Dear Diary - My wife, my friend and me.

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I Don't believe it

So, we’d had an eventful weekend away, and learned some things about ourselves. I was pleased that I hadn’t over-reacted to what happened in the hotel room, and could appreciate the beauty of what I had witnessed. Seeing the pleasure that my wife got, and gave was something special, and knowing that after it all was done, she and I were as strong as ever. I have never loved her more, and she feels the same. I am more sure than ever that our relationship is strong enough to allow us to do what we are doing.

Choosing a friend, and our best friend had its potential problems, especially knowing how he felt about her. But I trust him, I do, and, more importantly, I trust her, we all know the difference between the adventurous, sex-playing Anne, and the loving wife. True, it was weird for a bit when he called out his wife’s name with Anne, but it all makes sense, and, I know, that if she ever thought that it was right to make love to him, when I wasn’t there, to satisfy some need in him, then she knows that I’d be okay with it. I know that in that case, he would be making love to Dianne, Anne would be Dianne.

So, our first sleepover after the weekend away approached, and we had things to discuss.

Diary Entry: Oct 2017: I don’t believe it

It was Friday and instead of going to the pub, Brian and I met at our house. The plan was to eat, and then sit down and watch playbacks of the three roleplays that we’d done. I’d spent the whole week editing them, and despite Anne’s pleading, I wouldn’t let her see it until we were all together.

Anne was aroused as she got dressed, and it didn’t get any less so once Brian arrived, I sensed that once we’d got through the video show, then our sleepover might just turn into another spontaneous threesome.

With wine in our glasses, we settled down in front of the TV, a large 50” screen and watched the first of our roleplays, ‘the boss.’ It was great seeing them on the big screen, the resolution was good enough, and as I glanced over at Anne, she was pressing her hand into her crotch as she watched. Next up was ‘the intruder’, and this one was awesome, good close-ups from Brian, it looked and felt fantastic to watch it back, Brian caught my eyes and nodded, I turned to see my wife with her had under her dress and, inside her knickers, I didn’t say anything.

Finally the last one, I knew would finish her. It was so good, the low lighting was still enough for us to see, and being the first time either had seen this they were both transfixed. It was beautiful, they did look like two lovers, so in love with each other, and when he said her name at the end I could see that Anne had tears on her cheeks. I held out my arms and she came over and sat on my lap, I wiped her face.

“It was as beautiful as you said, Paul.”

I kissed her salty cheeks, “told you.”

We discussed them all then turned our attention to the next round of roleplays. We had already decided that we wanted to continue these as it was an extremely good way of us all enjoying ourselves. We knew that we’d never stop the normal threesomes, but if we interspersed them with roleplays, then I was sure that we’d never get bored with it all.

We began to throw around new ideas, and it was Anne who came up with the first suggestion.

“What about another woman?”

Both Brian stopped and stared at her. I couldn’t believe it.

“What?” I said.

She smiled, “you heard me.”

Brian smiled, “I’m staying out of this one.”

I looked at her, “honey, have you thought about this? Are you okay watching me with another woman? Really?”

She stared back at me.

“If you’re asking am I okay with you fucking around behind my back with another woman, then no! But, if you’re asking whether I’d accept a woman into our little group as a one-off, then how can I say no?”

She looked at Brian. “Exhibit one, M’lord.”

Brian threw his hands up, “hey I told you, I’m staying out of this one.”

She continued, “no, you’re not. If it’s going to work, then I see four of us in this one.”

I looked at her, “okay, well, if you’re up for it, then I need you to work out how it would happen and tell us later.”

She nodded.

Brian was next, “I’m not sure if this would work, or if you’d be okay with it Anne. It’s a variation on the last one that we did. But this time, your business is struggling and you are forced to borrow money from some bad people.

There is a lot of history between us. You and I go way back, and, I’ve always coveted your wife, but in everything, sport, life, you seem to have got the better of me. So, when I hear of your troubles, I buy out your loan and demand full payment or I send my heavies round to collect, and you know who they are, and their reputation. To cut a long story short, I tell you 50K or I take your wife, and I mean, take her, hard and in every hole.”

I listened and it sounded good to me, but I wasn’t sure how Anne would feel with the sort of sex that it would involve. She looked at him.

“Would you take me hard? I mean hard? No nice stuff?”

He looked at me. I nodded.

“Give the girl what she wants. That’s another one!”

However, I was struggling to come up with something, all I could think about was Anne being taken hard by him. I wanted to avoid the nice, romantic plays, after our last one. I put my suggestion to them.

“Anne tries to get back-stage to see me, the lead guitarist in her favourite band. She meets the head of security, Brian, who tells her that she has to satisfy him before she can get to see me. When she passes the test, Brian and I both take her.”

