One Shots

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A book filled with sinful sensations, illicit desires and sensual short stories that are destined to make your toes curl in lustful anticipation... This book is going to be a collection of my deepest and darkest fantasies and will feature a whole lot of graphic content. If you are one for vanilla, boring sex, this isn't the book for you. +I will be taking your requests for any particular fantasy that you have in mind and will try my best to capture it in words. So, if you have a dirty mind with a whole lot of lustful thoughts, feel free to share them right here so that I can write a one-shot on them. +Also, I do not support bestiality and blood related sexual relations, so please try to stray away from them. +By the way, use a condom kids and stay in school! Regards, Caterina

Erotica / Romance
Caterina Faye
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Chapter 1: Her Father's Bestfriend

Amara stood in front of the mirror, toying with her boring brown curl, her eyes moving across her reflection in thought. She looked much younger than her age with her small button nose and her plump pouty lips and the fact seemed to only annoy her to the core.

Recently turned twenty-one, the young girl hated the fact that she was refused entry in almost every club or bar because she looked too young. Dejectedly, she let her hair loose from the ponytail in hopes that it would hide her still circular and chubby face.

“Amara! Uncle Giovanni is here...” Her mother’s voice came from downstairs, breaking her out of her bubble and she felt her cheeks flush as she thought about finally seeing Giovanni after three years. A pool of wetness seemed to make its way between her legs and she shook her head, trying to distract herself from her arousal.

She quickly coated her lips with the cherry chapstick, smacking them together. Growing up, she had been aware of the little crush she had on her dad’s best friend but in all honestly, she had been a little too nervous to act upon it.

Still a virgin, her knees trembled at the thought of having Giovanni give her her first orgasm, something she really craved as she frequently let her curious fingers rub her little clit that only brought her some pleasure. She could never make herself get off as the sensation often got too overbearing and she would stop rubbing herself right before reaching her peak. The only thing close to a sexual encounter she had was with a boy who had stolen her first kiss at their prom night.

“Coming, ma!” She yelled back, pushing her arms through the sleeves of her black coat, buttoning herself up. The coat hugged her generous figure beautifully, showing off her curves that she was very insecure about. Being bullied in school for her weight had really taken a toll on Amara but she had never really let the hurtful words get to her but at the same time, she sometimes wished someone, someone except for her parents could tell her that she was beautiful now that she had lost a lot of that weight.

She quickly tied up her hiking boots, grabbing her phone that had been charging and quickly skipped down the stairs nervously. Walking to their living room, her little mouth formed into a shocked expression as Giovanni let his arms wrap around her tiny frame, hugging the cold girl close to his warm body.

“Amara, so lovely to see you, again...” He mumbled in her hair, pecking the top of her head softly. “Likewise...” Amara muttered into his chest, her face now crimson red. He let go off her within a couple more seconds, still keeping his hands on her arms as he let his eyes rake over her form once, taking in everything she had to offer.

“You really have grown up,” He let her go and she awkwardly shifted her eyes away from his green ones, looking at the interesting carpet on the floor. “Ready for the trip?”

She shyly nodded with a smile, “I am going to beat you once again,” She muttered out with a laugh, recalling their old tradition of racing up the hiking track on the nearby trail. Her father had met Giovanni when she had been only fifteen. The two men had been colleagues, her father being his boss and they both had hit it off as soon as they had first met, both having very similar likes and dislikes. Although, Giovanni was some ten years younger than her father, it still didn’t make it right for her to lust after the man.

“You wish,” He let out with a wink, his lips forming into a familiar smirk. He still looked the same as he had looked three years ago. Her mother suddenly came up behind her, patting her shoulder.

“Amara, your father can’t make it today, he is still at your grandfather’s. He is not feeling well...Would you both mind going alone?” She asked slowly and Amara’s heart beat fast in thought. She already regretted thinking about what all could happen in the absence of her father but she nonchalantly shrugged at her mother.

“Sure, no problem. Amara and I will have fun, won’t we?” He again smiled calmly at her, making her nod at him again. “We should probably get moving before it’s too late.”

“Yes, let’s go...” Amara quickly hugged her mother close, picking up her backpack from the ground in which she had already put everything she might need from food and water to her own personal essentials.

