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JAWS Part 12

~this chapter is a little longer. Enjoy~

Jeffrey pov

I was foolish all those years ago to reject Scarlett. I had always seen her around the pack, playing with her sisters and Anita. She is beautiful, and even after all these years, her beautiful grows even more so.

When Alley and I got together, I was happy, and in love with her. We’d been together for two years, promising each other that when we found our destined mate, we would reject them to be with each other. When I turned 20, I didn’t smell my mate, but when Alley did she rejected him. It was six months after my 24th birthday, and I was feeling a small attraction to Scarlett. I didn’t know it until a delicious tasty scent tried to suffocate me.

My eyes locked with Scarlett’s and my wolf began whimpering for me not to reject her. He found her to be a queen of beautiful, more so than Alley. But I loved Alley, how could I give up all our memories just like that. And everyone already knew our plan.

When she accepted the rejection, it hurt more than I imagined it would. I couldn’t mark Alley as yet, only on a New Moon. For three weeks, I was feeling a bond to Scarlett. I even began to doubt my decision. Then I told myself once I mark Alley these feelings would go away. The night of the New Moon, I marked Alley bonding our wolf as one.

Everything was going great, and my feelings for Scarlett disappeared. Alley and I were happy until I took over the pack, and the duties started to pile up. Alley became a disappointment, failing to do her Alpha female duties or wanting to help me in the office.

The day that I saw Scarlett, when I was coming out of the cafe, I wasn’t sure if she was working or not. When I offered her the job, and she took it. I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulder. As time went on, I found myself getting attracted to her again; she was everything Alley wasn’t.

Alex, Gideon, and Scarlett help me maintain a great pack.

The night when alpha Xavier invited us to join him in celebrating his brother finding his mate, was when my feelings spiked for Scarlett. She looked like a model in her outfit. I needed to touch her. So I rested my hand against her lower back where her flesh was exposed. But then she called over Alley.

We went home at different times. I was awake, going over some paperwork when the scent of someone’s arousal caught my attention. I taught it to be from Gideon and his mate, so I went out to tease him. Instead, I found my best warrior, Damien, between Scarlett legs, feasting on her pussy. From where I stood, she was clean shaved.

That bastard had her to himself for an entire year, and now that he has found his mate, he still gets to have her. Not to mention his cocky ass fucked her on the phone and made me listen to it. I was pissed and ready to demote Damien. Whenever he was scheduled to train I would join in. I trained with him going hard at him, at the end of it he received broken bones.

Gideon, being the observer that he is, saw my behavior towards Damien and call me out on it. I told about my feelings for Scarlett. He wasn’t happy about it, but I didn’t care. I started seeing a witch so she can break the bond between Alley and myself. Unfortunately, the only way to break it is if I mark Scarlett. It is more painful for the three of us, but I didn’t care. Scarlett is mine.

Now that we are here in Greek Forest Pack, I need to get the deed done before going back to Red River. I can’t go another day without Scarlett. I will mark her, she won’t be happy about it, but she will come to feel how I feel about-

“What are you thinking about, Jeffrey?” Gideon asked me, and I snapped out of my thoughts.

“The meeting with Alpha Owen. I’m going to speak with Scarlett and make sure she’s ready for this.” I told him, standing up. Everyone had already gone into their rooms, and Xavier, his brother, and Owen’s men had gone out and haven’t returned as yet.

“I’ll come with you,” Gideon stated.

“No,” I rushed out. Gideon narrowed his eyes at me, and I left without another word. I knock on her door but did not hear a reply. I knocked again and received no answer. I was about to leave when I saw a doorbell. I rang it and waited. When she opened the door, she is in her nightwear. She wore short navy pants that expose her caramel thighs and a lace nightshirt that showed how perky her breast is without a bare. I wonder if they’re real. Damn, she wasn’t making it any easier.

“Jeffrey, how can I help you, alpha?” the way she said that turned me on. I love it when she calls me that. When my title leaves her lips, it sounds so much better.

“I need to talk to you about something,” She opened her door wider, letting me in. I took a seat on the end of her bed as she sat at the headboard.

“I want you to be my mate, Scarlett. I made a mistake in rejecting all those years ago. I see my mistake now, and I want to make it right,” I told her straight forward. Her expression was what I expected it to be; shocked. I waited for her to say something, but she remained quiet.

“I know it may sound crazy to you, but to me, this is what’s right,” I told her. She got up from her bed and shook her head.

“Do you hear yourself.” she scoffed. “You of all people should know that your wolf won’t allow you to mark someone else. You’re bond to Alley, and besides, I think I found my mate here in Greeks Moon.” She told me, her feisty attitude and boldness showing as she stood straight and proud.

“My wolf wants you, Scarlett. He agreed with me on this. We want you for ourselves.”

“Did you not hear me, Jeffrey. I think I found my mate here,”

“I heard you. I choose to ignore it. You and I both know that he will reject you,” I told her. Her brow creased together, showing that she was angry. The last thing I wanted to do was get my future mate angry. “Scarlet I didn’t mean-” I began to apologize, but she cut me off.

“Oh, you meant it. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see if that happens. Something tells me it won’t. And when Owen accepts me, I will fuck him right in front of your face. Tell me then if you still want me to be your mate,” she spat in my face, which each of her words she got closer into my face as she said her words.

“Remember I am alpha, don’t disrespect me,” I told her.

“Not for long you won’t be,” She said with so much venom that I grew pissed off with her.

“I’ll be there when he rejects you. I’ll be the one to claim you when he doesn’t want you. Remember that Luna Scarlett of Red River,” I empathize. She scoffed and told me to get out. Just when I opened the door, I saw Alpha Owen. The bastard who might take away what’s rightfully mines. Who am I kidding? He will reject her, and when he does, I will be right by her side, ready to claim her. I walked passed him, heading to my room.

“Everything okay, Alpha Jeffrey?” Alpha Xavier asked me, and again I gave him a firm nod. I didn’t make it to my room before Gamma Gideon stop me asking me to speak in private. I let him into Alley, and I’s room and waited for what he had to say.

Instead, I was forced against the door, his forearm crushing my windpipe. Gideon was more than a skilled fighter; he was deadly. “What the fuck did you say to her!?” he shouted in my face.

“Back off, Gideon!” I shouted back in my alpha tone. He head-butted me and applied more pressure to my neck.

“I won’t ask again!” A knock sounded on the door, he ignored it, staring into my eyes, and applying more pressure. Another knock sounded out, and he released me, opening the door, but not bothering that he hit me with the door. Alex, my beta walked in looking between us.

“I guess Scarlett linked you too.” Gideon gave Alex a firm nod before their attention set back on me. “You got some explaining to do Alpha Jeffrey,” Alex said, and I looked up at them from the ground up, wiping my bloody nose with my wrist.

I know its been too long. I am not even going to apologize because its gonna happen again. Been real busy.

So this chapter you guys probably saw coming, predictable right. Psh. Either way! I hope you enjoy this chapter. Comment, vote, share, and let me know what you think!!

Bye, my beautiful eager readers!

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