Life of Ariante

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Ariante is a senior in high school, horny and hung. He's putting his meat in whatever he can without the being caught by his crazy lover or brother. Feeling bold I leaned over and places my two lips against the side of his left asscheek. That nigga jumped up so fast. “Whoa whoa, what you doing bro.” He asked looking and me half frightened.

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Meet Crazy

Sitting on a bucket, arched over, shading in this niggas tattoo as he laid on his stomach on my air mattress in my basement.

“I can't believe you got me doing this shit bro.” I said leaning back glaring at his light brown ass cheeks. “You the only person I could get to tat my ass.”

“Why your ass though man?”

“Everything else already covered.” He told me taking a sip from his styrofoam cups he had resting on the floor, causing me to looked over his back, arms, and legs in the dim lights; from the look of it he was telling the truth.

There was a problem though, I could barely focus on doing the tattoo with this niggas ass vibrating in my face from the ink gun. Shit looked good as fuck, had my dick harder than a motherfucker laying next to my thigh covered by basketball shorts.

“Lips?” I questioned.

“Yeah, meaning everyone can kiss my ass.”

Feeling bold I leaned over and placed my two lips against the side of his left asscheek. That nigga jumped up so fast. “Whoa whoa, what you doing bro.” He asked looking at me half frightened.

“Chill nigga and lay ya ass back down it was a joke man. Wanted to be the first to eat your ass.”


“I meant kiss. But it was just a joke.” I told him. He stared at me shaking his head nervously. “None of that funny shit man just do the tat.”

“Yea man.” I told him. And at first I listened but the devil in me kept creeping back. I found my hand rested on the top of his ass cheek as I did the outline for the second half of his tattoo. Slowly my hand moved closer towards his crack until my fingers were halfway down his crevice. Not a peep from him. I decided to push my luck and move my fingers lower. Still nothing.

It wasn't until his head jerked and a loud snore came bellowing out his chest that I realized he was sleep. I finished the outline and like a rapist started to play in this dudes ass. Slowly opening them up, gazing at his hairy hole. Lowering my face, hovering just above his mounds, taking in a deep sniff; a slight scent of musk and weed filled my nose, right then my dick twitched. I want to feel what his shit felt like on the inside.

I slid my shorts back, releasing my dick. I looked down at it to see him throbbing as the blood surged throughout it. With one hand I massaged my shit up and down yet wit the other I twirled it around the exit of him. Shocked he hadn't woke up from all this, I got a bit more brave. Spitting on my two fingers and gliding it over in booty hole then taking that same finger and with snail speed I began to push it inside him. Still no movement, so I went in deeper. Finally as I got knuckle deep his body shifted so I paused, with my dick in hand and I slowly began to finger him after a couple of tense moments.

After a moment I continued to tug on my meat while he laid sleep on the air mattress with his cavity clinched on to my index finger. Leaned over I drop a glob of salvia on my finger and watched it roll down and pool around his anus. I pulled my finger out so slightly then pushed back in it. Pausing to see how he responded. Nothing. So I played in this niggas ass, fingering him as I beat my shit, legs stretched out and clenched together and all. I could feel this was going to be and amazing nut! When I heard the basement door creak open. Immediately I released my dick, pulling my shorts down, grabbing my ink gun and turn it back on.

As I started back on his tattoo, down comes my brother Tim, peeking down the stairs as he walked. “Ma go beat your ass nigga when she find out you ain't go to school today.”

“I ain't worried about that, but what's up. Don't you see I'm busy.” I responded.

“Yeah tattooing a niggas ass, what the fuck wrong with you bro?”

“Money is money. Fuck where they want it.”

Tim just stared at me before he burst out in laughter, causing the nigga to wake up. Which really pissed me off.

“Bro just GO!” I yelled.

“Ant don't be mad nigga cause you playing artist on niggas asses in ya momma basement.”

I didn't even respond, I just stood up, dick still semi hard and grabbed him by the arm. Walking my brother to the stairs, “Go.” I said pointing up to the door.

He started up the stairs laughing all the way up to the door. When he walked out I jogged up, locking the door behind him. When I got back to the bottom of the stairs dude was laid out again; so I yelled out to see if he was awake.