Both of them stepped out of the house, Giovanni following her as she led the way. They both waved a goodbye to her mother. He took her backpack from her, placing it in the back of his car. Opening the passenger door, she slipped inside the jeep and waited for him to join her.

He slipped inside, revving up the engine of the wrangler, backing out of the driveway and the two of them started their silent two hour long drive.

“How is college?” He asked her, his hand tightening on the steering wheel as he gazed at her from the corner of his eye to see that she was biting hard on her lips. He couldn’t help but wonder how soft her lips would be. He tried to clear his thoughts, feeling like a creep for thinking about a girl, his best friend’s daughter who he had seen somewhat grow up in a sexual way.

“Fine. I-It is the course I wanted, so I am happy,” She said with a smile, thankful that her parents had allowed her to pursue her interests in arts. She had thought that they would have wanted her to study something leaning more towards the sciences since her parents were both from that background but they had pleasantly surprised her, agreeing with her choices.

He nodded at her and turned on the radio, the soft melody of the music consuming the two of them. He heard the girl hum along with the song, bobbing her head up and down frequently, Amara’s beautiful voice sounding even better than the singer’s. He let her soft voice relax his body, easing into his seat for the rest of the journey.

Amara led the way up, vaguely aware of the fact that the brute following her had her behind in his face. She flushed at the thought, wondering whether he liked what he saw. Carefully stepping on the rocky ground, she realized how wet it was, making her wonder whether it had rained here anytime recently. She enjoyed the beautiful view of the green woods that surrounded them, joyed at the sunlight that was being filtered through the trees, lightly kissing their skins with its soft and warm glow.

Giovanni couldn’t look anywhere else but at Amara’s beautiful round derriere, he wondered what it would like be to touch her bare skin, glide his hands over her ass, over the perfect arch of her back, spanking the firm bubble butt she had...His attention was drawn away from adjusting the bulge in his suddenly tight pants as she suddenly fell backwards on him.

“Oh my god!” She cried out loud, clutching onto him as he caught her, keeping them both safe. She was tired after the continuous climbing that they had been doing for a while now. She waited for him to let go off her but the moment never came so she took a deep breath, turning in his grip to gaze up at him.

“Giovanni...” She muttered out, looking up at him with her brown eyes, making him suddenly realize what he was doing. He instantly let go, moving in front of her as he tried to clear away his thoughts.

“Be careful, the ground is a little wet,“He acknowledged, offering her his hand as he climbed over a rock, knowing she would have trouble coming up due to her short stature but she surprised him when she ignored his waiting hand, quickly jumping over the rock and moving ahead.

“It’s still a race to the top,” She said, grinning like a Cheshire cat, making him send her his most charming smile and dare she say, she was definitely charmed as she turned back around, knowing that her panties were soaked.

She felt herself sweat in exhaustion and midway stopped to get rid of the heavy coat that covered her, that left her in just her tank top. She fought the need to sit down and take a break, eager to win. Covered in her sweat, her skin almost glowed in the evening sunlight, making her look like an angel and Giovanni couldn’t help but sigh as he looked at her, finding himself wondering how he was supposed to control himself for the night that they were going to spend at the cottage up the hill, alone and together in the single room. When he used to come here with her father and Amara, he had never thought twice about being near her.

He and her father used to share the bed meanwhile she insisted on sleeping in her sleeping bag always. He wondered about the sleeping arrangement this time, making him think of her, lying naked in the bed, wrapped in her arms while he pounded into her from behind...

“Yes! I win!” She jumped in joy as they reached the top, sticking her tongue out at him and doing a little dance. He laughed at her, joining her side,“Fine, princess, I lose, I’ll make the food now.”

“Don’t forget the foot massage,” She reminded him of their bet, her eyes lingering on his body as he suddenly leg go off his backpack and took off his shirt, wrapping it around his waist, over the jumper already placed there. It was the first time she had seen him, or any man except for her father without a shirt and her mouth fell open at the sight of the tattoos that were engraved on his chest and his back. Her eyes seemed to take in his lean and slightly defined abdomen. She wondered how she had never thought about what lied under his three piece suits or the dark old sweaters.

