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JAWS Part 15

As I gathered the contracts, the map of the land, I can’t help but smile. Owen accepted me, and although we still have to get to know each other on a personal level, I’m ecstatic as far as I have understood what I could observe while high off of lust. He grunts, his approval, smiles, and laughs.

When he heard what Jeffrey said, he showed no signs of anger, which leaves me to wonder; can Owen control his anger so well, or is it because he cannot show any facial expressions. Either way, he is everything I want and needs in a mate — appreciation and kinky.

I can’t wait to see what else he has to offer as my mate. I look at myself in the minor, and I love this dress, Angel isn’t getting this back. I take the binder and head out of the room. In the hallway, I see Gideon and Alex.

“Hey guys,” I greeted them, the way I’m feeling is overwhelming — a mixture of fear and excitement sets in. I opted to stay on the positive side.

“You seem awfully jolly. What tickled your fancy?” Alex asked. I forge hurt. Am I that excited that I can’t hide it?

“Nothing. I am not jolly; I’m chill. Do you not see all this chillness,”

“You got fucked,” both Alex and Gideon said. I laughed, walking down the stairs and into the living room. They continue to ask who I fuck and when. I was going to kept it a secret until Gideon said.

“Jeffrey told us what went down between the two of you,” Gideon spoke loud for us to hear.

“Thanks to Mr. Interrogation over there,” Alex said.

“Yeah. I’m not taking him on though. I found my mate, and it's Alpha Owen,” I told them.

“Wait isn’t he Christian’s brother,” Gideon asks, and I nod my head. Gideon chuckles, shaking his head, he smiles widely at me. I know what he means. Gideon and Alex congratulate me. They joked about raising the price of the land since he was my mate.

Misty, Alley, and Valerie came into the room giggling about something. I haven’t seen them in awhile. Then again, I was too busy having fun to care about her, speaking of which where is Alley’s hellhound. I looked around, not seeing any sign of it. I shrugged it off.

As long as that hellhound is away from I give no shit.

Gwendolyn and Oliver came into the room, and Xavier waste no time in harassing her. She playful swats him away until his father slaps him the back of the head. They start bickering, and we all laughed at their antics.

Jeffrey walks in, and he greets everyone, his eyes scan the room until our eyes lock. I turned away, ignoring the smug look he has on his face. Owen, Ted, and Henry walk in. The trio walked toward Angel, Veronique and I.

Henry kissed Angel on her mark, leaving her to visible shiver under his touch. Ted wrapped his hands around Veronique, bringing her against his chest.

Owen walks over to me. His eye look at someone before he grunts.

“Good evening Delta Scarlet, pleasure having you,” He sticks his hand out, and I took it following his led.

“The pleasure is all mine,” I replied. Owen's eyes darken, and he grunts his approval. He leans in his lips, gently brushing the side of my cheek.

“Do you trust me?” he whispers and I answered with a whisper of my own that I do. “Rile him up,” he tells me, he kisses both my cheeks, pulling away. He greets Gideon and Alex holding a conversation with them.

Whatever Owen has planned it sure as hell is a devious one. I thought of what I would do and say. Once I had an idea in mind, I look to Veronique and Angel asking them for assistance.

They quickly agreed, loving the idea I had. Of course, they would agree, they're troublemakers those two. And if I’m to become their Luna, I know we are going to have one hell of a time. I walked over to Jeffrey’s group, throwing a wink to Owen.

“Christain,” I greeted him casually. If I greeted him any other way, they’d know something was up. “Luna Alley I haven’t seen you in a while,” I said. I see Misty and Valerie has gotten close, I send them a friendly smile.

“I’ve been busy satisfying my mate,” she told me. Okay? Would you like a cookie? I’ve done the same with mines. I could bet money on it ours were hotter than yours.

“Right, I’m sure it was very pleasurable. Were you satisfied, Alpha Jeffrey?” I asked, resting my hands on his shoulder, sliding down to his forearm. I gave him a seductive smile waiting for his answer.

“Of course he was,” Alley answered for him. I hummed in response. I remove my hand from Jeffrey’s forearm, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“Scarlet do you remember how we were saying about having a threesome who we would fuck?” Angel asked me, looking at everyone in the group. Veronique gives her an answer on who she would fuck. Damn, they're good.

I lick my lips, knowing good and well that Jeffrey is staring at me. Angel turns to me, asking me if I remember my answer for the threesome.

My smile grew, and I nodded my head. “Definitely, it's Owen, Beta Yusuf, and Jeffrey or maybe Owen, Jeffrey, and Christian. Oh, wait no, I got it this time. It's Owen, Xavier, Christain, and Jeffrey,” I said in a dreamy voice. I pointed my finger to Jeffrey. "Who would you fuck?” I asked, resting my index finger against my lips and gliding it across my bottom lip.

I acted like I lost my balance, stumbling towards Jeffrey, and brushing my hand against his manhood. Jeffrey caught me, helping me back to my feet. His eyes darken, and I didn't stop there, I kissed him on the corner of his lips, thanking him for catching me.

Christain coughed vigorously, Leslie patted his back, her fake breast partially blocking her movement. Angel and Veronique smile wickedly. Alley glared at me, and I swear she was going to kill me with her eyes if she could.

“Really bitch, you’re going to flirt with him in front of all of us, right in Alley's face. I always knew you were a slut,” Misty said, walking up into my face.

I foreign hurt, raising my hands in surrender. “I’m just having a harmless conversation. There was no flirting involved.” I smiled innocently. “But if step to me one more time like that...” I tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear, curling the end between my fingers. “I won’t hesitate to knock your broke ass down,” I winked at her releasing her hair.

“Dinner is ready,” A deep voice called out. We all looked to the sound to see it was former Alpha Oliver.

“Well this was very interesting and entertaining,” I said. Veronique and Angel agreed, and we all head into the dining room. Sparks erupted on the side of my waist. Owen pulled me aside from everyone, and I did not miss the way Valerie glared at me.

“Alpha Jeffery, you and your beautiful Delta can sit close to me so we can dine and discuss business,” Owen said, his hand still resting on my waist. The look on Jeffrey’s face spoke volumes. He hated the way Owen’s hand rested on my waist.

Owen sat at the head of the table, and Jeffrey took a seat next to him, sitting at his left, and I sat next to Jeffrey. I already know what his game plan is. He doesn’t want to accept that Owen is my mate; quite frankly, he doesn’t have a choice. I just wish Owen could hurry up with his damn plan already.

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