Dear Diary - My wife, my friend and me.

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Emotional times

After an emotional and tense week, it was with some relief that the weekend was on us and we could relax. His daughter Hannah, had promised to protect our secret whilst revealing her secret to Anne, her secret lust for me, which she said had led me to strut around with a renewed air of confidence.

Diary Entry: Nov 2017: Emotional times

After the memorial life began to return to normal very quickly. The following Friday, Brian and I went out for our usual drink. He was a little quiet but not morose and we were soon enjoying the singer who sat in the corner with his acoustic guitar.

We headed home after an enjoyable evening, and I knew that Anne would brighten his mood, just by being there. When we arrived, I could smell that she’d been cooking and as we sat down, she presented us with pizza. Anne sat on the sofa beside Brian and we were soon chatting and laughing like always. After we’d eaten, we flicked through the TV and found a movie that we all liked and settled down to watch it.

I was sat on the chair and glanced over to see Anne slip across the sofa and lay with her back into him. She took his hands and wrapped his arms around her and snuggled down to watch the movie.

The conversation faded as we became engrossed in the movie. I’d occasionally glance over at them and I noticed that she had his hand in hers and was stroking her fingers softly across them, gently massaging his fingers, their eyes on the screen. His hand aimlessly rested on her breast over her sweater, she laid her head back into his chest, her eyes half-closed, just as she would do with me, I wasn’t sure whether she was thinking what I was, but I hoped that she was.

She got up and went to the bathroom when she returned, I noticed immediately, she’d removed her bra, and, I guessed, her knickers. She lay back down against him and took his hands and wrapped them around her. When she placed one of his hands over her breast, it was obvious to him that she’d taken her bra off. I could see her nipples from where I sat, it took him nanoseconds to notice. He glanced at me, I just nodded, and he began to caress her breast over the sweater, and as he did, she pressed her body harder against his.

They lay there for a short while, then I saw her take his hand and slide it under her sweater and I could see his hand enclose her breast and begin to work his fingers over the nipple, she let out a soft moan and closed her eyes, this was so hot. She turned a slightly towards him and they kissed, she pressed her hand into his crotch, he moaned, I smiled.

“Hey! Why don’t you two get a room?”

He looked at me, he didn’t know if I was serious, she did, and I wasn’t, I nodded my head in the direction of the stairs.

“Go, enjoy, I’ll watch the end of the film.”

He looked unsure like he’d been caught with his hands inside my wife’s pants.

“Go! Before you cream your pants here and waste a good erection.”

She stood up and pulled him to his feet and led him out, she smiled at me as she left. I could have joined them but, something told me that he needed this and that she would be better for him, on her own.

I didn’t leave them all alone since we’d began all of this, I’d learned that I love to hear her have sex, nearly as much as watching her. So, after a while, I crept up the darkened stairs and sat near the top, just so I could see his ass and listen to the moans coming out of the room. He was gentle, he was passionate, and when he came, I heard her.

“It’s okay, say it.”

There was a silent pause, then.

“I love you, Dianne.”

I smiled and walked back downstairs, I’d give them a little longer.

When I returned, they were asleep. They lay on their sides facing each other. He had his arm under her head and lay with her head touching his, and her legs were wrapped around him, it was so perfect. I stood at the door and stared at them for a few moments, I couldn’t disturb them, so I decided to sleep in the spare room.

I was shaken awake, it was still dark, and someone was with me. I rubbed my eyes and saw Anne sat on the side of the bed. I turned on the lamp. She stared at me and didn’t look happy she looked pissed.

“And what’s the meaning of this?”

I looked at her, still trying to wake up, “what do you mean?”

“You, here? Why didn’t you come to bed?”

I explained what I saw when I came up, she leaned forward her face close to mine.

“You do not sleep in here on your own unless we’ve had an argument, and even then, you don’t stay out all night. You come to bed. Or no more me and Brian on our own, got it?”

I was awake now, and she was pissed, I put my hands on her arms.

“What’s wrong honey? I thought that you’d like some time with Brian.”

She looked upset.

“I woke up and you weren’t there, and it was clear that you hadn’t been all night. That’s not the deal Paul, I want you in my bed, with me, every night, without fail. What Brian and I shared is special, last night was special, but what wasn’t special was waking up without you beside me.”

I tried to calm her.

