Riparian Lust (Book 1)

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Alice Evans thought that her new job at Delacroix contracting as James Delacroix new secretary was going to be a walk in the park, but little did she know that she would develop feelings for her new boss. James wants Alice to be more than just his secretary. Will he succeed in that? Alice has past demons that follow her, will she escape the troubles of her past and find happiness? Or shall the villain of the this story succeed? Will Alice and James come together? Will love truly conquer all in the end?

Erotica / Romance
Amara Ventris
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Chapter 1

My morning began the way it frequently did. It started with the racket of my obnoxious roommate rummaging through her drawers. That woman can never find anything to wear!

“Alice! Wake up and help me get dressed!” She demanded barging into my bedroom.

“Nicole, you assume I will help you get dressed every damn day of the week!” I snap at her. Forcing myself from my bed, walking reluctantly to Nicole’s bedroom.

“Alice, come on. James Delacroix is super hot. I wanna jump him so bad it hurts, plus it’s your first day at Delacroix contracting!”

“Nicole, you never stick with one man! Isn’t he a bit out of your league? He is a self-made billionaire in the construction industry. Let’s get you dressed, so I can get on with my morning!”

“What do you know! When was the last time you were even on a date!” She snarled.

With great effort on my part I helped her decide on what to wear and out the door she went. I finally had the apartment solely to myself! I began to think about my new employer James Delacroix. When first I met him for my interview I found him very alluring almost captivating. He’s thirty-five and gorgeous. Look at me daydreaming about my boss when I should be focused on getting myself out the door. I began my commute to Delacroix Tower, my best friend Anne-Marie joined me.

“Your awfully quiet Alice. Is something wrong?” Anne-Marie asked concerned.

“It’s nothing you know how I enjoy waking to Nicole ransacking through her draws before the damn sun is up! Cause she must possess every man’s attention from here to the moon! I’m James Delacroix’s new secretary. Nicole is his advertising manager. I’m dying to see Nicole flirt with everything on two legs!” I say rolling my eyes.

“Alice, I know Nicole is a handful I commend you on living with her. I would have slapped her a long time ago. Just ignore her, remember you got this. Now your best friend has to go. I’ll see you soon.” Anne and I hugged.

We parted ways. I then proceeded to Delacroix Tower. I stopped and paused in awe of the building in front of me, it was large even in New York standards. Entering the lobby I approached the elevator proceeding to the top floor. Walking out of the elevator I noticed how casual everyone was dressed. “I hope I’m not overdressed.”

I thought as I approached the front desk. I noticed my new employer James Delacroix walked in. He was five foot ten and there was one thing that stood out, James Delacroix was bald. Which I always found incredibly attractive. He had chiseled cheekbones and a defined Adam’s apple. I felt my lips part a little taking a deep breath. I wouldn’t mind finding out what laid beneath that shirt he wore, no tie just a dress shirt and slacks. My gaze met his. Just like before his piercing blue eyes captivated me. They are such a deep shade of blue. He made his way towards me. I was staring like a deer in headlights. I realized I was drooling over him like a piece of prime rib.

“Good Morning James! I have your coffee just the way you like it. ” Nicole yelled across the room. I saw as his attention turned away from me along with every other man in the room. Nicole, had her skirt hiked up just enough so when she bent over everyone had a clear view of what God had given her.

He seemed unfazed by Nicole’s blatant attempt to draw attention. I was standing. Not knowing what to do I made my way awkwardly across the room. Well, time to put on my big girl panties and introduce myself to my new boss.

“Good morning Mr. Delacroix, I’m Alice Evans your new secretary. It’s a pleasure to be working for you, sir. I must say thank you to you for hiring me and giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

“Miss Evans it’s a pleasure to see you again. I believe we met when you were last here for your interview.”

