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JAWS Part 11 No. 1

When they semi-calmed down, they ranted on about how they couldn’t wait for me to be their Luna and how we were going to have so much fun. It all sounds nice, but the truth of the matter it's up to Owen if he accepts me or not.

I've been rejected twice, once from his brother Christain, whose to say Owen isn't like him or worse. Everyone talks great about their alpha because its what we're supposed to do.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of a door opening. A woman around Angel’s height came into the kitchen - 5’6 - she is gorgeous.

“Hey, who’s this?” the woman asked, going to the fridge and taking out a water bottle.

Wow no greeting, just straight to integration. Rude.

“This is Delta Scarlett Henry from Red River Pack. Scarlett this is Valerie Adams, Owen’s ex-mate” Oh dear, I knew Veronique was a troublemaker from the moment I meet her. She didn’t have to say it the way she did. Valerie rolled her eyes.

“For now, but he will take me back,” Great an ex who didn’t build a bridge to get over it.

“How come he rejected you?” I ask, which I didn’t mean to ask, but it just came out. My mouth isn’t working with my brain right now.

“Oh, no, no. Owen didn’t reject her. Valerie rejected him to go for another male-wolf, but then the guy dropped her for his true mate.” Veronique is just a fire starter. I pulled in my lips to hold in my shock face, along with a laugh.

“Alright, anyway my wolf is shouting in my head, so I’m gonna go rest up. Can you guys show me to my room,” I said, getting up, but not before taking the last slice of cheesecake with me.

We are on the second floor, and his scent got stronger. It held me in a trance, and I mindlessly walked to his door.

“Hey, that’s Owen’s room,” I turned to them and then back to the door. My wolf was a goner. I need something of his so she could rest easy.

Steal something of his — like his underwear!

OH MY GOD! Can you not be such a creepy stalker. I am not stealing his underwear!

Fine, don’t steal it at least let me sniff it!

OH GOD! We need to have a serious conversation!

“Okay, so my wolf wants me to steal one of his underwear,” I told them and they tumble over laughing. It took them a moment to catch their breaths, their waves of laughter disappearing quickly.

“Clean or dirty?” Angel asked, causing them both to laugh again, I could feel my cheeks heating up, and I'm probably red like a damn tomato. Why did I say that this is so embarrassing!

“So not funny. I am not stealing his underwear!” I whisper shouted. “One of you just go in and take on of his pillows and maybe a shirt.”

“Nope,” they both said, and I facepalm myself.

“If I go in, he will smell me!”

“Either way he is going too, just lay there naked for him,” Veronique said, wiggling her eyebrows.

“You guys are no help, just keep watch while I steal from an alpha,” I said sarcastically. I opened his door, and by the moon goddess, his room is freaking gorgeous. Very spacious and beautiful. Ceiling to floor glass window, he even has a cliff view. His wall and floor designed in oak wood tiles, his king-size bed, decorated in gray bedding, neatly made up. His dresser matched his bed, not missing the white lace panty on his dresser. A - what looks like - 72 inch LED TV mounted on the wall. There was one door close to his bed. I guess that is his walk-in closet and another door to my right, would be his bathroom.

I wanted to explore more of his beautiful room, but one of the girls knocked on the door, and I quickly grab a pillow, forgetting the shirt and slide out of his room. But before we could even move from his room, Henry and Ted stood in front of us. Busted.

“What are you ladies doing? Is that Owen’s cheesecake?" Ted's eyes grew wide, and then a devil of a smile grew on his face. The girls try defending themselves.

“Technically I didn't know it was his soooo,” I trailed off holding Owen’s pillow under my arm and taking a bit of the cheesecake. I saw that Angel and Veronique's mouths were open, I shrugged my shoulders. They tried throwing the blame on me, but their mates weren’t haven’t it. Henry and Ted carried their mates to a room, while I stood there waiting for someone to return to show me to my room.

I then saw Xavier. I smiled at him, saluting him with the cheesecake. “Is that Owen’s cheesecake?” he asked, looking me over. Geez, why is every so worked up about a cheesecake

“Apparently, but I didn’t know,” I told him. “ Would you happen to know where I’d be staying?” He nodded his head, his hand resting on my back guiding me to my room, that was at the end of the hall.

He opened the door letting me in first. The room was spacious; it held a queen size bed, ceiling to floor glass window, the forest trees cover that.

“You know, Owen really doesn’t like sharing his cheesecake, especially cherry topping.” I rested the now empty plate on the dresser, tossing his pillow on the bed.

“As I said, I didn’t know,” I turned and was surprised to find Alpha Xavier so close to me. “Alpha..” I couldn’t finish my sentence. I don’t know what to say. The lust in his eyes had me render speechless and in a trance.

“He wouldn’t care. He is going to have so much fun punishing you when he returns,” Alpha Xavier stepped forward, making me step backward, the back of my feet connected with the bed and I sat on it pushing myself back. He hoisted my skirt up, opening my legs, and he face perched between them. He pulled my panties to the side, he tongue darted out licking from my entrance to my clit, my breathing picked up, and I spread my legs wider for him.

His tongue twirled around my clit, sucking it, and my hands dipped into his hair. I felt his fingers slide inside me, and I moaned out, rotating my hips against his mouth and fingers. I cursed, begging for him to go faster. Instead, he pulled away. I whined, and he chuckled, wiping my juices off in the palm of his hands.

“That’s just the beginning sweetness,” He winked, turning around and leaving. Holy shit! Alpha Xavier's mate must be extremely happy. You would think my wolf would whine about having my 'mate' brother between my legs. But nothing.

I got up and went to my suitcase, that was already here before I got here. I took out my vibrator and dildo, finishing off what Alpha Xavier started. I took a shower, putting on an oversized t-shirt. Before I could get into bed, a knock came on my door. I couldn’t smell who it was; I guess they build their rooms like that.

I opened my door to see Jeffrey standing there. “Hey,” I greeted him.

“Alpha Owen is still out on his search party; hopefully tomorrow he is back. His beta is going to keep me updated,”

“Okay, did you want to talk about the price one more time?” He shook his head saying no. Alley’s voice called out for him and he said goodnight before leaving to go to her. I went to bed, snuggling with Owen’s pillow.

I woke the next morning feeling a bit restless. I blame Alpha Xavier. I freshened up, throwing on a high waist rip jeans, a nude crop top with a nude cardigan and nude ballerina’s. Before I left, I made sure took two pills for my allergies and my birth control pills.

I walked out of the room, looking at my phone, answering my family group chat. When I looked up, I saw that Valerie was coming out of Owen’s room, wearing a linen green flower pattern robe. She flips her loose blonde hair over her shoulders and walking downstairs.

I was expecting to feel hurt or my wolf getting angry about it, but nothing came.

There is a second part to this, which I'll drop the same time as this. Comment, vote, and let me know what you think. Stay humble my beautiful and handsome readers. xoxo
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