Dear Diary - My wife, my friend and me.

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Mr. Smithers

Things were back on track and life was good. Anne was growing in confidence with every day that passed. I had my old Anne back and I loved it. Our sex-life was almost unrecognisable. We made love more often, and not always in bed. We were both a lot more spontaneous, and the sex was brilliant and our orgasms strong. I had never loved my wife as much as I did.
We continued to share our bed with Brian on Friday nights. It was so obvious just how much he appreciated just being around her, and he loved to cuddle her in bed, which, I didn’t mind one bit. I realised that I loved seeing her lying in his arms, and I knew that she was doing it for him, and I loved her for it. My ’freak-out was a distant memory and I looked forward to many more nights together, the three of us.
Diary Entry: July 2017: Mr Smithers

The three of us were out for the evening. We went to see a local ‘covers-band’ at our local pub. They were good and played an excellent mix of rock covers. We had a great night, a few drinks and listened to some excellent music played well. On the walk home I asked Brian about relationships, I asked him if he had thought about meeting someone. He told us that he wasn’t looking for a relationship.
“I still think it’s too soon, but, if it happens, then fine,” he said, “besides if I’m honest, I’m getting everything I need from you two. And I wouldn’t want to jeopardise what we have.”
I saw Anne slip her arm into his and hug him and ask him.
“Brian, did you and Dianne ever roleplay?”
I hadn’t expected that from her, he nodded and told us that they used to quite a bit, I saw Anne press herself into his side and giggled.
“Ohh tell me more!”
He told us about the games they used to play, there were all the usual stuff, nurse, secretary, the usual ‘dress-up’ kind of roles. Anne giggled and probed him for more. He told us a few as we made our way home. I could see that Anne was interested in what he was telling us, so I said that when we got home, we should all sit and write down our favourite roleplays that we had done or always wanted to do.
“Maybe we could pick one and do it together, the three of us?”
As we walked, we filled Brian in on our limited range of roleplays, that included a naughty priest! Dating back to her time as a young girl in a catholic household.
Charged with wine we sat around and started to write down our fantasy roleplays. After revealing them all to each other we talked about them individually, rejected some almost immediately. It seemed that we were all up for trying one out, the question was which one, we had narrowed it down to three, one each.
Brian went first.
“I would like to be out on the town with my ‘wife’, Anne. And have you hit on her and then suggest that we all go back to your hotel and have some fun. You are a millionaire and you tell me, if I let you have her for one night, you’d pay us twenty thousand pounds, but I had to watch, and you could do anything you wanted to her.”
I smiled and looked at Anne.
“Oooh Indecent proposal!”
She smiled, she seemed to like that idea.
My roleplay was along similar lines, but in mine, Brian was her boss, and he was laying people off. I was not working, and she desperately needed the job we were close to losing the house and would do so if she got laid off. She’d have to do whatever he said, even at work, and I’d be made to watch it all.
Again, Anne seemed to like that one, as did Brian.
Anne went last, she composed herself.
“Paul and I are in the house and we hear a noise in the garden. When Paul goes out to investigate, he is rushed by a masked intruder who beats him to the floor,” she paused, “not love.”
I smiled.
“Then he waves a gun around”
She looked at me. “He ties you up, and.”
She lowered her head, “forces me to do stuff or he’ll hurt you.”
Brian and I were shocked, I looked at him, he was thinking.
“You know what Paul, a lot of women have that fantasy, I know Dianne did, but I could never do it justice. It is just a fantasy after all.”
We discussed them all, we decided that all were worthy of doing in time, for Brian’s to work we’d have to do it in another town, we couldn’t afford for him and Anne to be seen out and about, as a married couple. But it was something we all liked. I know Anne liked mine, I could see it in her eyes, and it would be easy to set up.
The last one, hers, was the most extreme, and once I got my head around the fact that was what she fantasised about I realised that it would need a lot of planning for it to work effectively, but it was on. In the end, all three were accepted, and mine was chosen as the easiest one to organise, and that was what we planned for our next session together.
Over the next week, I thought of little else, and at every spare moment at work, I had my laptop out and planned our evening. As I started the script formed easily in my head, but I soon realised that it was getting bigger and bigger. I talked with Anne and explained what I’d done so far.
When Brian arrived for our next night together it had all been arranged. We’d arranged our dining room to look like an office, with a desk and chairs, and camcorder in the corner. There was a webcam, I had the laptop set up in the lounge and everyone was prepared, we all knew our roles. We had something to eat and a couple of drinks, Anne was dressed less sexy than normally, she was after all meant to be at work, she had a skirt, blouse, heels and wore tights over her panties. I returned from the kitchen and looked at them both.
“Are we ready?”
