Blackstone Inc. (Book 3)

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* “Oh, God, please,” I breathed out. I then felt her tongue lick the shell of my ear and I whimpered again and then moaned. “Get on your knees,” she commanded, her breathy voice in my ear and I instantly dropped. * Katherine Blackstone is the only sister of the famous Blackstone family. She is 32 and the CFO at Preston's branch of the company. She is a little too blunt at times, not afraid to say how she feels even at the risk of hurting feelings, and has inherited the trait of not taking 'no' for an answer. She wants nothing less than absolute submission from those around her and doesn't let being a 'woman in the workplace' stop her from being a boss. She's been single for a while now and doesn't see anything changing that... Not even the mysterious and shy blonde that is her new assistant. * Samantha Emerson is beautiful, blonde, and has brains--the seemingly perfect trifecta. At 26, she's ready and willing to do what it takes to become a CEO alongside her brother, Collin, once her father, Gary Emerson, retires. There's just one stipulation... She's got to work her way into the Blackstone's good graces--Just one in particular, actually. Her orders are to find out any useful information about Katherine and her brothers and report back to her father so he can take the Blackstone's down. * Will Sam get stuck trying to please her father? Or will she submit to Katherine?

Erotica / Romance
Stacey Sonier
4.6 96 reviews
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Part 1


I had been raised away from the spotlight and away from my family. I was a woman so in my father’s eyes, I was deemed unworthy of inheriting a place alongside my brother as CEO of Emerson Industries.

From a young age, I knew that my brother was special, that my father had destined Collin for great things. And I was made to sit in the shadows and watch as he got everything, especially fathers’ love, and attention.

I went to private schools, away from everyone I loved, only really seeing them during the holidays. I grew up never really knowing my father except for what I read in the paper about him. He didn’t call me, didn’t write me letters--but he did send me cards on my birthday. He was a busy man and I was raised to understand that.

When I graduated from school and then finally college, I set out to make my father proud. I was working my way up in a company I loved, had my own house and my own car. I wanted my father to see that I was independent, yes, but I also still wanted his love.

Even then I still rarely heard from him. But I knew he was busy and I knew he had more important things to think about.

It was only very recently that I finally saw my father after so many years away. It wasn’t exactly the warm welcome I was hoping it would be but he needed me now.

I left my career, I sold my house and packed everything I owned to move back home.

But none of that mattered because I was finally going to be of some use.

I grew up thinking my father didn’t love me, that I would never have a place in his life and I would never mean anything to him...

Now I would be his greatest weapon.


“You know what you have to do, don’t you,” he asked, his back facing me like some kind of supervillain.

But we were the good guys, and he swore that.

He was facing the floor to ceiling windows in his office, overlooking the city below.

“Yes, father,” I replied. While he swore we were on the right side of things, I had heard what his temper and anger were capable of.

“You can’t let anything get in your way. You understand what that means, right,” my brother Collin said from a seat to the side. His hands were clasp in his lap, his right ankle was rested on his left knee.

“Of course. It means that I can’t catch feelings no matter what. I wouldn’t anyway, though. Just like father said, the Blackstones are vile people. They deserve what they’re about to get for what they did to our uncle.”

“It isn’t as though you like women anyways but Samantha, make no mistake, darling. The Blackstones have the four greatest weapons in this life with the first being knowledge. With knowledge comes power, with power comes money, and with money comes influence. So, with knowledge, power, money, and influence...the Blackstones might just be the most powerful, the most secretive, and the most untouchable family ever--and that makes them extremely dangerous.”

His back was still to me but he stood a little straighter.

“This is where you come in. The two biggest and best known Blackstones are already taken. You will be going after Katherine. She is the middle child and she is the most reckless. She had a drinking problem in the past, she let her feelings get in the way in past relationships and she was burned. She’s also the only daughter of Silas Blackstone and I know he pushed her to the side in favor of her brothers. She will seem strong, almost impenetrable, but everyone has a weakness, everyone.”

“Your job will be to find this weakness and exploit it, though I have a feeling you might already be the weakness,” Collin chimed in, “Make her fall for you, Samantha. Do everything in your power to see that you are Katherine Blackstones only life preserver...

“And then snatch it from her--letting us, and the world, watch as she and her whole fucking family drown in their heinous secrets.”

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