Dear Diary - My wife, my friend and me.

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A little more about me
A little more about me, before we go on. Well, I am Paul, I am 49 now, I was 48 when this all started. I am Six feet one inch tall, I know, and she’s only five foot two! I’ve got thinning short black hair which I have to admit is greying in areas, which incidentally Anne loves, or so she tells me. In my youth I was fit, I played a lot of sports, a lot of football to a decent level. In my thirties I played guitar in a local band for about eight years, we didn’t go far, only playing locally, but we had a lot of fun doing it.
I didn’t go to university, I trained as a car mechanic, and worked my way up through the ranks to eventually become the owner of a small garage. I progressed to sales and selling cars, and these days, we own three, car sales businesses, one of which specialises in luxury cars, including BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and the like. I, we have two grown-up kids, one of each, and a couple of grandkids, who, we don’t see nearly enough of as they live in the South of England.
June 2017
Things finally returned to normal. I’d proven to Anne that I had got over my panic attack, and we were both looking forward to our next time with Brian. As the weekend approached Anne thought that maybe Brian could give sleeping at ours a miss, but I told her that I didn’t want anything to change, and besides, it would give us a chance to talk. With that in mind I decided that instead of he and I going to the pub, we’d all have a ‘no-sex’ night in at ours.
Friday arrived and Brian came around at seven and we ordered a take-away and sat in the lounge, our plates on our laps. The wine flowed, and the conversation was excellent, we laughed, joked and reminisced, as we often did when we got together. With music playing in the background we relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. Anne was sat beside me on the couch, Brian sat on one of the armchairs, I noticed that when he arrived, he made for one of the chairs. I wondered whether he did that so that Anne wouldn’t pay too much attention to him, but maybe it was my imagination starting up again.
We were chatting about our past together, including his wife Dianne, who we all miss greatly when Anne suddenly suggested that we play a game. I told her that we agreed, no sex games, she nodded, it wasn’t one of those. She got up and filled our glasses then sat down beside me and leaned against me. She explained that she’d seen the characters on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ play this game. She explained that it was like ‘truth or dare’ but without the daring bit.
It was called, ’Never have I ever,” and she explained how it worked, in turn, we had to suggest something that you either had or hadn’t done, and everyone in the room who had done it had to take a drink, and then explain what, why, where, etc. It was a drinking game. I could see this getting out of control so once again I reminded her, and Brian that the deal was no sex.
Anne began.
“Never have I ever had sex in a public place!”
I smiled, Brian took a drink, as did Anne and myself. Anne and I had had sex a few times in public. The first was at our local swimming baths, in the family changing room when our daughter was a baby. Brian told us that he and Dianne first did it on the back seat of a coach coming back from the Lake District when they were courting. He explained that the coach was nowhere near full, and most passengers were a lot older than them.
It was my turn next.
“Never had I ever masturbated in a public place!”
I smiled and looked at Brian, he wasn’t drinking but he nodded to Anne who had raised her glass to her lips. I was shocked, Brian laughed.
“Hah! Your secret is out!”
She wiped a little red wine from her lips and explained that when she was sixteen, she went to see Spandau Ballet and along with her friends, spent lots of time stood with her hands inside her knickers, and she was not the only girl doing that. That was the first time I’d heard that, and it turned me on so much.
Brian smiled, he thought then he said.
“Never have I ever fantasised about my partner with a person of the same sex.”
I paused and looked around, as I raised my glass to my lips, I saw that both of them were drinking, I stared at Anne.
She blushed, she paused before answering.
“Okay, you drank too! How is it okay for you to fantasise about me with another woman, but not for me to fantasise about you and another man?”
Brian laughed, “she’s got you there man!”
We laughed. I was still in shock as we talked about our various fantasies. She’d made herself pretty clear, mine was a typical guys fantasy. Brian gave us the most detail. He told how she, and Dianne often fantasised about her and Anne. Anne was shocked. Brian explained that not only did he have a thing for Anne, and Dianne a huge thing for me.
“She saw it as a challenge. You know, she wanted to be the first to take the pretty little Catholic girl.”
Anne looked surprised, he continued.
“You have to remember Anne. Back then, when we first met, you were pretty shy and quiet. We thought that it was your catholic upbringing. If only she could see you now”
It turns out that for a long time, he and Dianne had thought about asking me and Anne to join them, but never thought that she would go for it, and didn’t want to destroy our friendship. I hugged her, she didn’t seem upset I noticed that her nipples were poking hard against her blouse, she was aroused. Things went on, and we all laughed and drank and were getting quite merry. In a break, I brought up her fantasy again.
