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Happy Birthday Sara

Diary Entry: October 2018

Sara celebrated her birthday soon and Brian and I had started our plans for her party. We had planned to make it special for her and had run through a huge range of options, some that included Becky, and one particularly good one that included Becky and Erin, but that was decided would be best suited for a more general play, and maybe at Christmas.
Eventually, we came up with an idea that we thought she would enjoy, with a twist at the end. It required some organising, some phone calls, and a cost. We were bringing in outside help.
It took a few weeks to organise, due to the outside involvement, we had asked the guys to get a clean bill of health from the local clinic, which they were only too glad to do. Our request was not a normal occurrence for them. And once that was done we had to book a hotel suite, we didn’t want them coming to our home. When finally it was all organised we were ready to tell her.
Anne and I took her out to the best restaurant in the area on her birthday, which fell on Wednesday, and we had a delicious meal and a great evening. She thought that we would go back to our and have some fun, but I told her that Brian and I had organised a special treat for her on Saturday.
“You’ll just have to be satisfied with Brian tonight Sara.” I smiled at her.
At home, Anne asked me about the weekend. I told her that it was a surprise, and I wanted her to enjoy it too, so I wouldn’t tell her much. All she discovered was that we were going to a hotel, and there would be some kind of entertainment.

Saturday was a highly charged day, both Anne and Sara were on edge all day. I hadn’t seen Anne as excited as she was for a long time, and it wasn’t even her special day, but she had the feeling that what we had planned would be spectacular, a hope that Brian and I both shared.
We booked into the hotel in the afternoon. We had taken a suite in the best hotel in town. There was a huge double bed, a four-poster, a leather couch and chairs surrounding a low coffee table. A large-screen TV, a writing desk, and a huge bathroom. There was also a small room off the main room with a small three-quarter bed inside.
Anne was excited and tried again to find out what the plan was, but she was left frustrated and eventually gave up and helped me to set up that camera. We set up two on tripods and I left two on the side.
“Those are for me and Brian to use,” I told her.
She looked at them and then at me, she was intrigued.
We met Brian and Sara in the lobby in time for an early dinner. And when Sara walked in I could see that she was a highly excited state. She was as turned on as I had ever seen her, the anticipation was almost too much for her.
We enjoyed a lovely dinner, and were all in our room with a bottle of champagne and sat around the small table when there was a soft knock at the door. I got up as both women looked at me and asked who it could be.
I opened the door and stepped back and watched Anne and Sara as they stared at the three tall, gorgeous and young guys who walked into the room. Even I had to admit that they looked hot, and each of them carried a small bag. They were all over six-feet tall, the shortest was six-one, and the tallest six-four, and were all ripped. We’d seen their promotional photos and they had muscles on their muscles. But the clincher was that each of them possessed a monster cock. Two of them had eleven-inches, and the other a mere ten. All three bigger than Brian in some way. I guided them to the spare bedroom and left Brian to answer the women’s questions.
“Okay, Sara. These guys are part of a ‘Magic Mike’ tribute act. They are here to give you a very private show for your birthday.” Brian smiled as he told her.
When I returned Anne and Sara were both extremely excited. Brian and I cleared a space for them to perform and I placed a chair in front of the space and told Sara to sit in it. Anne joined Brian on the sofa as I turned on both cameras, and handed Brian one for him to get some close-up action, whilst I picked up the other.
The door to the bedroom opened and music played as they walked out in a line, the front guy, carried a player and set it on the floor as he was joined by his mates. All three were dressed in black evening suits with white shirts and black bow-ties, and they walked and stood in front of Sara who stared at each other them in turn and licked her lips.
The lead guy made the introductions.
“Happy birthday Sara. We have come to help you celebrate, and I am Mike, this is Tom, and finally, we have Eddie.”
The music was turned up and they started to dance. And they did the classic dance, they gyrated, the approached her and pressed their bodies against her and did whatever they could to get her aroused. This wasn’t going to be a normal show, Brian and I had paid the extra and they were more than willing to help us. It wasn’t something that they normally did, but they had been more than willing when we gave them the full details of what we wanted. And as I watched Anne enjoy the show, I knew that there would be a surprise for her at the end.
The performance continued and the guys lined up and in classic style, ripped off the shirts in one go, the Velcro fastenings were little trouble for them as they tossed the shirts at Sara who grabbed them and pushed them to her face as she stared at their oiled torsos. And even Anne gasped as they revealed their massive and perfectly toned bodies. I had not seen such well-defined guys since I stopped going to the gym.
