One Shots

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Chapter 2: The Brothers


(warning: threesome, bondage)

“Nine? You want me to stay here till bloody nine, you fucking asshole,” Lacey muttered under her breath once her boss was walking away from her desk, annoyed that she could not go home early today.

She had grand plans for the evening- she was going to pour herself a glass of some good old red wine, get herself some ice from the freezer and get her hands on her sturdy vibrator, browse through a pornographic site and play with herself till she couldn’t feel her legs anymore.

“Did you say something, Ms. Matthews?” Her boss, Malachi Kai Sullivan turned back around to look at her with his eyes narrowed into slits as he sent her a suspicious glance.

“No, nothing sir,” She muttered under his hot gaze, her panties drenching at thought of putting an ice cube on her clit as soon as she stepped into her house. She was extremely attracted to Kai who only showed up at the office on special occasions, tonight was one of them so looking at him was not really helping her dry and desperate situation. She let her eyes fall from his sharp blue eyes that held her captive to his beautiful lips and the stubble that covered his face, the five O’clock shadow making him look even more attractive.

“Are you sure there is no problem at all? Do you have somewhere to be?” He again asked her, noticing how uncomfortable she looked. The brunette had her hair frizzing at the top of her head, her cheeks flushed and he instantly noticed her deep breathing.

“No, sir,” She mumbled back, making him nod and turn on his heel to leave her alone in her little cabin on the empty floor. She continued working for a while, finally looking over her presentation once more. She had to give a presentation to the Sullivan Brothers regarding their latest construction project and since they had to leave for Italy tomorrow, she had to stay back tonight.

Satisfied with it, she quickly did a once over about what all she would say, remembering all the key points on the tip of her fingers. Her eyes shifted over to her watch, noticing that she still had an hour to go before she had to report to the conference room when the other Sullivan brother arrived.

With nothing to do, she looked around dauntingly, noticing no one in the office, knowing that no one would be watching her with the camera in the corner since the security was also gone. She boldly let her hand slip between her legs, spreading them apart and rubbing herself over her lace thong.

Masturbating in the office, you naughty girl? Her inner voice mocked her but she continued moving her fingers quickly over her pussy, knowing she was soaking now. The rubbing only brought her some pleasure and she let her head lean back onto her chair.

She rolled her chair back, pushing up her skirt and putting her feet on the desk, spreading her legs apart. A sigh escaped her mouth as she moved her thong out of the way with one hand, her other hand vigorously massaging her clit.

If it was any other day, she would have been embarrassed but she was extremely sexually frustrated ever since she got divorced from her ex-cheater of a husband Tim four months ago. Since then, she hadn’t slept with anyone and she was beating herself up tonight for not doing so. Deep down, she always knew that her marriage wouldn’t work out, the two of them had been only twenty-two when they got married and only two years later, she was all alone.

She let her ex-husband slip from her mind as she let herself imagine Malachi going down on her, eating her pussy out as he pleasured her with his tongue and skillful fingers. She let one of her fingers slip into her tight cunt, sighing as she felt how wet she was.

She closed her eyes, the image of his brother Zane claiming her lips as his, his fingers pinching her erect nipples as Kai slipped his own member into her tight pussy, pounding inside her... came before her eyes and just like that, she broke from her blissful dream as she pushed the two fingers in and out of her when she heard a voice heading her way.

“Ms. Matthew, we are ready for you-” Zane stopped speaking once he caught the sight of what the small, beautiful woman was doing, his mouth agape at the sight of seeing her pink pussy exposed out in the open, the look of pure ecstasy gracing her features and he felt his cock stir in his pants, making him shift on his feet.

“Oh my God!” The woman jumped in surprise, falling out of her chair as a result since she couldn’t catch a hold of herself. Her entire body flushed with embarrassment and Zane couldn’t help but turn on his heel to walk down the lighted hallway, making his way to the elevator to reach his brother as soon as he could.

Lacey managed to hoist herself up from the floor, shaking from the embarrassment she felt. She was not sure what she was supposed to do now as she took deep breaths, trying to compose herself. Were they going to fire her?

She bit on her nails, not wanting to lose her job, especially now that she was all alone. She couldn’t manage to be fired but then again, the thought of walking to the conference room to give a presentation almost made her faint.