“Do you fantasise about me and another guy?”
Her eyes were quite glassy, she was drunk, she smiled.
“I don’t mean you fuck each other, but, maybe a little foreplay, a hand-job, or oral, it would be such a turn on.”
She could see the look on my face, and she giggled and leaned on my chest.
“Hey, you’ve already tasted each other’s come from my cunt, so it’s not such a great leap.”
She was drunk, she rarely used the ‘c’ word. After a great evening we all went to bed, and were soon all fast asleep, Anne slept in my arms all night, and it was wonderful.
When he left the following morning, we both ran upstairs and I dragged her onto our bed, I pulled at her clothes and she almost tore mine off. She fell back onto the bed and as I yanked off my boxers, she pulled her knees up and tore off her knickers. I dived onto her like I was possessed, and I buried my face into her crotch. My tongue found her pussy and I latched onto her clit and nibbled it, bit it, rolled it. At the same time, I rammed two fingers into her pussy. She grabbed my hair and pulled it.
“Oh God, I want you to fuck me Paul, fuck me hard!”
This was no normal morning sex, this was pure lust, I don’t know what was driving me and I didn’t care. I wanted her. I kept working on her clit and soon I felt the familiar response, her hips bucked up, her tummy twitched, and her legs clamped onto my head as she writhed beneath me. She held me there until she had finished, and, breathing hard she slowly released me. I sat up on my knees and looked down onto her, her eyes were half-open, she was still coming down from her orgasm. I grabbed her hips and started to turn her over, she opened her eyes and looked at me.
“Get on your knees love.”
She smiled and did as I asked and soon, she was before me, her ass presented to me and her head resting on the pillow. I slipped a finger into her pussy and she moaned, she was so wet. I moved closer and pushed her legs apart to lower her to cock level then I guide my cock slowly into her pussy. She pushed her head into the pillow and moaned as I grabbed her hips and began to slowly move in and out of her. Her moans encouraged me, and I gradually quickened my pace, thrusting deep into her, I looked down and stared at the tiny ass hole.
I licked my finger and rolled it around the tight ring, she moaned and wriggled, then gasped as I gently pushed my finger past the tight hole, and it slipped inside. She threw her head back
“Oh god, you haven’t done that for a long time!”
I was true, I hadn’t, but as I fucked her, I knew what I wanted, I wanted her ass. I worked my finger in and out a couple of times then I pulled out my cock, she turned her head and looked at me, our eyes met I nodded.
“Can I?”
She bit her lip and nodded, “Be gentle, please.”
I nodded, she turned away and pressed her head back into the pillow as I rubbed my wet cock across her tight ass-hole. I gripped my shaft and pressed the head, she groaned, I kept pressing, I was struggling to open her up. I put one hand on her back to hold her still and I guide my cock against her hole again and pressed with all my weight, she groaned loudly as finally I gained access and the head slipped past her sphincter and disappeared into her ass.
“Oh God! “I moaned, “that’s tight!”
Now that I was in, I grabbed her hips and slowly push a little harder, it was easier now and slowly I watched my cock disappear into her stretched ass-hole. I got most of it in and then I began to slowly rock to and fro, I gently fucked her ass. I could hear her gasping, grunting as I thrust into her, I asked her a few times if she wanted to stop, she shook her head and told me to keep going. I wanted to ram it into her, but I knew that it would hurt her, so I took my time. But a combination of not having down it for over ten years, and the tightness, I lasted about a minute before I felt my orgasm approach, she did too, as my cock swelled inside her she threw her head back.
“Oh God you’re gonna come!” she shouted.
I held her hips as I felt my cock twitch inside her and the first spurt of me cum shot into her tight ass. She shuddered and I felt her body shake as another orgasm exploded through her body. It was then that I noticed that she had been masturbating herself all the time that I fucked her ass. I remained inside her until I stopped twitching, then I slowly withdrew, I looked down, her bum-hole stayed open as I pulled out and after a few seconds, thick sticky cum began to leak out onto our duvet.
We both collapsed onto the bed and wrapped our arms around each other. I held her and told her that I loved her. I asked her if she was okay, she nodded and said she was. She said that it did hurt, but also that the pleasure was just as strong as the pain. As we lay there, I felt her breathing slow down.
I turned to her, “I want to ask you something, and please, say no if you don’t want to.”
