Dear Diary - My wife, my friend and me.

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Bringing in the New Year with a Bang - Part Two

I picked up some empty glasses and walked into the kitchen. Anne was dancing with Becky, and Sara with Erin as Brian sat on the sofa and watched them. He knew what was going to happen next, and he waited for my signal.
I slipped into the kitchen and quietly opened the kitchen door and let Tom and Eddie in. They had been waiting outside and slipped inside. They were both excited as I closed the door behind them. I got a bag from one of the kitchen cupboards, I had placed it there earlier in the day. It had all of the props that they’d need, including foam ‘knives’ and of course, the foam ‘bat’. I handed them their masks, this was to be another ‘intrude play’ but with a difference.
I turned and let Tom tie my hands loosely behind my back and then they slipped on their masks. Eddie dropped a pan onto the floor to make a noise, then I called out.
“Dave! Can you come in here a minute?”
“I’m on my way, Bob.” He replied.
He emphasised the name ‘Bob’ so that everyone knew that we had started. I heard Anne say to the others.
“It’s started! Here we go, ladies.”
Brian entered the kitchen and smiled at us. He turned and let them tie his hands behind his back too. They used plastic handcuffs on us, the type you use for bedroom play, with a quick-release button in case of panic. We looked at each other and I nodded to Brian.
“HEY, What the fuck?” He yelled at the top of his voice.
I heard the women stop chatting as Brian continued.
“Okay, okay. We’ll do as you say. Just don’t hurt anyone.”
We hesitated then Brian and I stumbled into the lounge as if pushed from behind. I had to stifle a smile as Erin squealed and Becky hugged her. What none of them expected, was the two huge guys, dressed in black and with balaclavas on who followed us into the room. I glanced up at Anne who was frozen to the spot as she looked at the two guys.
She stared at me. I tried to reassure her with a smile.
“It’s okay honey,” I said. Before I was pushed from behind and fell onto one of the armchairs. Anne jumped. Brian had winked at Sara to reassure her, and as I got up, both of them seemed to be okay. Becky and Erin weren’t too sure, but Anne and Sara were getting into their roles and had taken them into their arms as we were pushed towards them.
Tom took the lead.
“Okay. Well, well, what have we here.”
He held up the green and yellow knife and pointed it at Sara. She trembled, I Wasn’t sure whether it was good acting, or she was just so excited.
“I’m Karen, this is my daughter Hannah.” She mumbled.
Tom walked towards them and drew the end of the foam knife down Erin’s front, she whimpered and buried her face into her ‘mum’s’ neck. Sara pleaded with him to leave her alone.
Eddie walked over to Anne. He stared at her, then at Becky.
“And you are?” He asked.
Anne bit her lip.
“I’m Lisa, and this is my daughter Ellie. Please don’t hurt them.” She begged.
He brushed the foam ‘knife’ across her face and stepped back.
“Well, that very much depends on you two ladies doesn’t it?”
Sara and Anne glanced at each other. I was certain that I saw them smirk. I looked at Becky and Erin, I wasn’t sure whether they were enjoying it to the same degree or not. I nodded towards Becky, Anne smiled at me and hugged her and winked at me, which I took to mean everything was okay.
Brian and I were pulled to our feet and rushed over to join the others. Becky slipped her arm around me and when she called me daddy I knew that she was okay. I heard Erin do that same to Brian so I relaxed, I knew that everyone was on-board.
We were all squashed onto the sofa as the two guys looked down at us. I could feel Anne’s breath on my neck, she was so aroused, and Becky clung onto me like she was really scared. I whispered to her and asked her if she was okay. She buried her head into my neck and sobbed.
“Oh, daddy.” She cried. Then kissed my neck and whispered.
“I’m so fucking horny Paul.” I smiled to myself/.
Tom prodded me with the foam-bat.
“No talking!” He yelled.
He shouted at Anne.
“Get up!”
I tried to get up as I yelled at him. He responded by slamming the foam-bat off my head. I fell back as Erin and Becky squealed in surprise. Anne slowly stood. Followed by Sara who had been ordered to her feet by Eric. I wondered whether Anne and Sara had figured out who they guys were yet. I knew that the would as soon as they got them undressed.
The guys circled the two of them as they stood together in the middle of the room. Tom looked at Becky.
“Get up!” He snapped.
