Dear Diary - My wife, my friend and me.

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The end of an era, and new beginnings.

I had worried about facing Brian after my episode with his daughter. But thankfully, when I did see him I was able to behave normally. My fear of not being able to keep it a secret was unfounded. After battling with the guilt, and the sense that I would be exposed at any moment, as we settled down to dinner I never give it a thought.
We had a lovely dinner and I was even able to chat about how much help Hannah had been in clearing out Anne’s stuff without showing any sign of guilt. As I helped Sara clear up she asked me how I was doing. I told her that it had taken time, but I felt that I was starting to live again. I told her that I had seen how Brian had struggled, and as hard as it might seem, I learned from his experience. I knew that I would never get over losing her as I did, but, like Brian, I will be able to move on, one day.
I was surprised at how easy I found talking to Sara, she did make me relax and able to talk openly about anything with her. As I handed her the last plate to put away she looked at me and let her hand rest on mine. She smiled.
“Brian and I have got something to ask you, Paul.”
I looked towards the lounge from where I heard the sound of Michael Bublé coming. I looked back at her.
“What is it?”
She smiled and took my hand and led me into the lounge.
“I’ll let Brian ask you.”
Brian was stood in the lounge and as we walked in he handed us both a glass of wine. I took a sip and looked at him.
“Sara has said that you have something to ask me, Brian.”
He nodded and asked me to sit. I sat on the sofa, Sara sat beside me as he began to talk about our friendship, Anne, Dianne and our lives together. I wondered where he was going and hoped that it didn’t get too emotional as I was feeling good. Then he got onto our little threesomes and our games.
His voice softened.
“Paul. I shared something special to you and Anne. And you were so generous to let me spend time with her, and have sex with her. Do you realise what a gift you gave me?”
I tried to explain that he did do me a massive favour initially but he continued.
“Sara and I have talked about it. And we know that it will be incredibly difficult for you, but we’d like to continue. I would very much like to watch you and Sara make love. Just as you did on that first night. I would like to sit, and watch you with Sara.”
I stared at him. Here I was worried about blurting out how I’d slept with his daughter, and he was asking me to sleep with his girlfriend. I looked at Sara.
“Is this what you want to Sara?”
She nodded.
“We’ve talked about it, Paul. He said that first time, when you just watched and didn’t join in was so special and he’d like to experience that for himself.”
I looked at him.
“But Brian, We’ve already done this. Sara and I have had sex.”
He nodded.
“Yes. You have. But this time you are the satisfying fantasy of mine. And I don’t want you to have sex with her, I want you to make love to her.”
I took another drink of my wine, mostly to think about my response. I had thought that all of this would end with Anne’s death. But here we were, and the tables were turned as it were. I was the one asked to satisfy the fantasy. I looked at them both and nodded.
“Okay. When?”
They glanced at each other.
“Tonight.” They said in unison.
I felt my pulse increase as I realised that I was going to have sex with my best mate’s woman. Yes, we had done it before, but it did feel different. For one, Anne wasn’t here. And two, I saw a different look on Brian’s face as he smiled at Sara.
We made our way upstairs and into their bedroom. I had been in there before, cut this would be the first time that I would have sex in there. I noticed that he had set up a chair beside the bed so that he could watch us and get a good view. I looked at him.
“If you’d given me a head’s up I could have brought the camcorders.”
He smiled.
“Maybe next time. This time is purely for my fantasy and your pleasure mate.”
Then he stood before me and hugged me.
“Paul. We never got the chance to do this when Dianne was alive. I know how much she would have enjoyed it. But now, we had the opportunity. And if Anne’s death has taught me anything, it is that there is no time to waste. If we want to do something, then we should do it.”
Sara looked on as we hugged. Then he sat down and I turned and took her in my arms and we kissed. I could feel her tremble, and as we broke I whispered.
“Are you okay Sara?”
She nodded.
“Yes. I just want this so much for Brian. You don’t realise how much he wants this Paul.”
I kissed her again.
“Well. We had better make it good then.”
And I started to unzip her dress.
I soon had her stood in her bra and panties. A delicious matching pair of soft pink bikini-style panties and a half-cup bra. I let my fingers trace small circles over the bra and around her nipples underneath. She closed her eyes and her hand slipped onto my boxers and her fingers slid along my hard cock which was bursting to get out.