She waited for my question. I told her that during my many conversations with Brian he had revealed to me that he’d never done anal with Dianne, it was the one thing that she refused to do for him, and I wondered if she’d let him if I told him that was what I wanted to see next time.
I could sense her apprehension after all her was much thicker than me. I told her that he would be gentle, I’d make sure of that. Finally, she let her head fall back onto my chest and sighed.
“Of course, I will, if that’s what you want?”
I smiled, “it is, but is it something that you want to do?”
She nodded, “yes.”
When the next weekend arrived all three of us were looking forward to it. He arrived at eight as arranged, she was wearing her new sexy underwear, the basque under a dressing gown. When he arrived, I invited him to take her gown from her, the look on his face when he saw he was awesome, she looked stunning. She pressed herself up against him and as they kissed, I watched as his hands explored her body, her hands dropped to his crotch and she turned to me.
“He’s already ready for us.”
She pulled away and put her robe back on.
“Later tiger!”
She smiled at him as she went to get the food from the oven.
We ate. But I kept glancing at Brian as we chatted, and it was obvious he couldn’t wait to get her robe off and explore her new lingerie.
Up in the bedroom, she slowly undressed him whilst I checked and turned on the camcorder. As she sprung his cock from his boxers, I explained the theme of the night.
“Tonight Brian, it’s back to basics. We started this because I wanted to watch Anne with you, and that’s what we are going to do first.”
I settled myself on the chair which I’d strategically placed as Anne pushed him back onto the bed whilst keeping hold of his hard cock, she followed him down and wrapped her lips around the thickly swollen head. The look on his face was one of sheer delight, I could feel my cock harden so I released it from my pants. Tonight would be a little different. I called out and told her to turn around and 69 him, she smiled at me and got up before she lay down again.
I beckoned her over to me and she stood before of me as I slide her panties down her legs, she kicked them off and returned to the bed. I kept her panties and held them to my nose, they were damp, and the crotch smelled of her sex. I watched as the sucked each other. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew that he was doing a good job, her moans and gyrations revealed the fact.
She sucked him hard, her head bobbed up and down on his hard cock as she ground her pussy hard against his mouth gently stroked my cock into her wet panties as I watched them both. I knew that she was getting close, but so was he. She had trouble keeping him in her mouth as he bucked, thrusting into the mouth causing her to gag a little. He came first, she groaned as he thrust up. She managed to hold onto him as he came in her mouth, she pulled it out until the head was just in her mouth and I saw her gulp as she swallowed his cum.
As she let it fall from her mouth her orgasm hit, and she buried her head into his crotch as her body shuddered and she came hard onto his face, I watched as they both lay there, exhausted, spent. Slowly she turned herself around and slid up his body. She kissed him, letting him taste his cum that was still in and around her mouth. I smiled and stood, stripped off my clothes and then joined them on our bed.
“That was beautiful guys.”
Anne smiled at me, Brian looked but couldn’t say anything. I reached out my hand to Anne.
“If you don’t mind Brian, if I may borrow my wife, we’ll explain what we want to do next.”
She smiled and kissed him once more before sitting up and sliding over him as he moved over to the far side of the bed. I explained that whilst he rested, I was going to fuck Anne, and afterwards, we had a surprise for him. He lay on his side and settled down to watch us, he looked like he was looking forward to it.
I lay Anne down and spread her legs, I slipped a finger along her slit and into her, she closed her eyes, she was so wet.
“Hmm, I don’t think you need to be warmed up do you?”
She shook her head. I stroked my cock a few times then lowered myself over her. Her arms came up to meet me and wrapped around my neck as I reached down and guided myself between the folds of her soft lips and into her warm, wet pussy. I let myself fall onto her and we kissed, I too could taste his cum still in her mouth as I began to fuck her slowly. She wrapped her legs around mine and pushed back up to me as we began to settle into a nice steady rhythm.
I sucked gently on her tits as we fucked. She moaned, and her head rocked side-to-side. I glanced over to Brian, his cock was beginning to respond, I nestled my face into her neck and whispered to her that it was time. I knelt up and withdrew. Brian looked confused. I tapped Anne’s thigh, she flipped her leg over me and turned around and faced the wall, she raised her ass in the air and dropped her head onto the bed. I got between her legs and nudged them apart until she was at the right height.
Still stroking my cock, I looked at Brian.
“Tonight Brian, this is your surprise, you, are going to lose your anal virginity.”
