One Shots

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Chapter 3: The Private Tutor

Amelia quickly jumped from her bed as she heard the doorbell ringing in the mansion. Her mathematics tutor had finally arrived for her lesson and in a hurry, she quickly tried to tidy up her slightly messy room by smoothening down her bed sheet.

She picked up the pile of clothes lying on her bed, the ones she had tried all on in order to find a perfect outfit for herself today and opened her closet to throw them in, promising herself she would fold them and neatly put them back after her class, or at least get one of the maids to do it soon.

Satisfied, her gaze swept across the room once before she finally reached to the door to open it and slipped into the hallway outside. Her feet tapped softly against the marble floor and she made her way down the stairs into the foyer to see the handsome man waiting at the entrance as Pete, their butler greeted him.

“Mr. Hayes...” She muttered out her teacher’s name as a greeting and sent him a charming smile. She moved her hair behind her ear as he smiled back at her, “Shall we?”

“Good Morning, Miss Fitzgerald,” He nodded his head at her and gave her a smile back, pushing his round black rimmed glasses over his nose. Amelia briefly checked him out for a second. She was definitely attracted to the tall goofball of man blessed with devilish good looks. She always wondered how the hot man was not a supermodel and instead taught mathematics as a side job, his main job being the a successful and highly requested software engineer for a reputed IT company.

She turned on her heel, dismissing Pete who stood behind them and shut the huge door to the house. She started walking, her feet softly tapping against the floor as she guided him up the stairs.

She grabbed onto her short baby pink skirt, pulling it down slightly to cover her exposed ass as she realized wearing it wasn’t the best idea. Mr. Hayes noticed her little action, his eyes widening as he finally got a peek of her soft, round butt visible from under the small skirt that could barely be even classified as a garment.

He shook his head, pulling his head out of the gutter from thinking about such a young girl when he was about twice her age. She was barely a nineteen year old and he felt guilty to even think about gliding his hands over the skin of her smooth legs.

Without realizing it, they both reached the front of her room and she walked inside, closely followed by him. She led him to her wide white table in the corner. Growing up, Amelia’s parents had met each and every one of her demands, getting her expensive pianos and rare animals as pets.

She had been brought up to believe that receiving such gifts was totally normal until she had stepped out of her rich prestigious private school into the real world when she went to college. It had then hit her that more than expensive gifts, she craved for her mother’s presence since she was never home because of being a very famous fashion designer. Her father had left them when she was only two and she hardly remembered him. She just wanted to have a normal life, a normal family with normal parents.

She waited for him to slip into a seat and politely slipped into the other one once he was seated. “So, Amelia, how was your speech at that charity event you had to go to?”

He suddenly asked her and she was shocked that he had remembered that brief detail she had once told him in one of their previous classes. “Oh, yeah. It was fine...” She muttered out with a smile. She had been a nervous mess but in the end had managed to spit out some words.

“Do you have any questions about what we did in the last class?” She shook her head no in answer. “You completed the assignment that I gave you?”

“Yeah, here it is...” She quickly pulled out the papers from her notebook, handing them over to him to see. He quickly went over her neat handwriting, looking for any mistakes while she only let her eyes sweep across his handsome features.

His perfectly arched nose and his high cheekbones stood out. His tongue darted out to unconsciously lick over his plump bottom lips in concentration and as if he could feel her stare, his hazel green eyes snapped to hers.

“This looks fine... You are improving...” He hummed out, satisfied with her progress. Amelia was a smart girl. In his opinion, she did not even need him but her mother insisted on her getting absolutely perfect grades and maintain a perfect GPA. She had opted for a highly advanced mathematics program and had made sure to already be ahead in her studies.

He started writing down something into her notebook, writing a problem for her to solve by memory. He handed it over to her and she looked down at the x’s and the y’s, thinking of the formulas she had to use. Once her mind was set, she started solving the calculus problem, finishing in just under a minute to see him looking at her.

