Absolutely Bad (Forbidden Chapters)

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This is the erotic part of Absolutely Bad. You can get on the smut chapters in this book! The Chapter are full chapters so you don't have to read the chapter in the book where there is no smut. You can come to this book and read the whole chapter here before heading back to the book.

Erotica / Romance
Grace Write
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Chapter 7

Clear View University

Nikolai walks down the hall and saw the girls looking at him. They smirk or wink while wearing the flashiest clothes. All of them wishing to either sleep with him again or do it for the first time. What could he say?

Nikolai is super popular and has a sex-drive that even Zohan would be jealous of. With all of that, Nikolai was the best looking guy in this school and that’s saying a lot since they live in Hillford.

Nikolai saw a girl standing by her locker holding 2 books in her hand. She looks up and blushes when she sees him smirk at her. Nikolai looked her up and down and rate her about an 8 out of 10.

She wore light blue skinny jeans that define her hot tight ass and sits snug around her legs. She has a tight but not the 2 sizes too small tight shirt on that shows of her flat stomach and large breasts.

Nikolai walks up to her causing her to stumble. She looked surprised that he was walking to her. Nikolai stopped walking when she was a breath away from him and he could see her cheeks turning rosy.

Nikolai placed his right hand on her hip and squeeze a bit. He leaned in and whispered into her ear. “You, Me and the Janitors closet?” She sucks in a breath while breathing heavily. She moaned as Nikolai sucked her earlobe into his mouth and nibbled on it.

She nodded and he bit her neck where it connected with her shoulder. Nikolai stood up straight and she opened her locker and placed her books back in.

He took her hand and they walked in the direction of the janitor’s closet. The hall erupts in wolf whistles. Nikolai smirked and the girl next to him blushed once again.

They walked into the dark room and Nikolai closed the door. He heard the click indicating that the door is locked. Nikolai flips the switch and light streamed into the small room.

The girl looked up and blushed as he pulled her closer and tight against him. Leaning down Nikolai kissed her softly on the lips. He nibbled on her bottom lip and sucked the lip in. Her moan made him smirk and he slips his tongue into her mouth when she opened it for him.

Nikolai brought his hands up to her breast and took them into his hands. She moaned again and he felt his jeans tight against his manhood.

Nikolai’s hand glides down and he pushes his hands into her shirt and continued kissing her. His thumb traced the top of her jeans and she shuddered against him.

Deciding Nikolai had enough of innocent play he pulled her shirt over her head and unclipped her bra. Her breast hung heavy in need. His jeans feeling suddenly very uncomfortable.

Nikolai starts kissing her neck up to her jaw while he was unzipping her jeans. She broke the kiss and tossed his shirt over his head and unzipped his jeans with heavy deep breaths.

Nikolai had to say he liked that her innocent look was gone and in its place was a lustful sex deprived girl whose world he was about to rock into oblivion. He pulled her jeans down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Now she was only dressed in shire white lace panties.

Nikolai pulled them down to just above her knees knowing that she won’t be able to open her legs all the way which would make her hole tighter than it is which meant more pleasure for the both of them.

Nikolai pushed her against the wall and entered a finger into her already dripping wet cunt. She moaned in delight and he smirked again. He pumped into her and entered a second then the third finger. He felt her clench against them and Nikolai knew it was time.

He pulled his fingers out and stood up. She was looking beyond sexy with her deep breaths and half closed eyes.

Nikolai quickly pulled out a condom in the back of his jeans and pulled his jeans and boxers down. Nikolai slowly rolled the condom on as she stared at his twitching cock. He groans when she wrapped her small hands around it and brought it closer to her opening.

She moved the top of his cock over her wet slit teasing both herself and him. Nikolai finally had enough of the teasing and he took her arms and wrapped them around his neck.

She stared up with lustful dark green eyes. Nikolai slowly pushed in the head of his cock and with it pushed 4 inches in before pulling out so only his cock head was in.

Letting an animal like growl out he plunged into her. She was naturally tight and with the panties holding her legs together it was almost impossible to penetrate her completely.

Nikolai thrust a few times slowly to make sure to stretch her before letting the beast in him free. He trusted in deeply and they both sucked in a breath. “Yes, Yes, Yes oh god.” She moaned as Nikolai felt her pussy walls clench against him almost making him come.

Her mouth opened as she tried to moan but nothing comes out and she was silent. She clenched tight against his cock and Nikolai groaned. ‘Hold it in’ he reminded himself. With every thrust, her breast would hop causing Nikolai to stare at them.

