Dear Diary - My wife, my friend and me.

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Please Don't Tell

Dianne – We miss her so much

Now, the one person that we all wish was still here, but isn’t, is our great friend, and Brian’s wife, Dianne.

I first met Dianne when I was eleven. She was the annoying younger sister of one of my friends and always seemed to be around. She grew from this annoying little girl into a beautiful teenager and the gorgeous woman that turned Brian’s head and led him away from the life of a single man.

This gangly young girl turned into a beautiful woman. She was tall, about five-ten, and slim. She always seemed to be slim, even when pregnant, much to the annoyance of my wife. She was bubbly, always up for a laugh, and she never shirked a challenge. After our conversation with Brian, I could see her working her charms on Anne and getting her into her bed if she put her mind to it. And now, oh I wish she’d tried. I know that we would have all had so much fun together, but such is life. I wish she and Brian had asked us to share, I wish so many things, but most of all, I wish that she was still here with us.

The four of us had so much fun together, we shared so many good times, as well as some bad, but always together. Brian had told me that Dianne sometimes talked about me, but I never took him seriously. Looking back, there were signs. They both used to come to watch me play when I was with the band. And afterwards, she always seemed to find an excuse to sit on my lap as we crowded around a table in whatever pub or club, we were playing in. But the thought of her and Anne together, well, that still gets my juices flowing.

Losing Dianne happened so quickly, no sooner had she been diagnosed, she was gone. And, the irony of it is, she was a nurse, and whilst she looked after everyone else, and preached ‘self-checking’ she missed her symptoms until it was too late. Her cancer was particularly aggressive, and it took her very quickly. Brian was a mess, his daughters tried their best, but they had their own lives, they don’t live close, and it was then that Anne stepped up.

When the girls went home, she brought him into our home and looked after him, she comforted him and was there for him, no matter what time of the day. And all through that, I never had a jealous thought in my body, and I trusted her implicitly, which annoys me so much, to see the way I reacted when she had a slip of the tongue.

We miss Dianne every day. And Anne and I both know, that one day he will be ready to move on, until then, we will be there for him.

Diary Entry: Aug 2017: Please don’t tell

After the success of our roleplay, all three of us were keen on trying another scenario the next time we met up. Brian continued to come and sleep with us on Fridays, though he missed one when his eldest daughter Hannah came to stay with her daughter Emily. Brian was so upbeat in the days leading up to their visit it was lovely to see, and when Hannah brought Emily round to see us, she and Anne chatted as the little girl played out in the garden. She thanked us for looking after her dad. If only she knew!

She did know about the sleepovers though, he’d told her, though not that we all shared the same bed, he was close to his girls, but I think even that might be too much for them to take.

That weekend, Anne and I went out, we didn’t go out that often, but this weekend I decided to try out my new wife, we got dressed up and after a lovely meal in town, we took a taxi to the trendiest club in town. She was dressed as sexy as I’d seen her for many years. A gorgeous loose short dress, black, some sheer black lacy stockings held up by a tiny suspender belt, and heels, much higher than she’d normally wear, she looked stunning, not slutty, but beautiful and classy.

I tipped the guy on the door and got us a good table, it wasn’t cheap, but I wanted her to be seen. We drank, we danced and as we did I was careful to look around, I saw several guys check her out, as we danced slowly I held her close against my hardening cock and slowly turned her so that she could see which guys were looking at her, she was genuinely surprised, and I could feel her tense as she made eye contact with some of them as we danced.

We were both surprised when as we were leaving the dance floor a young guy in his late twenties asked me if he could dance with her. I looked at her she was unsure how to respond, I smiled at her then at him.

“Of course, my friend.”

I sat at our table and watched as he led her onto the dance-floor and took her in his arms and they danced. When she returned, she told me that she thought that he was cute.

“He was nervous Paul. He said that he’d never asked to dance with another man’s wife before, but he felt that he just had to ask you.”

“And how did that make you feel love?” I asked her.

She thought about it for a few seconds.

“Good actually.”