They both agreed on the idea so it was pencilled in. I asked Anne how her plan was coming along.

She shrugged.

“The problem is finding the right woman, we don’t want any issues afterwards, plus, the issues of cleanliness.”

She was right, introducing a stranger would mean condoms. We decided to leave it with her and we opened another bottle of wine and relaxed. The conversation soon turned round to sex.

“How about another game? Truth or dare this time.” Anne was getting a little drunk.

I rolled my eyes, it could be fun in larger numbers, but the three of us, it’s going to get messy real quick. Eventually, we agreed and we sat on the floor in a triangle. We agreed that it went truth, dare, truth, truth, dare, to avoid someone always saying the truth.

Anne went first, “okay Paul, truth, have you ever kissed a man?”


My turn, “Brian, have you ever failed to get it up?”

He smiled, “oh yes, many times when I was younger, so nervous it wasn’t true.”

Brian asked Anne if she’d ever kissed a girl. I smiled knowing that she hadn’t.


I stopped, both Brian and I stared at her.

“What?” I said. “Who?”

She smiled.

“Oh relax, it was at my university, freshman’s year at a party, truth or dare, just like this.”

Anne then dared me to strip, which ended up with us all naked. We went around the truths again and learned that both Anne and Brian had seen their parents having sex, whilst I had never seen my parents having sex. Anne used to see her parents regularly, she may have been innocent as a girl, but she was curious, and her parents didn’t always close their bedroom door.

I was learning a lot from my wife. I revealed that me and my older sister used to play the ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ game. Brian was propositioned by his mother’s best friend when he was fourteen to give her a baby.

The next round of dares came up, Brian said.

“Okay, time to spice this up, everyone agrees, no backing out?”

We both nodded.

“Anne, I dare you to go upstairs and bring down your vibrator and bring yourself to orgasm in front of us.”

I started to protest, to save her blushes, she just stood.

“No, no, he’s right, no backing down.”

When she’d left I asked him.

“What are you doing? You know that’s going to come back to bite us?”

He smiled, “so? We’re all having fun aren’t we?”

We were, but I had a sneaky feeling about what would be coming our way. When she returned she lay on the floor in front of the fire, we sat either side of her as she started to slide the long, thick pink dildo along her wet slit, she turned the vibration on and a low hum could be heard as she pressed it against her clit and with her free hand, she took a nipple and rolled it between her finger and thumb. I looked at Brian.

“You know you’re going to have to fuck her later.”

He smiled, “No, we are.”

She moaned as she pushed the vibrator into her pussy, I watched as her pussy lips, all puffed and swollen were stretched as she slid the pink plastic cock into her pussy. She started slowly fucking herself with it, I’d seen her do this before and always loved watching her, she sometimes used to do it when I was at work, and call me up, that was particularly hot. She switched her hand down to her clit and as she quickened her pace with the dildo, really fucking herself, sheet her fingers work on her clit, doing exactly what she needed to come, which she did, hard, and loud.

Both Brian and I were hard now, precum was leaking from Brian’s cock. When she sat up her face was still flushed, she had a wide smile on her face. She turned to me. I closed my eyes and feared what was coming next. She sensed it and giggled.

“Relax, I’m not going to ask you to suck him off.”

I let out an audible sigh.

“I dare you to wank Brian off?”

I felt as though my heart would stop, I felt weak.

Brian laughed, “come on mate, it’s nothing, trust me, you can do it.”

I looked at my hands, they were shaking, she slid beside me.

“Please honey, for me, I’ll help you if you want.”

I looked at her, after everything she’s done for me, surely I can do this? And if I did, it wouldn’t make me gay, would it?

He lay down as Anne helped him shuffle down so that he was in reach of us both. I rolled my eyes as Anne took his cock in her hands and began to stroke it, I prayed that he’d come prematurely, but no chance and she took my right hand and guided it towards his cock. She removed her hand, and she guided my fingers around the shaft. I was holding my best friend’s cock in my hand. Anne helped me to start stroking it, and he let out a moan.

“A little tighter Paul.”

I swear I felt myself blush as I gripped his cock a little harder.

“That’s it” Anne guided me, whispering encouragement as I continued to stroke his cock.

I couldn’t help but stare at the thick purple head which revealed itself with every downstroke, he, like me was uncut, and not that I was this close I had a much greater appreciation of Anne, it must feel huge inside her. I’ve always disbelieved the stories when the woman says she couldn’t get her fingers around it, I could only just touch my fingers. He began to pant, I knew that he was close, Anne was close by, she’d bend down and occasionally lick or suck his head. Then, as he closed in, he nodded to her.

“I’m going to come Anne.”