Then one-by-one, they approached Sara and she undid their belts. She couldn’t fail to notice that each of them sported a huge erection, and she also had to notice just how big they were.
They resumed their dance and in a flash, their trousers were pulled off to reveal the tightest shorts and the biggest bulges that any of us had seen. Sara gasped and her hands flew to cover her mouth. Anne gripped my hand and squeezed it, I heard her gasp too.
There was more dancing and gyrating against Sara and she got a close up of the size of their bulges. Then they stepped back as the music plated towards its climax and each of them hooked their fingers into their underwear and on cue pulled them off to reveal huge cocks as they held their shorts over their heads.
Both Anne and Sara squealed and clasped their hands together. Even Brian and I had to stare, it was an impressive sight to see. The music stopped and Mike stopped the player, he looked at Sara.
“Happy birthday Sara, I hope that you enjoyed the show?”
She nodded.
“Oh god yes, and thank you.”
She turned to Brian.
“Thank you, Brian.”
She returned her gaze to the guys who now stood and looked at her.
“The night isn’t over yet Sara,” Mike said.
She looked back at us, Brian smiled.
“Now, your lover says that you must pick two of us. And we will take you to that bed.”
He pointed at the bed.
“And we will be yours, to do with as you wish.”
She gasped and again looked at Brian.
“For real honey?”
He nodded.
“For real, happy birthday.”
She grinned at Anne and shrugged.
“I couldn’t possibly choose.”
I nudged Anne.
“Okay Sara, Anne can choose for you,” I said.
Anne looked at me, I smiled.
“Go on, pick for her.”
I nudged her to get to her feet.
“Go and have a closer look.”
She blushed, I’d embarrassed her and she got to her feet and, like a nervous teenager, she giggled as she walked over to the guys. She got close to them and looked them over. I could see that she was aroused, and I could also see that she hadn’t a clue who to pick. In the end, she just put her hand on Mike and Tom’s shoulders
“These two.” She smiled at Sara.
They smiled and approached Sara and pulled her to her feet. Eddie looked at Anne.
“And what about me?”
Anne looked confused and turned to me. I smiled.
“He’s yours for the night honey.”
She gasped and turned to look at Eddie who smiled and took her hand.
At this point, Brian stood and took control.
“Anne, if you like, you and Eddie can take the spare room, but if you want to watch Sara first then that would be great.”
Anne slid her hand around Eddie’s waist and hugged him.
“Do you want to watch them, Eddie?” She asked.
He nodded.
“Are you kidding? When I heard about this I couldn’t believe it, of course, I want to watch. Trust me, this kind of thing doesn’t happen to us.”
They made their way to the sofa as Brian and I took our cameras and followed the two guys with Sara. They stood either side of her and began to undress her. I could see her tremble as Mike kissed her and Tom unzipped her dress and slipped it from her. They moaned when they saw her in her underwear and as Mike unhooked her bra, Tom took his opportunity to kiss her. I glanced down and both of their huge cocks were hard.
I looked over at my wife and saw that she had her hand on Eddie’s large cock and gently stroked it. I smiled.
“Eddie, why don’t you undress my wife. I think that she’d like some attention from you.”
He glanced at me and nodded.
I returned to Sara who sighed and held onto Mike as Tom slid her knickers down her legs and off her, they were all now naked. They led her to the bed and laid her down, and each lay either side of her and began to kiss and caress her body.
She didn’t know which side to turn to as both huge men caressed and kissed her so tenderly. I looked at Brian and he was so turned on, I knew how he felt, to see your woman with another man, or in this case, men.
I glance behind, Anne was now in her underwear and they kissed. She was really into it now with Eddie I didn’t know where to look.
I turned my attention back to the bed where the three of them had now got themselves organised. Sara lay between the two guys, Tom, and his eleven-inch cock on her left, and Mike, with his ten-inch cock on her right.
As they leaned over her and each kissed, caressed and sucked on her nipples, she slid her hands down and wrapped her fingers around their massive cocks. She couldn’t get them all the way around and she moaned as Tom kissed her and she began to slowly stroke both cocks. Brian was transfixed by the site, I told him to forget the camera, I’d record the event, and told him to sit on the edge of the bed and just watch them.
It was such an erotic sight and he stared at them all. Sara was lost in her ecstasy and she gasped and begged Mike to fuck her, he was only too willing to oblige her. She shifted and laid across the bed, her head hung over the edge and she turned her head to Brian and smiled at him.
“Thank you, honey.” She whispered.