Her nipples pebbled as he stared at them. Resitting the urge to slow down so he could pull them into his mouth. Nikolai rather ran his hand down her tensed stomach and just put a bit of pressure on her Libya. Finally, a scream tore from her voice and she comes.

Her pussy walls clenched unimaginably tight around his pulsing cock and Nikolai pumped once, twice and one final time before he found his release in the condom.

They both stood still or more like leaned against the wall to catch their breath. She winched when Nikolai pulled out. She was about to pull her pants up when he bent down and licked her clit. She gripped his hair as Nikolai cleaned her.

When she was all cleaned up Nikolai pulled her panties up and stood up. They both got dressed and said nothing to each other. Just before he walks she spoke.

“That was amazing... I know you don’t do the same girl twice but let me give you my number and maybe you could make an exception.” Nikolai hesitated because he never gave up his number to a girl he fucked and when she saw his hesitation she said: “I don’t want a relationship just sex, and I won’t be needy or clingy or anything.” That what every girl said, he thought to himself.

Against his conscience, he nodded and handed her his phone. A minute later she gave his phone back and saw that her number saved under ‘Call me anytime.’

Nikolai walked out of the Janitors closet, just like every other morning. This was his normal routine. Get to school, smirk at a girl, tell her to meet him in the Janitors Closet and then have his morning quickie.

Sometimes it got boring but then there be a girl that literally rocks his world and he’d be all good about it again.

On his walk to the homeroom class, Nikolai catches up with Gabe, one of his friends from first grade. They’ve known each other since back in the day when they were both still crawling in diapers and drooling everywhere but they only became friends in that year.

Their parents were close but their fathers were the main reason that Nikolai and Gabe became friends. The boys had a lot in common.

Gabe and Nikolai were both the firstborn sons, one day to take over the family businesses. They liked being players, not believing in love, they played football together and partied better together.

All these things were the main reason their parents pushed them to become friends. They made a great pair of friends.

Nikolai’s group of friend’s existed out of 10 guys including him. Gabe is the only one that has been with Nikolai since the beginning, and the rest of the guys came along to the senior year in High School.

Eadric and Fabio are the group twins they became a part of the group in 4th grade. Hade transferred from Pennsylvania in 5th grade and they adopted him into their group as soon as he knocks out a kid for teasing a girl.

Jack came along in 6th grade and soon his cousin, Ian followed in 8th grade, they are the jokers, always playing out pranks on everybody. In their sophomore year, Kade came along after his father and Nikolai’s father became business partners.

Nikolai and Kade didn’t really like each other but soon they found out they had more in common than they both thought.

It was at one of Kade’s parties that the group met Lance, Kade’s neighbor. He was cool and just had a calm vibe around him and soon he became one of them in junior year.

Last but not least Malik entered. He was the principal’s son of St Michael’s High in George who decided to come and live with his mother. He was the last addition to the group and joined in the senior year.

Since then they all had been friends and other then Fabio they all went to the same University after High School and it’s been 3 years since then. They are all now in their final year of University.

Gabe and Nikolai walked down the hall to their separate homerooms that were right next to each other when Gabe commented, “Hey man, I heard there is a new chic in our school and she is in your homeroom.” A new girl Nikolai thought to himself.

Clear View University hardly got new pupils this time around the year. But this girl was the 3rd person to transfer to the school in the last 2 months.

Although Nikolai wasn’t complaining; this would give him a new challenge. Not that it would be a hard one. Nikolai thought to himself about how no girl could resist him.

“Really?” Nikolai asked and Gabe smirked while nodded “Yes heard she is badass and super rich. She wears just black but as in Bad Girl black and drove in with a black Hurácan Spyder Lamborghini.”

That car is expensive; even though Nikolai’s family is REALLY rich, like rolling in money rich, his parents would never buy him a car like that.

Nikolai’s parents are humble people; all about giving away more to the less fortunate. They also taught him that he would have to work for something he wanted. They won’t just give him what his heart desires most.

Nikolai’s parents told him that there was no way that he would be living off of the money they made and become lazy, so Nikolai would have to find a job, or three to drive something like that.

He still drove his black with white stripes Challenger that his dad and he built up together when Nikolai was in his last year of high school.

Luckily, not like most rich families, the Moretti family were close. They did things together and money wasn’t everything in their lives. But Nikolai still had an ego above most even though his parents taught him to be down to earth.