I started to move but he slapped me with the foam-bat again and I sat back as Becky stood nervously. She crossed her hands in front of her.
“Your mum is pretty isn’t she?” He said.
Becky nodded. He walked up to her, his face inches from hers.
“Are you a virgin Erin? He asked.
She hung her head and shook it. “No.”
He smiled under the mask.
“Good. So you know what a blow-job is then?”
She nodded. He turned back to Anne and held his face close to hers.
“Here’s the deal mum. One of you is going to give me a blow-job. Who is it to be?”
Anne gave a great performance. She looked terrified, she glanced at Becky who trembled and whimpered, then she glanced at me, I slowly lowered my head as if unable to look at her. Then she looked at him.
“I will.” She whispered.
He smiled. Becky started to move away he grabbed her, she yelped.
“Where are you going, missy? You’re going to help. You are going to undress your mum.”
She looked shocked and glanced at Anne who reached out and stroked her face.
“It’s okay honey. Just do as he says.”
With trembling fingers, Becky slowly pulled down the zip on Anne’s dress and pushed the straps over her shoulders and slid the dress down her body. Anne stepped out of it and revealed her underwear and stockings. I stared at her, she looked so beautiful. Tom stared and told Becky to strip her completely but to leave the stockings on.
Becks unhooked her bra and when her breasts ere revealed I stared at my wife’s hard nipples, she was so turned on. Becky knelt and pulled down her panties and helped her to step out of them. Tom nodded and stroked his fingers across Becky’s face. She recoiled and he raised his hand as if to strike her. She cowered and he pushed her back onto the sofa and she fell into my arms as I hugged her. He instructed Anne to kneel in front of him, which she did. He nodded to Eddie who repeated the process with Sara. Sara stood and was joined by Erin who, as instructed slowly undressed her ‘mum’.
Brian and I stared at them both as they played along perfectly and looked terrified as the two guys stroked her faces with the foam weapons. Tom stroked his foam knife over his huge bulge and then grabbed some of Anne’s hair.
“You better give me a good blow-job. Or this is going up your daughter’s ass.”
Becky pressed herself harder into my side as Anne reached up, and with trembling fingers started to unzip his pants. I glanced to their right and Eddie had taken a gentle hold on Sara’s hair and turned her head to look at him.
“The same goes for you. I need the blow-job of your life, or your daughter’s ass is mine.” He grinned as she sighed and her fingers slid his zip down.
Becky and Erin both gasped almost simultaneously as Sara and Anne pushed the guys pants down and revealed their huge cocks. Erin couldn’t control herself, she cried out.
“Oh fuck. That’s huge.”
Eddied stroked his fingers along his hard shaft and stared at her.
“Maybe I will get you to blow me instead.”
Sara shook her head and slid her fingers over his cock and stroked it.
“No. No. Leave her alone.”
Eddie moaned as she opened her mouth and stretched her lips over the fat head of his cock and slid it into her mouth. He ripped his mask off and stared at her.
“We won’t need these now mate, we’ve got the cameras running, they won’t be reporting any of this after we are done.”
Tom pulled his mask off as Anne slid her lips around his cock and sucked it slowly into her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled, she recognised him from Sara’s party.
Becky hugged into my side as she stared at him as he pushed his cock further into Anne’s mouth. She moaned and groaned, and occasionally gagged as he pushed it into her throat. She leaned in and whispered.
“They are both huge Paul. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”
I stroked her face and squeezed her as we watched as Anne worked her mouth along most of the length of his shaft. I heard her gag and cough whenever he pushed into her throat, but to be fair, she never stopped. He had turned her side-on so that we could all see her slid as much as she could of it into her mouth.
On the other side, Brian and Erin were equally as engrossed in Sara’s attempts to take everything that Eddie could give her, and both women moaned and sighed and gagged as they worked hard to bring the two guys off.
Both Eddie and Tom had never experienced anything like it before, The whole role-play was almost too much for them and I stared at Tom as he started to thrust his cock towards Anne’s mouth as she slid her lips down the shaft. He moaned and gripped her hair firmer as he pulled her head towards him to meet his thrusts.
Then, with a groan and one last thrust, he threw his head back and Anne moaned as he shot the first jet of hot, sticky cum into her mouth. I watched her throat gulp it down and then, as his cock jerked in her mouth she gulped more of his cum down her throat. He held onto her head as his cock continued to pump his cum into her mouth and she swallowed every drop.
