A Slave to his Whims

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A collection of Erotic short stories and poems of these two lovers meeting, and making love, in various, wild places and situations. Her old high school crush, right in front of her at a college party she had no wish to be at. Those piercing blue eyes. Those sensual lips... she could feel him across the room, could feel his eyes undressing her. Soon, she is bent to his will, introduced to a mix of pain and pleasure, his dark world despite his charming smile. She is not ready for a relationship, a law student, so she disappears after their night, covered in delicious marks of love. Yet, she runs into him again. And again. Over and over, they undeniably are put together, and each time their passion overtakes them, she is pushed by him to her limits. He wants her to be his Princess, his good girl, but she is not ready to bend just yet. But deep down she knows, she's just a slave to his whims.

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Story 1- That Party Last Night

He had those eyes, those piercing blue ones that seemed to see right through her tiny little black dress. Big baby blues, framed by a thick fringe of black lashes, thick dark brows just a bit furrowed together. They seemed to draw her, like a moth to a flame, tempting as his full lips were, sinful thoughts working in her brain. She scarcely noticed her friends calling her to dance with them, waving like mad.

It was some party, she couldn’t remember whose, that she had been dragged to tonight. She was in her fourth year of college, but she was constantly busy studying, doing work, and her job on campus to party much. At all, really. For four years she’d pretty much holed herself up in her room, overachieving in class. She had no time for boyfriends, for distractions, for fun… not if she wanted a top spot in law school.

Her friends had finally convinced her, however, and now she stood there, awkwardly against the wall, a wallflower if you will, in the little black dress that Mr. Blue Eyes seemed to devour. All these gorgeous girls dancing in next to nothing, booty shorts and crop tops that barely covered anything, and he seemed to want to watch her stand there.

Soon, she found herself making her way through the crowded room of dancing bodies. She paused when she was a mere foot from him, surprised at herself. He leaned back a bit in the dark red lounge, casually crossing a leg over a knee, watching her, hunger stark on his expression as his gaze dipped to her voluptuous breasts, then lower.

She cleared her throat, standing straight and walking the rest of the distance towards him. His eyes watched as her thick, muscular legs walked to him, as her rounded hips swayed in time to the music that was blasting from the booming speakers. Her chin went up a notch, to hide her nerves, yet when he stood, she felt desire shot straight down her.

He was quite a bit taller than her, elegant lithe body, and he gave her a deep bow, bending at the waist, then holding out his hand. It was so odd, as if he were from another time. Yet, she let him take her small hand in his, and he placed a kiss on the back of it, perhaps the most seductive thing that had ever happened to her.

She could feel her cheeks heating up with a blush, turning a lovely shade of pink as he stood back up. Something was familiar about him, she couldn’t quite put her finger on it…

“Oh!” She giggled a bit, giddy as the school girl she was the last time she had seen him. He’d been a senior to her junior, and oh had she had the biggest crush from afar. He’d ditched his leather jacket and long hair for an undercut and a well fitted black v neck, jeans that fit well but were not loose, or tight, just perfect, low slung on narrow hips. Her emerald eyes went to his belt for far too long.

“I remember you.” He said softly, and she looked up, curiously tilting her head.

“You do?” She asked incredulously.

“How couldn’t I? You were so lovely, though unreachable.”

She snorted at that, shaking her head. “Oh no, not at all. I was nerdier than anything, you were always in the cool crowd.”

He ran his fingers through his hair, smirking just a bit. “That was never what it was cracked up to be. Trust me, I noticed you.”

She remembered back, to being on high school bleachers, to feeling that intense gaze on her. “Maybe you did.” She murmured, and her breath hitched when he stepped a little closer to her, a hand now on her bare upper arm, warm yet giving her goosebumps.

“Oh, I did. You look like you don’t belong here.” He gestured to the crowded, loud room, full of dancing bodies, beer pong and keg stands. She giggled a bit again, unusual for her lately, always so serious. She looked back up to him, lost in that gaze, but it was as if his eyes held her own emerald gaze there.