Collecting herself, she gathered her files and pendrive in her hand, quickly picking up her handbag from her side as she decided to just get over with the presentation. If they were going to fire her for inappropriate behavior in the office, so be it but she first needed to try fighting for herself.

The metal doors of the elevator opened and she stepped inside impatiently, noticing her blurry reflection in the steel walls to see how red she was. Biting her lip, she stepped out onto the top floor, finding herself standing in front of the conference room.

You can do it, bitch, don’t be a pussy! She listened to her inner voice yelling at her, quickly pushing open the glass door to come face to face with both the twin brothers, sitting down on their chairs, their eyes snapping to her instantly.

She looked from Zane to Kai, trying to figure out whether he had told him about what he had witnessed. The way Kai looked her up and down, his lips forming into a curious smirk told her that he indeed had. She felt herself shiver as she clutched onto the files in her hands, her mind not able to figure out what to say.

“I-I’m sorry, sir, I-that was out of line... Please don’t fire me,” The pleading escaped her mouth before she could help it and the two brutes looked at her in amusement.

“Start with your presentation, Lacey,” Malachi muttered, stopping her stuttering. She huffed under her breath, telling herself to stay strong and not give up as she started connecting the projector to the computer with shaking hands.

Turning around, she saw both the men patiently assessing her each movement, their eyes never once leaving her body. She gave her attention back to the computer screen in front of her but instead she gasped as she saw the footage of her desk on the screen. She could easily recognise it as hers as she saw her familiar purple pen stand sitting there and a couple of documents lying here and there, just as she had just now left them.

Had Kai been watching her the entire time?

“That was quite a show you gave us, Ms. Matthews, I for one really enjoyed myself thoroughly,” Kai muttered and she couldn’t believe what was happening as the both suit clad men suddenly got up and walked over to either side of her, making her confused at whom she was supposed to look at as her gaze shifted between the two.

She cowered away from them as they simultaneously invaded her personal space. The two looked almost exactly the same but Zane was maybe half of an inch taller than his brother. Zane was leaner and her eyes found the tattoos peeking out of his shirt at the top of his neck. Kai was more muscular than his brother, his lip piercing very distracting as it glinted in the light.

“You have been really naughty, Ms. Matthews don’t you think?” Zane muttered in her ear, making her gasp as his hand skimmed her ass over her tight black pencil skirt.

“Maybe you deserve a little punishment...” Kai whispered out in her other ear, his hand falling on her ass harshly, making her jump. She could tell that she was soaked through her thin lace thong as she was surrounded by the two men.

“Sir, I-” She started only to be shut by Zane’s lips falling on hers, claiming her. She couldn’t think, her lips were numb as he continued kissing her while she stood unresponsive, too overwhelmed. Kai’s hand again hit her behind as if to bring her back to earth,“Kiss him, Lacey.”

His command made liquid heat seep to her abdomen and she shivered in excitement, moving her lips with his brother’s whose tongue instantly slipped inside her warm mouth. She had heard rumors about the men sharing a woman but had only dismissed them as rumors, finding it hard to believe and absolutely ridiculous that two brothers could share a woman. She thought of it as just an overused erotic fantasy, something the thirsty women in the office had mugged up.

Zane’s hot tongue met hers, discovered her mouth completely, liking her sweet taste. She couldn’t help but moan into his relentless mouth when his brother unzipped her skirt, pushing it off her body, making her step out of it.

“Look at that ass, Zane,” Kai muttered as he clutched onto her cheek with his hand, making Zane put their kissing to a stop. She breathlessly craved for him once again, sad at the loss but her arousal only heightened as Zane pushed the laptop in front of them away, clearing the desk. Kai’s firm hand pushed her flush against the glass table, leaving her ass hanging in the open for both of them to enjoy.

One of them grabbed onto her thong, pulling it to the side, tracing her dripping pussy with his fingers. She turned to see it was Kai.

“I don’t really think this is a great idea-sir, I-” She moaned out as his fingers spread apart her folds and she felt him slip his one finger inside her.

“Your pussy is telling me otherwise, Lacey,” He hummed under his breath, letting go off the woman. Zane put his hands in her hair, tightly clutching onto it to push her back on her feet. Both the brothers couldn’t help but enjoy the view of the woman’s curvy frame and her long legs as she stood in her black heels, at least a foot shorter than them.

