The Left Hand Path

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After a deep betrayal, a naive young occultist summons Lucifer to enact her revenge. But the contract she signs comes with a price. Young occultist Rosa Black summons the devil after her friend betrays her to enact revenge, Lucifer offers her a contract that he will only help her if she spends 20 days in hell with him and manage to avoid temptation.

Erotica / Fantasy
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The Contract

I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it and yet it happened. Someone who I thought was my earthly companion, my best friend...fucking my Father. How could I tell my Mom? How could I tell anyone? How dare they leave me with this burdan. I was angry- no I was livid. I needed to speak to someone, anyone.

I made a turn towards the woods, sitting down by a tree to scream and ugly cry. How could they do this to me? I would never be able to look my own Father in the eye again. My life as I knew it was over. Welcome to your new life, Rosa Black. One of emptiness, betrayal and anguish.

I searched for tissues to dry my eyes with in my bag, when my grimoire fell out on to the earth. It was then, in a moment of weakness that I knew what I had to do to feel better. A curse. A hex. A jinx. Whatever you call it. A darkness in me had sat dorment which had now been awakened. The urge for power and control over a situation where I lacked them took over. And I chanted Lucifer's Enn.

I called...and he answered. The trees began to dance in the wind, a distant humming became closer and closer. Black smoke filled my vision, and as it cleared a man came into view. He was beautiful, tall and smiling. My breathe quickened. With the realisation with what I had done.

"Why have you called me here?" He broke the silence. I knelt before him. Head bowed in respect.

"I have been deeply betrayed, dark lord." I stuttered. My hands and knees shaking under my weight. What have I gotten myself into.

"Tell me more, child. Perhaps I can ease the pain." He held his hand out, helping me to my feet and beckoned me towards the tree where I had been sitting before. I followed his order a sat, and he stood in front of me.

"My Father and my best friend...I caught them...well." I trailed off not wishing to go into details for my own sake.

"Oh, that. Yes I saw that. And you want me to get you revenge?" He questioned. Folding his arms and tutting under his breathe.

"I would be most grateful. Nothing too extreme. Just to make them regret their actions." I bowed my head solemnly.

"I can do that. But you must understand, my services are not free. I am no charity. This must be an equal exchange, a contract if you will. Anything you will recieve has a cost and conditions. Failure to comply...well let's say the outcome doesn't fair well on your end." He explained carefully, smirking at me.

"I understand. What would the conditions of said contract entail?" I asked nervously, no one wants to waste Satan's time. But if I cannot comply, then what will he do to me.

"You must prove you are worthy of such revenge. This situation arised because of temptation. But I cannot incite revenge for everyone upset girl who calls my name. I have a deal, if you can avoid temptation in hell for 20 days I will grant your revenge." I froze. Me? Go to hell? How could I possibly agree to such things.

"Dark Lord, if I may. That is a little extreme." I pleaded.

"Extreme situations require extreme actions." He was growing tired of me.

"How would I even go there? Will you kill me? People would notice my disappearance...where would I live?" I pleaded.

"I will take you there. I can come and go as I please. When the 20 days are up, if you are successful I will put you back right to the time just after you left with me. I do not abide by your earthly rules. I can bend time at my will. No one will notice you are gone because to them you never left. As for where you would stay, you would be my guest. I would make sure you are safe, as a dead girl cannot complete a contract." As anxious as I was. My need for revenge was greater. I thought over his offer.

" safe is hell?" I said quietly, almost a whisper.

"Depends how you define safe. With me? Quite safe. Without me? Not so much. I am the king. No one disobeys the king." This was a warning, I needed to obey.

"You promise that I'll return so no one will know I am gone?" I asked.

"I promise. Nothing will harm any hairs on your little head either. Now sign the contract." A quill and paper appeared in his hands. He held them out to me, I hesitated but grabbed them slowly. As I held out my hand he cut me with a claw causing my blood to drop onto the paper. He grabbed my hand, it was like a light in a cold harsh winter. He paused, looking rather shocked but guided my hand slowly to where I needed to sign. I breathed heavily and signed my name.

"See...wasn't hard was it?" He smirked. Oh no. I was terrified. Had I just made my whole situation worst? What did I just do. He was just so damn convincing, comforting almost.

"What now?" I asked cautiously.

"One more thing before we descent. You forgot to ask what happens if you fail my test. If you fail to resist temptation for 20 days, you will rule as my queen." I froze. My heart began racing. My hands shoke and I turned in anger.

"You didn't say that when you were explaining!" I said with venom.

"Because, Rosa, my dear. I am the devil." He cupped my chin, turning up face up towards his. I studied his features closer at such a small space apart, his dark curly hair. His piercing red eyes, more duller than the fiery red eyes I had always imagined. He was tall, but muscular as you would expect. But his hands were soft, but being the devil probably meant he didn't have to do much dirty work himself.

He clicked his fingers and suddenly we began falling at such a pace, no rollercoaster in the mortal realm could match it. My travel sickness was none too pleased and as I saw the ground approaching I panicked.