“Duke!” He ain't move. “Duke!” Again I yelled out still nothing. Staring at his ink covered body laying there motionless strangely had my dick on wood again. I walked over standing over his head, reaching down and pulling my dick out in this dingy basement. With my sight locked on his ass I spit in my hand then began to manhandle my piece. The shit felt so good as I imagined Dukes ass being thrown all over my meat. I was just about to bust my nut when I heard

“What the fuck!” And I immediately froze.

I looked down to see Duke staring up at me, but I couldn't help myself I twitched my hand then released, my cum shot out over his back, then dribbled down on his face.

My mouth hung open and my body shivered with tremors; I muttered and groaned as my seed continue to flow out my body on to his face like a canvas.

Furious, he jumps up picking me up and throwing me into the wall. Immediately connecting his fists to my ribs. I fell to the floor coughing and weezing. While on my hands and knees panting trying to catch my breath, I spotted a brick in the corner, crawling over I managed to pick it up and throw it at his head; but I missed and Duke came running over and kicked me in the side. Needless to say he beat the fuck out of me and left me in the basement. Walking out without even getting his tattoo finished.

Ribs, face, and stomach all in in pain I somehow made it out the basement and into my bedroom where I collapsed on my bed and slept off some of my pain.

It was about two weeks later when I got a knock on the door, to my surprise there stood Duke; standing there looking stern.

“Ant what's up man. I need you to finish this tat.” Yet before I could answer. “But with none of that gay shit.” I wanted to apologise but instead I just shook my head in agreement.

I took him to my room and got my tattoo equipment. As he went to undressing, I turned my head and got my needles and ink lined up. I didn't need any temptation this was going to be hard enough already.

When I turned around, to my surprise he's laying on my bed butt booty ass naked. I just drop my head and shake it. Duke was not about to make this easy for me. As I started on his unfinished tattoo, I just kept talking to my dick through my mind. 'Don't get hard, don't get hard.’ I repeated. It really wasn't working, my dick was pinned to my thigh but hard as a piece of steel. To make matters worst I think Duke knew, he looked back right between my legs. And the bulge sitting there was standing out. Yet he didn't say a word or make a move. A hour or so later I finished the tattoo and not to toot my own horn but it came out rather nice.

I got a mirror and showed him his new art and he was pleased by it. He handed me my money then just stared at me.

“Why did you do what you did a couple weeks ago?” He asked rather directly.

“What you mean?” I asked back.

Duke just glared at me. “Oh you mean the nutting in your face and shit?”

He just stared at me in silence. “Man I don't know what the fuck I was thinking a nigga was tripping, I think that weed I was smoking had my head fucked up.”

“So it was the weed that had you doing that?”

“Yeah I believe so.” I told him turning away and plundering with shit on my dresser.

“So if I got on my knees right now you wouldn't be able to do the same shit.”

I turned around to him slow. “What you mean?” I asked.

“Exactly what the fuck I just said.”

“You fought me for the shit last time now you asking me this shit.”

Duke twisted his head to the side, "You go do the shit or not man. All this talking.”

Not another word was needed on my end. My dick came out my shorts so fast I nearly bent it in half. Duke got down on his knees, still butt ass naked and looked up at me silently as I caressed my dick inches from his face.

“Ahh, ahhh, shit. I'm about to…” I moaned as I shot right in his face the first squirt hitting right below his left eye. Then another squirt to the forehead.” He was a brave one taking these cum shot with his eye wide open. And just like last time I let the dribble onto his face. Once I was done, he got up looking rather satisfied.

“I had been thinking about you doing that shit to me again since the moment it happened.” Duke confessed as he stuffed his hard dick into his boxers.

“So what we fought for?” I asked.

“That was disrespectful as fuck. That's why.”

He finished putting on his clothes then left. But for the next couple weeks he would show up to my house just so that I could bust a nut on his face, until on day we progressed.

I had my dick out and Duke was on his knees. “Aye bro, I wanna try something different this time.” He said looking away from me.

“What's that?”

“This.” He said opening his mouth wide and taking in as much of my dick as he could. “Whoa.” I said causing him to pull back.

“You ain't feeling it.” Said lowering his head.

I took him by the chin, patting him on the the jaw, “open up.” and slipped my dick back across his tongue.