“Is that correct?” She asked as he didn’t say anything after a few seconds. She bit her lip, capturing his attention as he took in her plump pink lips. He saw them move as she said something and couldn’t break himself out of the trance she had him trapped in.

Suddenly he realized what he was doing and cleared his throat, his eyes falling on the notebook to see her fine handwriting. He nodded his head at the correct problem, appreciating her progress, “Good Amelia.”

They both continued to work together. He introduced her to some new concepts and did a couple of questions for her and gave her similar problems to do. An hour passed as they continued their session and they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Amelia? Can I come in?” Pete’s familiar voice made its way over to her. “Yes, Pete.”

He walked in, followed by a maid who had a tray of tea in her hands. “Would you like some tea, kind sir?”

“Yeah, a cup would be nice...” Mr. Hayes- Blake muttered out, moving his glasses that had slipped down his nose back up.


“No, thanks,” He let out with a tiny smile as the maid handed over the tea to him and Pete raised an eyebrow at Amelia, “And you Miss Fitzgerald?”

“Oh, Pete, you know how much I hate tea, I would never...”

“Perhaps I could get you some coffee?”

“Or maybe just give us some privacy, we are busy,” She dismissed him rudely, unaware of what she was doing as she did so. Her behavior disappointed Blake, he hated rich bratty girls like Amelia to the core. It did not matter how smart and gorgeous she was.

What mattered was what was how she treated others around her. He clenched his jaw, telling himself it was none of his business to teach the young girl a lesson.

“Don’t disturb us Pete! I don’t want anyone on the floor for now! You are creating a ruckus out there,” She said after them as they closed the door and rolled her eyes. “I am sorry, Mr. H, they are just so inconsiderate sometimes.”

He held in a sigh and instead chucked under his breath at how delusional and shallow she was. “Oh, they are the inconsiderate ones?” He couldn’t help but let the remark slip out of his lips. He had grown up poor with only his mother and sister supporting the income of the house.

It had hurt him to see both of them work off their asses everyday, doing petty jobs and had promised himself to work hard and become successful so that his mother would never have to go work as a maid in some hotel. With a knack for creating algorithms, he had grown up going over to one of his middle class friend’s house every other day to fiddle with some computer language. It was only soon that he realized that he wanted to create softwares.

“What do you mean Mr. Hayes?” Amelia narrowed her eyes at him and he shook his head, realizing he had overstepped his boundaries. “Nothing at all. Shall we continue?”

They both again started studying and soon enough Amelia felt her mind fog over. She was not very good at focusing at something. She suddenly let out a yawn and her tightly shut legs separated. Blake took in a deep breath as her leg brushed against his and a jolt of electricity ran through his body.

“Uh- Did you buy that book I told you to?” He broke the silence after a good half an hour of awkwardness.

“Yeah, I’ll get it, one second...“She got up to retrieve it, walking past him. She reached her little trunk, knowing she had kept it it and bent down to find it stored under many other books. She had kept it at the top, knowing she would be needing it but one of the maids had probably cleaned it out and changed the entire order.

Blake’s eyes widened as he got a view of her perfectly round behind once again, her beautiful ass hanging in the air. He tried to look away but his eyes remained on her behind, wanting to reach over, spanking her soft skin till it became red, removing the baby pink thong out of the way so that he could-

“Found it!” She exclaimed in victory, turning around and walking back to him only to see the man suddenly look very uncomfortable. She ignored the look he was giving her and handed him the heavy book and plopped into the vacant seat.

Blake shifted in his seat, adjusting his pants a little as he felt his raging hard on poking his jeans uncomfortably, wanting to be exposed. He cleared his throat, running a hand through his hair and opened the book in front of him.

Amelia’s eyes followed the motion of his hand and she realized that it was on his crotch-his suddenly very big crotch and she couldn’t help but let out a gasp. He jumped in his seat, to push his chair forward and hide his boner but couldn’t do so as her hand connected itself over his bulge.