Meanwhile, beside them, Sara was working equally as hard, and soon she got her reward. Eddie grabbed her head with both hands and held it still as he thrust his cock forward and into her throat. Her eyes bulged as he cried out and was still as his cock started to spew his cum deep into her throat.
She gagged a little and coughed, a dribble of cum leaked out of her nose and onto her lip as she struggled to take all of his cum. It was such a hot sight, both Anne and Sara had their mouths, and throats filled with their cum as the two guys struggled to stay on their feet. Their orgasms were so powerful that both of them needed to lean on the women for support.
The two women sucked and licked their cocks clean and then slowly slid them out of their mouths and sat back on their heels and looked up at them as they got their breathing back under control. Both guys looked down at them and smiled, then they looked at Brian and me. Tom smiled.
“Girls, get you dads to their feet. We’re going upstairs.”
Anne protested but he pulled out the foam knife and waved it in front of her, she winced and swayed away.
“You said that you’d leave her alone if I did it. And I did! We both did” she pleaded.
He grinned.
“I never said that we were going to touch them, now did I?”
The guys pulled Anne and Sara to their feet and the girls helped Brian and me up and we were pushed out and up the stairs to our bedroom. Once inside Brian and I were pushed so that we sat on the bed. Anne and Sara were sat on the bed that we had placed in the room beside our bed. Eddie grabbed Erin’s arm and pulled her in front of Brian.
“Strip!” He demanded.
She froze and stared at him.
“STRIP!” He yelled and raised his hand.
She cowered and whimpered. Brian stepped in.
“Hannah, I’m sorry baby, just do as he says.”
She looked at him.
“But dad?”
He nodded at her.
“It’ll be okay.”
She sighed and slowly pulled the tiny dress up and over her head to reveal a perfect pair of breasts and a tiny pair of panties. Both Eddie and Tom gasped when they saw her. Tom turned to Becky.
“Okay, and now you!” He barked.
She jumped and looked at me, I nodded at her and smiled. She too peeled the tight-fitting dress up and over her head, she too was topless and wore a tiny thong. Once again both guys stared at her, they were taken aback by their beauty, as was I, my cock was bursting to get out.
They were both instructed to pull us to our feet and undress us. The guys had to release our hands, which they did and Becky and Erin slowly undressed us both until we stood before them in our boxers, both of us sporting erections. Tom grinned at me.
“Well look at that! Daddy had a hard-on for his little girl.”
I shook my head and protested but he prodded the foam bat into my erection. He looked at Becky.
“Take his boxers off!” He snapped.
She reached out and her fingers trembled as she slid them down and my hard cock sprang free, she gasped. She stared at me, she tried hard to stay in character but I saw her lips curl as she stifled a smile. Tom grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side of the bed.
“Lie down! Your legs over the edge.” He ordered.
She hesitated, then he swiped her across her legs gently with the foam bat, she jumped then slowly lay down. Her chest rose and fell as her breathing increased. I stared at her hard nipples and noticed that her smooth pussy lips were engorged and wet.
Erin was ordered to undress Brian and she too was laid on the bed beside Becky. Tom stood before me and stared into my eyes.
“Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to fuck your daughter, and mummy here is going to watch.” His face was almost touching mine, he was doing a great job.
I shook my head.
“I can’t. I just can’t” I pleaded.
He grinned and pushed me away. He reached down and started to unzip himself.
“Okay then. I’ll take her ass.”
Anne yelled at me.
“Just do it, Bob. For god’s sake, don’t let him near her.”
I looked at Anne, her eyes pleaded with me. I turned to Becky who was now laid down and her legs had parted and I could see beads of moisture clinging to her pussy lips. My cock was hard and dripping pre-cum. I sighed and slowly moved around the bed and stood between her legs.
Meanwhile, Brian had now been pushed away and Erin was guided to the bed and laid down and Brian was instructed to fuck her. He looked at Sara who, like Anne, pleaded with him to do it, and to protect her daughter from them.
All eyes were on us as we leaned down. I looked into Becky’s eyes.
“I’m sorry honey.”
She bit her lip and sighed.
“It’s okay dad,”
I lifted her legs and spread them a little further then placed my hard, wet cock against her tight hole and paused. Then I pushed forward and groaned as I felt her tight pussy resist then stretch to accommodate my cock as I slid into her. Beside us, Erin cried out as Brian forced his hard cock into her pussy.
