Fierce Jealousy

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Erotica / Romance
Clarity Townsend
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Welcome to New York!

"Mr. Peters, where should we put this box?" the burly mover asks.

"You can place it in the first room to your left." I point down the hall.

I'm stressed. I'm usually good at hiding it, but it's been a crazy day. When we landed in New York, the paparazzi went insane, scaring Gwen and Tristan. Mercy immediately commented that she wanted to return home to Sweden.

We made it out of the airport in one piece, but now we're dealing with the movers delivering our boxes.

Mercy is choreographing and co-starring in a Broadway musical. We collectively decided it would be a good opportunity to introduce the children to life in the States. She'll be working here for at least the next nine months. The children weren't thrilled to be spending the school year away from their friends, but they were excited to be visiting New York.

"Daddy?" Gwen calls.

"Yes, Gwen, my love. What is it?"

"I'm hungry." She pouts.

"Okay, Sweetheart. We'll get on to that straightaway. Just stay out of the way for the movers. They're almost finished."

"Okay," she replies as she skips back down the hall to her brothers.

It's almost 2 PM and we've yet to have lunch. The movers bring in the last of our boxes. I tip them and they are on their way. The boxes mostly contain clothes for the eight of us. We found a six-bedroom, four-bathroom flat for sixteen thousand dollars a month in the city. Mercy won't have a long commute to and from work, but it is still a much smaller space than we're accustomed to.

"Love!" I call to Mercy.

"I'm in here!" she calls back from her bedroom.

We have given the children the master bedroom since they have to share a room here.

"The children are hungry. Should we think about getting lunch?" I ask.

Mercy is unpacking and hanging her clothes in the closet. She's already found some comfortable clothes to change into, tiny shorts and a tank top. I can't help wanting to take her in my arms and savoring her sweet, plump, lips. First things first, lunch.

"Ask Joyce and the kids what they'd like and I'll order something to be delivered. Does that sound okay?" She says as she peeks out of her closet.

"It sounds perfect, love. I'll be right back with their answer."

I find Joyce in the kids' room. She, Gwen, and Liam are unpacking and putting away their things. Tristan is on the floor playing with his Lego blocks. It's a bit cramped even though it's the master bedroom. Joyce, Mercy, and the children have private bathrooms. Us three men, share a bathroom. It's going to be interesting. Luckily, Henry and Alex are working, so the bathroom situation shouldn't be an issue until they return.

"Joyce, you three are making headway in here I see."

"Oh yeah, we'll finish in no time. We'll move on to Henry's room once we're done in here." Joyce smiles up at me from her seat on the floor.

"What would you guys like to eat?"

"Pizza!" Gwen and Liam shout in unison.

Joyce laughs. "Pizza is fine with me."

"Pizza it is," I say, and leave them to their task.

I decide not to bother Mercy and search the internet for local pizza places, finding a place that's highly recommended. I order, heading back to Mercy who's still working in her room. Before I get to her door, Henry calls.

"Hello!" I answer.

"Hi! How did everything go?" he asks.

"Oh, well, it has been stressful, but we're finally settling in. How are you?"

"Counting the days until I can be home with you all. It won't be long now, only two more weeks."

"Yes, but two weeks can feel like months when you're away. At least you aren't Alex. He won't be back for another two more months."

"That's true," Henry laughs. "How's New York so far?"

"It's clearly not Sweden." I chuckle. "Mercy already wants to go back home."

"Well, we all knew it would be a huge change. Mercy shouldn't have to endure almost a year there alone."

"I agree. I think we made the right decision in temporarily moving here. She's unpacking, would you like me to put her on?"

"No, it sounds like everyone is busy. I'll call her later and speak with children then as well. They're calling me back on set."

"Okay, I'll tell her. Bye!"

Henry ends the call. I walk to Mercy's room. She's bent over in the walk-in closet, rummaging through a box, her lovely ass in the air. I know just what would help me relieve some stress right now.

My ways aren't as straightforward as Alex, I'm a tad bit more subtle when seducing our wife.

She turns and jumps. "Oh, Aiden, you startled me! I didn't hear you come in."

I smile. "I'm sorry, I was admiring the view."

"Oh, you were, now?" She smirks.

I move towards her, running my hands around her waist and pulling her in close. I give her a cheeky grin.

"I know what that look means." She laughs.

"Do you?" I continue to prowl.

"Mm-hmm. We've been together a long time now, Mr. Peters. I know your ways."

"I haven't a clue what you're speaking of, my dear," I playfully feign ignorance.

Her gaze gets dark. "Where are the kids?"

"In their room with Joyce."

"Hm, that's only a room down."

"What is it you have in mind, my dear?" I ask as if I don't already know.

"Oh, baby, your shoulders are so tense." She pouts, runnning her hands up my arms and gently kneading my shoulders.

"Mm, love... Your hands are magic." I need to have her.

I lean in close to her lips. They part, her eyes instinctively closing. I smile as I take her sweet, full, bottom lip between my teeth and gently tug.

"Aiden," she moans softly.

