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JAWS Part 14 No. 2

He turned me to face our audience. I could feel the spike in my heart rate, and it was not from the extra pair of eyes. It's from the thrill of them watching me that made my heart beat so fast. I love every minute of it.

I laid flat on his desk, my legs hanging on either side of him. Owen bit his lips, his eyes racking over my body. Using one hand, he traces a pattern from my navel, sliding slowly between my inner thigh to my knee — his other hand massaging the other.

I bit my lips, loving the way he looks at me. He brought my knees together, stretching my legs up and bring them apart. He grunted, staring at my pussy, I shivered.

“Would you like me to describe how your pussy looks right now?” I routed my hips, moaning softly and whispering...

“yes, daddy,” He tilted his head, grunting and slapped my pussy. I moaned, biting my lips.


“Pulsing, crying and begging to be fuck. You’re so wet- no, you’re dripping, drooling and creaming,” I could hear the change in my voice. My perfect mate. “The perfect meal for me,” I dove in, dipping my tongue into her pussy, hooking my tongue inside of her. Before slipping out and sucking her clit.

She breathed out, moaning softly. I continued licking her clit, dipping my tongue insides her, and back to her clit. I pulled back, and you could see her juices dripping from my face.

I quickly removed my shirt before eating her again, flicking my tongue quickly over her clit. I rubbed my fingers over her pussy, teasing her pulsing, creamy goodness. Sticking two fingers in her, I pumped them in and out of her while I sucked on her clit. Her moans grew louder, and in seconds she milked my fingers.

I could not help the smile that grew on my face (he grunts). I removed my fingers, giving my mate time to recover before repeating it. Taking my fingers out, I sucked on her clit till her pussy pulsed out her milk, sucking most of it up.

I fingered her, reaching her g-spot, her moan sexy as the rest of her. She squirted, and I dove in drinking her up. Sucking on her clit as she continues to squirt. She called out my name, her body shivering, and her pussy crying. She told me to stop, and I did, not wanting my mate to pass out on me just yet.


He sat me up, and I pulled him in for a kiss. I tasted myself against his lips and tongue. Proud of myself for eating my fruits. We both moaned, and I deepened the kiss, letting my hand ran over his naked torso down to his covered dick. He groaned when I massaged his dick.

I unhooked his belt buckle, unbuttoning his pants, and reached inside for my what's rightfully mines. I broke the kiss, tugging on his lips. I felt a trail of kisses on my way down, pulling his pants down with me.

I ran my teeth, gently, against his boxer covered dick. His dick is long and thick, and it made my pussy pulse with need. I sucked the tip of his dick head through his boxers, massaging his balls.

I pulled his boxers down, smiling when his dick slapped me in my face. I stuck my tongue out, running it along with his thick staff, taking the tip of his head into my mouth and taking as many inches as I could.

I release his dick with a pop, stroking the tip of his head, as I stuck his balls. I twirled my tongue over his balls, sucking one and then the other, and final bringing both into my mouth. He groaned, jerking his hip forward.

I release his balls, taking his dick into my mouth in one quick motion. I bopped my head up and down, twirling my hands against the rest of him that I couldn't reach. I brought him in deeper until I gagged.

I did it again, controlling my gag reflex, he deep my head down pushing his long, thick dick down my throat. I let out a breath, breathing in deeply. I pushed my hand against him only to be stopped by his hand against my head. I hit his leg begging for air, and he released me, I gasped, stroking his dick.

He bit his lip, groaning. I sucked on his balls. “Fuck,” he grunted. I spat on his dick, slurping it up, sucking him and squeezing his balls. “Shit,” I spat on his dick again, bopping my head up and down. I took him in deep in my throat and moving my head side to side with his dick in the back of my throat.