I watched the guy as he returned to his mates. He told them about her as I saw a couple of them glance over to her. I told her that she was getting some attention, she didn’t believe me as she had her back to them. She changed her mind when one of his friends caught my eye as he looked over to her. I smiled at him, which surprised him, but also emboldened him and he walked over.

“Excuse me. Would you mind if I asked your wife to dance?”

I smiled at him and nodded. He turned to Anne and asked her. I swear she blushed, but she got up and he led her onto the floor. I watched her dance with him. She was enjoying it, that much I could tell, and so was I. I slipped my hand under the table and pressed it into my crotch, I was hard. When she returned, he thanked her, then me and walked back to the group. I leaned into her.

“Told you! Those young guys can’t get enough of you.”

She blushed but nodded. I took her hand and pressed it into my crotch. She looked into my eyes.

“We should go.” She whispered.

She was so turned on by it that she could hardly keep her hands off me in the taxi home, and we barely made it upstairs into our room before I grabbed her and yanked her panties down and threw my head between her legs as we fell onto our bed and I pressed my tongue hard into her pussy. We had an amazing fuck, it was more than making love, this was lust at its best. Afterwards, as we lay in each other’s arms I hugged her, I told her that if she’d wanted, we could have had one of those guys come back with us. To my surprise she didn’t reject me outright, she just brushed her fingers across my chest. A few moments later she sighed.

“Yeah, but which one?”

I glanced down at her, she looked up and smiled

“I was joking.”

I stared at her, “I wasn’t. If you can’t decide which one, then it would have to be both.”

She stared back and held her breath. That had stunned her.

“You serious?”

I nodded, “I am. Are you?”

I could see her mind working hard, trying to take in what was happening. I stroked her face.

“Let me know if you decided honey. I think it would be hot to see you with a couple of younger guys.”

She lowered her head onto my chest and was soon asleep. I took a little longer to fall asleep. All I could think about was my wife, with those two young studs, and how I could get it to happen.

Our next roleplay was agreed upon, and, we had two weeks to set it up, rehearse our roles and make sure that we all knew Anne’s limits, and for the first time, we needed a safe-word. We’d refined the characters, Anne and I proposed that we wouldn’t be married, we’d be brother and sister, and we’d be blackmailed by the intruder into doing all sorts of imaginable things to each other under the threat of exposure, our intruder would be filming it all! When I ran it past Brian he asked if Anne was up for it, I said that she was, so it was decided.

Anne and I discussed it at length, and I asked her if what we were doing made her feel dirty or slutty or used. She said that it didn’t, I wasn’t abusing her or degrading her, she was fully willing, and, she enjoyed the last roleplay because, and I quote, “it was easier to roleplay with Brian and imagine him as her boss because he wasn’t me,” she found it a lot more realistic, and if I’m honest, it showed. It was better than any roleplay she and I had done in the past.

Brian and I worked out the plot, we didn’t tell her everything, but I promised that there were no nasty surprises, I told her the sort of things we’d do to her, and she was okay with it all.

As the big weekend approached, I could tell that she was anticipating it, she wouldn’t leave me alone! We had great sex a couple of times during the week and on Friday, normally we’d abstain the day before to keep out energy up, but she was so horny all week, I couldn’t deny her.

The day arrived and she was expecting him to arrive at his normal time when he didn’t show, she began to look worried, but as we’d already started the play, she knew that she couldn’t ask anything. I was her brother David, she, Lisa, was visiting, as she’d had a huge fight with her husband and came to stay with me whilst he calmed down. There was never anything going on between us up until this evening. We watched TV, we ate Pizza, eight o’clock became nine, still, he wasn’t here. Then as ten o’clock approached she was becoming restless, desperate to ask me what was going on, I checked my watch, I knew that it’d be dark enough outside, I knew he wouldn’t be long. I got up and turned on the camcorders. It was then that we heard it, there was a loud crash from the garden, she was so tense that she jumped in surprise, I had to stifle a laugh. I looked at her, she stared then remembered.

“What was that?”

I looked to the curtains covering the patio windows.

“I don’t know, probably a cat.”

She stood up and looked out of the window, it was dark, she couldn’t see anything.