“Of course, anything else?” She shook her head, no and turned on her heel to continue their way ahead till they reached the familiar cabin. She took notice of the brook that ran down the hill besides them, some water droplets calmly splaying on them.

Excitedly, she took off her own backpack and moved over to the water steam, hoping to put her hands in the water and wash her heated face once but instead her foot got caught in a branch and she fell on her knees. Giovanni instantly grabbed onto her arms, pushing her up to see the damage.

“You just had to fall today, didn’t you, Amara?” She innocently shook her head and he sighed, helping her get up. She stumbled as he led her into the small cabin, sitting her down on the hopefully clean bed, concerned to see the blood oozing out of her tight yoga pants.

“Take your pants off,” He muttered under his breath and the young girl looked at him in shock, her eyes wide as she struggled to speak.


“Let me see how much you got hurt...” She was unsure whether to listen to him or not, deciding that she would definitely be overstepping her boundaries by taking them off, “No, I bet it’s doesn’t even hurt that bad-”

“Take them off, Amara,” He again repeated, composing himself as he spoke calmly, “I’ll get the first aid kit.”

He left her alone to give her some privacy, afraid he was scaring her as he went outside to carry both of their bags inside. He quickly retrieved the kit from his backpack, making his way back over to him to see that she had her pants off her, covering her thighs and her hips, leaving her legs out in the open.

He found the two small bright red spots on both of her knees, the blood oozing out of them fresh as it trailed down her curvy legs. He got in front of her, grabbing some cotton balls and applying some antiseptic on them to clean her wounds.

She hissed out in pain when he first put the antiseptic on her, making his eyes flash to hers. She looked away, intimidated by his sharp gaze and bit her lip to contain another groan. He quickly cleaned off the blood, bandaging her up within no time.

“Thank you,” She muttered, looking down at him and he kissed both of her knees over the bandages, looking up at her stunned face, “All better now.”

She sat confused, shocked to her core. He suddenly got up and moved away from her, cleaning off the mess and keeping the kit back in its position in his bag.

“Why don’t you get changed? I’ll do that outside...,” He said as he took out some fresh clothing, leaving her alone in the cottage. On unsure feet, she moved across the room, finding nothing to wear now that her knees were hurt. She didn’t want to slip into another pair of tight yoga pants or jeans, both sounding horrible.

“Hey, can I borrow your t-shirt?” She asked, doubtful and sighed in relief to hear his yes. Grabbing a white shirt from Giovanni’s clothing, she quickly put it over herself, realizing how loose it was on her.

He walked back inside, taking in her small form in his shirt, Giovanni junior suddenly very excited at seeing her like that, trying not to think too much about her nipples that poked through the tshirt as he noticed the belt around her waist that made his shirt into a dress for her. She quickly looked away from him, rushing to use the small bathroom in the cabin, hoping that it was still maintained and worked.

He knew that he shouldn’t be thinking of her the way he already was but he couldn’t help himself as she brushed her behind into him, her arse brushing up against his already erect shaft.

He moved away when she again came closer, seeking his warmth in the suddenly cold night. The candles and the lanterns burning in the cabin was the only light they were receiving and she hadn’t even anticipated that they would end up the way they were lying in the first place itself after having dinner. She had woken up, cold on the bed from a bad dream, alone and only to see him lying awake in his sleeping bag.

He questioned whether she actually was blissfully innocent or a riveting vixen who was all too aware of what she was doing to him as she rubbed herself up and down his hard length. She continued shaking, unaware of the reason for his discomfort as he lay still under the heavy duvet.

“It’s really cold...” She finally muttered, breaking the silence, suddenly making him aware of his raging boner. “Do you want me to...get you like a sweater?”

“No...” She sighed back, turning to lie on her back and give him a once over from the corner of her eye,“Aren’t you feeling cold?”

He shook his head no in answer. How was he supposed to tell her that she had him distracted from the cold and the only thing he could focus on was finding a way to put his dick between her soft, plump lips?

“Come here, Amara...” Off-limits, she was off-limits. He reminded himself, again and again as he wrapped his hands around her, making her warmer. He kept his erection far away from her, afraid to see her reaction at feeling him rub against her.