“Are you-are you hard?” She seductively asked, rubbing him through his pants and he blinked at her in disbelief. Was he dreaming?

“Amelia, don’t do that,” He sternly muttered, grabbing her arm and pushing it away from his body but she couldn’t help but push herself out of her chair and again reach for him.

“Are you hard for me, Mr. Hayes?” She smiled at him and he couldn’t help but curse the damn vixen for being so sexy. “Amelia! I am your teacher.”

“And?” She let out in a whisper, her head moving in closer to his, her eyes holding his still. “You are so young-”

She didn’t let him finish, her lips falling on his in a soft touch and Blake knew he would explode this second as he let his eyes flutter shut, his fingers slipping into her soft hair. Her soft lips moved against his rougher, manlier ones. His stubble rubbed against her soft skin and he groaned out into her mouth as her tongue slipped into his mouth, teasing the roof. He could taste the sweet taste of a cherry flavored chapstick, her taste so intoxicating.

“Amelia?” He hummed out against her lips once they both ran out of breath, their chests heaving up and down. His hand in her hair held it tightly, making her crane her neck all of a sudden as he gripped it.

“Yes, Mr. Hayes? Am I a good kisser...” She whispered out, again letting her lips fall on his, “Or would you like to teach me a few new things?”

He couldn’t handle it anymore. She was an adult girl, he told himself. It was not illegal for him to want her. Wrong? Perhaps, but not illegal. His big hands came around her ass, grabbing it closer to him.

He moved his hands under her skirt, reaching the thong that she had been teasing him with. He suddenly wondered what it would feel like to bend her over his lap...

Turning his thoughts into reality, he made her bend over his knee, leaving her ass exposed to his eyes. “Blake-”

“Shut it, Amelia... You need to be taught a lesson for talking rudely to your elders...” His one finger slipped under her thong, trailing along her slit only to slip out of it. She moaned out at the sensation, looking back at him as she bit her lip.

“Yes, Mr. Hayes...” He suddenly let his other hand grab onto her hair once again, tightly gripping it to bring her head up to his lips. She let out a gasp as she felt the sharp pull. “Sir, you are going to call me sir. Is that clear, Amelia?”

She eagerly nodded, turned on by the dominating man all of a sudden, “Use your words.”

“Yes, sir...” She hummed out, her hands falling onto the floor beneath them to hold her still. “Count...” He muttered out, his hand harshly landing onto her large behind, touching the soft skin. He almost jizzed in his pants as he saw the way her skin bounced back from the impact, leaving behind a pink mark. He had fantasized about this before way too many times and the real view was indeed much better than his imagination.

“One, sir,” She muttered out, knowing that she was soaking and her thong was now completely useless as it couldn’t hold in her wetness anymore. “Two...” She again hummed out, liking this sweet torture way too much.

“Are you enjoying this, Amelia?” He asked in displeasure, wanting to discipline the young woman and knock some sense into her. She shook her head no but a little giggle escaped her lips, making his hand land on her arse once again, this time actually harder, much harder than before.

Her mouth formed into a little O-shape and a gasp escaped her as she heard the slapping sound of skin, her cheek beginning to burn due to the impact. “Count, Amelia. Don’t ever make me repeat myself.” He warned her and she instantly let out a, “Three.”

His hand slipped down and ran along her slit, feeling the warmth of her soaking cunt through the thin material. He quickly tugged on top of her underwear, pulling it down halfway to her legs, just to her knees and his hand again came back onto her flesh, seeing it turn red.


“I don’t like how you talked to Pete... Do you always misbehave?” Like a good girl, she shook her head but his hand again came down on flesh and she whimpered, knowing she was dripping. He could smell her arousal and his fingers slowly ran down her slit.

He brought his wet fingers, coated in her juices up to his face, smelling away her arousal and pushing them in his mouth to taste her. She moaned out as she saw him do so but her moaning came to an end when he suddenly pulled her up, making her stand.