She knelt down and slowly pulled down my boxers. My cock sprung out and she moaned as she slipped her fingers around the hard shaft as I stepped out of them. I let my fingers caress through her hair as she stroked me a few times then slipped the head into her mouth. I moaned and held her head as she slowly and deliberately slid her tongue along the shaft and licked around the head of my cock. I groaned and warned her that I might come quickly if she kept that up. She grinned and looked up at me with my cock sticking out of her mouth. I knew that she wouldn’t allow that.
She stood and with her hand holding my cock she walked backwards and slipped onto the bed. I slid onto the bed beside her and kissed her. I probed her mouth with my tongue as my hands slid all over her breasts. As I kissed and battled inside her mouth with her tongue, I reached under her and unclipped her bra, and soon had it off and laid on the floor.
She was panting and breathing a little faster. I reached down and slipped both my hands into hers and locked my fingers with hers. Then I shifted, and, still holding her hands, I slipped my leg across her body and in one movement had straddled her and sat on her thighs. I held her hands and lifted them above her head and pressed them into the bed as I leaned over her. Her arms were stretched out above her head as I leaned down and kissed her.
She moaned. And as she tried to move her hands I held them in place and pressed my lips harder against hers. She moaned and wriggled beneath me as I felt her respond to my kiss. Then, with her hands held above her head, I lowered my mouth and clamped my lips onto her nipple. She gasped and pushed her hips up at me.
A loud moan escaped her lips as I licked, and sucked on her nipple. I let go of her hands, and as I did, she grabbed my head and pulled my mouth against her breast. I couldn’t stop myself, I moaned.
“Oh god, you’re so beautiful Sara.”
I slid down her body and as I did I kissed and licked her soft skin. I pressed my lips over her panties and felt her clit underneath. I pressed on it and she moaned and moved her hips against my mouth.
As I continued down her body, I grabbed the waistband of her panties and peeled them down her thighs and legs and as I knelt at her feet I slid them off and dropped them on the floor. I stared at her. She looked beautiful. I reached out and parted her legs, she opened them and I crawled between them and started to kiss her inner thighs. She was panting and breathing harder as she slid her fingers through my hair and as I pressed my lips against her pussy she gasped and slipped her legs around my back and crossed her feet and gripped me as I began to work my lips and tongue across her pussy.
She was panting and pulling at my hair. She was so turned on that she began to beg me to fuck her. Eventually, I couldn’t ignore her pleas any more and I slid from her pussy and lay on her. I kissed her. She pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and ground her pussy against me. I reached down and guided my hard cock towards her entrance.
I pressed the head of my cock against her hole and she stared at me.
“Oh god, Paul. Yes.”
I pushed forward and felt her pussy part and the head slipped into her. She moaned and wrapped her arms around me and held me with her legs. We kissed as I slipped into her and began to slowly move.
I didn’t rush. I slid in and out, nice and steadily. We worked together and as I thrust into her she ground her pussy against me and pushed back. IT was so hot, it felt so beautiful This wasn’t the rushed sex that we’d had in the past. This was more intimate, more sensual. It certainly felt special, it felt like we were making love. We kissed and as I move in and out of her she moaned and cried out as my cock slid across her clit as I thrust long and slowly into her.
As I tried to control myself I felt her began to push back a little more energetically. I kissed her and stroked her face as we made love. She opened her eyes, she stared at me.
“Oh, Paul. I need to come. I need you to come.”
I kissed her again and quickened my pace. Still gentle, no pounding, just constant, gentle fucking. She pushed back at me and gripped my neck. I felt her fingers dig into me as she began to buck up at me. She was becoming more erratic, and harder, and she got louder too. She started to groan, to cry out, the odd squeal as I plunged deep into her.
“Oh yes. Oh, Paul.”
She moaned and begged me to fuck her. I resisted from slamming my cock into her. I wanted this to the gentle and romantic, but it was difficult. She was getting more aroused by the second.
Eventually, it happened and I felt her thighs squeeze me tight as she bucked up at me uncontrollably and her fingers dug into my back as she screamed out and shook with an orgasm. That was my signal, and as she came I picked up my pace and thrust harder and faster. And as she was coming down from her orgasm I gave one last thrust and felt my cock spurt a huge jet of cum into her pussy. I lay on her as my cock jerked inside of her and emptied my balls deep into her pussy.
I lay on her as my cock twitched inside her until I was empty. Then as she held me close to her, I slowly began to recover. When I slid form her and lay beside her we looked across to Brian. He just stared at us, he had a big smile on his face.