She readied herself as I stroked my best friend’s cock faster. Then he let out a groan, and the first jet of thick sticky cum shot out of his cock and landed on my hand and arm The second spurt was caught by Anne in her mouth and she sucked the rest from him as I stroked his shaft, slowing down as he came down from his orgasm. I let go and Anne cleaned him up, licking him almost dry, I stared at the cum on my hand, he looked at me.

“It tastes just like your own, trust me.”

Anne’s eyes were pleading me to do it, so I lifted my hand and licked a bit of cum from it. He was right, it did taste exactly like my own. We began to clean up, she kissed me and held me tight against her.

“Thank you, you’ve filled one of my biggest fantasies.”

I hugged her back, “I love you, honey, you know I’d do anything for you.”

She gave me her cheeky grin, I smiled, “within reason,” she pouted. I slapped her gently on the ass. We sat up and composed ourselves

“Okay, now your turn Paul.”

She dared Brian to repeat the process on me. I protested.

“Hey! That’s cheating!”

She smiled, “honey. It’s either now, or later, but it’s only fair.”

I looked at Brian, he shrugged.

“It’s going to happen, mate. May as well get it over with.”

I sighed and slowly lay back. I closed my eyes, “I can’t look.”

She handed me a cushion which I put over my face, like a child. I prayed that I’d lose my erection, but no such luck, I was as stiff as a board. I buried my head into the pillow as I felt her tiny fingers start stroking my cock.

“That’s me, honey, just to get you started.”

After a few strokes, I felt her fingers replaced by his, definitely his and he began to slowly slide his fingers along my shaft, suddenly I felt a mouth on my cock head, I gasped out, his voice boomed.

“Relax, that’s her!”

He began to quicken, his grip was tight, but not too tight, and, as a guy, he knew what worked and what didn’t. I knew that I was blushing, I was embarrassed that it wasn’t as disgusting as I’d always imagined and I knew, that despite all my wishes, I was going to come. And come I did, unable to stop it, I groaned and felt it rise and shoot out of my cock, it was immediately taken by a mouth that clamped over the head, I hoped it was Anne’s, it was and she sucked all my cum out of me.

When I eventually removed the pillow he was kneeling at my feet and licking his hand, I assume, it had cum on it. She was beaming.

I looked at her, “happy?”

She beamed at me, no words were necessary. Surprisingly, that was it for the night. We cleaned up and made our way upstairs and went to bed without any further action, and I fell asleep with Anne in my arms.

The next significant moment came the following week. With his wife’s anniversary days away, Brian was understandably very subdued. Anne had kept an eye on him, she’d visited him while I was at work a few times and told me that he seemed okay but she’d sensed that he was bottling his feelings inside. She told me that he’d been upset and that they’d cuddled, they’d even kissed. I was fine, after all, she was doing what she’d always done for him, except with a little more personal contact. And, I’d told her to.

When I got home, Anne told me what had happened during the day when she visited him.

It was Monday and she’d called around to see him with preparations for the memorial service a couple of days later. He’d said that Hannah, his daughter, was coming later that day to help with the arrangements for Wednesday.

He’d been doing okay, they chatted and worked through the order of service together. However, when a remembrance card came in the post from a friend of hers who now lived abroad, he started crying as he read it. She told me that they were stood in the lounge and she held him in her arms as he cried. She said that they ended up kissing, passionately, for a couple of minutes before they were interrupted by his mobile ringing.

It was his daughter Hannah, she said that she was a couple of minutes away. He told her that Anne was there, she said she looked forward to seeing her godmother. When she arrived, she greeted Anne with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and a big hug for her dad. Anne left them in the lounge and made coffee for them all.

She could hear them talking and she said that Hannah had seemed quite anxious about something from the tone of her voice. She returned to the room with the drinks and noticed that there was a definite atmosphere between them both. She was thinking about how to get out of there when Hannah asked her to sit down.

Hannah looked at Anne.

“My dad won’t tell me. So I’ll ask you, are you two having an affair?”

Anne was stunned. She stared at her. Hannah told her that she’d arrived a few minutes before she called and saw the two of them locked in an embrace, and kissing.

“And not like any friends I’ve ever kissed.”

Anne was trying to remain calm, but she could feel herself blushing. She promised Hannah that they weren’t having an affair, which, wasn’t a lie. They both tried to brush it off as over-enthusiastic comforting and was nothing to worry about, but his daughter wasn’t having it, and, she wasn’t stupid. She pestered her father for the truth, and he kept looking at Anne for answers. In the end, Anne looked him in the eyes and said that he had no option, he had to tell her.

Brian took a deep breath.

“Hannah, we are not having an affair. But yes, you did see me kiss Anne. She and Paul are my best friends, and have been there for me all this past year.”

He went on to say that he didn’t know if he’d be here today without their help, he was that depressed and said that Anne and Paul had saved his life. Anne said he remained calm, then said.

