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Mia R.
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Author's note,

Just wanted to say, this book contains mature scenes, so there won't be any warnings. Welcome and enjoy it!

Chapter 1

Abigail Bennett’s POV:

I woke up with a groan, with my head pounding like a truck ran over me. “What the hell?” I whispered-yelled when I saw I was completely naked with a tattooed arm around my waist. What the fuck, happened?!

Oh boy, I got drunk, didn’t I?! Fuck! Shit. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, I slept with a stranger. And I don’t remember anything! I hate my life, right now.

Fucking, Sam I swear to god, I’m never going out with him again. Ugh, my head is killing me! I turned on the other side and grabbed the tattooed arm of the stranger and slowly removed it from around me and stood up.

Unfortunately, that was a bad idea, I immediately sat down when my head started spinning and my lady part down there started burning like crazy. I softly groaned and looked at the grey ceiling and cursed the gods above, why me?

After a few seconds, I tried once again and succeeded, I stood up and saw a black shirt near my feet, I bend down to grab it. With his shirt holding it over my body I turned around and stared at the stranger who, pretty, sure ruined my vagina.

Damn, he was hot as hell. His short black hair fell over his eyes which made him look so adorable and sexy at the same time, I trailed my eyes down his body and sucked in a breath when I saw his erection through the silk like black sheet that was around his legs.

Even in his sleep, he’s hard? What the fuck, he must be some crazy sex addict, or something. Even if he was, I wouldn’t mind being his sex toy, because this man was sexy and gorgeous as fuck.

What the fuck did I just think? I groaned out loud and froze when he stirred and turned on the other side. Whoa! He’s got tattoos, I mean yeah I knew that because I…never mind.

I ran my hand over his back, tracing the woman’s eye softly. His tattoo was breathtaking. I wish I wasn’t such a pussy and had the courage to get a tattoo myself. His tattoo covered his whole back, it contained half of a woman’s face and half skeleton.

Near his neck there were two birds flying away tattooed. It was a beautiful masterpiece. I’m kind of jealous of him. I stopped moving when he steered once again and grabbed the pillow closer towards his chest.

If he wakes up, I’m dead. I trailed my eyes down his body and sucked in a breath when I realized the sheet had dropped lower than it was.

My eyes widened when half of his cock had appeared above the sheet. I questioned myself. How the hell did that fit in me? I licked my lips when the veins around it appeared, delicious. Slut.

I should probably, leave before he wakes up. But damn he was big! I shook my head, no wonder my pussy hurts like shit. I searched around the black and deep red room for my dress that I wore last night and when I found it I wanted to dance from happiness.

So, when I finally got dressed I grabbed my heels and made my way out of the room and took the stairs down. Well, not before casting one last glance at the sexy specimen.

Once, I closed the door behind me I froze. What now? I followed the soft music that was coming from my right, once I saw stairs I descended them.

“Good morning, darling.” An old lady greeted me when I came downstairs. I tried not to scream, she just came out of nowhere.

“Fuck!” I screamed and sprung a feet up in the air, where in god’s name did she come from?! “Hi, I’m so sorry.” I blushed and cleared my throat once I remembered I didn’t reply back. “Good morning.” I blushed and fixed my hair.

I stared at her. What is she thinking of me right now? I’m sure the man upstairs sleeping like a baby, has girls over every day. I hope she doesn’t think I’m a slut. I mean, I guess you can label me as a slut since I lost my damn virginity to a man I probably will never see again. What will my mother think of me?

Oh god! I lost my virginity to a man I don’t know!? “I’m sorry, but, I need to leave. Can you please tell me where we are?” I panicked and fished my phone out of the damn tiny purse, I was obliged to take with me.

“But Mr. Knight said not to let you leave.” She confusedly said which made me raise my eyebrow at the name. Knight where have I heard that name before?

“Listen-” I stopped for her name. God, I’m so dumb, haven’t even introduced myself yet.

“Linda.” She replied with a soft chuckle.

“Listen, Linda, I must be at work at 8 am so I need to leave.” I said and cursed myself for ever agreeing to go out with Sam in the first place. Fucking asshole, he’s going to pay for this.

“Oh, but it’s already half past 10.” She frowned and stared behind her at the clock. I tried not to panic, I’m so getting fired, oh my lord!

“Shit!” I hissed and started searching for my phone. “I really have to go please can you tell me where we are so I can call a cab?” I pleaded and unlocked my phone when I found it and send a message to Matt, my boss, who was going to kill me.

“Sure, I’ll tell Layn to give you a ride.” She smiled and gestures for me to follow her. “Layn!” She called when we entered the garage with two black SUV parked.

“What woman?!” I heard a man yell before he came into view from the other side of the car. “Oh, Miss. Bennett, you’re awake.” He smiled at me. You know me?!

“Y-you know me?” I pathetically stuttered in confusion.

“Well yeah, I was the one who drove you and Mr. Knight here.” He smiled making me blush, oh man, I hope I didn’t humiliate myself or have done inappropriate things. God, I hate myself sometimes.

“Well is it okay if you call a cab for me please I need to go to work as soon as possible, please?” I asked and took a step forward.

“Hop on I’ll drive you, sweetheart.” He laughed and opened the front door of the car.

“Thank you.” I thanked him when he helped me in. “Wait, wait,” I called and stepped out of the car again and went back to Linda throwing my hands around her small shoulders. “Thank you, Linda, I’m sorry if I sounded rude.” I sheepishly smile and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, darling don’t worry.” she smiled. “Now go.” she pushed me away which made us both laugh.

“Bye, Linda I hope we can see each other again... In different circumstances, of course.” I laughed and climbed on the car again and waved when Layn started driving.

“You have a really beautiful name, sir,” I commented after a few seconds which made his eyes leave the road for a few seconds and stared at me.

Name? Shit I forgot to introduce myself to Linda once again! On the other side, it’s not like I will ever see her again. So, that doesn’t really matter, does it?

“Why thank you, Miss. Bennett.” he replied and gave me a fatherly smile which made my heart clench at the memory of my family or more like my father.

“Please call me Abby and you’re welcome.” I smiled and looked out of the window. God, help Sam, when I see him.

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