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JAWS Part 11 No. 2

Everyone was in the living room, sitting waiting for Luna Gwendolyn to finish making breakfast. She insisted on making it herself. Angel, Veronique, Henry, Ted myself and Alpha Xavier sat on the L-shaped couch; Alley, Jeffrey, Christain, Leslie -Christian’s mate - sat on a four-seater. Alex, Gideon, Misty, and Valerie sat opposite of us on another four-seater, and Alpha Oliver sat on a one-seater.

I was busy talking with Alex and Gideon. We decided that the warriors can go home since they’re not needed. The three of us are more than capable of protecting our Alpha.

Xavier, Christain, Henry, and Ted’s eyes glossed over, and they excused themselves and headed out the door.

We ate breakfast, then headed back to the living room. Angel invited me to come to her bedroom, and we watched some TV. Angel and Ted's bedroom is amazing. Their bedroom has a freaking pool right next to it! Open the sliding door, and you'll step down into the pool.

Whoever designed this house needs to come to my pack. I wonder how Veronique's room is. We got bored, so they took me to see the natural spring waterfall, the steam seeping up from it. To say that it was beautiful is underestimating its beauty. Now I'm hoping Owen accepts me this pack is like I won the jackpot.

Veronique went in in her birthday suit; Angel wore a highlight pink two-piece bikini; her bikini panty is a high waist while the top is a long sleeve with a zip in the front. I wore a Gray two-piece OMG thong bikini.

I hooked my phone up to Veronique JBL Bluetooth speaker. I’m surprised my playlist was playing so many good songs; currently Tank - Dirty is playing. Angel started squeezing Veronique’s breast, which Veronique did not protest. She leaned into Angelica touch. I watched them, sipping on my white wine out of a red cup. Yeah, we had drinks at this mini party.

I took another sip of my drink; I saw that both of them were making their way to me. Angel took my cup, and Veronique turned my head to face her and kiss me. Angel pressed herself up against me and started kissing my shoulder.

I turned kissing her, and I loosened her strings her perky breast sprung to life. I came on the side, cupping one of Angel’s breasts and taking it in my mouth as Veronique did the same. We came up at the same the three of us kissing each, our tongues twirling against each other.

“Let’s go back to the house, in your room Scarlett,” Angel said, we got out and sprinted back to the house laughing like idiots. We made it to my room, and resume where we left off. Angel laid on the bed, leaning against the headboard. I’m between her legs, pushing my ass up in the air a little, and Veronique is behind me.

I licked Angel’s pussy slow, tasting her, circling her bud with my tongue. I pause for a moment gasping as Veronique sticks her tongue in my ass while rubbing my clit. I sucked on Angel’s bud, one hand gripped her breast and I brought my other hand, using two fingers and pumping them into her.

Our moan is erotic; it turns you on even more. I stopped, so did Veronique. I kissed Veronique, pinching Angel’s nipple. Veronique brought Angel’s knees to her shoulders.

Both their pussies exposed to me. I eat Veronique while I pumped my fingers into Angel’s pussy. I lay flat, getting a better angle, I went up and down, licking both Angel and Veronique at the same time, sucking on one of them before going to the next.

“Ah, yes,” I pumped three fingers into Veronique's pussy, eating Angel's pussy.

“Omg,” I did the same to Angel, as I continued to pump my fingers into Veronique. We switch positions. I sat on Angel’s face, making out with Veronique.

“Shit!”I said Angel, sucked my bud, her tongue dipped into my entrance, and back again to suck on my clit. Veronique came up a bit more, and I bent down spitting on her pussy and rubbing her clit. Angel stuck a finger in my ass, my toes curled, she pumped into my ass and pussy, still sucking on my clit.

We changed position again, and Angel pushed my knees to my shoulders as she hovered over me. “Be right back!” Veronique shouted and Angel, and I laugh, making out, me sucking and nibbling on her nipple. My bedroom door open and closed again.

Veronique held a double-headed dildo. She sucked it and then stuck it in Angel, then into me. Angel started bouncing, the bought of us moaning. I grab her breast as she continued to move. We both gasp and cursed, Veronique stuck a butt plug into the both of us. Angel prompt herself up, and I was able to see that Veronique pulled the dildo head out of Angel and sucking it.

She deep throat it, spitting over it and then sticking it back into Angel. She pulled it out and gave it to us, and we sucked it off. We laid Veronique down, Angel sucked her, while I fingered her.

Veronique brought a lot of toys for us to play with; this is going to be fun. I took the vibrate and rested it against her pussy as Angel pump the dildo in her, her body jerked, and her moans got louder. As she came, her cream shot out. We help each other to reach our climax.

Angel and I, fucked each other with the double-headed dildo, as Veronique shared the vibrator between the bought of us. The both of us cursed, moaning loudly, letting each other know we were coming. Angel and I squirted over each other, again, and again, and again.

We collapse weirdly on each other, catching our breath. We broke out into laughter, complimenting each other. We laid down for a bit before getting up to freshen up. The girls left to go to their rooms, and I took a shower, putting on something more comfortable. I went with black jeggings, Melanin yellow t-shirt and my black heel low cut boots.

I meet the girls already downstairs in the hall. I sat next to them and made sure my voice was low enough for them to hear. “I have a question?”

“Go ahead,” Veronique said.

“If you guys are mated, how is it that your mate's didn’t come busting through the doors when we were having sex? I mean, I see the mark and all, but I don’t get it.” I said. While I was taking a shower, so many questions were running through my mind. Like how in the hell did Oliver get four women pregnant if he had a mate.

And I know from what my sister Sharlet told me, your mate could feel when you sleep with someone, even see flashes of you with the person. So why wasn’t Henry and Ted out for blood?

They were both quiet, looking at each other with wide eyes. I cocked my head to the side. So something is up. Angel finally spoke up. “We can’t… tell you,”

“I mean it's not that we don’t want to tell you. It's just that we can’t.” Veronique said, reasoning.

“When Owen accepts you, then you will know everything. Everything you want to know is through him,” Angel added. I nodded my head and changed the subject. Hopefully, Owen accepts me.

....clears throat...I'll just leave you guys to it. Hope you enjoyed this chapter!
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