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JAWS Part 9

Owen POV

Xavier, my brother, and Alpha of Forest Green Pack, just sent me a text message telling me to call him. I completed a few complaints and transfer before I got lost into talking to my brother. In truth, he is my half brother. Let’s just say that my father was and still is a freak and he impregnated four women.

I called him, and he answered after the second time of me trying to reach him. “You asked me to call and then you don’t answer,” I told him, sitting back in my chair.

“Yeah, yeah. I was busy smacking the shit of our brother for the hundredth time this week. Dad call he wants us to come up tomorrow, we will have to leave today to get there by tomorrow.” I remember dad mentioning wanting to see Christain’s mate, but I will be busy with the members of Red River pack.

“I do remember dad saying that, but you know I have a meeting with Red River. Why are you smacking little Chris?”

“No problem. Yeah well because Chris rejected his first mate. Oh, and thank you for not coming to your little brother ceremony.” I want to laugh, but it comes out weird, so I grunt in response.

“It's not like I didn’t tell you that I was not coming. It's Chris. Why would he lie about not finding his mate, is the girl he mated with a trustworthy girl.”

“You think he cares about that; the girl is like build a bear. He left smoking hot, all-natural beauty to go for an under-the-knife girl” I huffed in response.

“I’m questioning if he is our blood,” I tell him, as soon as I see Christain I am smacking him myself.

“You had to see her with your own eyes. Trust me, Owen, she would be the type that we tag team,” he tells me.

“Why did he even rejected her? And that does not sound like a bad idea.” I told him.

“So Christian claims that she didn’t look like that the night they meet. I think he’s lying.” I called our younger brother, a jackass. Xavier and I continued catching up, and I informed him about me being the new alpha for Vancouver Pack. The old alpha and his pack are under investigation, they dip their paws in human trafficking and selling their pack members. They also raped many women and children in the pack. Disgusting.

A knock came on my door, and I pause my conversation with Xav to let Ted and Henry in. Right behind them are their mates, standing in matching pink lingerie. I told Xavier I would talk to him later. A few seconds later came Valerie.

Valerie was my mate, and she rejected me for my disability, to go and mate with another man. The joke is that the guy found his mate and dropped her like she was nothing. I still feel a few sparks here and there, but my wolf does not want her as a mate anymore, so he blocked the connection. For us, she's just a decent fuck. Valerie is trying hard to get me to claim her, but I feel nothing for her.

Valerie is wearing a fishnet bodysuit, easy access. While the girls -Veronique and Angel- look more appealing to the eyes. I need to find another she-wolf to entertain my sexual needs; I quit bored with Valerie.

My attention is no longer on Valerie but the girls. I joined Ted and Henry on the couch, as we watch the girls put on a show for us. Angel and Veronique are into it, while Valerie looks weird in the mix of them. After a while, Valerie gives up trying to look sexy and comes to me.

She pulls out my dick, stroking it and I glimpse between her, Angel and Veronique. Angel laid Veronique down, running her hands slowly between the valley of her breast to her pussy. She rubs her clit as she continues to kiss Nica (=Veronique).

Nica and Angel are soaked and looking delicious. I forgot that Valerie was sucking me off, her head game is passable. So, I stopped her, putting on a condom and driving myself into her pussy. I set my attention back on the girl, thanking Ted, for giving me a view of his mate pussy, taking his dick. Nica is a creamer and Goddess does she know how to ride, her moans sound very sexy, and I block out everything of Valerie, looking at Nica and Angel.

I am about to come, I know for a fact that Valerie came, her claws dug into my shoulders. I pick her up, putting her in the doggy style and pounding hard into her wet pussy, as I exploded into her.

I stand there catching my breath, pulling the condom off and disposing of it in my office bathroom. I am sweaty and in need of a great fuck. Valerie is...good.

The girls are gone, and it’s the guys and myself. I told them that my brothers were coming and reminded them of the Red River pack members are coming to discuss the signing over piece of their property.

“I think the person that is going to do most of the negotiation is their Delta, Delta Scarlett Henry. She wants to talk about the price of the property. Besides that, I think we are good to go and my sister Beatrix will be ready to take over here in Greek.” I told them. With that, we went off about our business.

I went to my room, taking a shower and throwing on my sweatpants. Someone knocked on my door, and I went to open it. Angel and Veronique greeted me. I opened the door wider and let them in and closed it when they were inside.

Angel was the first to kiss me, then I moved to Veronique, slapping both of their asses at the same time. They both led me to my bed, pushing me onto it. Nica pulled my dick out, and I sucked in a breath when her lips connected to my dick. Angel, stripped, climbing over my face and I licked her sweet pussy, her juices running on my face.

I slapped her ass, taking her off and they switched. I groaned, when Angel grabs on my balls, tugging them while she sucked me. I put Nica on my face, eating her out and fingering her. Her moans got louder, nails pressing into my chest.

Nica sat up from my face, reaching for a condom on my nightstand. She opened it, slipping it on. I watched, hands behind my head, they kissed, and Angel sat on me. Nica rubbed her clit as she rides me.

Nica came and kissed me, and I sat up. Angel's legs wrapped around me, I place on the bed. Setting both her and Nica on their knees. I stuck two fingers in Angel, and my dick in Nica, pumping in and out of her.

Moans, grunts, skin slapping, ruffling of the sheets as we changed positions, and curses filled my room.

"Fuck, I'm coming," Angel screamed out, riding out her orgasm. I lay down, as Nica climbed on top of me, I brought her down, leaning on the side a bit. I rested my feet on the bed and pound into her, gripping her waist to stay in place.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck. AH!" She screamed out, she leaned off quick, rubbing her clit and squirting. I brought her down rough, pounding into her, bringing about my own release.

I pulled out, standing up, their both on their knees waiting for me to explode. They joined their faces together, and I exploded all over their faces, some getting into their hair.

We are breathing heavy, I laid down, and they joined me. We caught our breath and went another round, taking a bath after that.

My bedroom burst open, and the girl was still asleep on my bed as my mother’s sister, my aunt, barge into my room, ignoring the two mated women in my bed.

“Get up and find your cousin!” Seriously woman.

I know it's been a while and stuff. If you read my book De Luca then you already know my rant. But Imma repeat it anyways.

HATE being an adult, adulting sucks. And these kids over here wanting to be grown while I want to be them. Is like adulthood sees you want to have some 'me time' and then be like bitch fuck you. Get up and work your ass off. Sigh!
Anyways enough of that. Hope you guys like this chapter, comment, vote and let me know what you think. Muah, Muah love you my beautiful, handsome readers.
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