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JAWS Part 14 No. 1

As soon as Jeffrey left my room, I linked Gideon first, “You need to have a word with our alpha and see what he is on! He was just in my room ranting some bullshit,” I told him in the mind link. I did the same with Alex. The nerve of Jeffrey, I might not have the best of luck with my mates, but if Jeffrey thinks I would go back to him. Then he’s playing himself.

Did he even hear himself, of course, he did! What gave him the idea that I would ever return to him? Let alone let him mark me. It took you five years to see your ‘mistake,’ and I’m supposed to say ‘aww that’s okay, mark me now.’ Boy bye.

A flush of embarrassment washed over me, as I remember the words I said to him. “..And when he accepts me I will fuck him right in front of your face. Tell me then if you still want me to be your mate,” that was the boldest thing I have ever said to someone out loud. But the craziest part about it is I would so fuck Owen in front of Jeffrey. Hmm, pine with a hint of citrus, smells a lot like… My body stiffened.

“Hello, mate,” Fuck me! His voice is so deep and temping. I turned around slowly, facing what could be mine. I was greeted with a devilishly handsome man, leaning on the door frame. Tan skin, short brown hair trimmed on the sides and style at the top, a well-groomed beard, juicy pink lips and a body I can’t wait to see naked.

His eyes wander over me slowly, and I felt goosebumps rise on my skin. The anticipation was becoming unnerving, and I couldn’t help but wonder if he liked what he saw.

“Alpha Owen…” His eyes snapped back to meet mine, his green orbs boring into my brown ones. He grunted, pushing himself off of the door frame, walking towards me. I wanted to back up, but his eyes were telling me to stay where I stood, and I did. I was frozen in my spot.

He rested his cup that I am only now noticing on the dressing table and ran his fingertips against my skin. His rough fingers danced along the side of my neck, to my shoulders and down to my elbow. I shivered, the sparks and the warmth of his finger felt great against my skin.

A pool of desire dripped passed lower lips, and I clutch my pussy together to hide my arousal. Owen locked eyes with me, grunting again. That sound of approval made me wetter, and I bit my lips, clutching my pussy, pleading with it to stay calm. His thumb released my bottom lip, slipping it between my gapped lips and I sucked his thumb running tongue against his rough thumb.

He grunted, taking his free hand, and running it against my waist to my breast, squeezing my breast. I continued sucking his thumb, bring more of it into my mouth. He gave my throat a firm squeeze before releasing some of the pressure. He brought me forward, and I went on the tip of my toes, he removed his thumb and brushed his lips against mines.

“Mine,” he growled out, and I let my arousal known to him, biting my lips.

“Mine,” I repeated back to him. He released me, leaning across me for his cup. He walked to the door, opening it, pausing to look back. He looked at me expectantly, and I walked towards him, out of the bedroom. We walked to his room, and he opened the door for me.

I stood in the middle of his room, not bothering to have a look around. I broke into his room before. He walked around me, and my head followed him as best as I could. Turning my head around the following way when he came around.

“So you just gonna keep walking like a predator stalking its prey or…” I said after a moment. Again he grunted and stood in front of me.

He bent his head, his lips brushing against my ear, “that mouth of yours is gonna get you in trouble, mate,” He spoke, sending a wave of pleasure and a shiver throughout my body. His closeness, the sparks that went true my body, this new sensation was addictive, and I don't want it to stop. Returning to his full height, he nodded his head in the direction of the bed.

“Strip,” he commanded, and I fought the urge to obey. I didn’t do as he said and he rose a brow. He pinched my nipples, and I gasp, my mouth hung open. He tore my top open, removing it roughly. “I don’t ask twice, vixen,” he said, licking his lips.

He lifted me, my legs wrapped around him. His teeth grazed my left nipple, before being replaced with his thick hot tongue that covered my hardened nipple. My head fell back, as I push myself up against him, routing my hips against his clothes. I gasp, his hands slapped my ass hard. He squeezed them, kneading them like dough, bringing them apart.

He set me down, and I whimpered missing the heat of his hands against my ass. “Take off your pants and get on the bed.” He gave my ass a firm squeeze and a spank. “And remember I don’t ask twice,” I nodded my head and pushing my pants down with my hands, wiggling my feet the rest of the way. He grunted, and I climb on his bed, resting on my knees.

He went into his closet, returning with three padded handcuffs. He hooked two to the corners of his bed and the other at the top of the headboard. I laid flat on my back, bringing my hands above my head, as he cuffed my hands, then my feet.

“Good girl,” He left his room, leaving the door open. My pussy got wetter as the minutes went by. I must be a dripping mess down there.

“Yo, Owen. You- Oh wow,” In walked Alpha Xavier and Beta Henry. Momentarily forgetting that I'm cuffed to the bed, I tried bringing my hands and feet together only to be stopped.

“Nice breast,” Henry said, walking over to me.

“Her pussy is a better look though,” Xavier said, wiggling his brows as he leaned against the wall. Beta Henry walked down to my exposed pussy and whistled.

He then stood next to Xavier, and they started a conversation about sports and other stuff. I felt my pool of wetness slide down to my ass.

“Hey Owen, there you are, we gotta talk,” Xavier said. Owen walked passed him resting his cup on the bed. It's filled with ice.

“I’m preoccupied right now,” He walked to my opened legs grunting at the sight. He ran his thumb over my clit over my pussy, and I arched my back.

“This can’t wait,” Xavier state, all humor gone. Owen huffed before he uncuffed me, he put me over his shoulder, grabbing his cup and walking out the door. We went up a few flights of stairs, before stopping at a mahogany door. He opened it, walking to a desk and setting me on it.

He removed the stuff off of his desk, then told me to lay down. He rests his cup next to me, taking a piece of ice and putting it in his mouth. “What’s this about,” He asked, he took the ice out of his mouth and circled the ice around my left nipple. I gasp, gripping the side of his desk. I knew what to expect, but the result was still a surprise. He did the same to my right nipple, repeating the icy torture.

“Vancouver pack. Yusuf told me that Dwight escaped from prison. They found him in Vancouver pack, burning documents.” The ice had melted, and Owen took another one, wetting it with his mouth and continuing his torture on my nipples.

“How much documents did he burn? Could they see any pieces of information that he burnt? Hold this,” Xavier stood above my head, holding ice cubes against my nipples, as Owen slide another one down between the valley of my breast to my pussy. I jolted, clamping my legs together only to received a pinched to my numb nipples. Xavier returned the ice, as Owen played with my pussy using ice.

“We don’t know as yet. Yusuf is still looking into it. My guess is, those were ledgers, a list of the names of people he dealt with and maybe possibly the next shipment of people being exported and/or imported” Xavier responded. Owen slipped the ice into my pussy, and I cursed.

“It's so cold,” I stated. I gasped out when Owen’s hot tongue slide up against my clit. The feel of his tongue as my cold pussy was sensational. He warmed my pussy, only to reach for another piece of ice, pumping it in and out of me before sticking it deep into me. I cried out a moan, cursing at his cruelness.

“Let me know if anything else changes. Have them drug Dwight enough to keep him sedated, use different methods, so his wolf doesn't get used to it. You can stay and watch or leave, just don’t interrupt me,” Xavier mimicked Owen, and they started bickering. Xavier sat next to Henry, choosing to stay and watch.

Part 2 will be posted soon. Do hope you enjoyed this chapter. Let me know what you think. Comment, vote and share. Love you my eager beautiful and handsome readers. xoxo!
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