“Tell us Lacey, how can you be so wet when you claim to not want us?“, He didn’t let go of her hair, tilting her head up into his chest so that his brother could trace his lips along her neck. Kai’s lips fell on hers, tasting her sweet taste. He had been obsessed with the woman, both of them had, wanting to have a taste of her for an year now.

Both of them had contemplated whether they should make a move on her from time to time, always a little hesitant to do so but once he had heard about her divorce, he knew it was within only sometime that she would be theirs, and tonight was the perfect opportunity for them to finally make her see that.

“Please...” She couldn’t help but moan out into his mouth as Zane’s fingers again moved her thong out of the way, pushing two of his digits into her tight hole. She instantly responded by moving her hips with his hand, aching for more.

“Please what?” Zane hummed out, his teeth latching onto her ear lobe, leaving it with a tug. She moaned out, feeling like she could orgasm with just this sweet torture.

“I want you...” She hummed out against Kai’s lips, not able to resist herself in their tight hold. “Good girl...”

She couldn’t fathom when her thong was ripped away from her body by the brothers who tore it apart to shreds. Her hands fell from their chests to feel their erect members as she slowly felt them over their pants, looking up at them seductively, her eyes hooded.

Both of them made quick work to grab each side of her blouse, grabbing onto the cloth as they pulled hard, making the buttons pop out and rip away. She hissed at the feeling, “Ah fuck.”

Her arms were pulled out of the holes, leaving only her black bra on her body. Their eyes took in the sight of her heaving chest, her huge swell breasts and she suddenly felt insecure. It was not always fun to have tits so big that they put Kate Upton to shame. Lacey had always been unhappy about her breasts that hung too low for her liking and got unnecessary attention from passerby’s, possibly the reason why she always wore tops that did not show any of her cleavage.

“Such beautiful tits...” Zane muttered under his breath as Kai let her bra loose, making her erect nipples visible to both of them. Each cupping one breast each, squeezed hard, taking her pebble nubs into their mouths. They both simultaneously rolled her nipples between their teeth, their tongues playing with her nubs.

The pleasure that shot from her nipples to her pussy and through her entire body made Lacey grab onto their hair tightly, clutching onto Zane’s curly and Kai’s straighter, shorter black hair. The latter one’s piercing teased her skin and she wondered what would it feel like for him to be between her legs, have his mouth on her pussy.

They both let go of her nipples, Zane’s lips again falling on hers while Malachi grabbed her hand, guiding it to his bulge in his pants. She rubbed him, her other hand finding the other brother’s hard shaft as well. Kai popped open his button, pushing down his pants and Lacey couldn’t help but break the kiss, helping Zane’s member free from the tight hold of his pants.

Both of their hard, huge cocks stood to attention within her grip and she sighed as she started pumping them together, hearing their grunts of approval.

“On your knees,” Kai didn’t have to repeat his command again as she instantly fell down to her knees taking his shaft into her awaiting mouth. She could only get her mouth around half of his length while her other hand pumped the other dick in her hand, the one with the prince Albert piercing that glared at her, making her even more excited to have Zane deep inside of her.

She started licking up and down his shaft, making Kai groan as he grabbed hold of her head, pushing it down on his length, “Just like that, baby...” He hummed under his breath as he started thrusting his hips, aiding with the motion of her mouth. She felt his cock hit the back for her throat, making her gag slightly as she let go of his dick, now wet with her saliva.

“Suck his dick,” He muttered, asking her to shift over to his brother whose cock awaited her, throbbing to be in her mouth in the hold of her hand. Lacey happily obliged, letting her tongue trace the drop of precum already on his tip, tasting him. She finally stopped her teasing, putting his length in her warm mouth as she started bobbing her head up and down, sucking on his shaft. A moan escaped her as she felt Kai’s hand reach between her thighs and spread apart her folds.

“So wet already, for us brother...” Kai hummed appreciatively as he felt her juices flowing on his hand, looking up at his brother who had his head leaning back, enjoying Lacey’s mouth on him. His piercing hit the back of her mouth and she let go of his cock only for a second to take in a deep breath.

“Are you ready to take us, little one?” Zane asked her, his hand coming down to her chest, his two fingers pinching her nipple, earning a moan from her. Her mind raced as she tried to take in what was going to happen as both the brothers started to strip.