“You might think that it’s easy for me. Well, it isn’t. The one constant that I have, the one thing that I can rely on, is that when Brian and I are done when he’s asleep and I’ve spent enough time with him, I turn and expect to see you lying beside me.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I said sorry, she pulled back the bedclothes and climbed in beside me and we were soon wrapped in each other’s arms. That is how Brian found us in the morning.

Brian didn’t say anything to us about Anne’s outburst, he got it, and he knew that I felt bad about it, when he left, he did so look forward to the following weekend when we’d be starting then next round of roleplays.

The play that we had chosen was the groupie play. With me playing the rock-star and Brian the security guard, who Anne had to get past to get to me. In preparation for the play, both Brian and I visited the local fancy-dress shop, where we both hired, long ‘eighties-style’ wigs, for added authenticity.

Anne had gone out for the evening with her sister Rachel and some friends. They were having a drink and something to eat. Brian and I arranged the dining room to look like a back-stage room. We had music playing, empty beer cans laid around the place, and one of my guitars propped up in the corner. We’d eaten take-away earlier in the evening and left the pizza boxes strewn around the room. The room was quite a mess, something that Anne would hate when she got home.

The plan was for Anne to feign feeling unwell and leave her friends early and return home. They were dancing in a local bar when at around ten she told her sister that she felt unwell. She apologised to the others, left them and jumped in a taxi. A simple text to me told me that she was on her way.

We made some last-minute checks. I set the camcorders rolling, I now had four recorders, two covering the dining room and two upstairs in the bedroom, where I would be waiting. I also had a central unit which I could use as a monitor to observe what happened downstairs. My security guy at work had trained me up on its use and was surprised that I wanted such a highly-specified system for home use.

We heard her taxi pull up outside. I shook his hand and wished him well and headed upstairs and took my place in front of the monitors to watch everything unfold. I was feeling quite nervous and excited as I heard her ring the doorbell, as arranged.

I heard Brian walk to the door and open it. Anne flashed her ‘back-stage pass’ at him. She started to walk in, he held out his hand and stopped her.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

She looked up at him. Her eyes were wide, she was so turned on already. She wore a short skirt and a loose blouse, with a little light jacket on top. She was red-faced, she had been dancing and worked up quite a sweat.

“I’m going back-stage. I’m going to see Stevie!” She demanded.

He smiled at her as he let her into the hall and closed the door behind her. He looked her up and down. He leered at her and licked his lips.

“Sorry, hun. Before you can see Stevie, you must pass a few tests. We don’t just let anyone upstairs you know.”

He walked away and into the dining room.

“Follow me.”

She hesitated. He turned and stared at her.

“Or you can just fuck off and go home!”

He pointed to the door.

Her shoulders slumped as she sighed and followed him into the dining room. She looked around. I could see the look on her face when she saw the mess. I smiled to myself, knowing that she’d be thinking, ‘look at the state of this place!’

He picked up a bottle of beer and took a drink, turned and stared at her. She stood in the middle of the room, she looked uncomfortable as he looked her up and down, wiped his mouth then smiled.

“You married?”

She nodded.

“Hubby know that you’re here?”

She nodded, “at the concert, yes.”

He smiled, “what about back-stage?”

She looked down and didn’t answer.

“Thought as much. So, what’s your name?”

She lifted her head, “Carol.”

He grinned, “well Carol. Just how bad do you want to see Stevie?”

She looked puzzled.

“He’s told me that I can only let one woman or girl up to see him, is that going to be you?”

She looked at him, she didn’t move or say anything. He walked towards her, he reached out and pulled her jacket off her shoulders and took it from her. He threw it onto the table and stared at her. She fidgeted with her hands as she looked embarrassed.

“Hmm. Very nice tits Carol.”

He reached out and groped them roughly. She closed her eyes and winced. He pulled his hands away.

“Maybe you should leave. I don’t think that you’re the kind of visitor that Stevie is looking for.”

She lifted her head.

“No. Please. I want to.”

He stared at her.

“You want to what?”

She bit her lip.

“See Stevie.”

He stared at her, “prove it!”

She looked at him, she had no idea what to do. He reached out with both hands and grabbed her blouse and pulled hard at it. The buttons were ripped off as he yanked it open and exposed her bra underneath. She squealed, her hands came up to cover her breasts.

“Do you want to see him? I’m not sure that you do.”

She was trembling.

“I do. I do!”

“Okay. Drop your hands!” He barked.