“David, please go and have a look, it might by Richard coming for me.”

I sighed and slowly got up, I looked out of the window, then I opened the patio doors and stepped out and slipped around the corner out of view. We waited for a little while then I walked back into the room, pushing the curtains aside, she looked at me.


I didn’t say anything, she looked scared, she was so good at this.

“David! Who was there?”

I stumbled forward, pushed from behind, as a masked figure stepped into the room, she screamed and caught me. Her eyes fell onto the toy gun that Brian held she had to fight back a laugh, it was green.

“Shut up bitch!”

I didn’t want the name-calling, but she was okay with it, and it fit the scene. He made us sit down as he looked around, then he locked the patio door and looked down at us.

“Well, what have we got here?” He pointed the gun at me, “And who are you?”

“I’m D.D.David.” I stuttered

“Well D D David this is not your lucky night. And who is this?”

He pointed the gun at Anne.


“Okay, are you two married?”

We both shook our heads, Anne spoke.

“I’m his sister.”

We could see a grin under his mask. “Sister eh? That’s hot.”

I pleaded with him to take whatever he wanted, that we had money, jewellery, but to leave us alone.

“Oh David, I don’t want your money.”

Anne looked up at him, her face still showing signs of fear.

“Then what do you want?”

He said nothing, he pulled off his mask and he grinned at Anne.

“Oh, Lisa baby, the night is just starting, we are all going to have such a lot of fun together.”

I made to stand up, it was then that she saw his left hand come up and something smashed across my head and I fell to the floor. Anne gasped, she hadn’t expected that. I lay still on the floor, she looked at Brian, he held up a soft foam bat and grinned, then he scowled.

“That’s what happens if you don’t do as I say.”

I lay on the floor; my cock was desperate to get out of my pants. He told her to get me up, she helped me onto the couch as she did, she whispered.

“Prick! I thought he’d hit you!”

I smiled as I sat down rubbing my head. Out intruder paced up and down before us as he looked at me and then Anne.

“Brother and sister eh? That’ll do.”

He stopped in front of Anne, she lowered her head.

“Look at me!”

She slowly lifted her head, he smiled.

“Stand up!”

She stood, he looked her up and down, she looked away, I watched, amazed at how good she was at this. He reached out and stroked her cheek, she winced and backed away, he gripped her cheek and looked into her eyes.

“Do that again, and he dies.”

He held the gun against my head. She stopped, her resistance broken. He stepped back.


She looked shocked, she couldn’t move.

“This is the last time I ask twice, next time he gets it. Now strip!”

Nervously, her fingers trembling, I don’t know how she did it, she started to unbutton her blouse, it was taking too long he looked at me.

“Get up!”

I stood

“You have thirty seconds to get your sister naked, or maybe I’ll shoot her!”

Anne looked at me, her eyes wide, she looked genuinely scared, but I could also tell that she was incredibly turned on. She hadn’t said the safe-word so I took hold of her blouse and tried to unbutton it, but my fingers were too shaky, I grabbed the blouse and ripped it open, buttons went all over. She gasped as I pulled it off her then I quickly undid her bra and let it fall. As I grabbed her skirt, I said

“Sorry, sis.”

And slipped it down, she stepped out of it. Whilst on my knees I tugged at the waistline of her panties and pulled them down, I looked up, she looked so embarrassed as she stepped out of them. She tried to cover herself with her hands, but he yelled at her to put her hands by her side. I looked at him.

“Please sir, don’t touch her.”

He grinned.

“Oh, I’m not going to touch her David, now Lisa,” she looked at him. “undress your brother.”

She hesitated, she heard him cock the gun and she began to tug at my shirt, soon we both stood naked before him, and my cock betrayed my thoughts.

“Well, well, look at brother David’s cock Lisa? That’s not the sort of reaction one should have for his sister is it?”

She didn’t look, he yelled at her to look, she did, she played the part perfectly. He walked close to her, his face almost touching hers.

“I see that your married Lisa, you know how to suck cock?”

She nodded nervously, a slight blush on her cheeks. He laughed.

“I thought so, well, go on.”