“Sir...” She purred out and he made quick work of pushing away the books on the table, making her sit on it as he stood on his feet.

“Amelia...” He hummed out against her lips, claiming them once again. He gently kissed her but his hands running up and down her body were anything but gentle. He made quick work of pulling up her tight shirt off her body, hastily throwing it to the side.

His hands met with her soft skin and she hummed in pleasure in his mouth as he unhooked her bra with only one hand, pushing it off her body, leaving her exposed and vulnerable under his gaze.

He broke their kissing to look at her small pink nipples, exactly how he had imagined them. “We should stop...” He hummed out, his hand betraying his own words as it found her breast, grabbing onto it, feeling the soft skin under his touch.

“Do you want to, sir?” She gasped out as he suddenly bent his head, his tongue darting out to lick her nub while his other hand fondled with her other breast. He took her nipple into his mouth, rolling it only to hear her moan and throw her head back at the feeling.

" No, Amelia...I want to fuck your brains out rather, sweetheart...” He bluntly told her and she moaned at how good that sounded, “Please, sir. I want you...”

He quickly bunched up her skirt and removed her panties completely out of the way to finally get a good view of her beautiful pussy. He sat back down in the chair, pulling her body close to him so that his face was directly in front of her cunt, his breath brushing her excited skin.

“What a beautiful pussy you have, Amelia...Do you want me to play with it?” She eagerly nodded and his fingers slowly ran up and down, lathering up her arousal. With both his hands, he spread apart her folds to gaze at her.

His mouth instantly fell down on her, tasting her sweet aroma and he couldn’t help but run his tongue over her dripping hole. He flickered his tongue over her clitoris and sucked on it, making her squirm in his hold.

“Don’t move...” He muttered out, his rough voice running from her cunt into her entire body, making her shake in anticipation. He continued his sucking and nipping and she eagerly pushed her hips to him while he held her legs down, keeping her in place.

Slowly, she felt her orgasm build up deep inside of her and she shook as he let his one finger slip inside her tight hole, gasping at the feeling. “Oh my, that’s so tight...”

“I am a virgin...” She told him as he continued feasting on her and Blake couldn’t help but feel like he was completely ruining an innocent girl but he couldn’t care less, he wanted to strip her off it completely, make her feel things that she never had before, make her see stars, make her scream, make her orgasm.

“Fuck, Amelia...” He groaned out, pushing his finger out of her opening to suck on her clit with more fervor that before, licking away at all of her juices and just like that, as she gazed into his green eyes, she came undone.

“Oh my, oh my God! Ah-” She let the weird but wonderful sensation take over her body, her mind, her soul and came all over his face as he drank it all away. Quickly after she was done, he stood up to his full length and she couldn’t help but grab onto his face, pulling him for a kiss.

“How was that baby girl?” He slowly asked her as she removed his glasses, putting them to the side. “So good, sir...”

She moaned out and bit her lip as she reached for his clothing. She tugged on her jumper, grabbing onto it to pull it off his body.

Her hands ran over his chest, slowly starting to pop open her buttons and he let her continue at her pace, again claiming her lips, letting her taste her own self. Soon, the shirt slipped off his body, leaving his beautiful skin exposed to her.

She ran her hands over the smooth planes of his chest, appreciating his not overly muscular but still manly and lean form. He guided her hand to his belt, “Unbuckle it...”

With shaking hands, she slowly removed it and let her fingers pop open his button, slowly unzipping him. Her feet dragged down his trousers completely and she started pulling down his black boxers, coming face to face with his manhood.

“Oh my God, Blake! That-That is huge,” She gasped out. She had seen a couple of penises in her life before from her time at some interesting college parties but never had felt one before.

She gripped him tightly and he gasped out at her hold, “Too tight, loosen it up...” He groaned out at her tight grip and she smiled at him innocently, “Sorry, sir...”