Mike shifted and knelt between her legs which he had pushed wide. She directed Tom to stand by the bed at her head and as she lifted her knees up, Mike took hold her feet and pushed them wide, and over his shoulders, she reached out and took Tom’s cock and guided it towards her mouth. Brain stared, open-mouthed as he watched Tom’s;s monster eleven inches stretch her mouth wide, and the huge head slipped between her lips as she closed them around the shaft and moaned. He looked down and saw Mike press his fat cock head against her pussy lips which stretched and distorted as he tried to force himself into her tight hole.
She screamed out as he penetrated her and the head slipped inside. Her scream muted by the huge cock that filled her mouth. Brain stared as Mike pushed her legs as wide as he could and leaned on her and pushed his thick cock slowly into her accompanied my moans and cries of pleasure and pain from her.
Brian looked up and saw another few inches of Tom’s cock slide into her mouth and she gasped and gulped in air through her nose as she struggled to take it all. Tom leaned down and stroked her face.
“Relax Sara, try not to fight it. It’ll go in.” He whispered.
He continued to push and Brian saw her eyes bulge wide and her throat swell, he had got it into her throat. She was ‘deep-throating’ him, he was shocked and aroused, he’d always wanted to do that. She continued to gasp for air as she slowly started to move his cock in and out of her mouth and throat, he didn’t push it too far, just enough for her to feel it in her throat.
Anne and Eddie had stopped now and they too were transfixed to the sight on the bed. Another squeal from Sara and Mike began to fuck her and each thrust pushed her mouth further onto Tom’s cock, it was so hot, so dirty, and awesome. Her hands raised and held onto Tom#s legs as she tried to stop herself being forced onto his cock and moaned now as her lips gripped his thick shaft tight.
Mike had increased his pace. She was so tight he knew that his orgasm would be soon and he began to slam into her pussy. Her cries and moans filled the room as he began to pound into her. Tom slowly withdrew his cock and we could all see that it was coated in her saliva, and as he slipped it from her mouth she took a huge gasp of air and cried out.
“Oh Fuck! Shit, that’s huge.”
Her hands grabbed Mike’s arms and gripped him tight as he pounded into her as she looked at him. He smiled and thrust hard and then he felt it. He lifted her legs higher and slammed into her and groaned. She cried out and squealed as she felt the first hot sticky spurt of cum shoot into her stretched pussy. Her eyes flew wide open as he continued to empty himself into her and he collapsed onto her. She wrapped her arms around him and her fingers gripped hard into his back as his cock twitched inside of her and he spilt his seed into her.
The lay together whilst they recovered a little, then he pulled his cock out of her and knelt between her outstretched legs and looked down at her as his cum spilt out of her and onto the bed covers.
She looked up at him through half-closed eyes and smiled.
“Thank you, Mike, that was something else.” She sighed.
He rolled off her and stood up, his cock still enormous as it slowly began to soften. She laid on her back and turned to Tom.
“So, are you ready?” She asked.
He nodded.
“Don’t you want a rest?”
She shook her head and looked at Brian.
“This is my night yes?” She asked.
He nodded.
“Yes, honey. Anything you want, it’s up to you.”
She smiled.
“Okay, strip.” She stared at him.
“What?” He replied.
Tom got up and walked around the bed.
“You heard the lady, strip.” He smiled.
Brian looked at me, I nodded. Anne called out.
“You too Alan!”
I looked at her, she grinned as she sat on Eddie’s lap, I could see that he had his hand inside of her knickers.
We were both soon naked. Tom looked at Brian.
“Hey, you’re a big guy too, it’s not like she isn’t used to big cocks.”
Brian smiled as his cock stood hard and proud. Sara knelt up and told Brian to sit on the bed at the headboard, he did as he was told and she knelt on her hands and knees. Brian and I knew what was going to happen, it was one of our favourite and regular positions. She shuffled forward and stroked his cock before sliding it into her mouth.
Tom didn’t need any direction, he knew what his job was. He knelt behind her and wiped his cock, dripping in pre-cum and her saliva along her pussy lips and when he located her hole, he grabbed her hips and without warning thrust hard into her.
She screamed again as she forced his way into her and stretched her. His cock was not only longer than Mike’s but it was thicker too, and she felt it. As he thrust into her and she screamed she was forced forward and onto Brian’s cock which slid deep into her mouth and pushed at her throat. Her previous experience had helped and she tried to remain relaxed and breathed through her nose as she felt the head push at her throat.
Brian groaned and held her shoulders and she felt his cock slide into the throat.