I placed my hands on the bed for support and began to fuck her. Long slow movements as I slid in and out. I could feel her tight pussy walls grip my hard shaft as I slid in and out of her. I loved the feeling of her pussy, it was so tight, and she couldn’t resist, she wrapped her arms around my neck and moaned.
“Oh, dad.”
I thrust harder as the bed rocked to the rhythms of both Brian and I as we fucked them both together. I glanced up and noticed that Eddie and Tom had dragged Sara and Anne to their feet and brought them to the other side of the bed, ‘to get a closer look.’
I couldn’t take my eyes off Anne as I fucked Becky. Tom had bent her over, she faced me and Becky, her arms on the bed as he stood behind her. I watched her face as she winced when he thrust his hard cock into her and he grabbed her hips and began to fuck her hard as I fucked Becky.
Eddie had done the same thing with Sara. And within seconds, all eight of us were fucking on our bed. The two guys fucked the ‘mums’ and made them watch as their husbands fucked their ‘daughters’ in front of them.
It was a fantastic scene. As I slammed into Becky, she reached out and grabbed Erin’s hand and they looked at each other as Brian and I fucked them both hard. I glanced up at Anne and Sara, they were transfixed on the scene before them and the two guys didn’t know where to look, the looks on their faces was priceless.
I don’t know who came first, or last. All I know that in the melee of fucking, and moaning, crying and screaming I felt my orgasm rise and I held myself inside Becky as I pumped my cum deep into her pussy. I fell onto her and she hugged me and we kissed as I emptied myself into her.
When eventually I looked up. Anne had fallen forward, she was panting and gasping for air as Tom laid on her back, spent. Brian and Erin were also done, they lay in each other’s arms as they recovered and Sara and Eddie had just finished and he too, was laid across her back.
Slowly we started to untangle ourselves and I stood up and looked down at the mass of bodies on our bed.
“And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap. CUT!”
We were done. There was a moment’s hesitation then everyone seemed to talk at once. I raised my hands and we all fell silent.
Tom spoke first.
“Paul. I thought Sara’s birthday party was something special. But this? This was on a different planet. You guys are fucking awesome! I don’t know how you do it! Thank you for inviting us both.”
Erin said that she had never had so much fun, and it was an experience that she’d never forget. A sentiment that Becky agreed with. As everyone gave their opinion I noticed Becky and Erin couldn’t take their eyes off Tom and Eddie. I got Anne’s attention, she too had noticed.
I suggested that Anne, Sara, Brian and I go and get some drinks. I turned to Tom and Eddie.
“I think there are two young women who would like to get to sample your goods guys. Am I right ladies?”
Both young women blushed and looked so embarrassed. I stroked Becky’s hair.
“I know you want to Becky. Enjoy.” I whispered.

We left the room and went down to get some drinks. We stayed down for a while to give them some time alone and after we’d had a drink I poured us all another and suggested that we creep upstairs and listen at the top of the stairs, as I had done many times to Brian and Anne.
Sara and Anne led the way, and as we reached the top we could hear the cries and moans of both girls as they were fucked hard by the guys. We crept up and looked in on the scene. All four were on the bed and the guys were fucking them hard. We watched as both girls came first and then the guys emptied themselves into them and they collapsed into a hot, steamy mess and lay together.
We walked in and handed them a drink each and we sat around and discussed how the night had gone. The consensus was that it had been a resounding success, and everyone had thought the introduction of the two guys was a stroke of genius. Once again, everyone praised the ‘realistic’ feel of the play.
The guys stayed for a while before they decided that they would leave us and they dressed. We all said our farewells in the lounge, they were the only two who were dressed and it was a strange scene.
After they had left we sat in the lounge and talked about it a little more. We discussed the sleeping arrangements, and I had an idea. Brian and I went up to our bedroom. We pushed the bed to the side and took the mattress off and placed it on the floor. I got a mattress from the spare room and dropped it on the floor. We placed sheets on them both and squashed them together with the bed and the wall.
When the others came up they were surprised to see Brian and I laid on the mattresses under the duvets. They got the idea and soon I was laid on my back, I had Anne on my left arm, and Becky on my right. Brian had Erin on his right and Sara on his left. And that was how we all fell asleep, the perfect end to the perfect night, and the perfect start to a new year.

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