She slowly lowered her hands. He grinned at her.

“Fuck. They are some gorgeous tits honey. Let me see them.”

She hesitated, he snapped at her.

“Take off your bra or fuck off home!”

She was shaking as she reached behind and unhooked her bra. She lowered the straps over her arms and held the bra in front of her as he stared at her breasts. He reached out and groped them. She winced. He wasn’t hurting her, but he wasn’t gentle either. I watched as he pinched both of her nipples in his fingers and thumbs and rolled the nipples around.

“Fuck these are wonderful. Hubby is a lucky guy. How many other men have had the pleasure, Carol?”

She looked at him, wide-eyed, not sure what he meant. He pinched her nipples.

“You show these to anyone else?”

She shook her head.

“Such a waste. So, have you fucked anyone else since you got married?”

Again, she shook her head. He dropped his hand and rubbed it over his crotch, he was hard. She blushed a little as her eyes fell on his crotch. He took her hand in his and placed it onto his crotch. He moaned as she tried to pull it away, but he held it in place. He grabbed her breast with his other hand and pulled her closer to him. His lips were almost touching hers and he stared into her eyes.

“Take my cock out!”

She stared at him. He kept her hand hard on his crotch. They stood for a few seconds then her fingers began to nervously unbutton his jeans, then she started to unzip them, and he continued to grope her breasts. She pulled open his jeans and reached in and he moaned loudly as her fingers found his shaft and wrapped around them and pulled his hard cock from his shorts.

She stared down at his hard cock as she pulled it into the open. He smiled at her and placed his hands on her shoulders. He pressed down on them, she resisted but eventually she let him push her to her knees and she stared straight at his cock which was now dripping pre-cum. He grabbed some of her hair in his fist and pulled her head towards his cock. Her lips remained tightly closed. He reached down and pulled them open as his cock slid between them and he pulled her mouth onto his cock. He let out a moan as he felt her lips glide along his hard length.

“Oh yes, bitch. That’s it. Suck it good. Oh, baby, you’re a good cocksucker.”

Her eyes remained closed as he moved her head up and down his length.

“Open your eyes!” He snapped.

She did, he smiled down at her.

“Look over there.” He pointed to the camera.

“It’s recording all of this. If you make any trouble, this goes viral on the net. And a copy goes to your husband.”

She closed her eyes and began to move her mouth along his shaft voluntarily. I watched as she knelt before him for a minute or so before he stopped her and pulled his cock out.

“That’s enough. We don’t want to waste this. Stand up.”

She stood. He guided her to the table and pressed her against it, facing the table. He pushed her down so that she lay face down on the table, then he reached under her skirt and pulled down her knickers. He lifted her skirt and exposed her bare bum to the camera. He stroked his cock a few times then placed it against her pussy. He grabbed her hips, paused then pushed forward and thrust hard into her pussy. She groaned out loud as he filled her up and leaned over her.

“Oh, baby you’re tight.”

He began to fuck her. This wasn’t our normal sex. This was so different. And Anne was loving it. The noises that she made as they fucked were so hot. Her moans and cries were so loud and so honest. There was no faking there. She was in ecstasy as he fucked her over the dining table, I wondered how we’d ever eaten dinner off there again, knowing what I’d witnessed.

Her hands were pressed on the table as she pushed back at him. He grunted with each thrust, she moaned in unison with him. Then suddenly she stiffened and threw her head back and screamed out loud as her orgasm ripped through her. She begged him to fuck her harder, and he obliged and the pair of them were going so hard that the table moved along the carpet.

I knew that he wouldn’t last much longer, and it was only a matter of twenty seconds before he too cried out and thrust hard as he pushed himself deep into her and held himself there as he began to spurt into her.

I watched as he collapsed onto her back as he emptied himself into her and she finished coming down. The pair of them were breathing hard and panting as he stroked her hair gently, the first gentle thing that he’d done since it had all started.

He slowly stood and pulled out. I could see his cum dripping onto the carpet. She turned around, she couldn’t prevent a smiled from spreading across her lips.

“Did I pass the test?”

He nodded, still breathing hard. “Oh yes. You passed alright.”

She straightened her skirt and kicked off her knickers. He stood and took her arm and led her out of the room and upstairs.

I heard them coming upstairs. My cock was solid, and dripping pre-cum. I knew that if she touched me, I’d explode. I had to do something to slow things down. I stood as the door opened and she was led in. I stared at her. She couldn’t wipe the smile from her face. I smiled back.