“I don’t belong here.” She managed to say, and he brushed a lock of her hair back, tucking it behind her ear. God, how did just those little actions turn her on so much?

“Neither do I. Care for a dance, princess?” he asked softly, and she nodded, letting him lead her. She realized they were passing everyone, heading up one of the first sets of stairs, and she paused for a moment.

“Dancing is down there.” She pointed to the sea of gyrating bodies. He smirked, leaning back against the iron rails of the winding staircases, studying her.

“I don’t care for that music. Here.” He slid out his black phone, wiggling it a bit, and she started to hear classical music emanating from it.

“Debussy?” She asked, rather impressed, and he arched a brow at her.

“You have become even more irresistible, now.”

She felt herself blushing and looked down to her high heeled boots. He took her chin with two fingers, and his gaze was on her glossy pink lips, his thumb brushing one of them ever so softly. He was silent, mouth opening then closing, as if he forgot what he meant to say.

She couldn’t take it, then, couldn’t stop herself from snatching him by his soft black shirt and pulling his lips down to her own. She tiptoed just a bit, moaning softly into his mouth, and he surprised her by yanking her flush against him, one arm around her waist, the other unwrapping in her long locks.

She cried out when he pulled the hair at the nape of her neck, in pain and pleasure as he slid his tongue between her lips. She opened for him, her tongue dancing with his own, her curves undulating against his rock-hard body, telling him exactly what she wanted without any words.

He groaned, deep and animalistic, his hands now sliding to her ass, grabbing each rounded cheek and squeezing tightly, just under her dress, ass bare for all to see as he pulled it apart, making her pussy wet. Her little nipples were growing taut against his chest, sensitive as he pulled her so tightly, they were pressed against him, poking through the thin satin of her dress, no bra as a barrier.

He began to take her mouth more fervently, and she found herself lazily gliding her hands up his body, the sides, his strong back, until they wrapped up around his neck. Suddenly, she was shoved against him, and she turned, confused, as a drunk girl apologized in slurred words. Realization of where they had hit her as she saw many curious and eager eyes upon them, though most of the party was preoccupied.

He cleared his throat a bit, and she looked back up to see her dark purple lipstick was smeared all over his chin. She covered her mouth with a little laugh. He made her want to be brave, made her want to act bold… to just feel.

“Let’s go.” She tugged him by his hand, leading him up the stairs, and he watched with raised brows, following along. There were many doors along the hallway, the house was massive, so she jiggled each handle to no avail.

She could hear the moans, the cries from each room. Even the bathroom was locked. She sighed, then, turning back to him. “Eager to dance?” He asked, so casually.

She smiled bashfully. “Mmm, dance. Sure. It appears there are no… private places to hear your music. My car?” She asked, then tried to imagine just how his tall body would be able to fuck her in her little pink VW Beetle. “Your car?”

“So eager. I like it.” He leaned down to kiss her again, pressing her up against the wall in the hallway, which for the moment was empty. His lips began to press firm but gentle kisses along her delicate throat, then began to nibble at the base. She gasped, entwining her fingers in his thick black hair, tilting her head to the side to give him better access.

One of his hands went to her breasts, the left one first, sliding under her thin halter dress, to where his rough hand was molding her supple breast to his palm. She cried out when he took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, sending desire hot through her, tiny pink nipple growing so taut it ached for more. For his mouth. She hissed when his gentle nibble turned to a vicious bite on her collarbone, her nails digging into his back.

“Fuck. I must have you.” His words were a growl, tickling her skin with his warm breath, making her shiver in delight.

“I want you.” She said softly, and his eyes came back to hers, his hand gently cupping her face, a thumb sliding across her jaw, possessive in a way that thrilled her. She jumped back a bit as a door flew open behind them, two drunk girls and one very happy looking guy stumbling out, clothes in disarray.