She looked at him, then at me then back at him, his expression changed.

I’ve told you I won’t ask twice. She turned and knelt before me, she looked up at me as she took hold of my cock.

“Sorry David”

I nodded as she slid the head of my raging hard-on into her mouth and closed her lips over it, I moaned, I wasn’t acting, it was too fucking hot. Out intruder began to take a video of the whole thing on his mobile, he directed her to look at the camera to get her face in the shot and encouraged her to suck my cock hard. I thought I’d last longer but I felt the familiar sensations rising deep from my insides, my hands fell onto her head as I held her in place and rammed my cock in and out of her mouth as he gave a running commentary for the video.

“Here’s brother David fucking his little sister’s mouth.”

Eventually, I exploded into her mouth, there must have been so much because she gagged and a little cum escaped from the corner of her mouth. When I was done, I sighed and had to hold onto her for a few seconds to stop my legs from collapsing. Our intruder was grinning. She sat on the floor and looked defeated, her head low.

When she looked up at him, she saw that he had his cock out, she gasped, she realised that he wasn’t done. I started to protest.

“Look we did what you wanted, please leave us alone.”

He sniggered, “Oh, I’m not done yet.”

He nudged Anne.

“Get your brother hard again Lisa,” and as he knelt behind her, he told her, “and do not look behind you!”

Kneeling, she once again took my cock in her mouth and began to entice it back to life. I watched as he knelt behind her and, with his cock in his hand he stroked it slowly and pushed her ass higher, she leaned more on me, her eyes locked on mine. I saw him lean forward and press the head of his cock into her pussy, he groaned in pleasure as he slid forward, deep into her pussy, I watched her, as her eyes almost rolled up back into their sockets, she was in such pleasure.

As she sucked me back to life, he began to fuck her hard, all the time filming us on his phone. She kept her eyes locked onto mine as he rammed into her from behind, each thrust pushing her onto my cock which was now hard and enjoying the sensation of her lips sliding up and down the shaft. He fucked her faster and told her not to let me come, I sensed that she began to back off, I only hoped I could hold off long enough. Suddenly her orgasm ripped through her, it caught her by surprise, and she came with her whole body, her moans and squeals muffled by the cock in her mouth, he held onto her and almost simultaneously, she emptied his load deep into her pussy.

He let it finish then, he pulled out and stood up.

“Stand up Lisa.” he barked.

She obeyed, my cock falling out of her mouth with an audible ’plop’. He spun her around and looked into her eyes.

“Now sit on his cock and ride your brother.”

He helped her back and she spread her legs and she sat onto my cock, his cum was still warm as it dribbled out of her and it made a slurping sound as she sat on me. He filmed it all, as she faced him and rode my cock, she didn’t have to ride it for long I shot my load very quickly and held her close to me as I filled her already filled pussy with even more come.

As we both came down from our orgasms, he looked down on us both.

“If either of you decides to go to the police, this video will be all over the net, and emailed to your parents, and your friends.”

We both nodded. As he turned to leave, he looked back.

“And Lisa, your husband is expecting you, first thing in the morning.”

That was too much she squealed with delight, she turned and kissed me.

“That was amazing!” She was so excited, and I had to agree. She jumped up and hugged Brian, kissing him.

As we tidied ourselves up, she could hardly stop talking, she loved the premise, the fact that we hadn’t told her everything that was happening. She was still excited as we all went upstairs to bed, the revelation that the husband was behind it almost pushed her over the edge again.

“When you hit him, I nearly used the safe-word, that was so realistic.”

After what my wife described as the most realistic and erotic roleplay that we’d ever done, things settled down. Our daughter and her husband were coming to stay for a couple of days, along with our grandson, life was good.

I was busy making plans for our next roleplay, the ‘Indecent Proposal’ scene, the last of our trilogy. And I’d decided that it should take place away from home so I’d booked a room in one of the best hotels in the North West, a suite in fact, and Brain and I worked on the script in the weeks leading up to it. Anne was told the basic outline so that she could provide some spontaneity, but she knew that there wouldn’t be any major surprises in this one.

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