He just stared at us. I noticed Anne smile at him as I turned and pressed my hard-wet cock at her tight asshole. It was still so tight, and it took a little work to open her up but finally, she gave in and I slipped inside her. She let out a groan, a combination of pleasure and pain, Brian was sitting up now and watching me intensely. I smiled at him.
“You will have to go, slow mate, she’s so tight, I’m just going to open her up for you.”
I looked down at his cock, it was rock hard and dripping precum from the tip. I was now deep inside her and slowly moving in and out, as I did, I explained to him that he must go slow. It didn’t take too long before I was thrusting just a little faster and deeper. She took it well, but I knew that it must have hurt her, despite all the pleasurable noises coming from her. When I eventually came, I shot what felt like a huge load into her ass, exhausted I slowly pulled out and looked down at the still gaping hole left by my cock. As I got up, I thought that the hole looked huge, but I knew that it was about to get bigger.
As he slid towards her, he asked her if she was sure that she wanted him to do it. She told him that she was and that she was honoured to be his first. I stood close to him and advised him on how to start. He knelt behind her, he had to raise her ass a little to get her at the right height, then, he gripped his hard cock and introduced it to the gaping hole of her ass, it had closed slightly but not enough. I’d opened her up for him, but his cock head still looked huge against her hole, and I began to worry for my wife, it looked like it was thicker than it had ever been. He pushed forward gently and gasped as his cock head stretched her and disappeared into her ass. He was very gentle with her and he slowly pushed more and more of his cock into her, I could see her ass visibly stretch as the shaft began to enter her.
I crawled up the bed, my face was beside hers, she opened her eyes, I kissed her.
“Are you okay?” I whispered.
She bit her lip and nodded, “Is he all in yet?”
I look down and shook my head, “not quite.”
She closed her eyes and winced, “he’s huge.”
I stroked her face. “shall I ask him to stop?”
She shook her head, I was so proud of her. He grunted, I looked down, he was all inside her and began to slowly move in and out of her. I kissed her and told her that I was going to shower.
“Brown and pink don’t mix,” I told her.
I stood watching them for a while as his face was the picture of concentration, he was trying to be so careful with her as he fucked her ass. I slipped into the shower and left them to it.
When I came out, they were done, she laid on her back and he was sitting beside her, he looked at me, I asked how it was.
“Fucking awesome mate, thank you both for that, but?”
He looked worried.
“But what?” I asked.
He pointed to her ass, I knelt, and she spread her legs. I lifted her and saw it, her asshole was stretched wide. He looked worried, I smiled.
“Don’t worry, it’ll be back to normal before you know it”.
I slid up beside Anne and kissed her.
“How was it, honey?”
She thought for a second or two the answered with one word, “BIG!”
They showered together and when they came out, I was sat on the bed. I looked at him.
“So, Brian, how was it for you?”
He smiled and with his arm around Anne, he pulled her into his side.
“I loved it.”
He bent his head and kissed her cheek.
“Thank you, Anne.”
She smiled. I got up and walked towards them, I put a hand on his shoulder.
“Now mate, you can take your time, I want you and Anne to enjoy each other, I’m going downstairs to make some drinks.”
They looked at each other, especially after my ‘freak-out’ they wondered if it was a good idea. Anne stared at me.
“Anne, I know that you both enjoy this. Trust me, it’s okay.”
She didn’t look convinced, “are you sure Paul?”
I kissed her, “I’m sure love, now enjoy.”
I stayed downstairs for a while, I knew that he’d have to shower, or at least give himself a good wash before he could fuck her. After I finished my drink, I crept up the stairs, in the dark and settled on the top step and looked into the bedroom. I could see his back, I could see Anne’s legs locked around his back. The bed was being banged against the wall, he was fucking her hard, nearing the ‘quick strokes’ she was moaning so sexily, panting the odd squeal, all things that I love about my new wife.
When she came, she came hard, as she always did with Brian, and as I sat there, I realised, that I didn’t mind. Brian was not long behind her and I watched from the door as he thrust hard into her as he came, so hard that he pushed her head against the headboard.
I sat on the edge of the bed as they both came down from their orgasms, he rolled off her and lay on his back, they were both exhausted. I handed them their drinks. I watched my wife take a sip, she was so happy. I looked at them both. My wonderful wife, the new Anne, who I loved so much. I looked at him, he too was contented, and, I knew that he was not my rival. He is my best friend. He noticed me looking at him and asked me what was wrong?
I smiled, “absolutely nothing mate, absolutely nothing.”
That night all three of us slept in our bed, and Anne slept in my arms all night. I was the happiest man alive.

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