“Oh god. I can’t believe this. It’s happening”
He cried out as his cock slowly slipped into the start of her throat.
Her moans and cries were muffled by his cock as Tom thrust hard into her pussy and she felt her throat relax as she became accustomed to Brian’s cock inside it.
As I filmed it all, with plenty of close-ups my cock was solid, and I knew that after this, I would have the pleasure of watching Anne take Eddie’s monster cock. It was almost too much for me and there were times, as I watched Tom pound into Sara’s pussy and her throat bulging with Brian’s cock inside that I thought that I could come, there and then. But I managed to control it.
And when Brian gasped and cried out.
“Oh fuck Sara, I’m going to come!”
I managed to refocus and concentrate on the action as he shot his cum into her throat and I got close-ups of her swallowing it down. Then I switched to Tom, who was also close and he too cried out as her tight pussy milked his cock and he thrust one last time and fell onto her as his cock exploded inside of her and as she wrapped her arms around him and held on, he shot his cum deep into her pussy.
I stared at them all, it was a fantastic sight, and I knew that it was a night that we would all remember for a long time. I turned to Mike, who had watched it all with me, he smiled at me.
“Alan, man I get why you do this. That was amazing. When I eventually settle down, I would love to do something like this. You are all so lucky.”
I had to agree with him. I turned my attention to Anne who I could tell was so turned on.
After everyone had recovered, they got off the bed and I asked Anne and Eddie to take their place. As Eddie climbed onto the bed Anne took my hand.
“You’re coming with us.”
I looked at Brian and he nodded and took the camera, Mike asked if he could use the other camera, Brian handed it to him and as I climbed onto the bed, I knew exactly what Anne wanted.
I sat with my back against the headboard of the bed, just as Brian had done. Anne replicated Sara and knelt on her hands and knees and slid her lips over my hard cock. I moaned as I slid my fingers through her hair. I looked up at Eddie, who also knew his role. He moved behind her and spread her legs a little more and raised her bum.
Then he took his cock and slid it along her wet slit. I heard her groan as he found her hole and she tensed as he started to push. He was so big, she was so tight and I heard her groan, and yelp as he struggled to get it into her.
She cried out and squealed as he slipped ht e head past her tight opening and held onto her hips as he pushed slowly into her. Deep moans escaped from her as she sucked on my cock. I held her head and stroked my fingers through her hair as her head bobbed along my shaft as he started to fuck her, and pushed her onto my cock with each thrust.
She moaned and cried out with each thrust, I was so turned on knowing that she had never been stretched like she was being right at that moment. Eddie groaned too, she was so tight around his cock.
“Oh fuck Anne. You are so tight and so damn sexy. Jeez, Alan, you are one lucky dude.” He cried out.
I smiled, I was lucky, and I knew it. She looked up into my eyes as my cock slid in and out of her mouth. I didn’t have to move. Eddie was doing all the work as he pushed her onto my cock with each thrust and moved her back as he pulled out of her.
When I came it was big. She stared at me throughout it all and I loved her watching me as my cock slid in her mouth I closed my eyes as I felt my orgasm rise and when it hit me I cried out and thrust up, forcing my cock almost into her throat as she gagged and I shot my cum into her mouth. I looked down and she stared at me as she swallowed each thrust and he kept fucking her, harder now as he neared his orgasm.
As I began to slow down and my orgasm started to subside she licked and sucked my cock clean as he pounded into her pussy. She gasped and cried out as he fucked her so hard.
As my cock softened I looked down on her as she was rocked to and fro by him as he pounded into her pussy. Her head hung low as she grunted and moaned with each thrust, then his thrusts became more erratic and finally, he cried out and pushed hard and she threw her eyes open and stared at me as she felt his cock shoot his cum into her pussy and he began to come.
He lay over her back as his cock emptied his cum deep into her pussy and she lay her head on the bed and moaned as she felt the warm cum flow into her waiting pussy. I stroked her hair as she laid her head on the bed and he filled her. Then, when he pulled out she rolled onto her back and smiled at him.
“Thank you, Eddie, that was fantastic.” She sighed.
I looked down at her gaping pussy, her legs were splayed wide and I could see his cum begin to ooze from her and onto the bed. He stood up and looked down at us both.
“Alan you have a special woman there. I don’t know how you two do it, but your relationship is something unique.”
He turned to Brian and Sara.
“And you, all of you. This is a special relationship here.”

The guys got dressed and collected all of their gear and after we’d all said our farewells they left and the room felt quiet and empty. Brian and Sara were wrapped in each other’s arms as she leaned her head against his chest.