She suddenly got way too close, flushing her body completely with his as she entwined their legs together and her eyes widened as she finally took notice of something consistently poking her behind.

“What is that?” She muttered, only having a slight clue of what exactly it was.

“I’m sorry, I’ll just sleep on the floor-” He started but got interrupted as she curiously turned, now facing him completely.

“No, it’s fine. I-” She started, only ending up with cupping his package in the semi-darkness, gasping at what she found.

“Can I see it?” She was not sure why the words tumbled out of her mouth-maybe it was the fact that she was still somewhat sleepy or the fact that maybe a demon had possessed her body and was compelling her to spew out some nonsense.

Giovanni couldn’t think of anything to say, he was breathless as she stroked him through the flimsy material of his sweatpants. He sighed out when she reached into his boxers to grip him and take his member out. The duvet covering their bodies slipped down.

“Amara, what are you-” He started but got interrupted by her pumping his erect shaft up and down, causing him to curse. “I have never touched one before...” She softly mumbled, curiously holding him in her grip. Her small mouth came down on his tip, her tongue darting out to capture the drop of his arousal that graced the tip of his cock.

“ are Dan’s daughter,“He mumbled under his breath, caught up in the way she was looking at him through her lashes. Her innocence and the fact that his cock was the first she had ever touched, the first she had had her lips around only proceeded to excite him further. He wanted to take away all of her sweet innocence, ruin her, show her all the filthy things he could do to her, corrupt her with himself and penetrate each of her holes with his dick and his mouth.

He wondered how she had managed to stay so innocent through high school and her college, maybe it was because she liked to keep to herself and didn’t have much friends. He remembered her as being the girl who always had her face in a book, maybe that’s why she was so pure and innocent.

“How do I-suck it?” She curiously looked at him, continuing her torture of licking him up and down, making him throb in anticipation. “Put your mouth around it and just suck on it, baby...”

Amara followed his instructions, pushing onto him with her mouth and she felt herself drenched through her panties, her knees hurting as she sat on them but still she did so, out of lust and curiosity. “Less teeth...” He hissed out when she accidentally brushed her teeth on his length. She continued sucking onto him like a lollipop, liking how he reacted to having her mouth on him.

“You are so good at this,” He muttered under his breath, boosting her ego as she continued working her magic.

He resisted the urge to come in her small mouth so soon, the wetness of her beautiful warm mouth and the action of her sweet tongue against the most sensitive part of his cock made him grab onto her hair and pull her away from his dick, pushing his lips on hers.

She melted into the kiss, the pool of desire in between her legs driving her to let him slip his tongue in her mouth despite the fact that she knew how bad this was, how beautifully erotic and off limits the man was but she was more than ready to lose her sacred virginity to him. It seemed like her wet dream from four years ago was suddenly coming true as she kissed man who was sex on legs, the man she used to call ‘uncle’ only a few years ago.

Giovanni tried to remember the little girl Amara once used to be, anything to stop this sinful act but failed to do so because all he could focus on was the Amara he had in his arms, the Amara whose hot tongue met his, slipping into his mouth. He wondered if she knew that she was an excellent kisser or if he was just one of the few people she was just experimenting on because in all honesty, he couldn’t tell the difference.

Her touch almost seemed lethal, like it could kill and crush him any second but he couldn’t stop now, it was too late for that as the vixen again latched onto his length. With her soft lips, she tasted just like cinnamon, so intoxicating but at the same time, too much of it, too much of her could be hard to handle.

“Amara, we shouldn’t be doing this, it’s not right-” He mumbled between the kiss, his hands betraying him as they reached beneath the tshirt she had on, bunching up her panties in his hand as he tugged on them just above her ass, making her pussy tingle in excitement as the lace rubbed against it.

“It feels right,” She mumbled back, moving away from the kiss only to capture his lower lip in between her teeth, biting it. He was sure that this wasn’t her first time by the way she boldly controlled everything but he was only wrong. She slipped out of his tshirt, exposing her silky, tan skin to him that was flushed deep red.

“Please...” She begged, silently asking him to take the lead. He flipped them over, the duvet completely falling to the ground. The both were warmed enough to not feel cold and in the heat of the moment, Giovanni took off the rest of his clothes, latching onto her nipple with insistent hunger.