Brian went into the ‘office’ as Anne sat with me in the lounge. I kissed her, she was trembling, I asked her if she as okay, she nodded.
“I’m nervous, but I’m excited, I hope I don’t mess it up for you both, I’m not a good actress.”
I kissed her again and told her that she’d be fine. Brian yelled out from the room.
“Carol! Come here please.”
We were roleplaying, we all had new characters.
She stood up and walked out, I sat on the couch and pulled the laptop in front of me.
I saw her go in and sit down at the chair opposite him, she did look nervous. Which was great for the roleplay. I could feel my cock harden, I slipped it out and stroked it gently as I watched.
Mr Smithers, yes, he of the Simpsons fame, explained about the cutbacks, and unfortunately, he would have to let her go. On cue, she put her head in her hands and cried, He shoulder bobbed up and down, I’m not sure that there were any tears, either way, the effect was good. She lifted her head and looked at him.
“Oh sir, please, I need this job. My husband isn’t working, he’s not well we can’t afford to live without my wage.”
She was doing great, she was convincing me. He held his hands out in front of him.
“I’m sorry Carol, but there’s nothing I can do, I need to make cutbacks.”
She pleaded with him, “but Mr Smithers, I need this job, I’ll do anything.”
That was the key. Brian hesitated the stood up and slowly walked around the desk, he stood before her and leaned on the desk, she looked up at him, he put his hand on her shoulder.
I could see her face from the webcam opposite her, she played the part well, she looked shocked and bit her lip. He let his hand slide down over her breast and she shivered, it was so hot. She stuttered and appeared nervous, he pulled his hand away and turned.
“Oh well, maybe not. I’ll have accounts prepare your papers.”
“No, please don’t”
He faced her again, this time he was pressing his hand into his crotch, his bulge was evident.
“You do know what I mean don’t you?”
She lowered her head and nodded.
This was driving me crazy. I was now wanking my cock, the precum forming on the tip. He returned to her side.
“Touch it!”
She hesitated then her hand slowly raised and pressed against his bulge, he moaned.
“Oh yes baby that’s good, now, take it out.”
She looked up, the look on her face was priceless, she was a much better actress than she gave herself credit for. He waited.
“I won’t wait forever, and you only get one shot at this.”
She reached over and I swear I could see her fingers tremble as she undid his pants and pulled down his zip, she reached in and pulled out his cock, it was solid, and like mine, leaking precum, he moaned and stroked his hands through her hair.
“Now you know what to do with it.”
I saw her lick her lips and close her eyes as she leaned in and slipped her mouth over his hard cock. He moaned some more and held her head as he began to pull her mouth onto his cock. Slowly he increased his pace, fucking her mouth with his cock, I could hear her slurping and sucking along his shaft as he held her head still and fucked her mouth until with a groan and his head tossed back, he exploded inside her mouth. He held her there until he’d deposited all his cum inside her mouth then he pulled it out and held it in front of her face. He told her to lick it clean, which she did, then he tucked his cock in his pants and walked back behind the desk and sat down.
“That’ll be all Carol you may go.”
I’d straightened myself up by the time she ran into the lounge, I hugged her.
“You did fantastic honey”
She kissed me, I could taste his cum in her mouth, she was so excited, we were soon joined by Brian, he too was excited. I handed them their drinks and we talked about it. They both thought that it was so hot.
“It seemed real too,” Anne said.
I told them both that I loved watching them on the laptop, it was like I was spying on them and that was so horny.
She looked at me, “but when do I get fucked?”
I smiled, “Patience, you’ve read the script, in the next scene, unless you want to abandon it and just go upstairs.?”
She shook her head, she wanted to play this out.
Refreshed Brian went back in and I set the laptop to record and sat down for the next episode.
“Carol, come in here please!” Smithers shouted.
I slapped her on the ass as she left and walked into the office. She sat down.
“I’ve thought about it, and I’ve decided to keep you on.”
She smiled and clasped her hands together, but he wasn’t finished.
“However, I have some conditions, and you must agree to them all or the deal is off. He outlined his terms, she listened, and when he finished, he looked at her.
“So, do you accept?”
She stared at him, she genuinely looked scared.
“Do I have to tell him?”
He nodded, “yes, and he has to agree too, if he doesn’t, you leave today.”
“She nodded and picked up her mobile, seconds later mine rang, I answered,
“Bill? It’s Carol.”
We made small talk, she stopped me.
“Bill, I have something to tell you.”
She told me about losing her job, I said that it was devastating, and we’d probably lose the house and I blamed myself for getting ill, I used to earn five times what she did and now we might be homeless.
She stopped me, “Bill, my boss, Mr Smithers has said I can stay, but we have to agree to some things.”
My heart was racing, “what things honey.”
I heard a tear in her voice, she was doing great.