“Thank you, Brian, for a wonderful Birthday.” She sighed
He stroked her hair and whispered.
“You’re welcome honey, but it’s not over yet. Is it Alan?”
She looked up at him, then at me.
“What do you mean?”
Anne looked at me.
“Yeah Alan, what do you mean?”
Brian explained that although that had a fantastic sex-life, there was something that she had wanted to try, but hadn’t done so far. She knew what that was.
“I know Brian, but we both agree that you are too big, for the first time.” She said.
He nodded.
“I agree, but Alan isn’t.”
She looked at me, then at Anne.
“Did you know about this?” She asked.
Anne shook her head.
“No. What is it?”
Sara looked at me.
“I’ve always wanted to try anal sex.” She sighed.
Anne smiled and nodded.
“Okay, I get it.”
She explained how she and Brian did it the first time, and how I went first before Brian to loosen her up.
We made our way to the bed and I asked Anne to lay down on the bed. She looked surprised.
“Honey. I love seeing you and Sara together, and I know that she likes it too.”
Anne smiled and lay down. Sara got on her hands and knees and crawled between her legs and immediately began to lick and suck on my wife’s pussy.
Brian and I stood and watched this for a while. We both loved to watch our women with each other and I loved the sounds that Anne made when Sara licked on her pussy. They were so different from those that she made with me.
After a while, I knelt behind Sara and softly stroked my fingers across her bum cheeks. She moaned softly as she felt em and moved her bum against my hands as I caressed them over the soft flesh.
She whimpered softly as I let a finger trace around her tight bumhole, Brian squeezed a little lubricant onto my fingertip and I spread it over her hole. She moaned as she felt the cool gel as I spread it around her bum-hole and I felt her tense. Brian knelt beside her and whispered to her to try to relax.
She gasped as I pushed my finger into her tight hole. She moved against me as I slid it further into her and slowly moved it in and out as I tried to stretch her a little. She soon began to moan as she got accustomed to the digit in her bum. After a while Brian nodded at me, it was time.
I knelt up and applied some of the lubricant gel all over my hard cock and then pressed the tip against her bum-hole. She tensed, she was anticipating it. Anne grabbed her head and pushed her mouth hard against her pussy as she neared her orgasm. Sara continued to work on my wife’s pussy, which helped to distract her as I applied more and more pressure on her bum-hole.
I heard her scream into my wife’s pussy as I finally got the head of my cock to pop into her tight hole and it stretched wide to accommodate it. I rested it inside of her as she panted, cried and groaned as she got used to my cock as it stretched her bum. Anne was so turned on that she suddenly grabbed at her head and gripped Sara’s head between her thighs as she came hard.
“Ahhhh Sara yessssss.” She cried as she humped her pussy up at Sara’s mouth.
As she did I took the opportunity to push further into her bum and I felt it stretch as I forced more and more of my cock into her. She wriggled her bum against me as I pushed into her. And after a pause, I began to slowly fuck her bum.
As I held her hips and moved slowly inside of her she groaned and began to push back at me. I looked at Brian who had a huge smile on his face.
“She’ll be ready for you soon mate if you want to take over,” I asked.
He shook his head.
“No mate, you finish inside of her. I want to see it.”
I nodded and started to move a little faster, and push a little deeper. As I did he reached down between her legs and started to rub his fingers over her clit. She cried out as she was overwhelmed by the things that were happening to her.
Anne slowly relaxed the pressure on Sara’s head as her orgasm subsided and she lay back panting, gulping in air as Sara laid her head on her belly and Anne stroked her hair as I fucked her bum faster now.
She moaned and whimpered with each thrust, and stared at Brian as he rubbed his fingers across her clit. I occasionally felt his hand brush my cock but it didn’t put me off and I thrust deep into her and felt my orgasm rise.
Sara started to pant and cry out as she moved closer and closer to her orgasm. Brian kept rubbing her clit and I kept thrusting into her. I came first. and I pushed into her and held it as I felt the cum shoot out and into her virgin bum. I cried out and threw my head back as my cock spurted inside her and jets of cum flooded out into her.
Moments later I felt her body shudder and she grabbed hold of Brian’s arm and squeezed it as she squealed and came as she felt my cum ooze into her and I lay across her back.
We rested for a while then I slowly withdrew and stared at her open bum-hole, as a dribble of cum slipped out as I pulled my cock from it. She collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and Anne swept her in her arms and they hugged. Brian and I sat on the bed and looked at each other and grinned.
“What a night!” He said.
I had to agree, it was.

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