She moaned at the sensation of having his soft lips wrapped around her small maroon perked bud. He rolled her nipple between his teeth, his free hand coming up to lightly pinch the other one as well. The feeling of having her breasts given attention for once was so new to her that she almost reached her high right there.

She lifted her hips for him when he started tugging down her lace panties, the only article of clothing separating them from becoming one. Panic suddenly seemed to set deep inside her, realization of the fact that she was seconds away from losing her virginity daunting but he made her forget of all her doubts as he kissed down her neck, finding her lips once more only to move them down her belly button, finding whatever skin he could.

His lips kissed from her inner thighs to her ankles, leaving only her pussy aching for more as he made his way back up her thighs. She almost sighed when she finally felt his breath against her cunt. His hands gripped her thighs tightly, his dark head lowering down till he finally tasted her sweet arousal, her taste so unique that he knew he would be craving to eat her pussy all the time once he had had a taste of her.

She squirmed in her hold when his tongue flickered across her hole, finding her clit as he sucked on it like a mad man. His face stayed buried in her pussy, finding anything and everything, licking her clean as she shook every second. His stubble only excited her skin further and she started moving her hips to bring herself even closer to him.

His one finger teased her opening along with his tongue. His fingers rubbed her clit ferociously while his tongue teased her opening, drinking away all of her juices. Her hand fell in his hair, pushing him right where she wanted him to be. His experience mouth gave her intense pleasure that she had never even dreamed of experiencing before and his hands kept her in place as she struggled with keeping her legs open.

“Stay still, baby...”

Within no time, she finally found herself screaming his name and reaching her orgasm, her first orgasm that her father’s best friend had given her. She shook under him uncontrollably and he only continued to suck her clean, not letting a drop of her sweet essence go to waste.

“Beautiful, how can you be so beautiful, Amara?” He hummed out as his lips hovered above hers, glistening with her arousal and she couldn’t help but kiss him, willing to taste her own self.

She felt him guide his hand to her folds, finding her bundle of nerves once again,“Are you sure you are ready to take me?”

“Yes, please-I want you,” She gasped out, the need in her voice easily evident.

He guided himself to her opening, sitting between her legs as he gazed down upon her, her perfect tits heaving up and down as she breathed deeply. She looked at his thick length in somewhat horror, knowing from her little knowledge that he was indeed much bigger than average and his pulsating dick was only waiting to ravage her small pussy.

“What if-It’s too big...” She hummed out, trying to calm herself. He didn’t give her time to overthink as he eased himself into her tight but aroused opening, making her gasp.

“This might hurt, I am sorry... If you want, just stop me,” He apologized in advance as he saw her face contort into an expression of pain. She nodded for him to continue, eager to take as much of his length as she could. He slowly eased himself into her halfway and started moving himself, thrusting his hips.

He groaned out her name, his thick length finally making its way inside her completely. The feeling of being penetrated made Amara roll her eyes back in her head. Slowly and surely, she also started moving her hips along with his, urging him to move faster.

Giovanni was more than happy to compile, grabbing onto her perked up tit, his hand latching onto her breast as he started pounding himself in her. She let out small gasps and moans at his suddenly rough movements.

Her legs wrapped around him, pulling him even closer to him, “Giovanni...that feels so good-Ah!-please, harder.”

Her juices covered his cock completely, keeping them well lubricated as he hit a particular spot in her. His face suddenly fell in her neck, biting and sucking onto her soft skin. She wasn’t sure of what he was doing but it felt nice and her mind couldn’t focus on anything other than his persistent pounding.

“What do you want me to do, Amara?”

“More, please, more...” She finally muttered, once she had let the pleasure blind her pain, let the feeling overpower her senses.

“More, what?” He dirtily whispered in her ear, capturing her ear between his teeth, nibbling it as she only gasped, running her hands around his back, over the tattoos that covered his body.

“Harder, yes!” She almost came in ecstasy as his throbbing member only seemed to grown bigger inside of her, making her curl her toes. A weird sensation to suddenly piss seemed to come over her and she let herself go, only for him to look down at her with a devilish and satisfied smile on his face.

“Did you just squirt?”