“He. He wants to fuck me whenever he wants, and you, you have to watch it.”
I let the silence hang, it was brilliant.
“He wants to what?”
She repeated herself, we argued I didn’t want her to do it, but she said she had no choice I tried to cry but I couldn’t, she did though, and Brian later said there were tears there. Eventually, I had no choice to agree, she handed the phone to him.
“Hello, Bill?”
“What?” I spat back down the phone, I heard him laugh.
“Turn on your webcam.”
Then he hung up.
I looked at the laptop. I could see him move around the desk and go as if to lock the door. When he returned, he told her to stand up which she did he stroked her hair, he turned her face to the camera and kissed her, whilst he unbuttoned her blouse revealing her bra, which was front fastening, he reached up and released her breasts which fell a little. I watched as he mauled them, and she closed her eyes, I knew that she was enjoying it.
He moved her and she put her hands on the desk, he moved behind her and lifted her skirt to reveal her knickers then he tugged at them and pulled them down along with her tights, he pushed them to her knees and as he did, he whipped out his cock and stroked it.
Pushing her down onto the desk he moved his cock between her legs and ground it against her pussy, I couldn’t see but I knew when he had entered her, she threw her head back as he rammed it into her, the look on her face was one of genuine pleasure. I watched as he rode her hard, and as instructed, he kept grinning at the camera and lifting her head to look at me as he fucked her, He slammed into her as she cried out.
“That’s if Carol, see, I knew you wanted me all along. Take my big cock!”
She lifted her head and arched her back.
“Oh god yes!”
She wasn’t acting now, she was in ecstasy. She came, shuddering, and fell onto the desk, panting and whimpering as he continued to fuck her, her body moving to and fro as she stuffed his cock into her until finally, he too arched his back and groaned, then he fell on top of her and spent his load inside her. I couldn’t help it, I gave them a burst of applause, “Bravo!” I shouted, then, “cut!”
When they had recovered, we sat in the lounge and reviewed our evening. The consensus was that it was a huge success. They both wanted to know if I enjoyed it as much as them, I told them that I had, it was Brian who pointed out that I hadn’t come yet. I smiled, and said that I didn’t need to, Anne looked at me.
“Oh, yes you do.”
She took my hand and pulled me to my feet, and we headed for the door.
“And this time, Brian, you can watch.”
In our bed she lay on her back as I slipped down beside her, we were both naked and my cock was standing proud, the head soaked in several lots of precum. We kissed, so gentle, this was how my wife felt, loving, I loved how she tasted, even with the remnants of Brian’s cum on her face. Our hands roamed over each other’s bodies, Brian sat on the chair and watched, we both knew how much he loved to watch us, as my fingers caressed and teased her breasts and nipples, her fingers wrapped around my cock and gently stroked it, she was careful not to go too far, She wanted my cum inside of her, not over her hands.
As I made my way down her body, soft, little kisses on her beautifully smooth skin I found her clit and latched onto it. I pinched it between my lips, causing her to moan and grip my head.
“Oh God yes, that’s so good.”
I slipped a finger along her wet lips and into her pussy, I could feel the remnants of Brian’s latest deposit. I felt her hands pushing my head down, she wanted me to lick her, I slipped between her legs and clamped my lips onto her pussy. I pushed my tongue inside and could taste the salty taste of his cum. It was becoming the norm, and to be fair not as bad as I’d always imagined. As I probed her with my tongue my fingers caressed and played with her clit, rolling it between them and pressing gently on it, it was all too much for her, in her heightened state she didn’t need much encouragement and she was soon gripping my head in her thighs as she pressed her hands on the back of my head, forcing me into her pussy.
When she had calmed, I slipped free from her grip and slid up, I lay on her and kissed her, she whispered.
“Fuck me, Paul, please.”
I smiled and reached down and guided my hard cock between her lips and into her pussy. Unfortunately, I was so aroused, that I lasted barely a minute before I collapsed onto her and shot my load deep into her pussy. She held me for a while, and we kissed.
“I love you.” She said.
And we held each other. I apologised for not making her come again, she shrugged it off.
“I’ve had more than my fair share tonight honey.”
Brian joined us and said that he would never tire of watching us together.
“You two are so perfect for each other, and seeing a man and wife being so passionate, well it’s the best thing ever.”
I had to agree, it did feel special.
We would return to that roleplay periodically.
Before he left the following morning, we discussed the previous night’s events, having slept on it. The consensus was that it was a success, Anne enjoyed it and she wanted to try another scene for the next time. It was obvious that Anne wanted to try her roleplay and I told her that it would need a lot of planning and practise if Brian and I are to make it look realistic for her. So, what we agreed was that we’d do Brian’s the next time we meet, and it would be an away game, we’d go to another town.

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