She slowly started pumping his length, looking at him all the while she did so. “Just like that, babygirl...That feels good.”

She continued pumping him but he removed her small hand from his length, guiding himself to her folds. He started rubbing his tip up and down her pussy, covering himself with her juices.

“This might hurt a bit. Is that okay, Amelia?”

“Yes, sir...Please...” She begged him to just get along with it, to shove his cock in her and have his way with her. She wrapped her legs around his hips, trying to pull him closer to her body.

He slowly placed himself, entering her tight little vagina and she let out a gasp at the sensation of instant pain shooting through her body. “Ah! Sir!” She screamed out his name and he continued pushing himself into her.

Once he was deep inside her, filling her up to the hilt he started rolling his hips gently, grabbing onto her legs to keep them open, “Does it hurt?”

“No...” She let out, letting the pleasure blind her pain, relaxing herself into his touch as she felt him penetrate her, the feeling driving her wild. She felt so full and wondered why she hadn’t done this before.

“What a nice little pussy you have, Amelia...” He hummed out against her lips, capturing them slowly, “So tight. Why have you been hiding it from me for so long?”

She moaned out at his words as he started going faster, deeper until all she could feel was him. Her walls clenched around him painfully and her toes curled as he reached for one nipple, pinching it harshly.

“Fuck, sir!” She screamed out as he ploughed into her. Her nails scratched his shoulders and he made her lie back down on the table, the forgotten books beneath her body.

In this position, he was free to even take her harder and he didn’t disappoint as he just did that, the sound of skin slapping filling the room completely. “Such a beautiful body, Amelia...”

He guided his thick length into her over and over again, his hand resting on one of her breasts. The table shook under both of them with each of his thrust and he knew he was close as she tightly kept him deep inside of her.

He willed himself to not come so soon so he continued drilling onto her and oh, holy christ, she was indeed seeing stars as he hit her sweet spot inside her, his thick phallus rubbed her uneven spongy patch inside her.

“Right there!” She screamed out as she felt the sudden urge to pee. She was scared that someone could hear her and come rushing into her room to her rescue to figure out who was killing her but she couldn’t care less in the moment....

“So pretty, so beautiful, Amelia...” He continued his sweet thrusts, his groin hitting her clit everytime he moved. His heavy balls slapped against her ass and she only moaned out as he bent forward to kiss her neck, his lips meeting hers.

And then she felt it, the amazing feeling of something exploding inside of her and she knew she was orgasming and this time, it was much more intense orgasm than before as she latched onto his forearm, grabbing onto him as her pussy clenched around his length, creaming around him.

“Yes, let it go, Amelia...Feel it...” He told her as he straightened back up and his thumb came forward to rub her clit furiously, making her see black as she felt her eyes shut and her mouth form into an O-shape.

“Does that feel good? Do you like my cock inside you?”

“Yes! Such a nice cock...” She cried out in pleasure, “I like it deep inside me...”

“Thank you, sir...” She hummed out and that’s when he knew he couldn’t hold back anymore as he felt his cock shift, his knees feeling weak. He felt his own orgasm as he came in spurts, deep inside of her. He stayed buried inside her, his cock shifting in her walls, triggering another orgasm for her.

They both shook against each other, both sweaty and heaving.

“Great class... Amelia. Hope you learnt something,” He hummed out as his eyes fell on the little alarm digital clock on the table, noticing their three hours were over.

He exited her body, looking at her looking absolutely gorgeous with his load flowing out of her hole as she got up on her elbows, looking at him through wide eyes, speechless.

“Yes, yes-sir,” She managed to mutter out the words, her pussy clenching at the loss of his cock. She noticed him pulling up his pants and sat up straight, moving her hair behind her ear, trying to figure out what the hell happened between the two of them just now.

“I’ll come tomorrow...Be ready for your next lesson,” He told her as a goodbye and she gasped as she thought about all the sinful things that could happen in their next class. Today was only her first lesson with her private tutor.

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