“I’d prefer to take you to my place.” He said softly when she walked towards the open room. She paused, looking back over her shoulder at him. “Take my time with you. Savor… every… single… inch.” His eyes took in each part of her body ever so slowly.

It thrilled her to think of it, but she was not sure she could wait a moment longer, she had to have him, here and now. Even though, he would be her first… she had never gone so far as to lose her virginity yet. She did not plan to tell him. It had not been as if she were waiting for marriage or anything, more she had never wanted to be that intimate, to get involved. Yet now, every part of her being craved him. Each nerve ending was humming for him, his presence calling out like a song.

She smashed back to him, leaning up, pressing her breasts against his chest, pulling his lips down to hers, her tongue sliding in and exploring each inch of his mouth. Inexperienced but bold, her hands slid down his hard body, under his shirt, feeling the hot skin beneath. His groan vibrated against her lips, and she started to walk slowly backwards, towards the open bedroom, as they devoured each other.

He surprised her when he picked her up with ease, hands on her backside. Her legs wrapped around his narrow hips, making her sensitive pussy vulnerable to his hard cock under his jeans. She pulled back from kissing him to watch his intoxicated face, which mirrored her own.

“Can’t wait, can you?” He asked, amused smirk on full display.

She notched her pointy chin up in the air, raising a perfectly arched eyebrow. “I am not very patient.” He carried her into the room then, shutting the door and locking it in one smooth move, and before she knew it her back was against the wall, him still holding her up, elevated in his firm grip.

His lips went to her neck once more, but not gentle this time, no they were sinful, savage in their caresses. His teeth bit down hard, sinking deep into her sensitive flesh, so deep she cried out, emerald gaze losing focus, going dark as she started to lose all sense of control. His hand then slid up to grasp her throat, applying a sweet pressure right under her chin, making her light headed when he stood to look down at her.

“So beautiful.” He murmured, squeezing tighter. She moaned, though her cries were muffled by his grip. “I’m different. If anything goes too far, stop me. Understood?” She narrowed her eyes just a bit, struggling to focus on his words. He started to squeeze harder, leaning down and wrapping her hair around his fist, pulling her head back and leaning close, whispering into her ear. “Understood, little girl?”

She managed to nod. “Yes. Ah!”

He pulled harder, and her eyes pricked in pain a bit, but her pussy was dripping wet by being handled by his rough, capable hands. “Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir.” She murmured, then gasped for breath when he let her go, holding her hand to her chest, staring wide eyed at him. His lips had a firm set to them, in a straight line, his strong jaw up high, domineering and intimidating, and yet it thrilled her. “I… have never…” She stopped herself before she gave it away. Would he even want her if he knew she was a virgin? “Done… this. But I damn sure want to try it.”

He smirked for just a second. “That’s a good girl.” He tilted her chin up, kissing her so softly it was completely opposite of his previous actions. “Now…” He went to the large four post bed, sitting casually and gesturing for her with a crook of his finger. She followed eagerly, her actions baffling her as much as how horny she was, she stood in front of him, hands behind her, patiently awaiting his orders.

“Yes, Sir?” She asked teasingly, smirking a bit.

“Strip for me.” He ordered, and she felt herself grow a little anxious, but did as he bid, reaching up to untie the halter dress she wore, shimmying it down her waist, having to tug a bit as it hit her curved hips. It fell to her feet in a whisper of satin, and she was bare to him, her full, voluptuous breasts calling for his attention. His eyes were drawn to them, with hunger in them, making her little nipples grow taut from it.

“You like?” She teased, but he stood, taking her quickly and bending her over the bed, her bare ass in the air.

“Bad girls get punished for sassy mouths.” He smacked her ass hard, then, and it stung as the air hit where his handprint now lay. She ground her teeth together when he pulled her hair to make her look at him, his other hand rubbing her luscious ass, as if to apologize, kissing the nape of her neck, sliding her long hair out of the way. He chuckled deeply. “Of course, I like. Want me to show you just how much I like?”