“Oh, fuck,” I came up, wiping the thick salvia that covered my mouth. I took it and stroke his dick with it. I sat up higher on knees, putting his dick between breast and titty fucking him. I squeezed my breast tighter around his dick. I spat over his dick and my breast, keeping it moist. I looked up at him, to find him biting his lips.

He grunted and pumped faster and harder against my breast. I moaned waiting for my prize. He cursed aloud, exploding all over my breasts and a little on my chin. I scoop up his cum with a finger, bringing it to my mouth. I looked up at him as I swallowed him, and he grunted.

I took his dick in my mouth, sucking the rest of him, making sure he was nice and clean. He sat me back on the table, kissing me before turning me around. My ass is hanging off the table.

He retook his cup. Taking a melted ice cub, he spanked my ass, dipping his finger into my anal. I gasp, relaxing my ass, biting my lips. He pumped his finger in and out off before putting another in my ass. I lean myself forward, pushing my ass in the air.

He parted his fingers, and I felt when the piece of ice went in my ass. I bit my lips hard, gripping the table as he continued to fill my ass with ice.

“Why was Alpha Jeffrey in your room,” Owen asked me, and it took me a while to understand what he said — entirely consumed by lust. He spanked me, and I moaned out. He rubbed my clit, pumping his fingers in my ass.

“To talk,” I answered. Owen was quiet until I felt ice fill my ass. I moaned out a cry. I curled my toes from the now numbing and freezing of my insides.

“He looked pissed off, what did you talk about, and give me a full answer Scarlet,” He said.

“Please let me push the ice out of me. My insides are freezing,”

“Answering me or I’ll send Xavier to get something more than ice, to fill your holes. Your pussy and ass would be the perfect plate for dessert,”

“Cucumber,” Henry comment.

“Or grapes. You can go fishing down in her for them,” Xavier added in.

“All sounding fun to me, right about now,” Henry made a small hole with his right hand, taking his left and bursting the small hole grabbing for his phone. My eyes grew wide, and I got the idea and picture of what Owen wanted to do.

“He did most of the talking, about him wanting me to be his Luna. I told him about you, but he didn’t care.” I rushed out, breathing heavily. He was quiet, sitting me up. I felt the water run right out of me.

“Ruh-oh,” Xavier said. I could tell he was the hype man in any situation. Add fire to the flame

“And what did you say?” Owen asked me. His eyes never waver, and he showed no signs that he was upset.

“Uhmm… well it got heated, and in the moment of it I told him ‘when you accept me I will fuck you right in front of his face, then he can tell me if he still wants me to be his’,”

“Do it!” Henry shouted.

“Feisty! This is going to be hella fun,” Xavier shouted.

“Shut it. Get cleaned up, and ready for dinner, also bring the papers that I would need to sign for the plot,” Owen said calmly.

“That’s it?” I question a little confused.

“Yeah, what's the plan!” Xavier shouted. Owen grunted, Xavier and Henry began pressing him with questions about what he was going to do. I left to get ready for dinner. My heart skipped a beat the anticipation of what is going to happen at dinner excites me and scares me at the same time.

A knock came on my door; I opened it halfway seeing who it was first. Angel and Veronique's face came into view, and I opened it fully letting them in.

“So! Tell us! What happened!!” Veronique asked excitedly. I try keeping a straight face but failed when I broke into a broad smile, my cheeks hurt. They screamed from happiness and excitement, and I joined in.

I call my sisters and Anita in a group chat. When they picked up, I began telling them everything that went down. I started from Jeffrey’s crazy outburst to Owen, claiming me as his. They too wanted to know what Owen had planned.

My sister congratulates me before going to the rowdy she-males that they are. I said my goodbyes, hanging up and looking at my suitcase for something to wear. When I saw that I had nothing Veronique and Angel offered to give me something to wear.

They have clothes with the tags still on. I pick something from Angel’s closet, a knee-length, spaghetti strap navy blue dress with mesh designs around the edge of the dress.

Well, that happened!!!! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter. Let me know what you think.
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