The sound of my name spoken heavy with desire, causes my already rock hard erection to throb. I sweep my tongue into her parted lips. As I pull away, her fingers lace into the back of my hair. She latches onto the vein in my neck, pulsing as hard as my heart. She lightly bites down.

I groan.

I can't take it much longer. I must be inside her. Now. "Let's go," I whisper in her ear.

I pull her into the bathroom, locking the door behind us. Pressing her against the door, I kiss her slender neck.

"Aiden," she pants, "what if the kids come looking for us?"

"We just have to be quick and quiet, love. We'll have all of tonight to take our time."

"God, Aiden..." She reaches down and grabs my hard cock. "Fuck me!"

I reach my hand into the waistband of her shorts and underwear. She's soaking wet. Dipping my fingers inside her, I hold her heady gaze. Her head tilts slightly back as she moans. It's so satisfying to elicit such a passionate response from her. It makes me wild with desire.

Her hands move to unbutton my pants. Pulling down her shorts and underwear, I let them fall to her feet. She steps out as I guide her by her hips to the bathroom counter, gasping as her ass touches the cold marble.

Finally, I feel her scorching touch on my length. I can't help feeling like putty in her hands as she strokes me gently, but firmly.

"Mm, baby, do you know how much I love your big, delicious cock?" she whispers against my ear.

"Fuck, love," I curse. Her dirty little mouth does things to me. It brings out the animal inside me and she knows it.

I pull her hips forward, positioning my cock at her dripping entrance. She pants heavily in anticipation, her hands resting on my shoulder for support. I enter her slowly, feeling her contract, as inch by inch, I slide deeply inside of her until I feel her body resist taking any more of my generous length.

She moans, "Yes, baby. That feels so good..."

"God, love... I could live inside you." She's so tight, it's incredible.

I move in and out of her faster. She cries out, releasing more of her sweet nectar.

"Oh... Ah..." Her moans are getting louder as I drive into her.

"Shh, love. They'll hear you." I chuckle, but I continue ramming into her hard and fast.

"Fuck, Aiden... I'm trying," she groans. "You fuck me so good, baby."

"Jesus," Again, her words drive me wild and I want to fuck her more than good. I want to fuck her incredibly. I want to make her see stars when she comes.

I pant as I focus on my goal of fucking my queen into insanity. I feel her body tense as her sex tightens around me. She's so close, but she's getting louder. I pound into her sending her quivering over the edge, muffling her screams of ecstasy with a hand over her mouth as her throbbing, clenching pussy, rips the orgasm from me. I bury my face in her neck as I come hard inside her.

She rocks her hips against mine as I slowly pump my seed completely into her now gently pulsing sex. My hand slips from her mouth as I brace myself on the marble counter. We kiss sensually as we both try to steady our breathing.

I reluctantly slide out of her, causing her to whimper in disappointment.

"I don't want to stop," she says with a pout.

"Neither do I, love. But I promise, tonight, I'll fuck you till you can't take anymore." I cheekily wag my eyebrows at her as I grin, but I mean it. I want to have her in every way imaginable.

One thing is certain, I feel much more relaxed. I help lower Mercy off the counter. Her legs tremble for a moment as she regains her strength.

"I'm so glad it's you here with me for all this." She smiles up at me.

"Why's that, love?"

"Oh, Aiden, you know why. Can you imagine Alex dealing with all this stress nearly as calmly? Henry would have gone raving mad at the paps if he saw how they made Gwen and Tristan cry. Baby, you keep me sane in our insane little world." She kisses me once more.

I've always been the grown-up out of the three of us men. It isn't that I don't get sodded off or stressed, I'm just better than Alex and Henry at controlling my emotions. Mercy will always come to me first if something is bothering her or if she has news she feels may not be received well. It secretly makes me feel special she comes and talks to me first.

We clean up and go back to unpacking. I help Mercy in her room. We're like two stupid teenagers, exchanging flirty glances, pausing to make-out. The buzzer rings, it's the pizza delivery. Mercy runs to let them up.

"The pizza is here!" I yell down the hall.

The delivery guy nearly drops the pizzas when Mercy opens the door. "Aiden, can you sign the receipt while I take the pizzas to the table?"

I walk over to the door and watch the delivery boy drool as Mercy walks away. I sign the receipt, contemplating if his staring at my wife's ass is enough of a tip. I leave him a generous tip, all I need are the tabloids accusing me of being a lousy tipper.

We all sit at the table and enjoy a late lunch.

"We should be done unpacking by tonight," Joyce says.

"Yes, that means we should be able to have fun tomorrow," I reply.

"What do you three want to do tomorrow?" Mercy asks the children.

"Can we go to Central Park?" Liam excitedly asks.

"What do you say, Gwen? Does Central Park sound fun?" I wink at her.

"Yes! How about you T?" Gwen playfully pokes Tristan in the side.

Tristan just looks at Gwen and smiles. He's much too busy enjoying his pizza. We decide we'll do all the touristy things in the next two weeks before Mercy has to start work. She'll be helping choreograph dance numbers with another choreographer in two weeks. We'll be left to our own devices until the children begin the new school year.

Everyone helps clear the table after lunch. I can't wait to finish with the task at hand. "Alright, everyone. Let's finish unpacking!"

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