Both of them? At once? She couldn’t help but wonder whether they would be inside her together and her pussy clenched in anticipation at the thought, begging for having some cock inside her. She was suddenly broken away from her thoughts as she saw both the men grab onto her, picking her up and walking her over to the sofa in the corner of the room, placing her there.

“You didn’t answer my question, Lacey,” Zane repeated and this time she eagerly nodded her head, biting her lip, “Yes, I want you both...”

They both smirked down at her, satisfied with her answer,“Good girl,” Kai muttered as he spread her knees and got between her legs, his lips kissing up and her legs and her thighs. Zane took her attention away from him as he again guided his cock between her lips and she looked up at the man, admiring the tattoos that ran across his chest. He grunted out as he finally found himself in her warm mouth once again, moving his hips to aid her motion as the curvy vixen looked up at him seductively through hooded eyes.

Kai’s tongue finally met her pussy, making her jump at the sensation and her eyes shifted over to look at him as he licked her tight little hole off her wetness, his tongue finding her small clit. She moaned around Zane’s cock when he started flicking her bundle of nerves vigorously, making her sensitive to the slightest touch and she almost screamed as Zane’s hand again came up to her chest, his thumb and his forefinger closing around her tight nipple, pulling at the nub.

“Does that feel good, Lacey?” He asked her as he noticed her sucking haltering as she shook in their hold while his brother’s hands pinned her trembling thighs down as he continued pleasuring her, eating her out like a mad man. Lacey quickly started pumping his cock, knowing her orgasm was close as Kai teased her folds.

“So good, it feels amazing...”

She moved her hips with his eagerly, making him look up at her, his sharp blue eyes snapping to her as he guided two of his digits inside her, making her moan out at the feeling of being penetrated.

She moved her hips faster, sinking on his two fingers as they pumped in and out of her, twisting inside of her while Kai’s hot tongue still flicked across her clit, making her see stars.

“I’m going to come, I going to come...” She gasped out as his fingers hit a spot inside her that had her curling her toes and her lips parting at the sensation. Zane took this as the perfect opportunity to slip his dick inside her mouth. She started sucking onto him ferociously as she felt her own release close.

“Come for us, baby...”

The way she was sucking onto his length, he knew that he would come too soon and he couldn’t let that happen so grunting, he pulled out of her mouth, instead enjoying the view of her shaking as she finally reached her orgasm and rocked her hips with his brother’s hand, her eyes rolling back in her head.

Lacey couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe as she came down from her blissful high, letting her eyes focus on Kai who came back up to let his lips fall on hers, her arousal still gracing them. She moved her lips with his, her tongue slipping into his hot mouth to taste herself. She was so distracted with bruising her lips with his that she didn’t notice his brother suddenly disappear.

“Kai...” She moaned against his lips, looking up at him through her lashes, her expression of pure need after her post-coital experience. She had been desperate to orgasm, from the incident before and with the brothers looming over her and pleasuring her, it had only taken her a couple of minutes to orgasm.

“Your pussy tastes so good, Lacey. I am going to have to eat you out everyday between breaks...” He hummed out and she hummed in agreement, liking the sound of that. All of a sudden, she heard Zane come back in the room.

“We are going to take you now, Lacey...Would you like that, babe?” Kai hummed against her lips, his voice husky as he again ran his fingers over her dripping cunt. “Yes...” She moaned out, desperate for both of them.

They both stood her up in her shaky heels and she was turned to face Zane whose lips again fell against hers. Zane handed over the bottle of lube over to his brother who spread her cheeks apart, applying the liquid against his own shaft and her puckered hole, his one lubed finger slipping inside her backdoor.

“Ah...” She moaned out against Zane, her hands clutching him tightly.

“Have you ever had anyone in your ass, sweet Lacey?” Zane asked her, letting her lips go as his brother teased her tight forbidden opening, her sphincter muscles tightening around his finger.

She shook her head no and whimpered as Kai took out his finger, making her disappointed at the lack of the contact. Before she could protest, Kai spread her legs, his hands falling on her thighs while Zane’s fell on her waist and together they had her in the air.

With one arm each supporting her weight as she clutched onto them, they guided their hard shafts to her holes, teasing them and giving her time to adjust before they plunged inside of her.

