Just Another Wolf Story

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Rejected twice. Mated to a man with little to no expression. She finds herself in a situation that she has been wanting all along. *****WARNING SEXUAL CONTAINS******

Erotica / Fantasy
Shanti Aventurin
4.9 20 reviews
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Hi guys, thanks for giving my book a read.

Just Another Wolf Story (JAWS). This is my first time, ever, writing a book of this genre. Reason for my small inspiration of this is because I came to see how popular this genre is.

So, what better way to grab the attention of readers than to write a book on the genre they love so much. You’re weird, I’m weird, why the heck not.

When you read my book you will see that it does not have the same concept as other werewolf stories. I just kind of threw some stuff together and went with the flow.

Also the locations, you shouldn’t really focus on it too hard. The storyline I do hope is clear and stuff and uhm, yeah. It’s going to be a short story, I have to warn you. It will have some very sexual, crazy parts. Please if the book is too much for you to read, do not report, just delete it.

But you can read the short version of the chapter of it on Wattpad, under this username shantiaventurin

In short, this book is sexual, disrespectful and on another level of OMG that just happened. Uhm.. I think that’s about it. If anything I’ll always leave a comment at the end of the chapter.

So, yeah. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Remember check out my book De Luca, here on Inkitt and on Wattpad. Happy Reading My Wonderful Weirdo’s and Non-Weirdo’s. We are all weird in our on way. Thank You!!

xoxo 😏😘😝

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