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Bringing in the New Year with a Bang - Part One

December 2018

Brian’s family were delighted with his news, and Sara’s fear was unfounded and their engagement was welcomed by everyone, including Brian’s mother-in-law, and Dianne’s mother. Both of his children were happy for him, his daughter, in particular, was overjoyed that he had finally found happiness once more. And, as she already knew of the situation between Brian and us, she naturally assumed that Sara was also part of our little group, if only she knew the full extent of it, she would be shocked.
It was a year since they met, and it had been a bit of a whirlwind romance, but to be fair, it wasn’t as if they hadn’t known each other before they met. They had, Sara had been on the outskirts of our little groups for years. But now, she was very firmly on the inside.
It had been a few weeks since we had seen Becky. Though she and Anne talked often on the phone, she had been working hard and she and Erin had become close and had been exclusive to each other ever since we last got together with them both. It could be said that love was very much in the air, and I like to think that we played a part in both of their relationships.
Brian and I met for our usual Friday-night drink and as we watched a good local four-piece band play in our local we talked about Christmas. It was always a time for family, but this year it turned out that we would both be at home, on our own for New Year’s Eve.
We decided that we needed to do something, or at least go out for the evening and enjoy it. It had been years since we had been out to celebrate the start of a new year. We thought about going out to a club or finding a party somewhere, but we both knew what we wanted to do, and we also knew that if we did it, then it had to be special.
When we got to ours after the pub both Anne and Sara had been drinking, they weren’t drunk, but they’d been drinking. We sat around and discussed Christmas, and I asked for any ideas for role-plays, or anything that we could do on the night.
Sara suggested that we asked Becky and Erin to join us.
“I know that Brian was a little jealous of you both when they came over to your place.”
I blushed, I still felt embarrassed that they had approached us, and not them. As we discussed the night we all felt that it should be a little more special as it was the end of the year, and the first time that we’d been together over that period. So we decided to give it a lot of thought.
We had a nice and peaceful weekend. I’d been out for a walk to the local newsagents on Sunday morning to fetch the morning paper, as well as get some fresh air after Anne and I had had a little too much to drink the night before and a particularly energetic sex session
When I returned she was talking on the phone. I put the coffee machine on and sat in the kitchen and started to read my paper. I could hear her talking and figured out that she was talking to Sara. From her end of the conversation I guessed that they were talking about sex, and from what it sounded, Sara seemed pretty excited about it.
When she finished she joined me in the kitchen. I pushed her coffee mug towards her and she smiled as she picked it up. She waited for me to ask, so I let her hang for a while, then I sighed.
“Okay. I’ll ask. What were the two of you talking about?”
She smiled and started to tell me about how their previous night had unfolded. It had begun with a call from Becky, much like when she called us and wanted to come around. She visited them with Erin, and the four of them had a long evening during which Sara was worked on by both Becky and Erin, and then Brian had sex with all three. He was exhausted by the time they all fell into bed in the early hours of the morning.
I listened and watched Anne’s face as she told me all about it. I smiled when she was done.
“That was a coincidence wasn’t it?” I said.
She looked at me, innocently. I shook my head.
“Okay. When did you call her?”
She looked at me,
I laughed.
“Come on Anne. We talk about our next meeting and Sara tells us that Brian was so jealous of me when they visited us, and then the very next day, Becky mysteriously calls Sara.”
Anne picked up her mug and took a drink. She looked at me over the mug and shrugged.
“So sue me.”
I shook my head and smiled.
“Well, I’m glad that they all had fun.”
She reached out and put her hand on mine.
“You’re not jealous are you?” She asked.
I looked up from my paper and smiled.
“No. Of course, I’m not. But you should have told me, it wasn’t a secret.”