She looked up at Zane’s questioning gaze and realized they were both waiting for her approval. She felt her juices drip down her thighs, realizing she had never been this aroused before in her life as she felt their bulbous heads teasing her holes, Zane’s piercing tauntingly kissing her skin while Kai’s teeth grazed the skin where her neck met her shoulder and he nipped at her, sucking the spot to leave a hickey.

“Please...” She whispered out, nodding at the two in desperation and as soon as the word whispered out of her pink soft lips, both of them finally, together eased themselves into her tight holes, only able to fit themselves halfway as they heard a cry come from her.

“Oh my God, so big...fuck!” She moaned out, feeling like she had been completely stretched out. The strange feeling of having someone in her ass slowly feeling comfortable. The two men were amazed at how tight she was, starting to thrust their hips as they both groaned out.

“This ass is ours from this day on, right Lacey?” Kai whispered out against her ear and she eagerly nodded once they started to move her body up and down their lengths. “And this pussy, who does it belong to, Lace?”

She replied to Zane’s question with another moan as she felt his metal piercing deep within her pussy. Both of their dicks stimulated every part of her, hitting her g-spot together and she almost screamed at the sensation.

“You, this pussy and this ass belongs to you!”

“You are right, it does...” Kai whispered out, sinking himself even deeper inside of her tight hole, her anal muscles holding him captive as he claimed her with fast strokes. Zane couldn’t hold back a grunt as he pounded into her silky cunt, his cock in her tight hold and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself from coming so soon as her cunt again tightened around his length and her nails dig into his muscular arms.

She shook in their hold and screamed out their names as she reached her high, so soon, “Fuck! Zane, Kai, I am coming.”

They shared a constrained look, resisting their urge to cover her inner walls with ropes of their release, silently communicating with each other as Kai slowly eased himself out of her, making her whimper once again. “More!“, She mewled at the sensation, her tight hole already missing his presence. Zane stayed buried deep inside her, taking complete hold of her in his arms as he sank her down on his length in fast strokes.

She felt herself being quickly carried outside of the conference room. The brothers were looking for a surface where they could take her together more comfortably, something better than the small couch where the space was too small for doing all the things they had in mind and something better than the glass table in the conference room, afraid that it would break with all the dirty, rough things they planned to do to the vixen in their hold.

“Ah, fuck!” She moaned out as Zane hit a sweet spot in her, making her moan as he sat her down on one of the cabins in the office. Kai moved everything in the way, making his way onto the sturdy desk, sitting down on it as he grabbed hold of his hard cock and started pumping it in his hand, looking at Lacey, the sight making her mouth water.

Zane slipped himself out of her cunt, letting her onto her shaky feet. “Come here, Lacey, you naughty girl...” Kai called her over and she walked over to him, putting her lips against his as her one hand came to get hold of his shaft. He hissed into her mouth, grabbing onto her hair as he let the clip holding it into a bun on top of her head loose.

“Come here, sit on my lap...,” He commanded her, fantasized by her hazel bright eyes and she instantly obliged, climbing over the desk to him. “Turn around...” He mumbled, wanting to take her asshole once again.

Lacey suddenly realized that Zane was missing but she couldn’t form her question into words as Kai entered her little hole completely, making her lean on him as her back arched and a strangled moan escaped her chest.

“So tight...You have a lovely ass, Lacey,” He moaned out as he started thrusting his hips up to meet hers and she allowed herself to welcome the sensation of feeling so full. She started moving her hips along with his, moaning as his hands came up to hold onto her tits that were bouncing up and down with each thrust. He took hold of one pebbled nipple and tugged on it, making her shout out at the rough feeling.

Her fluttered eyes opened as her hands were suddenly brought together in front of her and she saw Zane tie them together with some duct tape. She already regretted thinking about what would happen when he would have to rip it off her but allowed him to bound her, feeling herself even get wetter.

He quickly pulled at the tape with his teeth, sealing her hands shut together and Kai pulled them above her head, her body now on complete display for her brother and her pussy clenched as she waited for him.

Zane had never seen a sight so beautiful that the one before his eyes, the woman, his and Kai’s woman, looked so ravishing that he came just by looking at her as his brother took her asshole, pounding into her. He quickly guided himself to her dripping folds, his lips falling on her beautiful maroon nipples, his teeth nipping whatever skin he could find on her body while his brother turned her head towards him, claiming her lips.

Zane finally pushed himself inside her and Lacey felt another orgasm hit her as she shook between the two men, seeing stars at the senstation of being so full, full of cock. They both pounded into her now, fearlessly.