"Lucifer! Please don-" I hovered over the ground slightly before gently lowering to the earth beneath.

"Thank you." I said face down. I looked up feeling rather disoriented and dizzy. He held a hand out to help me up. I then saw where we were. The gates of hell.

"You can still back out, if you wish. But the moment you enter, there will be no going back until the 20 days are up." He warned me, stepping closer towards the gate. It wass rectangular in shape, with several figures littered all over it depicting sins in the nude. The gate itself was black, masterfully crafted. I could not hear anything from where I was standing, but as the gap between us closed I began to hear odd sounds which were almost peaceful. I reached out, and opened the gate.

I was greeted with a white light, opening my eyes to hear the harp. This is place I would most assiociate with the above. But it was then that I realised I was in the first circle; Limbo.

"So...this is..." I trailed off, shocked and entranced by the figures around me.

"Limbo. This where virtuous pagans and such go. It is almost like a lesser version of heaven, accept they apparently are barred entry and as such are to spend all eternity here." He explained, moving his arm to show which path to follow. I did as he bid me, and joined arms with him as we walked through.

"Do it here?" I looked up to him.

"As much as one would expect. They have done nothing wrong with their lives, they are good people. Just the big man doesn't agree with them." He answered, sighing.

"The big man?" I knew he meant god. But everybody has different opinions of god.

"I should say men really, everyone's idea of god is correct. He is one person, just with different names and expectations. In a way, everyone up their is correct." I nodded in acceptance.

"So all those wars...are for nothing?" I looked down solemnly.

"Yes. Everyone is correct. Everyone's relationship is different, if they have one at all. But I always stay the same, I may have different names, but I am always the devil. Whether I am Lucifer or Iblis." He smiled and lead me further down the path, I saw great thinkers, leaders and historical figures. I saw Plato, Hippocrates and Julius Ceasar. They were all conversating, all drinking wine, all happy.

As we approached the next gate, I began to hear moans. Not the pain kind either. The moaning became louder and louder.

"Are you ready to leave?" Lucifer smiled, opening the door to the next circle and I trepidatiously followed.

When the light faded, I was met with a shocked sight. Orgies and carnal pleasures surrounded me. Everywhere I looked. My cunt tingled at all the visual stimulation, I felt myself growing wetter and wetter. Lucifer looked at me, his eyes aflame.

"You could give up now you know. It would be so easy, give yourself to me. Let me take you right here. No one would notice." He closed the gap until I was up against a wall, panting for breathe. His human form was attractive, almost hard to resist. But I must have my revenge. I stayed on target and continued walking, I saw great lovers. Marc Antony, Cleopatra. All giving in to temptation. It would be so easy. But the thought of staying a queen? That was kept me from giving in.

Lucifer smiled, stripping his clothes, his eyes bright red now. I watched him as he bent a girl over and rock, fucking her hard and fast. She moaned under him, breasts boncing with each thrust. He ignored her, not breaking eye contact with me. Another girl came up and kissed his deeply. She moaned into his mouth, my body had awoken. I needed to go, or my very little defenses would collapse. I turned away, following the path to the next circle. The heat of the fire and rock burned my skin, I needed to leave. Lucifer commanded me to look at him, I looked deep into his eyes with longing. And he let out a moan and finished. My skin burnt with a need to be touched, by anyone, anything. I saw his cum dripping from the girls stretched pussy onto the rock below.

He snapped his fingers and became full clothed once again, tredding over to me with a grin.

"One of the perks of being the king means everyone is after you. Whether it's to get another circle closer to me, or more power." He panted.

"Don't make me do that again." I warned him.

"You don't need to be so sad about it, you passed the test." That fucking smirk again, my breathe quickened at the sight of it.

"What test?" I snapped back.

"I know you desire me, Rosa. I know everything about you. Who do you think influenced you walking down a darker path? Who do you think was in your ear when I told you to do those delicously naughty things. It wasn't you, that's for sure." I jerked at the realization.

"Oh so you do remember then. On those dark nights when your parents where out, and you could almost swear that something was guiding your hand down to your throbbing pussy." My pace quickened. I didn't want to think about this just after I calmed myself. But closed in on me, inches away from my face, his hand gently cupping my chin forcing me to stare back at him.

We stare at each other for a while, my breathing quickening with every second.

"I could give you anything." He said. I knew it was true. He really could. Unimaginable power, pleasure and gifts. I could see the past, present and future. The unchallenged Queen. Even Lillith could not match up with me if I chose to go down that path. But this was the challenge, risk temptation and get what I want. The problem was, would I be able to survive the 20 days? We were only on the second circle and I almost gave in. How was I going to resist the delicious power he could grant me? I could get my revenge and more. Enternal beauty, enternal life. Just giving up my soul to the darkness that i've always known was in me. Battling to get out. Screaming in moment of anger.

"Let's go to the next circle." Lucifer cut my train of thought.

"Yes, Dark Lord."

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