She nodded eagerly, and he spun her around, grabbing her breasts and kissing between them, rubbing his stubble against them, turning his attention to one and then the other before taking one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking gently at first, then becoming more demanding, his other hand sliding down her tummy. She felt herself trembling, her hands enwrapping in his long silky hair.

“Fuck!” She couldn’t stop the curse words from forming when his middle finger slid under her black lace panties, finding her wet and hot for him. He stood then, pulling away too soon, making her want his hand back on her. He put his finger to her lips.

“Taste yourself.” He ordered, and she opened her lips for him, licking her sweet desire off him. He moaned softly, then in a flash he had her shoved down on the bed, pulling her by her ass to the edge of the bed, then sliding her panties down and off her. “May I, Princess?” He asked as he parted her thighs, so polite and gentlemanly that she laughed a bit. He was a bit of an enigma.

“You may, Sir.” She answered, but all laughter faded as he found her with his tongue, moving in slow little circles around her entrance before pulling apart the plump lips of her pussy, finding her clit with a flick of his tongue. “Oh fuck!” Her hips raised up for more of his talented tongue.

“Such a dirty mouth.” He murmured, leaning up, hands on her thick thighs, placing a kiss on one as he slid a finger in her tight pussy, eyebrow raising up. “You’re so fucking tight.” She blushed bright pink, hoping he didn’t notice. “So wet for me.” He crooked his finger up and down inside of her, and her moans and cries grew louder as the pleasure and desire started building, climbing. He bit her thigh then, leaving teeth marks, and she started shaking, her thighs threatening to close on him, but he held them firm.

“Please. Please!” She was begging for him, not even sure just what she begged for. She yanked him to her, leaning up to try to kiss him and drag him on top of her, but he shoved her down, hard, shaking his head.

“Not yet.”

He went back down between her thighs, pulling her lips back apart with one hand, his tongue running little circles on her clit, making her fall apart with ecstasy. She was screaming in pleasure as she began to climax, legs trembling, her nails now digging deep into the backs of his shoulders.

As she started to come harder than she ever had from pleasuring herself in the past, he pulled back, his fingers now on her clit, while his other hand went to her mouth, shoving hard against her so that her cries were muffled by his tight grip.

“Come for me again. Now.” He ordered, and his fingers brought her to climax quickly, her entire body tingling, on fire, so hot she could scarcely put a thought together. “Good girl.”

The way he crooned those words, the way he brushed back her hair… god she could not take it. He was stroking her hair back softly now with the hand that had covered her mouth, his other hand rubbing up and down the lips of her pussy, slick from her wetness, as if soothing her. She found she had tears that had seeped out from how hard she had climaxed, and with shaky hands she swiped them away.

“Fuck.” She mumbled again, and he grinned a bit, standing, but not before placing a kiss right above her pussy.

She leaned up on her elbows, exhaling, struggling to regain her senses from how overwhelming he was. He slid his shirt up over his head, and her mouth watered as his chiseled frame was revealed, sexy lean muscles, strong chest, an eight back with two v cuts low on either side, a trail of hair below his belly button that led to the bulge in his jeans. She licked her lower lips as he began to unbuckle his black leather belt.

“You are… perfect.” She said boldly, and he raised a brow at her.

“You’re the perfect one here, Princess.” She blushed as he called her that again, and he surprised her by folding his belt in his hands, smacking it against one. “This is why I wanted to take you home, so much more to play with. This will have to do, for now.”

He walked towards her then, and she nervously sat up, shaking her head. “Oh no. Just use your hands.”

He tilted her chin up, standing tall as she sat down, and she had to arch her head back to look up at him, frightened and intrigued. “Do you want me to fuck that tight little pussy of yours?” He asked, and she nodded, biting her lip so hard she thought it would bleed. “Then you’ll be a good girl for me.”