“And who do we have here?”

Brian answered, “Stevie, this is Carol.”

I nodded at her. “Has she checked out?”

He nodded. “Yes. She passed with flying colours.”

I smiled. I walked towards her, walked around her, checking her out like I was checking out a car, or a piece of furniture.

“Very nice Carol. You’re married I see.”

She nodded.

“I hope hubby won’t mind me sending you back to him filled up?”

She lowered her head, slowly getting back into her role. She looked to the floor.

I glanced at Brian, his cock was soft now. I motioned for him to get onto the bed as I turned her around to face me. I looked into her eyes. I pulled her to me and pressed my lips hard against hers. She let out a moan as I pushed my tongue into her open mouth and battled with hers inside her mouth. She responded. Kissing me back, equally as roughly. I turned her to face Brian who was now sat on the bed.

“Get on your hands and knees and get him hard again Carol!” I ordered.

She slowly slipped onto the bed and crawled towards him. Kneeling she took his cock in her hand and lowered her lips onto it. As she did her bum raised in the air. I knelt behind her and rubbed the tip of my cock along her wet slit, still dripping his cum. I held her hips as I watched the back of her head bob up and down as she began to suck on his cock, which she had successfully got hard again. I pressed my cock against her hole then, holding her hips, I thrust hard into her.

She moaned as I entered her. I pushed her onto his cock, causing her to gag as she took all of it into her mouth. I began to thrust in and out of her as she worked his cock in her mouth. It took every ounce of self-control for me not to shoot into her there and then.

I held her hips as I moved in and out of her. My eyes locked onto the back of her head as she sucked and licked Brian’s cock. His fingers stroked through her hair as she gave him a wonderful blow-job as I pounded her pussy.

I could feel my orgasm approach. I pulled my cock out. I heard her moan, a moan of disapproval. As she continued to work on Brian’s cock, I slid a finger into her pussy and worked it around. Wet with her juices, I pulled it out and began to caress around her tight asshole. She moaned, she knew where I was going with it. She wriggled her bum in approval as I gently pressed my finger against her tight hole until it gave way and the tip slipped inside. She moaned aloud. I gently fingered her for a while and then I knelt behind her once more. And, I placed the tip of my cock against her tight hole and holding her hips I pressed hard. My cock bent a little as she resisted, but eventually, accompanied by moans from her the head slipped inside of her tight hole.

I held her hips as I slowly pushed into her. Once inside I began to move slowly in and out of her tight bum. She moaned with each movement, as did Brian who I knew was getting close once more. I kept my hands on her hips as I moved a little faster, still gently, as I worked my cock in and out of her bum.

She was giving Brian such a good blow job that he came first. He grabbed her head and pulled it down onto his cock as he lifted his hips and thrust into her mouth. She gagged a little as he began to cum into her mouth. She gulped down each jet of cum that he spurted into her mouth and she moaned so loud that I knew that I wouldn’t be far behind him. And I wasn’t. As he finished coming in her mouth, I felt my orgasm explode over me and my cock jerked and began to spurt fountains of cum deep into her bum. I held my cock inside of her until my cock jerked for the last time and deposited the last of my cum deep into her ass. I lay across her back as I felt my spasms recede. Then I slowly withdrew and sat on the bed. I looked at them both. For a few moments, there was silence. The only sounds were our breathing.

Then suddenly she fell onto her back on the bed and looked at us both. Her face still smeared with some of Brian’s cum, and my cum now leaking from her bum onto the bed. She sighed.

“That was amazing guys.”

Then we began to talk about it, we were like three excited teenagers, we couldn’t talk fast enough. As we recovered, I pulled her to her feet she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, I could die in her mouth, I love to kiss her.

“Paul, I love you more than you could know. For introducing me to all of this I can never thank you enough.”

I made my excuses and went to the shower. I needed to clean up. When I returned Brian was stood and looked down on Anne, who lay on the bed. She looked exhausted, but also satisfied.

“Guys, tonight was wonderful, it was, but I would like to let you two sleep together, I’ll take the spare room.”

Anne stared at him.

“Get your ass in this bed, Brian, we fuck together, we sleep together.”

I smiled, “know when you’re beaten, mate.”

He did, and, after initially lying in his arms, Anne eventually fell asleep in mine after what was a wonderful evening.

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