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JAWS Part 10

Quick Recap: Jeffrey father is currently alpha for the time being. Alpha Jeffrey and his beta, gamma and delta are off to meet Alpha Owen of Greeks Moon Pack in Holland. Alley - Jeffrey's mate- invite herself and her friend, plus a cat which Scarlett is allergic.


I hate cats. My level of hatred towards cats is on a whole another level. I am allergic to cats. They have me sneezing for days, depending on how long I have been around them. My sister had two of the hairballs devils.

I fucking kill the bastards, sending them to the gates of hell that which it came. I’m lying; we gave them away to a 5-year-old human girl. But it’s the same thing; little children always neglect their pets, their bond to die any day now.

Luckily for me, the pilot was also allergic to cats. So Alley's little soul sucker had to be put in storage along with our bags. He announced our descend to Schiphol Airport, and I quickly chained into my work clothes; white dress shirt, beige skirt and my beige and gold heels.

We walked out into the arrival hall after getting our bags, and sadly, it meant that I was near hell’s pussy. As long as I kept my distance from it, I would be good. I walked ahead with Jeffrey and Alex, as the others followed us. Outside wasn’t cold, then I remembered its summertime here in Holland; longer days, shorter nights.

The weather is perfect for us who are not cold-blooded. We saw two muscular men standing next to each other. The taller one on the left, light skin, brown hair was holding up a sign saying ‘Jeffrey Tucus.’ The other one who was a little shorter than him, tan skin, black hair, stood in a ‘military guy’ stance. Hands behind his back, posture screamed, “I’ll hurt you if you mess around’. Jeffrey walked up to the man, letting off some of his alpha power and introduced us.

“I’m Alpha Jeffrey Tucus, this here is my Beta Alex Jinkins, my Delta Scarlett Henry, Gamma Gideon Dove, my mate Alley Elite-Tucus, her friend Misty and my warriors Heide, Levi, Kessler and Shawn

Alley came to stand next to Jeffrey but not before, letting her demon offspring touch me. My skin turned red, where it touched me, and I began sneezing.

“Welcome to Greeks Moon territory. I’m beta Henry Blades, and this is Gamma Ted Creak.” tall light skin, whose name is now Henry said.

“You good?” Alex asked me and shook my head.

“I need to find something to block my nose or something. Ugh, fucking cat, you know she did that on purpose,” I whispered the last part so only Alex could hear. He nodded his head in agreement.

Jeffrey called us over. He said that Misty, Alley, the warriors, and our bags would ride with Gamma Ted- while Gideon, Alex, him and myself would ride with Beta Henry. We got into the car, and I asked Henry if I could see their pack doctor, he said he already linked her, and she would be waiting for me outside the packhouse.

He saw my hand and how I was sneezing and messaged her at that moment. It was a long drive by my sneezing died down a bit. We finally made it to their pack territory, and the mansion is beautiful, forest trees surrounded it, and it held no secrets. The mansion was built out of the ceiling to floor glass windows. The pillars that held it together was painted white and a duff gray.

The doctor was indeed waiting for us when we got them. Everyone got out and Ted, escorted the others inside while Alex stayed with me, Henry and the doctor.

“Hi, I’m Ryan. Henry said you are allergic to cats.” I nodded. “How long have you been sneezing?”

“Not too long, it just starts when Luna Alley’s beast brushed up against me,”

“Okay, that's good. No bleeding from the nose, no headaches?” I shook my head saying no, rubbing my nose she took my hand from my nose, and I use my other hand, but she took that one as well.

“Just a rash I see and nasal irritation. Follow me. I will give you a prescription for the allergies. You can use them whenever but just two pills a day and you should be good for the rest of the day. Even if your around cats. I’ll make sure get in contact with your pack doctor and let them know..” I thanked her, and she helped me spray the medicine into my nose. And she gave me a cream for the rash on my hand. Once it started working and I could breath good again, I made sure thanked her with a big hug.

When I inhaled, their pack smelled so damn sweet. It smelled like pine, with a hint of citrus. Oh my, my pussy throb. Fuck me.

MATE! My wolf shouted, but then she coughed and tried walking it off in my head. Great just what I needed. We followed Henry to the back to the mansion, and I linked Alex telling him I smelt my mate.

“How are you feeling Scarlett?” Jeffrey asked as we walked into the living room where everyone was seated. I told him I’m good and that Doctor Ryan, gave me some medication, so I’ll be good for the rest of the day.

Henry then spoke up, “This is my mate Angel Lesser-Blades, Gamma Ted’s mate Veronique Black-Creaks, our former Alpha and Luna, Alpha Oliver and Luna Gwendolyn, Alpha Owen’s parents.” Alex and I bowed in respect to the former alpha and luna, and Luna Gwendolyn waved us off. Standing and hugging us.

When I turned to find a seat, I saw Alpha Xavier and Gamma Christian with his mate, Alley sitting next to them and Jeffrey on the other side of the room.

“Alpha Xavier, Gamma Christain I didn’t know you guys would be here,” I said taking a seat next to Alpha Xavier

“Well, my dad missed his favorite son so much, he called and demanded that we come up right away.”

“Oh please, you know Beatrix is his favorite.” He faked hurt, putting his hand to his chest.

“Dad tell Mama Gwen who your true favorite is,” Holy shit! Alpha Oliver is his father. Now I know where he gets his good looks from. Sue me but old dude, don’t look old at all.

“Beatrix” Alpha Oliver answered, his hand resting on his mate hip.

“How many children do you have Alpha Oliver?” He was going to answer, but Xavier beat him to it.

“Well! We each got a different mother, same dad. There’s me, firstborn, who stole all the looks. Then stone faces Owen, childish Christain and bratty Beatrix,” Alpha Xavier answered. After a good laugh and conversation, some of us went to rest up. Veronique, Angel and I were in the kitchen eating cherry cheesecake, straight from the pan. It had to share with everyone, but we got caught up in the moment. Plus it tasted so damn good.

We were talking about Alley, and they already disliked her. Then we moved on to Christain’s mate. I told them he was my ex-mate, and so was Jeffrey. I might be playing it cool, but my mate’s scent is currently trying to strangle me. I just want to wrap myself up in his scent, so addictive.

“Hey let me ask you guys a question, who all lives in this mansion?” I took another bite of the cheesecake living my lips.

“Henry, Ted, Beatrix, Owen’s parents, and Owen himself. But Beatrix isn’t here right now. She's on alpha training.” Angel answered, and I groaned.

“Why’d you asked?” Veronique asked, licking her palm from a cherry she saved from falling.

“Before I answer. No warriors or anyone else?” They both shook their head, looking at me intently. I groaned, laying my head on the counter. “Owen’s my mate,” I whispered, and it took em a while to understand what I just said. Then their eyes grew wide, lead by a gasp and then jumping with squeals. I shushed them, and they silently screamed.

I know, I know. Not so exciting, but they can't all be right. Stick around to see what happens next.

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P.S. I just wanna give a shout out to everyone for giving my book a try, yall brought tears to my eyes. Love you my beautiful and handsome readers. Stay eager, xoxo
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