His hand fell on her clit and he rubbed the tiny bundle of nerves, making her body convulse once more and the familiar tightening of her sweet pussy around him told him that she was at her peak. He bit her nipple harshly and she moaned into Kai’s mouth as both the men took her ruthlessly and raw.

“Shit! That feels-ah! so good, yes!” She screamed as she felt Zane’s piercing hit her g-spot. For her entire life she had thought that it was a myth, never haven’t found it on her own or with Tim and only this night itself, they had somehow stimulated it more than a couple of times. She felt a strange sensation, the seasation to piss suddenly overcoming her and she left herself go as they continued pounding into her, squirting her release on their cocks and her own self, the wetness covering their mess of bodies.

“Kai, would you look at that? We got ourselves a little squirter...” Zane muttered in amusement over her body and Kai laughed from under her, grabbing onto her even more roughly. He again held onto one of her bouncing tits as her cheeks flamed red and she tried to calm herself from her orgasm, breathing in deeply.

“Why have you been hiding that sweet body under those clothes, Lacey? We could have had so much fun,” Kai muttered in her ear, biting it slightly and inhaling her lavender scent and she almost came another time as Zane again pulled on her nipple, gaining her attention as his lips fell on hers.

“I can’t wait to taste that sweet pussy, Lacey... You are going to come with us to Italy and the first thing I’ll have tomorrow morning is your pussy on that plane, alright?” He asked her, holding her gaze and she nodded her head eagerly, moaning out something incoherent.

“Say yes,” Kai hit her behind, spanking her when she only hummed in response, “Yes...” she could only mutter under her breath as they continued pumping in and out of her, their movements in sync.

“Yes what?” Zane growled from above her, pulling onto her now lose wavy hair that suited her heart shaped face elegantly, clutching onto them to pull her soft lips to his, “Yes, sir!”

“Good girl...” He said, satisfied with her answer as he plunged his tongue into her mouth. He looked at his brother, a silent agreement passing through them as they stuffed themselves completely, till the hilt into her holes, earning a sharp groan from the woman sandwiched between them.

“And I am going to fuck that pussy on that plane right after he eats you out...” Kai muttered from behind her and she threw her head back at how good that sounded.

“Oh my God!” She muttered out as she felt herself reach her high once again and clutched onto the surface beneath her, “I have two fucking dicks inside of me...”

Her inner voice mocked her for being a filthy slut but she couldn’t care less as she again felt herself reach her high, her mouth forming a little o and her eyes rolled back as her legs struggled to stay apart in Zane and Kai’s hold and she clenched her pussy and her ass around their dicks, making it impossible for them to control themselves as their release escaped their cocks, covering her walls and coating them completely.

They had finally come inside of her and made her theirs, claimed her, only she was unaware of their future plans as she sat breathing heaving between them, realizing once again that she had squirted her release as she opened her eyes and noticed the mess on Zane’s lower abdomen.

“Oh my sweet baby Jesus...” She gasped out as Zane’s cock left her body and he put his hands on her waist, pulling her up from Kai’s body, both the men satisfied to see their juices dripping from her cunt and her little asshole.

She couldn’t stand on her feet, especially since her heels were still on and her hands were bound and she couldn’t latch onto anything for support, her mind racing and her heart beating fast as sweat littered her body completely. She felt herself lean on the surface beneath her, trying to catch her breath, looking away from the men now standing tall in front of her, feeling awkward and intimidated.

In the heat of the moment, she had not felt much if some pain at having both of them inside her, letting the pleasure blind her but now she couldn’t help but wince as she tried to move.

“Fuck!” Both the men instantaneously muttered as she lost balance and started falling only to be caught by them. “Lacey!” Kai muttered out, pulling her close to him as Zane kept a hand on her back, trying to get a hold over her.

“I’m sorry, I-” She started, suddenly very aware that she was very naked and she looked between her two intimidating bosses, afraid of what to say.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, we are going to keep you safe, baby...” Kai muttered, kissing her cheek gently, “And you are not fired...” He finished with a laugh, making her flush.

“Great presentation, Lacey,” Zane let out with a smirk, his one hand raising her bound hands over her head and his other hand coming from behind the shocked woman to her core, tracing her leaky cunt, still flowing with their combined juices once again.

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