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JAWS Part 13

(A/N; real quick, in reality, Holland (The Netherlands) does not have hot spring water. It does have rivers. Each in different districts and one large on that passes through six different countries.)

Owen POV

I blame my ancestors for this shit. Having to choose a land that has spring water and a river. It's hard to track anyone with the water throwing off their scent. I had four groups of six going in different directions to see if they pick up anything.

I took the chopper, taking higher ground to search the area for my cousins — Hector my co-pilot and Gigi an omega who joined the rescue team. We went to the four corners of the back, two the east and west, are towns and the south was clear of them is when we head north that Hector saw movement.

I was more than happy that I found the terrors to society and went and dropped them off at the hospital. I linked my brother, beta and gamma telling them to come and meet me on the training grounds.

The more I walked into my pack grounds, the more I smelled something sweet like coconut.

Mate! My wolf shouted.

Thank you, Captain Obvious. He’s too excited. Wolves and their feelings. The attraction to the scent is different. I know it does not belong to Valerie because my wolf and I cut her off. The one who carries that scent is my chosen mate. With Alpha’s our destined mate, we feel a strong pull and a lovely scent. But with you second or other mates- which I like to call chosen mates -it’s different. There is no pull but a hypnotizing scent.

My chosen mate, her scent is very addictive, and I want to be under her control.

What should have taken a few minutes took them over an hour to reach the training grounds.”Took you snails long enough,” I said, sitting on top of a bench. I fist-bumped Ted and Henry and gave my brothers a bro hug. Xavier had my chosen mate scent on him.

“Is about time you damn well found the terrors. I was beginning to think you didn’t want to see me,”

“That’s part of it,” I told him. “How are the guest?” I directed my question to Ted and Henry.

“Comfortable,” Henry replied.

“Veronique and Angel have gotten close with Delta Scarlet of Red River pack. Her scent and theirs were mixed.” Ted said.

“Yeah, we already know and assume what happened,” Henry said, with a big ass grin. Xavier snaps his fingers; he does that when he remembers something.

“They ate your cheesecake,” He said with a big grin on his face.

“Was this before or after your mates and Delta Scarlet fucked?” I would be mad right now if it were one of my siblings, but I’m turned on hearing about the girl on girl threesome. My sister Beatrix ate my cheesecake, and I shot her ass with a paintball gun for a week and a gun with regular bullets.

“Before,” Henry, Ted, and Xavier answered. My choir, ladies, and gentlemen.

“Why you answering, your mate is 4000 miles away,” Knowing my brother he did something. Delta Scarlet is looking and sounding more of the kinky vixen. Me likey. My wolf growled in approval when I said that.

“I had a little fun with Scarlett but got in trouble with Judy. Luckily she’s cool with Delta Scarlet,” Xavier said shaking his head. I shook mines as well. Dumbass. “How you let her go is a mystery to me,” Xavier told Chris.

“I was young. And for all we know me rejecting Scarlett made her the woman she is today,” Chris boosted with confidence.

Xavier scoffed. “I beg to differ. I think her exact words where 'I don’t lose sleep or pleasure over it,’” That had us all laughing. His ego was definitely hurt.

“Who was the last person you hugged before coming here?” I asked Xavier through our mind link. He looked at me, questioning before a smile crept on his face. Weird ass, and that's calling the kettle black. I can’t smile, so I’m the weird one.

“Scarlet,” he said, and before I could answer, he shouted it out loud. “Scarlet is Owen mate!” I swear my brother might be older by two years, but he is such a child.

“Well big brother enjoy my sloppy seconds, plus Xavier had his way with her before you did.” Christian laughed.

“It's not sloppy or seconds if you never hit it,” I told him, as I got up. “Besides, a child like you should know your place. You couldn’t handle her even if you had her,” With that, I left to head to the packhouse. Xavier was telling me about Christian’s mate and how dad didn’t approve of her.

Which wasn’t a surprise, he likes his women natural. Xavier’s mom is on the slimmer side, and my mom is on the slim thick side. Christian and Beatrix's mothers are on the thicker side. All-natural. He even hates it when my mom wears or wigs or weaves. I mean she does but then he won’t talk to her until it comes out. He doesn’t mind make-up but prefers her without it.

I listened to my brothers and best friends as we talked about Vancouver pack. Xavier is helping me -advising me -about the acres and how much I would approximately pay. I always go to him when it came to business, and he always comes to me when it has to do with engineering.

We were in the kitchen. I had a cup filled with ice. I eat ice; it’s not weird its normal. This is what normal people do. An idea came to my mind.

“Why not?” I asked myself, and they gave me a questioning look. I refilled my cup with a little more ice before following the scent of my mate. But before I made it to the stairs, I saw that my mother was bent over my father’s knee with a blindfold on.

“Seriously! We have rooms that are soundproof for a reason!” I shouted, going up the steps.

“Shut up!” My dad shouted back.

“Code parents!” I shouted through the mind link to my brothers and best friends. They all came rushing up the stairs. Yeah, my dad gives no fucks if his kids see him or not. We’re grown why care, right?

They still didn’t go into their rooms. Anyway, I got to my mate’s door that’s just two doors across from mines, when her door was thrown open, and a pissed off Alpha Jeffrey stormed out.

“Everything okay, Alpha Jeffrey?” Xavier asked, and I ignored that question. Question is why was he in Scarlet’s room and why is he pissed off. One way to find out and that’s using ice. Her back was facing me; I saw when her body stiffened.

“Hello mate,” I called out to her. I stepped into her room. Closing the door behind me and leaning against it. I took my time drinking in her slim thick figure, how the navy blue pajamas went with her caramel skin, her shoulder-length raven hair.

Perky breast, perfect size for my big hands. Small waist, thick thighs, and a plumptious ass, I wanna spank so bad right now.

“Alpha Owen...” The sound of her voice sounded uncertain, and it had my snapping my eyes back to her face. I know why she sounds uncertain, from what Xavier told me. But I’d be damn if I gave her up. She’s mine.

I would smile at her, but can’t so I grunt in response. I pushed myself off the door and walked towards her, and she stood frozen to her spot. I rested my cup on the dressing table.

I ran my fingertips slowly against her skin. My eyes followed as they glide across her soft, smooth skin, she shivered.

I locked eyes with her and grunted when I saw the desire in her eyes. She bit her lips, and my thumb released her bottom lip, slipping my thumb between her parted lips. Her warm lips wrapped around my thumb, her tongue glided against it.

I grunted again, running my free hand against along her waist, her breast, squeezing her breast.

Going to her throat and giving it a firm squeeze. I brought her closer to me, brushing my lips against her.

"Mine," I growled out. She bit her lips again.

"Mine," she repeated back.

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