“I-I don’t know!” She screamed as she felt herself cream on his cock, her silky pussy wrapping tightly around his length and she felt her walls contract around him.

Giovanni willed himself not to come just yet, holding back from reaching his release as she came around him, her pussy tightening around his cock. Her tight little cunt squirting all over him had him shaking in pleasure, wanting to release all of his juices inside her.

He quickly turned her to the side, moving behind her as he started fucking her from sideways. He raised her one leg up in the air, pushing himself deep inside her. He wanted to make her come more than once, he wanted to make sure that her first time would be memorable.

She could hardly hold her leg up, her chest heaving and she was out of breath. He continued entering her from behind, making the bed beneath them shake. He suddenly pushed himself out of her, guiding two of his fingers inside her tight pussy only to make a come hither motion with them.

“What a tight little pussy you have, does that feel good?” She desperately nodded against him.

He felt the uneven portion inside her, knowing that he was rubbing the right sweet spot as she grabbed onto the sheets tightly, reaching another orgasm that made her move her hips with his hand. While she continued to reach her high in waves, he instantly pushed himself back inside her pussy that offered little resistance.

He couldn’t help but guide his still wet fingers to her mouth, coated in her release. “Suck,” He ordered and she instantly put her mouth around his fingers, licking them clean.

“Good girl.”

Her licking up his fingers and his consistent pounding as he left another hickey on her soft skin, right on her shoulder had him finally reach his own high. He couldn’t hold back anymore and came in ropes of his semen covering her tight walls.

“Giovanni! Yes...”

The feeling of his juices hitting her womb and his throbbing penis shifting inside her made her orgasm once more, her mouth forming into a little O as her eyes rolled back.

He exited her body, both of them satisfied as they lay heaving on the bed. They were definitely all hot and the cold seemed to only be forgotten as they hugged themselves close to another and he pushed the heavy comforter over their still sweaty bodies. Amara let her eyes close and finally slipped into a deep slumber, Giovanni doing the same as he kept the girl tightly wrapped in his hold, close to him.

“How was the trip without your old man?” Her father asked as soon as she stepped out of Giovanni’s jeep. Her face only seemed to turn red as she awkwardly cleared her throat. After the blissful night they had, they both woke up this morning only to go at it once again, this time he had made her orgasm at least more times that she could count on her one hand.

She shifted on her feet, thinking of what to say to her curious father. Was she supposed to tell him that she had lost her v-card to his best friend, the man he trusted with his own life?

“It was fine,” She mumbled out, it was definitely more than just ‘fine’. Her father nodded at her as Giovanni slipped out of the jeep, going to the back to take out her backpack.

Her lips were still swollen from the hungry kissing that they had done this morning and she looked at him to see that his lips too were similar to hers. She wondered if her father could tell if anything strange had happened.

They all made their way inside and she tugged on the scarf wrapped around her neck, letting it loose and taking it off as she suddenly felt hot in the warm house. She was midway in taking off her coat when she heard a sharp voice behind her, making her stop in fear.

“What is that on your neck? Is that a hickey I see, young lady!” Her mother’s voice reached her ears, making everyone freeze in the room. Amara quickly tried to put the scarf back on her body, trying to save her dignity but before she could, her father came behind her, taking away her scarf.

Amara looked at Giovanni with wide eyes. He was the one to blame for this and for the fact that she could barely walk today without limping. They both had to take breaks today while climbing down because she could hardly move. He cleared his throat, making her parents eyes snap to him in suspicion.

“Dan, I should get going, I’ll see you at wor-”

“What did you do to my daughter, you bastard!” Her father growled in anger, making her clutch onto his arm to stop him from punching the brute in front of them who looked scared to death.

“Nothing, nothing, Amara, she fell down-There were a lot of mosquitoes there!” He lied, raising his hands up in defense. His hand fell down on the door handle, turning the knob to open the door.

“You liar!” His father gritted his teeth together, ready to kill the man he had trusted the most with his daughter, feeling betrayed.

“I’ll see you soon, Amara,” Giovanni muttered as a goodbye, his one eye winking at her, making her gasp. He quickly slipped out of the house, closing the door behind himself, leaving the three of them alone and Amara in the house to face her parent’s wrath on her own.

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