“I… Let me see you first, then you can… do that. Let me touch you.” She unbuttoned his pants, sliding a zipper down and apprehensively looking up at him as she slid his pants and boxers off him, revealing a long, thick hard cock.

She took his cock in her hand, which couldn’t even begin to cover him. She took the tip of him into her mouth, sucking and then sliding her tongue around in a circle, sliding her hand up and down his silken length. He groaned, hands coming to her hair, yanking hard and urging her to take more of him, causing her pain but also making her even wetter.

He urged her on, and she took more and more of him. “Play with that little pussy for me.” She pulled back for a moment, and he shoved her head back to him. “Ah ah, I didn’t say stop sucking me. Do both.” She did as he bade, finding herself with her fingers, drenched with desire.

She was moaning loudly against his cock, taking more and more of his thick length into her mouth, sucking hard, tasting him as she rubbed her little clit in tiny circles, starting to climax again. She pulled away, her hand falling from her as she came again, so hard, but he shook his head, then, pulling her hair so hard she thought he’d rip it from her scalp. He smacked her cheek lightly but firmly, looking to her curiously as if to see if it was acceptable.

“Sorry, Sir.” She said, and he smiled approvingly, then smacked her other cheek, a little harder this time, and she moaned at it, perplexed by herself but letting go.

“I didn’t say you could stop yet, did I?” He asked, pushing himself back into her mouth, which she took him in greedily, sliding up and down his hard length. “You can go deeper, can’t you, Princess?” He demanded, and she grew nervous, for she had not ever done this.

“I…can try.” She managed to say.

Soon he was so deep he was in her throat, choking her, fucking her mouth fervently, groaning loudly, urging her on to take as much of him as she could. Soon he pulled away, and yanked her to him, kissing her passionately, their mouths devouring each other.

“Please, Sir.” She begged for him now, against his lips.

He turned her around and took his belt and slid it over her wrists, bounding them behind her back. She looked back at him, eyes wide in fear, and he shot her a devilish grin.

“You thought I would beat you with a belt?” She nodded and he shook his head, pushing her gently forward, to wear her head was down on a pillow he laid for her, pulling her ass and knees up high. She shivered in excitement, helpless and eager for him. “No, Princess, I would beat your luscious ass with many things, but never this belt. That was to control those wild hands of yours.”

“I didn’t know. This is all a mystery… I… ah! Fuck!” She screamed when the tip of him slid against her aching pussy, just between her lips, making her nearly buck off the bed as it touched her clit. He smacked her ass hard, then, his other hand tugging on the belt hard, pulling her arms back and making her slightly lean up. He smacked her again, then again, over and over as he slid slowly inside her, inch by excruciating inch.

“Watch that mouth, or I will have to do something about it.” She nodded, whimpering as he stretched her, filled her.

“Yes, Sir.” She said softly, her whole body starting to fall apart when he was nearly fully sheathed inside of her, causing her skin to feel as if it were ripping. She cried out in pain, sure there was no way he’d fit, but then he was deep inside, against her cervix.

He paused as she whimpered in pain, trembling, gently rubbing her hips. “You’re so tiny… are you sure you’re okay, Princess? I can please her more.” He slid a finger down under where they were joined, playing with her clit.

“I… I’m fine.” She lied, crying out again when he slid out of her, then back in, continuing to play with her clit, which made her also cry out in pleasure, growing wet around him, making the pain dissipate a bit.

“Don’t lie to me, Princess. Are you not very...” She looked back nervously, prepared for him to ask the question.

“No, not very. But I’m good.” He gave her a nod, sliding back deep inside of her, much gentler, while continuing to rub her in little circles. Soon she found herself shaking, coming hard around him, tightening and pulsing against his cock, making him groan.

“Goddamnit, you feel too fucking good.” He pulled out, until just the tip of him was still in her, then slid back into her again, letting go of the belt to grab her by her hips, shoving into her hard and deep, making her cry out in pain. He paused, then. “Princess, pain is great, but I want you to enjoy. Does that hurt too much?”

