Fighting For Sin (Book 3)

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We would've been fine once I graduated, but then I went to college. That's when the fire nation attacked, in the form of life. I crept down the stairs slowly, was this a good idea? Was I ready to confront him after everything that has happened? He watched me walk out the door. "Blaire, I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you." "But you did." I sniffed, this wasn't a good idea. I can't take looking at the sadness in his face. Why do I feel guilty for being upset about something he did? He didn't deserve my forgiveness.

Erotica / Romance
Queen Vega
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Chapter 1

I smiled, feeling the round piece of metal in my pocket underneath my gown. My eyes shifted to Sin's, to find him already watching me. He was sitting up front with the rest of the teachers. He smiled at me, giving me a thumbs up. One more hour and we'll be free to have an open relationship, no more hiding.

A couple seats in front of me I spotted Maya fiddling with her tassel. It accidentally hit the guy next to her in the face, making me laugh.

“Ok, let’s get to the part you’ve all been waiting for! Let’s welcome our 2019 graduates!” Everyone clapped and cheered. “Please stand graduates as we start the ceremony.” We all stood, turning to face the end of the aisle. After weeks of practicing this we knew exactly how the ceremony was to play out.

The first students in the first line started going up one by one as they called the names. I was in the last row of course, since my last name was Winter.

“Claire Agro,” I cheered as she walked across the stage, grabbing her diploma. She did a courtesy for the crowd, before walking off.

The next couple of names were students I didn’t care for. My eyes went to Sin’s again when Maya’s name came up. He stood cheering and whooping, much like a big brother should but not a teacher, I chuckled. I stood up clapping. “THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND!” I screamed out, one of the main things they told us not to do during practice. The principal shot me a venomous look. I pretended to zip my lips shut.

By the time my name came up I was just ready to leave. I walked onto the stage holding my head high. Looking out at the crowd I felt a sudden wave of sadness hit me. My mom should be here, she always talked about what she’d do when I walked across the stage. “I’m going to be the loudest parent there, they’ll have to escort me out.” She’d say.

I wiped my cheek as a lone tear escaped. “Ms. Winter?” The principal was holding my diploma out. I smiled at her, walking over to take it. Instead of going back to my seat I decided to just leave. There was no reason for me to sit through the rest of the names.

I pushed open the double doors to the gym, tears falling freely now. I stopped in a corner falling to my knees. I missed my mom so much. She should be here right now, cheering me on from the stands. But she’s not, and she never will be again. I cried for all the lost birthdays she’d miss, and my wedding.

I felt familiar arms wrap around me, pulling me into a hard chest. “Shh, it’s OK.” I turned around burying my face in his chest. He shouldn’t be out here holding me, but I needed him right now and he knew it.

“I’m sorry.” I sobbed.

“Sorry for what?” He stroked his fingers through my hair.

“For not being strong.” My fingers gripped his suit jacket. I was most likely ruining it with my make up.

“You don’t ever have to apologize for that Blaire, you lost someone dear to you. You have a right to not be strong.”

I heard a door open nearby. “Oh my gosh Blaire!” Feminine arms wrapped around me from the side.

I looked over my shoulder to see Maya. I sniffed, “You’re missing your graduation.” I didn’t want her to ditch the ceremony because of me, it’s bad enough Sin did.

She rolled her eyes waving her diploma in my face. “I got what I came for.” I gave a weak laugh. She wrapped her arms around me pulling me out of Sin’s hold, much to his displeasure. “My best friend is more important anyways.”

“I’m going to go back and get our stuff.” Sin announced standing up.

I pulled my face from Maya’s shoulder. “Aren’t they going to be mad if you leave?”

“Do I care? My girl needs me right now, I’ll be back.”

“He’s so pussy whipped.” Maya laughed.

I slapped her shoulder. “No he is not.” I giggled.

“Oh he definitely is. You know he ran off the stage after you? Hopefully people will think he was just being a good teacher trying to consult a student.” I bit my lip. He risked exposing us to check on me? Put his career on the line?

“Caring doesn’t mean you’re pussy whipped, or that means Chad is too.” I smirked.

She scoffed. “He better me, I don’t just open my legs for anyone.”

“Too much information.” Sin commented coming back. He held his hand out for me to take. “Let’s get you home.”


I sighed happily leaning back against Sin’s chest, biting into my grilled cheese sandwich. “Thanks for the sandwich.”

His hand rubbed my stomach. “I feel like I spoil you sometimes.” He whispered in my ear.

I tilted my head back grinning at him. “Not at all.”

Suddenly he got a crease between his forehead. “If I put a baby in you would that make you change your mind about living on campus?”

I groaned, not this conversation again. “I’m not going to do a full year Sin.” We came to an agreement that I would only stay on campus half the semester. Though after my breakdown today I don’t think leaving Sin was a good idea. “What if I can’t do it?”

“Do what love?” He flipped through the Channels on TV, most likely looking for a crime show since they were his favorites.

“What if the night terrors come back?” Ever since the day my mother died I would wake up screaming, calling out her name. It happened for several weeks and usually when Sin wasn’t laying next to me. No one knew about them but him, they stopped a month ago and I was nervous moving out would bring them back.

“Then just call me and I’ll come squeeze in that twin sized bed with you.” He laughed, I pinched his thigh. “I’m kidding love, I’m sure you’ll be fine. And if not you have the key to my apartment. You can always come home.”

“I love you, you know that?”

“Who else are you going to love?” Sometimes he was just too cocky.

“I have lots of options.” I finished off the rest of my sandwich. Man I’d kill for another one.

He raised an eyebrow. “Oh really? Were them high school boys hitting on you behind my back?”

“Or where they hitting me from the back?” He flicked my forehead, making me grin.

“Sometimes you talk too damn reckless.”

I rotated myself until I was straddling him. Leaning forward, I brought my mouth a breath away from his. “There’s only one way to shut me up.”

His eyes lowered, bringing his hand up to cup the back of my neck. “And what’s that?”

I licked my lips, my tongue sliding across his bottom one. “Another grilled cheese sandwich.” I grinned.

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