Brian and Sara came round to see us a couple of days later, as they often did. We decided to ditch dinner and ordered a couple of pizzas and sat around the coffee table and chatted about Christmas.
After they had finished telling me about their weekend with the girls, during which I couldn’t help notice how excited Brian got, the focus of our chat turned back to Christmas and our New Year’s Eve celebration.
It took us some time, but when it came to me I was in the office. It came as such a surprise to me that I had to call Brian immediately to tell him. He was amazed at the idea and we immediately began to discuss whether it was possible, and we tried to guess how everyone would react. We agreed to meet after work to discuss it more.
It was difficult to concentrate for the rest of the afternoon, and I left work early and was sat in the pub when he walked in. He too was early, he said that he couldn’t settle. We got our drinks and sat back down.
“It’s outrageous!” He said after he’d taken a drink.
I had to agree, but we both knew that if we could pull it off, it might well be our best role-play ever. We discussed the various options and started to work on the details. He stopped me.
“Don’t you think that you have some calls to make?” He said.
He was right, and I made a call there and then and arranged yet another meeting for the following evening in the same pub.
When I got home Anne could tell that I was excited about something, she knew that I’d been with Brian, and guessed that it had something to do with New Year’s Eve, but she would be frustrated by my refusal to discuss it with her. I knew that it would be the same story at Brian’s place, but I knew that if we could pull it off, both women would be so grateful to us.
The following evening Brian and I waited in the pub for our guests, we recognised them immediately, to be fair, we couldn’t miss them. It was Tom and Eddie, two of the guys that we used to celebrate Sara’s birthday.
We got drinks and we settled into a corner booth, away from nosey ears. I outlined our proposal to them both. They had lots of questions which we both answered and allayed all of their concerns, I even offered to let them view the role-play that we’d like to base it on, which they agreed to. And when they left, they’d agreed, in principle, to join us to see in the new year spectacularly.
That weekend, Sara and Anne were out with a couple of their friends for a birthday dinner. I invited Tom and Eddie to our house along with Brian and we viewed the recording of the role-play that I wanted to emulate, and a couple of others so that they could see the kind of things we liked, and, that the women were on-board with it.
Before they left, they had agreed, and we had the basic outline of a plan in place. We had two weeks to refine it, two weeks in which we knew that our women would torture us for details.
We spent Christmas with our families. Brian and Sara went to visit theirs whilst we were lucky enough to have both our kids, and our grand-kids visit us for a couple of days. It was a magical time and we loved every minute that they were with us. But when they left our attention immediately turned to New Year’s eve and our party that we had planned. Fortunately, Becky and Erin had agreed to join us. I was concerned that they would want to be out on the town to bring in the new year. However, the prospect of a role-play with us was all the incentive that they needed.
When Brian returned from his visits, he and I met up and went over the final arrangements with Tom and Eddie. Both guys looked forward to the evening. Having viewed the footage of a couple of our role-plays they were almost as excited as we were.
Finally, the day arrived. Anne had been on edge for a couple of days. She’d been focussed on getting the house ready, and while I did help her, I also spent a couple of days making sure that I had all the relevant areas of the house covered by our camcorders. Anne tried many times to get me to reveal the play to her, but I held firm, as did Brian, who had told me that Sara had tried desperately to get him to tell her something.
I watched as Anne got dressed. She had bought a lovely new dress, especially for the evening. It was a knee-length, dark-blue dress with flashes of metallic silver throughout. She wore black hold-up stockings and had a gorgeous matching black bra and panties set underneath. I hugged her and kissed her. She smiled and told me to take care of her lips-stick. Her fingers slipped between us and caressed across my bulge, she grinned.
“You’re eager.” She whispered.
I stole another kiss.
“I know what’s going ’s happen,” I whispered. Then we went down and waited for the others to arrive.
I set the music playing and poured us a couple of drinks. Becky and Erin arrived first, and as they stepped out of their taxi I stared at them. They wore the shortest of dresses that only just covered their panties. As they walked towards us I was sure that I could see their crotches.
We welcomed them and we were both greeted by kisses and hugs. They both smelled delicious too. Anne handed them drinks and we stood and chatted until Brian and Sara arrived.
Like Anne, Sara had bought a new dress. It was shorted than Anne’s, but not nearly as short as the girls’ dresses. She looked stunning in it. When everyone had a drink I stood in the middle of the room with Brian and we told them about the evening.
“We do have a role-play planned ladies. We aren’t telling you much more than who you will be playing when the play eventually starts.”
I watched as Becky and Erin held onto each other, they both listened intently and were very aroused.
“Becky. You are called Ellie, and you are our daughter, and Anne, you are Lisa. And you are home from university.” Becky smiled, she seemed to like that. I continued.
“Erin, your name is Hannah, and you are the daughter of Brian, who is Dave, and Sara who is Karen. You’re also home from university. You are both twenty if asked.”
The girls were excited, as were Anne and Sara, Anne asked for more information but all I told her was that if I called Brian by his alias, ‘Dave’, or he called me ‘Bob’. Then the play had started, and everything from then was the role-play.
As we settled down I told everyone that we should treat this as a party, as I hadn’t decided when the play would start. In reality, I knew exactly when the play would start, and we had a couple of hours yet.
I turned up the music, and we started to dance. It was a nice party. Small and exclusive. But I got to dance closely with Sara, Becky and Erin, as well as Anne. Becky held onto me and whispered in my ear that she was so excited and turned on. She ground herself against me and smiled when she felt my bulge press into her. She was impatient. I whispered to her and told her that to remember that when we started it was all play, nothing was real.
She looked at me, she had a confused look on her face. I smiled.
“Remember. It’s a role-play. No-one gets hurt.”
She nodded.
We all enjoyed the night. Anne brought out snacks, we ate, we had fun, we drank and we chatted. I checked my watch, it was ten-twenty-five. I glanced at Brian, he nodded. It was game time.

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