heart felt heavy, but I knew that if she truly meant it, then I would keep to my promise. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her, but a huge part of me felt that she was saying that for me. We held each other for a while then I told her that if she didn’t want to have sex with Brian any more then that would be it.

“Please honey, don’t stop this because you think you’re hurting me, or our marriage, you’re not, I promise you. If you enjoyed being with him, with us, and want to do it again, then I think that you should carry on. If you are uncomfortable with me being there, you can see him on your own”

She said nothing but I could see in her eyes that she did, she just couldn’t bring herself to say it. I lifted her face to mine.

“Do you want to stop this?”

She bit her lower lip and shook her head.

“No, as long as it’s okay with you. And, as long as you are with us always!”

I smiled, “but you enjoyed it when it was just you and him didn’t you? You know I watched you from the stairs.”

She nodded.

Friday soon came around and Brian and I were out at the pub, as usual, Anne was at home with her sister. When we left the pub, I called Anne, her younger sister Rachel, had just left, I smiled to myself and told her that we would be home in ten minutes.

She questioned me, “we?”

I smiled at Brian as I talked to her.

“Yes. We, owe Brian a personal show, remember?”

As we walked home, I could imagine her running around, making sure that she looked gorgeous for us, well for him really, but I didn’t mind. When we got home, the CD was playing softly in the background, she’d set the mood, the lights were low, and she had bottles of beer opened for us as we walked in. I kissed her, I was right, she had changed, she’d put on fresh make-up, she smelled lovely.

When we arrived, she hugged Brian and kissed him. I could tell that their tongues explored each other’s mouths, I looked down and saw that his bulge had grown already. I sat with her on the couch and we talked for a while. I explained to him, that I would take her upstairs, and if he gave us a few minutes then came up quietly and kept the lights on the stairs off. He could watch us, as I watched them, from the landing, and it would be just like he was spying on us in our most intimate moment.

As I led her upstairs, I could feel her trembling, she was so excited, and still nervous. In the bedroom, we slowly undressed each other. As I released her breasts her nipples stood proud, so hard, I couldn’t resist gently caressing them between my fingers which resulted in soft moans escaping from her lips. I knelt and slowly peeled off her knickers, tiny black lacy panties, something she’d rarely wear, before all this began, but this was the new Anne. She stepped out of them and I lifted them to my nose, she’d only had them on a very short while but already they smelled strongly of her pussy.

I lifted my head and stared straight at her pussy, I moved forward and let my lips press onto her clit, which was engorged and standing proud, she moaned and held onto my head with her hands to keep her from falling as I felt her legs buckle slightly at my touch.

We laid down on the bed and I began to cover her in kisses, our tongues explored each other’s mouths as my fingers worked on her nipples, teasing, tweaking and pinching them, causing her to moan and whimper under my touch. I glanced towards the door and I saw him, he was stood at the top of the stairs, leaning against the bannister and staring straight at us.

My fingers slid down between her legs, I felt her legs part for me, she beckoned me in, I parted her lips and stroked a finger up and down her wet slit, finding her slit and tracing small circles around it, pressing it and rolling it between finger and thumb. This drove her crazy, she moaned, kissed me harder and bucked her pussy against my hand. As she did, I slipped a finger inside her and pushed it to the knuckle, inside her, I bent it up and stroked inside her pussy, something I knew that she loved, this, with my thumb on her clit, caused her to cum hard. She cried out and clamped her legs tight on my hand as her orgasm ripped through her body, something I’d felt many times before, but rarely as powerful as this time.

As she recovered, we continued to kiss I felt her hand slide down and her fingers wrap around my rock-hard cock, she broke our kiss and whispered into my ear. “

“Fuck me, darling, fuck me now.”

I’d hardly ever heard her talk like that, and it was so hot. I pushed a leg between hers and pushed her legs apart, as I slid over onto her, she lifted her knees and placed her feet on the bed. I took my cock and rubbed the head, which was dripping precum up and down her slit, her pussy lips were swollen, she was so aroused. Leaning on one arm, I guided my cock between her wet lips and pushed slowly inside her, as I entered her, she closed her eyes and bit her lip, she looked so fucking hot. Once I was in, I lay on her, and we kissed as I began to slowly move my cock in and out of her, as I did, she hooked her feet around my legs and pulled me against her as we made love.

This was fantastic, I could feel her pussy clenching me, she had good control and I could tell that she was working hard to grip me. Gradually I increased my pace, spurred on by her encouraging moans and the fingers digging into my back, another new thing that had come out of the previous weekend. Soon I was thrusting into her hard, and she was pushing back, this was turning into one of our best fucks. Suddenly I felt her tense and she came and came hard, I felt her fingers digging hard into my back, so hard that I felt she must have broken the skin. In the middle of her orgasms, she shouted at me to fuck her, and fill her cunt with my cum. This was language she had never used, and it was too much, I gave one last thrust and threw my head back and emptied my load into her welcoming pussy.

Panting and sweating I rolled off her and we lay side-by-side on the bed as we recovered, she asked me if he was there, I nodded and called him in. He walked in, and the look on his face told us both that he’d seen it all, and what he thought of it.

“That guys was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.”

I hugged her and kissed her. I could see that he had a huge bulge in his pants, I nudged Anne.

“I think we should do something about that Anne, don’t you?”

She nodded, “oh yes.”

She looked up at me, “WE should”

I looked at her, she had something on her mind. This was the new Anne. She told me to sit up and put my back against the headboard, which I did. Then she spread my legs as Brian quickly got undressed.