“Paul. I get it. That was beautiful. I understand now why you did it, and what you got from it.”
I lay with her in my arms and stroked her hair. I kissed her.
“Thank you, Sara. You are so beautiful.”
She cuddled into me and let her head rest on my chest.
Then, in a flash-back to the beginning, Brian stood and walked over to us. He leaned down and kissed Sara. Then he turned and said that he was going to get some more drinks. He paused at the door and turned and looked at us.
“Enjoy yourself, honey. This one’s for you. Paul mate. Thank you.”
I watched him leave and realised that is exactly what I did, that first time with Anne. As I stared at the door I felt her lips on mine and she pushed me onto my back and I turned my attention back to her.
She slid her lips down my body, kissing me and licking me as she sent. I sighed and stroked my fingers through her hair as she settled her lips over my cock and slowly slid it into her mouth. I lay my head back and closed my eyes. This was how Brian must have felt when I left him and Anne alone that first time. The trust that he showed, and the trust that I showed defined our friendship. Yet, I had a secret. A secret that I could never reveal to him. I feared that if he found it that it would destroy our friendship. I was brought from my thoughts by the sound of Sara’s voice.
“Are you okay Paul?” She asked.
I looked at her. She was looking at me, and her fingers were holding my semi-erect cock. I nodded.
“I’m fine,” I said.
She smiled and nodded to my semi. I had to think quick.
“It’s okay, I’m a little out of practice. Tell you what, how about a sixty-nine?”
She grinned and shifted and I looked up as she spread her legs and straddle me and I stared up and into a deliciously smooth, and wet pussy. As she lowered it onto my mouth I could see a some of my previous deposit slowly leak out and fall onto my cheek.
She moaned as I slipped my tongue into her pussy and tasted my cum as she once more worked on my cock, which now began to stiffen. As I licked and sucked on her pussy and clit she slid her mouth up and down my shaft which was now hard and ready to go again. We worked on each other. My lips nibbled and sucked on her clit as she wriggled and ground her pussy into my mouth as I started to move my hips, and push my cock into her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down on it.
All thought of my guilt was out of my head. All I could think about was the lips wrapped around my cock, and the sweet pussy clamped against my lips. It was an awesome feeling, and I was so turned on. I was the first to come. I felt it rising and I started to hump up at her mouth as she kept her lips clamped on the shaft as she moved her mouth up and down. She slipped her fingers around the shaft and held it as I cried out into her pussy and thrust up and spurted the first jet of cum into her mouth. She moaned and swallowed as my cock jerked and twitched inside of her mouth. She held onto the shaft with her fingers and sucked and swallowed all of my cum from my cock.
I kept licking and sucking on her clit and pussy as she drank all of my cum. As I came down she licked and cleaned my cock as I continued to work on her pussy. I was almost clean when I felt her thighs tighten around my head and she began to grind her pussy against my mouth harder and faster. Suddenly her thighs gripped my head tighter and her body stiffened and she screamed out as she began to shake and moan. Her body was taken over by her orgasm and she whimpered and moaned as she held my head in place and she came hard onto my mouth.
We lay together for a while as we both tried to recover. Then she slipped off me and lay beside me. I held her and stroked her hair. She kissed me.
“That was awesome Paul, thank you.”
“I should thank you, Sara. That was special.”
I lay back and hugged her.
“That was beautiful guys.”
Brian was stood at the door. I don’t know how long he’d been there but he had seen some of it. He joined us on the bed.
“Paul. I thought I knew what you meant when you told me about watching me and Anne. But now I get it. And I love how the two of you make love. I don’t want this to stop mate. I’m sure Sara feels the same.”
Sara nodded. “I do.”
He put his hand on my arm.
“I know that it’s difficult for you. But will you think about it?”
I looked at them both and nodded.
“I don’t need to think about it guys. I too would like to do this again.”
He smiled and slipped into bed on the other side of Sara. It was just like old times, a different bed, and a different woman between us. But this was my new life, a life that I never wanted, but it was what I was faced with. The situation had been reversed, I was now the third man in their relationship, and I was happy with that.
As I drifted off to sleep I stared up at the ceiling. I was never a religious guy, Anne was the one who had the faith. But if there is life after death, then I am sure that she is looking down on me, with Dianne at her side and they are smiling at us.

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