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JAWS Part 1

^^Leena Sayed as Scarlett Henry^^

Hi, my name is Scarlett Henry, yeah I know I have two first names and I’m a werewolf. I live in a pack called Red River Pack. The name comes from the river we have that is naturally red. It existed since before our time. Some say that our ancestors killed a lot and they buried the dead bodies in the river, so the river took the color red. That’s one thing I find to be a tad bit dramatic and two I kind of like the river. Its pretty cool, the color is just a way of the Moon Goddess and Mother nature blessing.

No one really goes into the river because of the story and some are afraid that they would come out painted red. Believe me when I say you won’t, I always go swimming in it. My safe zone.

Sometimes I wish I was a mermaid.

I have one best friend, awesome parents, and four annoying siblings, who are all girls but was meant to be born as boys. Moon Goddess messed up on that one. I have a huge crush on a super sexy boy. You would think that I am still in high school.

My alarm went off and I got up to get ready for school. College life is a bitch.

I sighed, getting ready to go out into the world, although I felt like ditching school, I couldn’t. I needed to prepare for exams. Being that I was in my last year and all.

See me here walking in the hallways, all alone because my best friend is an idiot, with my red pants, oh they are comfy, with my white long sleeve shirt and black boots.

I was the first in class, which is crazy because my first class is business law. I hate it, I don’t care too much for it.

I pulled out my notepad and tablet with the business law book on it. Other students began to fill the room, some acquaintances greeted me and I greeted them back. My crush walked in with his girlfriend on his arms.

Jeffrey Tucus, in three days he would be our new alpha. He and Alley been dating for like 2 years. Three months ago she found her mate and did not hesitate to reject him, now she was just waiting for him to find his to do the same.

Alley Perkins a real fake bitch. Not a very nice person at all and Jeffrey can do so much better.

She kissed him and I stared like a stalker wishing that I was her right now. A growl slip passed my lips and my eyes grew wide.

He growl in distaste of her but slowly realized what it meant. I, on the other hand, had a bit of trouble.

What’s wrong? I asked my wolf.

That’s our mate!

I shook my head, telling her that was impossible. But then a wavy scent of sweet treats filled my nose. I awkwardly try to hide behind my notepad but that didn’t work. His scent was right next to me.

I wanted my mate, not to be rejected by him. My wolf keep yipping and whimpering. What was I to do. He loved Alley and word around the school was that he was growing impatient to find his mate, only to reject her for the woman he loves.

Which would made sense because today was my birthday and in this story we find our mates in our 20′s.

He was 24 and waiting and I had just turned 22.

I looked up at him to find him staring at me, the mate bond doing its magic. He finally regained himself and his eyes had sadness in them. My future alpha care about me or he was worried about the pain we would feel once he rejected me.

An alpha rejecting his mate, rarely, in this case absolutely. This is going to hurt.

“Scarlett-- I” I held my hand up stopping him from speaking.

“Its fine, I can handle it and I wouldn’t want you to kidnap you for myself.” I awkwardly laughed and he smiled warmly at me and turn to hug Alley.

He let go bringing his attention to and finally saying the word that would hurt like a mother giving birth to triplets. I heard what I said, just go with it. “I, future Alpha of Red River Pack, Jeffrey Tucus, reject you Scarlett Henry as my mate.” The first shock had both of us gripping the tables.

“I, Scarlett Henry accept your rejection. And hereby reject you Alpha Jeffrey Tucus.” It felt like someone was stabbing my heart repeatedly. We both screamed out from the pain, the mate bond disappearing from us slowly.

Once it passed I felt like I needed to find the nurse and check my heart.

He was named Alpha and in his first ruling he declared his love for Alley and that she would be our Luna. In two weeks a ceremony was to be held when he would mark her and she would mark him.

Longest, two weeks ever. And because he hadn’t mark her as yet, I could still feel a small pull to him. I would often find him staring at me when Alley wasn’t looking.

He just needed to hurry up and mark her.

I really did not want to go to the ceremony, but my mom forced me too. I had to watch as my ex-mate marked his new Luna and congratulate them after. Great!

When it was done, it was already past 12 in the morning. I went to my happy place, stripping off my clothes until I was just in my undies.

The moon light shined so beautiful against the river. I took a few steps forward, admiring the reflection of the moon, before I dove into the now dark red river. The water felt warm against my skin.

Don’t you guys find it weird, at night the water is warm and in the morning or afternoon it’s freezing cold.

It was truly dark, even with my wolf vision I could not see anything in the river. I stayed under the water, letting my body move and flow along with the still current. I was at peace, I found happiness and I was no longer bitter about being rejected.

Soon enough my body was asking for air and I kicked towards the surface. I looked up to the moon, letting my body float like a dead crops. I could stay in here all night all. It was so peaceful.

My mind was running in circles, more like my wolf. She left hurt but she got over it, her upbeat spirit made me giggle. She was sure that our second mate would accept us, love us and explore our sexuality.

“Scarlett?” Jeffrey’s voice startled me a little. I splashed around a bit before turning around to face him.

“How did you know I was here.” I asked him, kicking my legs under the water to keep myself afloat.

“Your mom said I could find you here.” Wonderful, thank you mom for ruining my peaceful moment.

Remember how I said I was at peace and what not. Yeah well he just brought back all that bitterness. Ugh.

I pointed to my clothes and he reached them for me resting them near the edge, I swam to the edge and gave a pointing look before he finally turned around for me to get out and get dressed.

“Why were you looking for me?” I asked him and he turned around and gave me a weak smile.

“Just to say thank you for accepting the rejection, I wanted to know if you where okay, after all it was painful. And again to say thank you.” I nodded and rub my hands up and down my arms to warm myself a bit. I might be a wolf but a wet dog also gets cold. He took a step forward before stepping back.

Yeah buddy, you lost the right to do this. Psh. We stood in awkward silence, before he finally broke it.

“Uhm.. I-I do hope you find your second mate.” I nodded again and told him a soft thanks before walking past up him.

From the corner of my eye, I swear he was checking me out. Like you just mark your Luna and now you do this. His wolf must be bothering him. Or he’s just a horny wolf.

I stopped, turning around and bowing. “Good night alpha Jeffrey.” He wanted to say something but I guess he came up empty and went with a simple goodnight.

That wasn’t awkward at all.

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