She then knelt on all fours between my legs and began to stroke my cock back into life and presented her raised bum to Brian. She looked over her shoulder as he climbed onto the bed, then looked back at me before she lowered her mouth onto my cock as Brian spread her legs a little more. He stroked his hard cock up and down her pussy and butt. Then I watched as he slowly guided his hard cock into her wet pussy. He took hold of her hips and he thrust forward, pushing her down onto my cock nearly choking her as he began to fuck her.

I looked up and straight at him, no words were said, he just gave a little grin then looked down onto Anne and began to pound her pussy hard, each thrust pushing her onto my cock. She did her best, and apart from the occasional gag reflex she gave me a wonderful blow-job. As she sucked me, I saw her reach her left hand between her legs and I guess rub her clit, soon all three of us were lost in our pleasure.

I was the first to cum, exploding into her eager mouth and she swallowed it all before she too orgasmed hard, her whole body shook with the power of her orgasm closely followed by Brian who groaned and arched his back as with one final hard thrust he deposited his cum into my wife’s eager pussy.

As we recovered, we talked, and everyone agreed that we all wanted this to continue. Brian got up to leave, I looked at Anne and stopped him, I told him that it was late, he may as well stay.

“Look, Brian, you and I have shared a bed before on our weekends away, this is no different, but they’re beds in the spare rooms if you want.”

Anne put her hand on his and they exchanged a look, he nodded and agreed to stay. When she returned from the ensuite, he and I were sat on the bed chatting. She looked at us.

“Okay guys, Brian on the right Paul on the left and I’ll be in the middle.”

And without another word, she slipped under the duvet. I found sleep a little difficult, I was too excited after the unexpected ‘spit-roast’. Anne’s head was on my right shoulder, my arm around her. I looked over to Brian, his eyes were closed, I wondered if he was asleep. Anne looked up at me, she whispered.

“Can’t sleep?”

I shook my head and nodded towards Brian.

“Go on.”

She kissed me and turned away, I watched as she slipped her head onto his chest, and I watched the duvet move as she slipped her leg over his, as she always did with me. I knew that her thigh would be resting on his cock, this, was how Anne liked to sleep.

When I woke it was light, I looked over and they were still sleeping. I carefully slipped out of bed, not wanting to wake them, I looked down on them, Anne lay on her side, her head on his chest, his arms was under her, holding her and her leg was laid across his crotch. I smiled, they looked so good. When I returned after having a pee, they were awake and chatting. Anne smiled at me.

“I was just telling Brian that morning sex is the best, he agrees, so come on Paul, let’s try it.”

I quickly slipped back under the duvet and as Anne lay flat on her back Brian and I got to work on her breasts. Our heads were almost touching as we each took a nipple and began to suck and caress it, she was in heaven, I don’t know what it must have felt like to have four hands and two mouths working her body, she lifted her arms above her head and closed her eyes as he mouth opened and a deep moan escaped. I let my hand slide down between her legs, she was so wet, and my finger slipped easily into her pussy.

She wriggled and lifted her legs a little to give me more access as I drove it deep into her and began to finger-fuck her as Brian continued to work on her breast. I smiled as I looked over and saw her slide her right hand down and take hold of his cock and begin to work her fingers around the hard shaft.

I slid my body down and got between her legs and slipped my tongue inside of her pussy, she pushed her hips up to meet me as I began to lick and suck on her pussy and clit. She soon came, pushing her hips off the bed as I grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed my mouth hard onto her clit.

When she’d stopped shaking, I stood and looked down at Brian.

“She’s all warmed up for you mate, I’m going for a shower.”

Anne looked surprised, as he moved down the bed I knelt and kissed her.

“Enjoy yourself, honey, I love you.”

She whispered that she loved me back and closed her eyes as Brian slid his cock into her. I turned and walked out and into the family bathroom.

When I came out, they were done, Anne was in the ensuite, Brian was sat on the bed, he looked up as I returned to the bedroom.

“You didn’t have to do that Paul”

I continued to dry my hair with the towel.

“I know, I wanted to. You enjoyed it didn’t you?”

He nodded.

“She was having doubts, Brian. She thought that I was feeling hurt. I wanted her to know that I want this as much as she does, and she does want this. So, if you are up for it, we want this to continue.”

He smiled, “both of us on her tits at the same time? That was hot!”

I let out a laugh, “yeah. Are you up for a double penetration next time?

If she’s up for it?”

He looked at me, I continued, “I’d take her bum, you’re far too big for her.”

He laughed, “if she’s up for it.”

As he left the room to go for his shower he stopped and turned.

“Thanks, man, that was a lovely night, and morning. And I just don’t mean the sex. It was nice to not sleep alone.”

Before he left, we stood together in the lounge, he took Anne in his arms and kissed her, a gentle kiss, a kiss of more than a friend, but not that of a husband. He looked at her.

“Thank you for letting me sleep over, that was the first time I had slept with a woman in my arms since,” his words trailed off, we all knew that he meant since Dianne had died. Anne reached up and kissed him again.

“You can sleep with us any time Brian, can’t he Paul?”

I nodded as she continued, “in fact, why don’t you stay over with us every weekend? We don’t have to have sex all the time, we need to sort all that out. But, as for sleeping over, I don’t mind. You two can go to the pub and then both come back here?”

I looked at them both, I didn’t mind either, but whilst we were talking, I thought we’d try to nail down the sex thing too. So, I suggested that we maybe think about getting together for sex maybe once a month. Both he and Anne agreed, and as I watched him drive away, I had my arm around Anne, I had the feeling that one a month would be no-where near enough for my wife, and it wasn’t.

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