She looked back, taking a shaky breath. “No. No I want it.” She answered, and he groaned, then, yanking her by the hair, smacking her ass before shoving hard in her again, slow but steady, and so very deep. He had her coming again, her entire body shaking, her knees faltering under herself. Soon he had her up on her knees, one hand still yanking her hair so that her head arched back, and her ass was out, begging for more of his cock.

She was cursing loudly as he fucked her, pounding into her. “What did I say about that mouth?” He demanded, smacking her ass harder than he had before, making her scream.

“I can’t help it. Feels so fucking good. Ah!” He had his hand back on her mouth, then, his lips against her ear. She fell apart all over again when he wrapped his other arm around her waist, pulled her body down, hard onto his cock, slippery as he continued to fuck her harder and harder, crying her pleasure into his rough palms, shaking and convulsing as he brought her to pleasure again.

“You like?” He asked her, now, and she nodded quickly. He let her go, and flipped her around, taking the belt off her quickly, sliding on top of her and spreading her thighs, pulling one up over his arm and burying his cock deep in her again. She gritted her teeth together, digging her nails into his lower back and dragging, making him hiss, fucking her harder. He slid into her so deep and hard she screamed in pain, her hips yanking back. He paused a moment. “Sorry, Princess.”

“Fuck I love you calling me that.” She took a deep breath, and he put her leg down just a bit, wrapping them around his hips instead, kissing her forehead sweetly. “It was just… a lot to handle. I’m fine.”

“Good.” He took her lips with his own, so sweet for a moment it seemed impossible he could have been the same man that had just smacked her, tore into her… the duality of him was intriguing and fascinating, making her crave more of him. She pulled him down to her, arching her hips up for his cock again.

“More, please, Sir.” She begged softly, and he groaned, kissing down her body as he fucked her, taking her breasts in his hands, biting a nipple and making her climax again. Her nails dug in again, and soon she found he had a tight grip on her wrists, raising them above her head.

“Enough of that, little tigress.” He said softly, dangerously, then pulled out of her, picking her up with ease and tying her wrists back together, then tying them up onto the cherry wood bed post. She gasped, and he kissed down her body slowly, hands exploring every single inch of her, leaving her to his mercy as he bit, liked and sucked. “Going to teach you a lesson, Princess.”

“Oh? Oh!” Her thighs were on either side of his head as he slid his tongue in her pussy, tongue fucking her deliciously before sliding up and down, back to her clit again. “Fuck I can’t take any more of that!”

“Language.” He warned once more, sliding up her body as his hand came to choke her again, this time harder. “Do you want this cock back inside her?”

“Yes. Yes, Sir. Please!” She opened her thighs wide for him, her words muffled as he slid deep back in her, pulling out and teasing her, torturing her by rubbing against her as the pressure from his hand became unbearable. “Please. Oh, please!”

“Come for me one more time.” He ordered, and then slid deep into her, putting her leg over his shoulder and fucking her deep, yet slow, not as hard as before. She reached her peak again, this time more intense than ever before, blinded as she lost oxygen, helpless to his whims. “Good girl.”

He shoved deep into her one more time, releasing her throat and making her dizzy, lightheaded, as if she was floating as he laid on top of her, kissing her sweetly as he came inside her so deep, pulsing inside her, hot liquid sweetly filling her as he pressed in so deep she had no clue where each ended or began. She came again, so hard she was shaking, twitching, unable to breathe.

He moaned so loudly into her ear as he found his release, and soon he was breathing heavy, his hands trembling just slightly against her waist as he pulled himself up a bit. She saw he was just affected by her as she was by him, and for a time they stared into each other’s eyes, emerald and sapphire, still intimately connected.

Her mind was going wild as she laid there, for he had opened something up to her that she was fascinated by.

He was her first.

And he’d just ruined her for any other man.

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