Dream Life Of Jackie’s Clan

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This novel will be darker, rougher, and more hellish than the first one was. Welcome to the leaders of tomorrow of hell. Will Justin make it through hell between the three daughters of Lucifer’s and his bitch, Julie? Besides Jackie and Jennifer, who is the third daughter of hell? Is it Jenna or someone no one sees coming? Who is the second mate that Jennifer and Jackie have in mind for their empire of hell beside Justin? Will the second mate come from the human race? Will the werewolf clan live through this new improved clan of hell or will the wolf clan become more powerful? There will be twists and turns on the way to hell on earth. Here is the only warning you will get before entering the gates of Hell. There will be cussing, sexual abuse including forcibly, this is an adult fictional book.

Erotica / Fantasy
Chris W
Age Rating:

Thanksgiving Special Teaser

Jackie was just finishing preparing the gorgeous turkey when she felt someone kissing her neck as a female voice said, “What a beautiful dinner you have made for us, my sexy wife.”

“God, Jennifer. I thought you were still with Justin, your husband, my lovely wife.”

“I got bored playing with his damn ass and put him in the pit with our hounds, my gorgeous wife.”

Turning around as she said, “Holy shit, Jennifer. You know that I have not feed those hounds in weeks, my slutty lover.”

Jennifer heard growling coming from behind her as she saw Jackie grinning at her.

Feeling breathing on the back of her neck as she heard, “Gorgeous, slut. You must remain in your human form. I know the limit you can handle, slut. You belong to my most dangerous hounds that I own, gorgeous bitch. Any last words, slave?”

Breathing heavily with her heart racing as she said, “Beautiful Mistress, please do not stop your hellish hounds. Devana will be inactive but awake so I will not die from my wounds, gorgeous Goddess.”

Jackie petted Jennifer as she said, “I will be back around eight in the morning on Thanksgiving Day, so enjoy yourself, my gorgeous beasts.”

Jennifer swallowed as she heard Jackie speaking to the hellish hounds as she thought, ‘Christ, I got to last for five days alone with those gorgeous but dangerous wolves of my lover.’

Jennifer’s face hit the marble floor hard as she got mounted by the wolf behind her as nine other wolves slowly came out of the shadows.

Jennifer looked up as Gabriel, the most deadly wolf started to slowly walk toward her as she heard, “Beautiful meal, get ready to meet your maker.”

“Master Gabriel, please allow this condemn bitch to see your gorgeous human form.”

“Beautiful bitch, I may morph into my human form when you are between life and death.”

Devana mind-linked to Gabriel which she knew that Jennifer could not hear anything that the wolves were thinking.

‘Father God, should I obey Jackie and heal my host or allow her to reach the area between life and death?’

‘Devana, my gorgeous bitch. Stay linked to me so I can monitor your host’s health. When I see her reaching critical status, I will break the link with you, my beautiful bitch. At that moment you can start healing her. My soldiers and I will continue to attack your gorgeous host. After the mind-link is broken with you, it will be at your discretion if we continue the attack or not, my pet.’

Jennifer felt Gabriel’s sharp teeth piercing her right breast as she arched backwards. Another wolf stuck his teeth into slave Jennifer’s left breasts as a massive wolf mounted her. Feeling the massive wolf’s breathe against her neck as he pounded away at her cunt. Moaning as she saw another wolf coming toward her as she stay arched.

As this wolf approach her, she was him morphing into a gorgeous human. Jennifer open her mouth to accept the massive shaft of this human when she felt him lifting her head up.

Next, he locked lips with her before saying, “Gorgeous slut, I will feed you in a second but first I want you to see the three most powerful wolves in the world.”

Moaning and groaning as she said, “Master, may I know your name?”

“Slave, my name is Master Vance. I am Gabriel’s brother. God, bitch, you should be scare of us, slut. Do you not know who we are, bitch?”

“I not scare of dying by the hands of the Death Squad which is Jackie’s private soldiers and her enforcers, Master Vance. Please choke me, Master Vanc…”

Feeling the massive shaft entering her dirty mouth as Vance started to choke her with his bare hands.
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