Nikolai smirked thinking this was going to be easy. He after all really needed something or more like someone new. Things around here were getting boring and he was a natural born player.

Everybody probably already knew that Nikolai call dibs first and this girl won’t even be here a week before he got into her pants.

It has always been like that. Nikolai has even taken the most innocent and reserved nerd’s virginity and she lasted 6 months. It was a dare from some douche-bag that thought Nikolai would never be able to get her in bed, just because he couldn’t.

It didn’t take long before they were dating and then shortly after 6 months he took her virginity and broke up with her. She moved halfway across the world after that. Of course, Nikolai felt a little bit guilty but he would never tell anybody that.

Gabe and Nikolai parted ways after arriving at their homeroom doors and decided that they would make a bet about how long she will last at Lunch. Nikolai was already 10 minutes late and he really wanted to make an entrance if it was true that the new girl was in his class.

Taking a deep breath, Nikolai walks into his Home Room class, smirking and winking at some of the girls while also trying to spot the new girl. “Ah Mr. Moretti, I see you’re late, again please sit down.” An annoyed female teacher’s voice reached his ears.

Nikolai smirked at the teacher before walking to the first open chair which just happened to be right next to one of Ava’s friends, Sally DeLorre. She almost fainted but quickly recovered and hopped onto his lap almost instantly.

Sally was just one of those girls that didn’t give a shit-face what anybody thought of her. She came from a rich family with so many connections nobody did anything about her. Nikolai grabbed her by the hips and started kissing her.

Did he forget to mention that Sally also happens to be the only friend Ava has that does not exist out of plastic and even then she was crazy hot in a size-zero miniskirt? She also wasn’t that bad of a kisser if he thought about it.

“Mr. Moretti, how many times do I have to tell you... no PDA in my classroom.” the teacher said and Nikolai just smirked down at Sally and replied without looking at up at the teacher “Sorry Ms. Ritcher,”

Yes, Nikolai knew the teacher’s name but only because she was the most laid back teacher this school has ever had. He pushed Sally off of his lap and glanced around the room until his eyes met a girl that he has never seen before. Nikolai just knew she was the new girl.

Gabe was right, she is smoking’ hot. The girl had this look to her that just screamed untouchable. Nikolai really can’t wait to charm his way into her pants. He started wondering how she was in bed. With a body like that, he can tell you she won’t be a log in bed.

Just by trailing his eyes down her body he knew she would probably be one of the best he’s ever had. He can even foresee how his back would be burning from the marks her nails would leave.

Nikolai could see she wasn’t like most girls. She was nowhere near a reserved nerd; she was nothing like Ava even though she wore makeup and had fancy nails. Something about her just screamed differently.

She raised an eyebrow at him, challenging Nikolai indirectly with her eyes. He smirked and winked one of his eyes at her. It was Nikolai’s signature move that girls could never resist.

He knew her legs were probably quivering. Nikolai waited for the blush and the look away when she did something he never thought he’d see a girl do. She rolled her eyes at him before looking away.

Nikolai was beyond confused and he had this weird feeling inside of him. She didn’t fall for it, which meant she was probably playing hard to get. That was the only explanation for her reaction.

The bell for the first period rang and Nikolai waited back. He wanted to talk to the new girl, maybe flirt a little bit and kiss up to her. Nikolai casually stood to the side waiting for her to walk by.

She started talking to some other girl and there was a slight tight-lipped smile on her face. The other girl took the paper that was in the new girl’s hand, which Nikolai believed was her schedule.

Nikolai walked silently closer, trying to eavesdrop without them noticing. The new girl stood silently and the other girl was scanning the schedule in her hand.

Soon Nikolai heard the other girl say, “Cool we have everything together except I have History and you have Sports. Let’s go, Mr. Newton is young and cool but stern about tardiness.”

The girls both walked out of the class not giving Nikolai a second glance or time to talk to the girl. He sighed, a little bit irritated. Nikolai thought of how she did not fall for his trick.

Something that also irritated him was that he didn’t have Chemistry right now meaning Nikolai didn’t have the next class with her.

He didn’t know which classes he could have with her. The school was after all big and with a lot of senior Uni teachers and a lot of different classes. Nikolai will just have to find a way to find out what one of the girl’s schedule looks like.

Nikolai walked to his English class down the hall not far from his homeroom. In English, Rachel sat next to Nikolai. She was the other one-third of Ava’s group.

The three of them together were like a supermodel convention. They all looked so good but sadly they were also hell on earth if someone got on their bad side.

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