His Addiction

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30-year-old, Marcel Knight, was a well-known man in LA, from being the son of the billionaire, James Knight, to owning every five star club had its advantages. He never expected to find love in such a busy night. 25-year-old, Abigail Bennett, was struggling with life. Not really, she had a descent life, with a proper job that paid well and a best friend. Her past? Was a disaster she intended to keep in the past.

Erotica / Romance
Mia Richards
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Chapter 1

Marcel’s POV

I was reading the new contract I yet had to sign. Father was making me sell one of the clubs to his friend and it was pissing me off. I didn’t care that he was forcing me to sell it, but what pissed me off the most was that it was one of the best clubs here, in L.A. and it was doing great. I had worked my ass off to get this one a few years back.

So, now having it taken out of my hands by a son of a bitch, it royalty pissed me off. The only reason I’m doing this and agreeing with father is because he still owns 30% of everything. Once he’s retired and everything becomes mine, I’ll do whatever I please, and I will make sure that I get it back.

I sighed and pushed the stupid piece of paper away from me. I grabbed the bottle of bourbon and poured another drink. I leaned against the chair and turned around with the glass on my hand. I stared at the city below. People looked like ants from up here. I stared outside and wondered how my life got this depressing. I used to have such a fun life. I don’t remember the last time I had just gone out and had fun.

Did I even have friends that weren’t my business partners? I don’t even remember the last time I had been with a woman. How in god’s name did I end up like this? It’s fathers’ fault, I wish he had given his wealth to Matt. I hated that he was free in this world.

I wondered what mother would’ve done if she was still here. Would father be like he is now? I mean sure he married Valentina, but a blind man could see that he isn’t as happy as he used to be. I understand him, but I’m sure mom would want for him to be happy.

It’s not just that, but Valentina deserves a man that truly loves her. She’s the best person I’ve ever met, of course after my mother. But either way she deserves someone better. I’m happy at least they’re good to each other.

A knock against the door snapped me out of my depressing thoughts as I turned back around. “Come in!” I called and downed the bourbon in one go. My secretary, Noah entered with a notebook in his hand. “What is it Noah?” I asked, now that I think about it, I think he’s the only friend I have. Of course, he is too scared to actually act anything else but professionally.

“Mr. Knight, your meeting with Mr. Salvatore is about to start.” He notified me making me groan. Mr. Salvatore my ass. The only thing that piece of shit deserved to be called was, a fucking pervert. Every time he came here, my employees get uncomfortable. Especially the female employees. I hated his guts, god if only I could punch the shit out of him and back down from this nonsense father is making me do.

“Tell, Mr. Pervert that I’ll be there in a minute.” I spoke and started re-arranging the contract in its order. I wish he would just piss me off, so I could finally snap and tell him that the deal is off. Honestly, I could just have him killed. I’m sure my men, would do anything for a million dollar. Especially kill a low life like this asshole that goes by the name of, Andrew Salvatore.

Once, Noah left I poured another drink and drank it, better be prepared then sorry. I stood up and grabbed the contract and started walking out of my office. I saw all my employees stare at me, some were staring at me in fear, others in lust and others just in admiration.

I truly appreciated my staff, maybe I could do something nice for them for once. “Everybody, listen up!” I spoke catching everyone’s attention. Noah who was about to open the meeting room doors paused and turned towards me. “After I’m done with Mr. Salvatore, you all can go home. Consider this an early Christmas present.” I smirked and started walking towards Noah, the once quiet floor suddenly boomed with hushed voices as they excitedly stated whispering to one another.

“Wow, that’s so nice of you.” Noah mumbled in excitement as he stared at me in wonder. I know what he’s thinking, what the fuck has happened to him?! I, myself didn’t know what was happening to me, but I just needed a night for myself and what better way to do that then leave early from work. I knew I basically owned the damn company, but I don’t want to seem an ass and leave early while everyone else was still working.

“Just, open the door and let’s get this shit over with.” I scolded. He stiffened and nodded while opening the door. “Ah, Mr. Salvatore, such a pleasure!” I exclaimed and smiled. Well, everything about my poster right now was fake. Like, I said before I hated this guy’s guts.

He sat up and turned towards me and smiled, I could see his smile was fake too, but who am I to judge? I stretched out my hand and grabbed his and shook it. “Mr. Knight, the pleasure is all mine.” He chuckled and gestured towards the seat. I nodded and took a seat next to him.

Noah sat beside me and opened his notebook ready to write anything important. “So, to what do I own this pleasure of you gracing me with your presence?” I asked, I knew that was rude as fuck, but I was done playing nice.

He laughed and stretched out his hand to his assistance, did this bitch seriously just take that as a joke? I watched the poor woman that handed him papers while her hands shook in fear. It was beyond me of why people feared him. “Well, I made a few changes to the contract. I hope you haven’t signed the old one yet.” He chuckled, I raised my eyebrows and smiled, but then just decided to go with a nod.

My fists were fisted under the table as I tried to control myself. “No, of course I haven’t.” I replied. If only I could kill him right now. “I hate to inform you but that would mean that I will have to re-read the whole thing and get back at you after I sign.” I stated and grabbed the bundle.

“Nonsense, it’s just a minor detail that I thought wasn’t that important to be in there.” He laughed and tried to take my mind off of it.

“I will take a look at it, anyway.” I gritted through my teeth. He visibly stiffened making me inwardly smirk. “Noah, will contact your assistance as soon as I have an answer.” I stood up, he followed behind me and opened his mouth to speak but I just nodded at the woman and walked past him and out of the room.

“Sir?” Noah questioned as he followed behind me.

“Take this.” I handed him the bundle. “You come to me about this in a month.” I stated and smirked when he chuckled. “Also, make sure he is out of here and then everyone can start leaving.” I said pointing at the room we just came out off and turned around and started walking towards my office.

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