“Hannah, we have a very special, close relationship, as close to me and your mum did.”

Anne said Hannah looked confused, then he asked her if she knew what a threesome was. Of course, she did, she now looked shocked, she couldn’t believe it, her dad? Then she said.

“I don’t believe you, I need to speak to uncle Paul, where is he?”

Anne explained that I was working and that he’d only confirm what her dad was saying. She was getting angry now.

“So, you mean, you fuck her and Paul is alright with it?”

The dad in him kicked in, he raised his voice.

“Now look here young lady, you do not talk to Anne like that, and not in my house, do you understand?”

Hannah visibly cowered at her dad’s voice and apologised to Anne.

“We don’t fuck, as you so nicely put it, what we have, all three of us is a love for each other, and I was invited into their relationship by them both, and I’m telling you that I am very happy.”

She looked at Anne then him and asked what would her mother think if she was there. He paused and reached out and took her hand, she tried to pull away but he kept tight hold of it.

“Now listen to me, and listen good. You mother was a wonderful woman, who I loved dearly, and still do. And I can tell you exactly what she would say.”

Hannah waited.

“Lucky bastard, that’s what she’d say.”

She looked shocked as he went on to explain about his crush on Anne, her mum’s crush on Paul, and their fantasies about sharing their bed with them both that went way back, before she was born. Anne could see that she was having a hard time taking it in and managed to extricate herself from the situation, and when she left, Hannah hugged her and seemed to be a little calmer. She called me as soon as she got in and told me all about it.

We didn’t see either of them until the day of the service. They went to the church on their own and we were met at the door by Brian, Hannah, and her brother Chris. Her brother, who knew nothing about it, hugged us like long lost relatives.

Anne stood before Hannah, she smiled and wrapped her arms around Anne and apologised for her behaviour. Anne held onto her and kissed her cheek when I stood before her I was nervous, she smiled at me.

“Hello, uncle Paul.”

I loved how she still called me that, then we embraced.

“Are you okay Hannah?” I asked.

She smiled and nodded, “yes. Thank you, Uncle Paul.”

That night we were at home. It had been an emotional day and we were looking forward to an early night when a car pulled up and moments later the doorbell rang. I got up and answered, it was Hannah.

“Can I come in uncle Paul?”

I let her in and followed her into the lounge where Anne waited, looking nervous. We sat down and she began, she said that she and her father had talked long over the past couple of days.

“He said he’s told me everything,” she looked at us, “but I’m sure that’s not true, and to be honest, I don’t need all the details. I was shocked, I didn’t understand what you were all doing at first, or how it works, I just know, that when I talked to him, he thinks the world of you both. All I ask is that you don’t hurt him.”

Anne reached out and put her hand on her arm.

“Hannah, we would never hurt your dad, and as for understanding, you’re newly married, you have your whole life ahead of you, and, well it’s a different world out there from when we grew up.”

Hannah nodded and slipped her hand into Anne’s.

“I get that Anne, but,” and she dropped her head, “Danny is always too busy, we hardly have sex, well, not as much as I bet you two did when you were our age. I go online, I know what people get up to out there. I get what dad says, I was surprised that he said that he and mum were thinking about it before I came along.”

Anne put her arm around her shoulder.

“You have plenty of time, and you make sure that he makes time for you Hannah.”

She asked if our kids knew and when we said they didn’t she said she wouldn’t say anything.

“I haven’t told Paul, he’d be all, go on dad, get stuck in!”

I laughed, she smiled at me, the same smile I used to see on her whenever we’d go round to theirs and she was around, always wanting to sit with us, and talk, even as a teenager.

I stood at the door and watched Anne walk her to the car, they embraced and Hannah whispered something in her ear, Anne turned and looked at me, Hannah waved and then got into the passenger seat and was off. When Anne came back I looked at her.

“What was all that about?”

She smiled, “I’ll tell you when we’re inside.”

I was intrigued, I closed the door and followed, she stood in the lounge.

“Your god-daughter just said that her mum wasn’t the only one that had a crush on you!”

I was taken aback, “you mean?”

She nodded, “Yeah, our little teenage god-daughter has the hots for my husband.”

I’m ashamed to say it that my cock stiffened almost immediately. Anne noticed and grinned, she took my hand.

“Uncle Paul, my husband doesn’t make love to me any more, will you show me what a real man does?”

I almost sprinted up the stairs, chasing her all the way, unfortunately, I neglected to turn on the camcorder, so cant relay what happened. Suffice to say that we had hard hot sex, with lots of.

“Oh, Uncle Paul!” thrown in and one enormous orgasm. This fantasy has been replayed a few times, although never with Brian around, for obvious reasons.

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