I placed my hand forward and shook James’s hand. His hands were rough, not smooth at all. They had a roughness that I wouldn’t mind feeling running down my naked body! I need to get laid! I felt his eyes study my face and then tailed down my body. His gaze made me feel naked. My cheeks grew warmer. Damn it I’m blushing!

“Excuse me James but the Millers will be here soon for their meeting.” Nicole interrupts, I turn my gaze away from James and step back. James thanked Nicole before he headed towards the elevator. I could feel Nicole glaring at me. I wonder why she’s so pissed? Nicole pushes past me, jeez what’s her problem?

Well there in no time to worry about Nicole, time to go find the head of my department a Mrs. Pat Pearson. I hope she’s nice, I made my way to the reception and asked where I would find Mrs. Pearson instead she found me.

“Ah, there you are. You must be Alice, I’m Pat your supervisor. I’m glad to see your not in heels, in this place anyone who wears heels is never is working.” I heard the girls behind the reception desk giggle. Pat then gave me a full tour of the building, there was a gym inside the company for employees to use at will.

Nice touch I thought, Pat then also explained the rules of the company and what is expected of me. She also informed that Mrs. Delacroix James’s mother drop’s in from time to time, she also made it a point to introduce me to all the key employees that make up Mr. Delacroix’s team. Next, it was time to see my office. Why am I so nervous?

I then started to wonder would it be close to his office? Would I be in direct contact or not? Well, I’m about to find out. We exited the elevator and enter a very large open hallway, it was the decor was very simplistic, nothing over the top. A few plants here and there and a waiting area for clients.

He is a man of very simple taste. Nothing like what is said of him. I was so lost in thought that I bumped into Pat. ” I’m so sorry Mrs. Pearson.” I immediately apologize. I just made myself look like an idiot.

" Alice, please call me Pat, I understand it’s a lot to take in.” She smiled as she spoke which reassured me. Finally, we arrived at my desk. I saw two large wood doors, that must be the doors to his office.

" Alice, this is your office. You are responsible for receiving clients and be right hand. You will sit in on homeowner meetings and take notes. Other than that Mr. Delacroix wants to go over a few things with you. Welcome to Delacroix contracting.”

I thanked Pat and watched as she left, I took a deep breath and then heard laughter and the sound of men talking. He’s coming out of his office, I’m not ready for this! I scrambled to my desk. I clumsily bump into the wooden table and knocked stationary everywhere. That’s just great what’s next?! I got on my hands and knees and make sure my butt is covered thanks to this skirt that is way too short. I might have to hurt Anne for convincing me this is suitable attire for work. Next time I’ll go clothes shopping alone. As I’m picking up the stationary I hear the men stop talking and everything goes quiet. They are behind me, aren’t they?!

“Miss Evans everything alright?” I hear Mr. Delacroix’s voice. I’m doomed. I slowly stand up and turn around completely red-faced and blushing from here to Timbuktu! The men on either side of Mr. Delacroix smile and introduce themselves “You must the new girl, I’m Scott and this is my partner Barry, we are the main project supervisors.” I shake their hands. Then Mr. Delacroix signaled it was time for them to leave.

" Alice, please join me. “I followed closely behind Mr. Delacroix, I shut the door as he sat behind his desk. A solid Ebony desk, nice touch and so not a New yorker style... enough daydreaming Alice! I snapped myself out of my thoughts and realized that he was staring straight at me. I swallowed the lump in my throat and started to ramble and apologize profusely. In my rambling state, I heard a chuckle. Huh? He’s not mad? He’s finding my rambling funny?

“Your cute Alice. You’re not in trouble. Thank you for being polite, it’s hard to find polite people these days. You may have heard my work ethic is different. I’m a hands-on boss.”

I stopped listening to him the minute he said he’s a hands-on boss. I wouldn’t mind him being very hands-on. I’m so horny, I should get laid. I was shaken out of my thoughts when I heard a pen tapping against the desk.

“I see you are daydreaming Ms. Evans. Am I boring you?”

Oh, I’m so screwed!

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