I could tell it was his first time sucking a dick but this shit was actually hitting though. No teeth, a lot of tongue, spit and I could push back to the beginning of his throat before he would throw his head off of mine. That's was enough for him that day, I came on his face and then next week he came over he gave me head again, and the next week and the next week. This went on for a good two months before he came over and said those now infamous words.

“I want to try something different this time.”

My dick immediately got on brick knowing exactly what he was talking about doing. I was already laying back on the bed, when he got up and walked over to the little pull string backpack he brought with him. Reaching in and pulling out a bottle of lube and xl condoms. Duke walked over to the bed and sat down next to me; looking all kinds of nervous. I looked over at him and he stared back at me.

“Ant, listen I don't want you to think I'm no punk or nothing but ever since you did what you did that first time I been feeling you and shit. It's like that shit brought some kind of freak shit up out. I ain't gay or nothing nigga. I still be fucking my baby mama. But I gotta be real with you….” He said then paused for about thirty seconds.

“I want to get fucked.”

My face lit up, “Wait, wait, wait, bro. You all happy and shit.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Take your time man, I done looked at videos and shit and the shit look like it hurts.”

I laughed and said, “Let's find out.” I clapped my hands and pulled him on top of me. He through his leg over me and sat up in my lap. “Listen man, be easy.”

“I will, man I will.” I told him looking into his light green eyes. “I'mma take care of you Duke.”

With that said I slipped on the condom and he lubed up his ass. Then took my dick in one hand and slowly sat down on my dick. His eyes clinched closed tight and he bit his bottom lip hard. He got my head in then took a break, breathing hard and shit. I rubbed on his back and chest, trying to make him feel at ease. After a moment he started back down my dick.

Sniffing a bit saying. “This shit hurt worse than getting shot.”

“Loosen up, relax, you got this shit.” I coached him.

“Why the fuck did I choose to do this with a big ass dick nigga.” He cried out.

I wanted to laugh but I kept on coaching him. He got halfway down and that when I started thrusting in him gently. “No, no, chill I got this.” He demanded and I let him handle his business. Duke went down a little bit more then started rocking back and forth on my shit like a white girl. I didn't say a word. It was his first time and I knew I needed to be patient. I gripped his ass, and he gripped my arm. His ass was super duper tight, like a vice grip on my dick. It felt so good that my dick started to grow but Duke wasn't on that shit. He hoped off me, talking about “What the fuck! That shit felt like it swole up.”

I started laughing and told him “Enough for today. Open that mouth and get this nut.”

His jaws parts and I jerked my dick emptying my balls into his mouth. He licked his lips and the tip of my dick then got up and started putting on his clothes. Like clockwork, the next week he came back, sucked my dick then came back and tried to take some more dick.

It took a couple weeks before I had him taking dick well enough for me to bust a nut. But once I did. Man let me to you bruh ass was eating up this pipe like it was a pussy. I stared down at the same tattoo that I put on his ass while it creamed on my dick. I pulled his cheeks apart, intrigued by how his ass dripped, and swished as I rearranged his guts. Duke gripped the sheets and looked back at me with this look of lust that said "don't ever stop." I pushed down on his lower back, throwing dick in his fat ass. He moaned like a hoe that was getting dick for the first time, that shit turned me on so much that I couldn't help but unload between them cakes of his. I pushed every bit of dick I had in him and held it there. He beat on the mattress with his fist until I pulled out of him, his shit had clamp closed pulling the condom of my dick.

I laid down next to him and he turned his head the other way. I gripped his ass, then rubbed it. “What's wrong?”

He ain't say shit. “Duke, talk to me. What's up.”

He turned and looked at me. “I feel like a bitch man.”

I almost laughed, because he just sounded like one. Instead I said “Naw why?”

“I just finished taking all that dick, without a problem. And liked the shit. Four months ago I never would of thought about doing some shit like this.” He confessed.

“So all it took was some cum to the face to wake you up?” I joked but he didn't laugh.

“Listen though, what we doing?” Duke asked.

Confused by the question I looked off into space. “What you mean what we doing?”

“We been fucking around for a minute and you know I gotta baby mama and shit but I'm trying to fuck with you too.”

“Cool.” I said then rolled over on top of him, looking him in those eyes of his, then kissed him as he wrapped his legs around my waist. As we started to wrestle, I slipped back inside him, and slow stroked that shit until he was nutting all over his stomach.

“You mine now.” Duke said.

Little did I know what that really meant.

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